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WWOOF Independents

This information was updated on 07/12/2002

International Dialing Code : +268

John Jurgensen
Box484 , St Johns , ANTIGUA
Tel : +268-463-2464
Fax : +268-462-9665
Email :
Country : ANTIGUA
Host ID : ANT001
LOCATION : French Alps
TRAVEL : nearest town with transport Annemasse 30 km
Sun Eco-Park is looking for volunteers in the development of a fully integrated ecological heritage park in the heart of the Caribbean.

International Dialing Code : 0054

Josephine Chiappe
El Hoyo , (9211) Chubut , ARGENTINA
Tel : +54 2944 471569
Email :
Host ID : ARG002
Legend : SfCiNa4c1AcKaPhWgtb
LefgsiDtnH6Y5M1Z4B1-4, 9-11E5-7
LOCATION : Rural area 4 km from small town
TRAVEL : By bus (2 hours) from Bariloche or Esquel; taxi from El Bolsón or El Hoyo
A 15 ha farm with an organic garden, partially cultivated in the bio-intensive method; herb garden; orchard with walnut, chestnut and a variety of fruit trees. Property includes pasture land, a forested area, carpenter shop, communal kitchen and dining room. Diet primarily vegetarian. We produce jams from our fruit, and bake our own bread. Visitors usually bring own tent. Help needed in gardening, fruit harvesting, occasional building. Prefer WWOOFers to write a least one month in advance.
Silvia Balado & Gustavo Ramirez
Almafuerte 1732 , San Martin (1650) , Buenos Aires , ARGENTINA
Email :
Web :
Host ID : ARG001
LOCATION : in Navarro, 120km from BA city.
An Ecovillage project based on permaculture principles, sustainable living, alternative technology, natural building, community living and green business. 20.3 hectares with organic vegetable garden, fruit trees, forest, community area and housing. Speak Spanish, and some English. More information may be obtained from the Web site.
Ven Susana Contreras
Calle La gaucha s/n, Vista Flores , Tunuyan , Mendoza , ARGENTINA
Tel : 0039 388 8492911
Email :
Web :
Host ID : ARG003
Legend : SfgCcNa5AcKaPthTt
LOCATION : foot of Andes mountains, Medoza province
TRAVEL : 13 km from Tunuyan
Mailing address C/O Instituto lama Tzong Khapa, Via Poggiberna 9, 56040, Pomaia, Pisa, Italy The Tibetan Buddhist Yogi Saraha International Centre is in the primary stages of construction. It is located in the town of Vista Flores., city of Tunuyan. The region is easily accessible by road and two airports one of them onternational. The Project envisions a self-sustaining community where members engage in work to provide social services to the local community and to use and produce ecologically friendly technology and products. The land is planted with a 1000 fruit trees. If you have skills in construction and gardening/argicultural(especially organic-biological farming) please consider coming Dec 2002 - March 2003.
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International Dialing Code : 0061

WWOOF, RSD, Buchan, Vic 3885, Australia.
Phone +3-5155-0218
Fax +3-5155-0342
E-mail :
Web site :
WWOOFing in Australia : membership AUS$45 single/ $50 couple (any two people travelling together using one book) . Price includes postage anywhere in the world.

WWOOF Australia also produces a Worldwide List costing AUS$27 (inclusive of postage) which lists people who are willing to take WWOOFers, this list has been compiled mainly from people who have contacted WWOOF Australia directly to be listed in their WWLIST and also people who have advertised their willingness to take WWOOFers, but who may not have been contacted individually by WWOOF Australia. Run on a fix-it-yourself basis only. Not all listings are organic farms.

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International Dialing Code : 0043

WWOOF Austria : Hildegard Gottlieb, Langegg 155, A-8511 St. Stefan ob Stainz, Austria
Phone / Fax : +43-(0)3463-82270 Mobile : 0676-5051639
Membership of WWOOF Austria is $20 or 18,20 Euros for farmlist.
Foreigners must enclose 2 IRC to receive the farmlist.
Special offer for membership for
Austria and Switzerland : $27 or 25,5 Euros + 2 IRC
Austria and Germany : $30 or 29,1 Euros + 2 IRC
Austria, Germany and Switzerland : $40 or 36,4 Euros + 2 IRC
E-mail :
Web :


International Dialing Code : 0032

Tel : +32/ 477.233.066
Fax : +32/
Email : OR
Country : BELGIUM
Host ID : BEL006
Legend : SfgCciNa6c3ArcKyPh
LOCATION : nearest neighbour 0,5 km.
TRAVEL : busstop (0,5 km), train (4 km)
1,5 ha watermill / farm to restore . We are growing Demeter biodynamic vegetables & cereal grasses to make fresh juices. We have also some goats. Help is needed for the garden, the growing of the cereal grasses in trays, the greenhouse and any handcraft for the restoration of the building. We are vegetarian /vegan and live according to "the living foods life style". We are an open spiritual community living the synthesis of eastern and western wisdom. We are aiming to set up a Wheatgrass Health Institute, we are dealing with renewable energies ( existing 15 kW waterturbine to revise ) and aim to be as much as possible self-supporting.
Valentine Donck, Thomas Lauwers
Bierleux-haut , 16-4987 Chevron , BELGIUM
Tel : 080-78 56 26
Country : BELGIUM
Host ID : BEL001
Legend : SfCfNa2c2ArcKyPhTt
20 ha organic farm since 1982, nestling in a wooded valley of the Belgian Ardennes (close to Liège). Vegetable and milk production, respecting the earth and the animals, and supporting out family. Cheese production and sale at markets. We would like to share the work, the experience and the community of our life.
Mieke Vervecken
Oude Baan 104 in 2390 Westmalle , BELGIUM
Tel : 03/309 17 02
Fax : 03/309 43 32
Email :
Country : BELGIUM
Host ID : BEL005
Legend : SgCfNa3c6ArvPhWgcb
LOCATION : woods and fields
TRAVEL : bus
Our garden has organic vegetables for use of our family (10 persons ) and used for guests and in our cooking classes. Follow lessons in macrobiotic and vegetarian cooking. Help in the garden, the office or household live in beautiful country at one hour from Antwerp. Evening class in yoga or shiatsu massage. We have 6 children (19 to 9 years) and have 30 years of experience in natural living and healthcare min. stay to be discussed.
Tierens Didier
Rue du Forbo 4 , B-5501 Lisogne , BELGIUM
Tel : 0032 82 22 43 90
Country : BELGIUM
Host ID : BEL002
Legend : SgCcNa7c1ArKnPhTt
Small friendly com. for handicap people. we offer practical experience in vegetable garden - maintenance - housework - motivating and developing persons
Ingo Mitschke
538 Hesselles , 4654 Charneux , Herve , BELGIUM
Tel : ++32-87-660463
Email :
Country : BELGIUM
Host ID : BEL004
Legend : SgCiNa2c2ArKaPhTt
LOCATION : 30 km of Maastricht (NL), Liege (B) and Aachen (D)
Farm in Belgian village. At present goats, chicken, sheep and vegetable garden. Great house and farmstead. 250 years old. Help with domestics, gardening and animal care needed.

International Dialing Code :

Christopher Nesbitt;Dawn Dean
PO Box 153 , Punta Gorda , BELIZE
Tel : 501-7-22992 (Mon, Wed, Fri)
Fax : Same
Email :
Country : BELIZE
Host ID : BEZ001
Legend : SfgCfNa2c2AdcKyaPi
LOCATION : Up river from maya Village of San Pedro Columbia
TRAVEL : Bus from Punta Gorda
We have 70 acres of land, 5 acres of mixed orchard, 2 acres of cacao. We are 2 miles from road. No drugs,cigarettes or alcohol. We have a "WWOOFer" house, 10 minute walk from our house. We are perpetually building, always expanding our farm. We need help maintaining an existing mixed orchard, expanding our acreage at the periphery. Also with construction, chickens, and garden. Basically, we need help with whatever project we are working on. Right now it is a new house.
Tanya Russ
P.O. Box 16 , Punta Gorda , BELIZE
Email :
Country : BELIZE
Host ID : BEZ003
Legend : SfCfNa2ArKyaPiWgwb
LOCATION : completely isolated
Family organic farm on the coast in southern Belize. We grow mostly fruit tree crops and we also have a small-scale sustainable logging operation on a seasonal basis. Lots of work. Sometimes buggy. Very isolated; access is only by boat. If you need to use alcohol or other drugs to get through a day, do NOT visit us. We require a minimum stay of 7 days and are open to much longer visits. Communications are slow and unreliable, but we always answer if your query reaches us. Keep trying. Please tell us about your skills, interests and why you want to visit us. Please write in English.

International Dialing Code : 0055

Dada Haripranananda
Estrada Belmiro Braga, Km 10 , Caixa Postal: 0558 , CEP 36001-970, Juiz de Fora, MG , BRAZIL
Tel : 0055-32-32188633
Email :
Country : BRAZIL
Host ID : BRA004
Legend : CcNa5AdrcKaPhWgwtb
LOCATION : hills and mountains, river for swimming
TRAVEL : bus from Juiz de fora towards Belmiro Braga
180 h farm run by Yogi monks. the aim is to build an ECO-CITY, with many aspects such as alternative medicine , seminars, cultural events, the moment there is a bakery that produces organic bread, cakes, etc. and about 20 milkcows the garden still has to be worked on. we soon want to supply our own water system and solar energy. there is also lots of construction and renovationwork going on. on the BEAUTIFUL located site spirituality is very important and WWOOF ers should be interested in meditation, yoga, and the lifestyle. only vegetarian food, no smoking, no drugs. Speak English, Hindii, Portugese, Spanish, German.
Ursula & Guiseppe Grattapaglia
C.P. 37- Alto Paraiso , Goias 73.770.000 , BRAZIL
Tel : 0055-61-646-1175
Fax : same
Email :
Country : BRAZIL
Host ID : BRA003
1000 acre farm with alternative lifestyle, where Esperanto, universal language speakers, care for poor children. Work includes care for children, plant fruit trees, vegetables. Must speak Esperanto & or Portugese.Accom for 2 in our home with vegetarian meals. NO smoking.
Ron Suhan
Sitio Viracac , Bonito , P.E. Brasil 55 680-000 , BRAZIL
Email :
Country : BRAZIL
Host ID : BRA001
Legend : SfCfNa2c2AdrKyPiTtf
20 ha. site, terraced gardens, composting, pruning, silviculture, tropical orchard,manual weeding, goats care, fire control, wildlife protection, insect control. Contact by email or snail mail only.
Ronaldo Lempek
caixa postal 102 , Botucatu-SP , Cep:18603-970 , BRAZIL
Tel : 00-55-14-6822 2753 / 6822 6685
Fax : 00-55-14-6822 6346
Email :
Country : BRAZIL
Host ID : BRA002
Legend : SfCcNa9c14ArKaPhTt
Two farms, 1st 25 ha, 2nd 130 ha. Biodynamic management. Basic operation dairy cows, all milk processed to 14 products in a cheesery. A bakery processing over 3 t of flour a month. Field cultures: wheat, rye, silage, winter grazing. Fruit harvesting, varied. On summer a lot of tree planting. Green houses with onions and horticulture. Chicken, horses, ducks, dogs, cats. Farmshop. Lots of children:14; four families, communal meals and daily living. Located amongst a 400 people neighbourhood (grown around the farms), including a Waldorf School, a house for courses - agriculture, education, etc., and other activities. In a beautiful savannah region, with lake, many waterfalls and other landscape features nearby. Help needed all year round, preference for long (6 month) stayers. Minimum skills required.

International Dialing Code : +237


Box Postale 13 , 183 Douala , CAMAROON
Country : CAMAROON
Host ID : CMR001
These arrange voluntary workcamps within the country.

International Dialing Code : 00855

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International Dialing Code : 001

WWOOF Canada : 4429 Carlson Road, Nelson, BC. Canada VIL 6X3
Phone : 250 354 4417.
Membership : 30 Canadian Dollars + 3 x IRC (per person, no couple rates)
Email :


International Dialing Code : 0056

Matias Doggenweiler & Patricia Jiminez
Casilla 686 , Puerto Montt , CHILE
Tel : 65-313-969
Fax : same
Email :
Country : CHILE
Host ID : CHI002
Legend : SfAcKyWgaLesXsB10-3
24 ha, native forest, pasture for goat herd, vegetable cultivation. Work includes weeding, planting, greenhouse work, working with goats, vegetable gardening. Camping ground & communal kitchen where volunteers share cooking & meals. Children OK. NSI. Volunteers needed October-March

International Dialing Code :

Liliana Gomez
Apartado Aereo #490 , Santa Marta , COLOMBIA
Email :
Country : COLOMBIA
Host ID : COL001
Legend : SfCfNa3AdcKaPhTtf
LOCATION : 15 minute walk from main road
TRAVEL : bus from Santa Marta
Tribu Valencia is an organic farm of fruits and vegetables. We also have ongoing natural building projects. Need help all year around tending compost station, building garden terraces, planting, weeding, weeding, working on sustainable technologies and natural building methods. We mostly eat vegetarian and fish when the sea is generous. Our farm has an artisan workshop and we do community theater work. We recieve artisan and theater groups who come to do work in the region. These groups mostly arrive during the holiday season. We are still willing to recieve WWOOFers at this time, but they might want to know that it will be a full house.

International Dialing Code : 00 506

Patrick Schindler
Apdo 888 , San Isidro P.Z. 8000 , COSTA RICA
Email :
Web :
Country : COSTA RICA
Host ID : COS009
5 acres of rolling hills with creek & natural springs, 3 kms from Pacific Ocean, accessible by bus direct from San Jose, San Isidro, border of Panama. We are a learning centre involved in Organics, P/c, alternative lifestyles, conservation, Environmental projects, ecological studies. We need people with the following skills or desire to participate in: gardening, tree planting, tree doctors, carpenters, woodworkers, mechanics, electricians, potters, weavers, bakers, educators, journalists, web designers. Bring your own special equipment. Accommodation in our house or dormitiory, also camping. We are a not-for-profit organisation. We have no commercial production, no sale or income other than donations. Because of our tropical humid and hot climate volunteers work at their own pace and accept financial contributions instead of full practical participation. Vegetarian cook-your-own meals. Children OK. Prefer long stays.
Greg Ewing
Apdo 215-8000 , San Isidro de el General , Perez Zeledon , COSTA RICA
Tel : 650-968-3068 (contact Keleko)
Email :
Web :
Country : COSTA RICA
Host ID : COS001
Legend : SfCcNa6c2AdrcKyPi
LOCATION : Pavcific coast of Costa Rica
COSTA RICA : La Finca IPE is a tropical 25 ha organic farm located on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, 20 km west of San Isidro(about 40 mins bus ride). We maintain a wide variety of medicinal and culinary herbs as well as several large vegetable plots for year-round food production. Our crops include salad greens, cinnamon, black pepper, vanilla, rambutans,pejibaye, papaya, Pau D'arco, pineapple, bamboo and much more. Our farm represents an excellent example of organic permaculture and sustainability in this country and we guarantee a valuable learning experience whilst living in a community. There is a $40 dollar per week fee for volunteers (or $120 for four weeks) which includes board and food produced from the farm ( but other food would need to be provided by the volunteers). We prefer WWOOFers to write a few months in advance. Please be patient, responses may take up to three weeks.
ASODECAH (Asociación para el desarrollo de la conciencia ambiental y humana)
Apdo. 966 , 7050 Cartago , COSTA RICA
Tel : 00506- 5348003
Fax : 00506 - 5348003
Email :
Country : COSTA RICA
Host ID : COS003
Legend : SfgCciAdKyPiWgawtcb
LOCATION : Costa Rica
TRAVEL : From Cartago take La Flor/El Yas bus that leaves from Los Capuchinos Church
Association for the Development of Environmental and Human Consciousness. Our farm has 13 ha. and is lying in the central mountains of Costa Rica in the community of La Flor de Paraíso of Cartago province, facing one of the most beautiful valleys of the country: the Orosi Valley. We are an association that works on the sustainable development of our farm which is completely organic. We make gardening, domestic animals, organic fertilizers, medical plants, forest. We run an Environmental School for children and adults. We emphasize community work. We mainly serve vegetarian meals. We run a Language Institute with Spanish intensive courses, English and German. We also look for people who would like to live with us, who are committed to building up an ecological community.
Alfredo c/o Palmar p.o. General delivery , Cascadas Rio Claro , Drake Bay Zona Sur Costa Rica , COSTA RICA
Email :
Country : COSTA RICA
Host ID : COS013
Legend : SfCiNa1AcKaPiTtWgwb
LOCATION : Djungel
TRAVEL : Bus-Palmar-sierpe Boat Drake
The most biologically intense place on earth (National Geographic) awaits you! Huge acreage next to Corcovado Park, planting fruit trees & vegetables. waterfall on site, magic hiking, serious meditation building retreat. Organic food, lodging on upper deck, chance to see big cats & snakes 2hours hike from lovely Drake Bay so write ahead to Alfredo c/o Palmar p.o. General delivery Zona SurA lifetime adventure!!
Donald Villalobos
Las Juntas de Pacuar de Pérez Zeledon , Contiguo a Templo Evangelico , COSTA RICA
Tel : 737-11-75 (home) 771-71-00 or 771-57-67 (work)
Fax : 771-71-00
Email :
Country : COSTA RICA
Host ID : COS015
Legend : SfgCfNa15c4AdrcKya
TRAVEL : San José then taxi to La Musoc Bus Station
My farm is a non profit organisation, but to survivel we need some support from the volunteers at least the minimum to keep the farm busy, they will find these at the Farm Rules. Right now our range is $14 a day, $10 after a month to stay and $8 after three months to stay.
Dan Fawcett
Apartado Postal 59 , Playas del Coco , Guanacaste , COSTA RICA
Tel : (506) 350-4989
Fax : (506) 672-0250
Email :
Country : COSTA RICA
Host ID : COS016
Legend : CiArKaPhTtWgawtbLe
LOCATION : 18km from major town. 25km intl airport. Small village of 30 people
TRAVEL : hitching is easy
Finca Santa Maria is a 62.9 ha farm that was a cattle ranch in it's previous life. The farm is bordered by three streams and has two springs. There is a livable but not fancy house. There is running water and no electric as of yet. I am looking for a person or couple who would like to establish a working organic farm and sustainable tree farm from the ground up. I am interested in this farm being a model farm of how to support something other than cattle ranching. I am able to provide a minimum of financial input but have spent all capital funds to purchase the farm. This is an opportunity for someone to get the unique experience of starting from scratch. Potential land ownership or cooperative involvement available to the right person.
wanda patterson
Puerto Viejo , Talamanca - Limon , COSTA RICA
Tel : (506) 750 0408 / 750 0062
Fax : 750 0408
Email :
Country : COSTA RICA
Host ID : COS017
Legend : SfCfArKaPtTtWgatcb
LOCATION : 5 kmts south puerto viejo
Playa Chiquita Lodge an ecological lodge in the south caribbean coast of Costa Rica. Looking to keep / continue own organic farm and expand to organic agriculture oriented tourism. Need volunteers intersted in combining own experience with local indigenous and afro caribbean traditions. Project includes children involvement activities in a community of about 500 max. We need a self sufficient, active, kid tolerant, drug free with experience on organic farming friendly person. We offer room and board.
Drennan Flahive
Email :
Country : COSTA RICA
Host ID : COS019
Legend : SfgCfciNa2AdrcvKyna
LOCATION : 2200 ft above the Pacific costa of Costa Rica
TRAVEL : From San Jose, bus to San Isidro el General, then bus or taxi
90 acres of Reforestation, and organic permaculture Currently providing horseback tours to waterfalls 10 acres of organic gardens providing food for guests and volunteers Teaching english to the local children, ages ranging 6-14 Extensive reforestation, native hardwoods, fruits and bamboo Practicing many forms of earthbuilding and eco-construction.Working with locals on conservation projects, and sparking local ecomomies Providing knowledge on organic techniques, along with beautiful surrounding. We ask 5-10 dollars/day.
Timothy O´Hara
Apdo. 185-6000 , Puriscal, San Jose , COSTA RICA
Tel : 506 416 6359
Fax : 506 416 6359 (Attn: Rancho Mastatal)
Email :
Web :
Country : COSTA RICA
Host ID : COS011
Legend : SfCiNa4c1AdrcKyPth
LOCATION : Rural. Wilderness.
219-acre Environmental Learning and Sustainable Living Center and Lodge, and private reserve next to La Cangreja Rainforest Reserve. Gardening and Farming organically to provide food needs of Center and visitors and guests. Permaculture. Beautiful waterfalls and swimming holes on site. Birds galore. Trails in rainforest. Promoting and practicing alternative building and energy systems. Constr. w/ bamboo, earth and other locally sourced materials. Installing microhydro to generate elec. needs. Year-round help needed. Mostly vegetarian food on site. See website for more details.
Patricia Riley
(USA contact address : SJO 976, P.O. Box 25216, Miami, FL 33102-5216, USA) , Apdo. 46-3006 Barreal , Heredia , COSTA RICA
Fax : (506) 239-2233
Email :
Country : COSTA RICA
Host ID : COS002
Legend : SfCfcNa2AdrKyPhTt
The ARK Herb Farm is located in Santa Bárbara de Heredia, Costa Rica. Contact via USA address. 8 ha herb farm grows culinary & medicinal plants year-round. Work in plant propagation, design / maintenance of botanic gardens, herbal products, visitor tours.
Stephen Brooks
Punta Mona , Puerto Viejo de Talamanca , Limon , COSTA RICA
Tel : 011-507-614-5735
Fax : 1-510-601-0413
Email :
Country : COSTA RICA
Host ID : COS010
Legend : SfCcAdcKaWgawtbLes
LOCATION : Beachfront farm surrounded by lush, tropical rainforest.
TRAVEL : Public bus from San Jose to Manzanillo
The Punta Mona Center for Sustainble Living & Education. Beachfront 30 acre educational, permaculture farm on the Southern Caribbean of Costa Rica. We currently grow most of our food, including over 120 types of tropical fruit. We are off the grid and have an extensive solar energy system. Our black water runs into a biomass digester and the produced methane is used to cook our food. We accept interns all year.
Steve Fisk
Frente Al Ebais De Uvita , 8153 Uvita, Ciudad Cortes , UVITA DE OSA , COSTA RICA
Tel : 506 743 8140
Email :
Web :
Country : COSTA RICA
Host ID : COS018
Legend : SgCiNa2AdrcKyPthTf
WgbLesDsH4Y4Z30B3 - 12
LOCATION : 100 mtrs Costaren Hwy. on the Southern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica
TRAVEL : Bus from San Jose to San Isidro then bus to Uvita
Hotel and organic garden catering to backpackers and eco tourists. Located on the beautiful Southern coast of Costa. Walking distance to several unspoiled beaches, rivers, waterfalls and mountains. Hotel in process of expansion, camping area in development and garden to be maintained and expanded. Help needed in general maintenance of property, construction and gardening. Meals not included but cooking facilities are available with markets and restaurants close by. Experience in construction, gardening or hotel operations preferable.
Henry Karczynski
AP 706-1250, Escazu, Costa Rica ... or ... , SJO 1745, 1601 NW 97th Av.PO Box 025216 , Miami, Florida 33102-5216, USA. , COSTA RICA
Fax : 506 232-8552
Email :
Country : COSTA RICA
Host ID : COS007
Legend : SfCiArKaPtTtWawtb
LOCATION : 17 km east of Quepos
Demeter Conversion (Biodynamic) spice farm, 61 ha, 11 in production, cash crops include vanilla, cinnamon, black and allspice plus a variety of fruits, flowering and medicinal plants. We use animal manures (cow, goat and chicken), mulching, herbal and compost the soil and plant nutrition. We are located near the world famous Manuel A National Park (Central Pacific) and the town of Quepos 225 m. altititude. We have cabins for student / volunteers and 1 unit for tourists. We promote tropical sustainable biodynamic practices.

International Dialing Code : 0042

Sedlecko 2 , 25753 Vrchotovy , Janovice , CZECH REPUBLIC
Tel : (00420) - 302 - 595 331
Email :
Host ID : CZE001
Legend : SfCcNa3AdKaPhWgtbLe
LOCATION : 60 km S of Prague
TRAVEL : Call to get bus directions.
18 hectares with vegetable garden, orchard and grain production. Use permaculture, raised bed systems and companion planting. Farm is a model for sustainable living and alternative energy. Hosts seminars on organic farming, yoga and meditation. As a neo-humanist, non-profit making organisation the goal is to promote respect for all living beings. Also promote eco-tourism. Rustic but comfortable. No running water. Speak English and some Czech. Strict lacto-vegetarian
David Gee or William Mortada
Kubatova 1 , 10200 Praha 10 , CZECH REPUBLIC
Tel : 2 751046
Email :
Host ID : CZE002
Help is needed to develop Prague's ecological centre which includes a small scale agricultural demonstration.
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WWOOF INDEPENDENTS also lists some hosts for this country

International Dialing Code : 0045

VHH Denmark (equivalent to WWOOF, over 30 hosts)
Bent & Inga Nielsen, Asenvej 35, 9881 Bindslev, Denmark.
Membership : 40 Danish Kroner or International Giro No 4 46 65 67 plus big (A4) envelope.


International Dialing Code :

Mauricio Fabian
Cruz Verde , Monte Plata , DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
Email :
Host ID : DOM001
Living here are myself, Uncle Roberto & Aunt Damaris. We are involved in organics, conservation work, ecological studies, community projects & eco-tourism.

International Dialing Code : 00593

Anguco Ceibo, Cararango , El portete, FUndacion Condorhuana , Correo Central Loja Casilla 533, LOJA ECUADOR , ECUADOR
Tel : 593-7-580-392
Fax : 593-7-580-271
Email :
Web : http://
Country : ECUADOR
Host ID : ECU005
Legend : SfCcNa5c1AdrcKaPh
LOCATION : 7 1/2 ha rolling hills, rural, 1500 m above sea level.
TRAVEL : 5km from Vilcabamba
Southern Ecuador. 5km from the famous tourist town of Vilcabamba and the Poducarpus national Park. 7.5 ha of rolling hills, rural, 1500m above sea level. We do organic farming, applying permaculture, feng shui, biodynamics, sustainability and self-sufficiency. Areas oif work: organic agriculture, animal care, composting, construction, Feng Shui, Zen gardening, biofeeders, terraces, aquaculture, irrigation, water conservation, reforestation, fundraising, cooking, carpentry, cleaning, child education.etc. We offer very safe, clean, comfortable accommoation with electricity, toilets, showers, high-speed internet, 3 mostly vegetarian meals per day from our farm, plenty of fruit, hoit showers and safe drinking water, all in a very friendly and comfortable environment. Mon-Sat 6 hour workday from 8-12 and 2-4pm US$90 per month 4 week minimum commitment.
Luis Jaime Cuenca
Baquedano 330 y reina Victoria , ECUADOR
Tel : 593 4 780 690 or 593 9 983867
Fax : 593 4 780 686
Email : OR
Country : ECUADOR
Host ID : ECU004
Legend : SfCiNa15AdcKaPtTtf
We are located in a subtropical forest, forming part of the bound belt of Machalilla National Park, in Ecuador (south America) We have a organic farm, were we do gardening and composting process; organic citric farming, organic ornamental gardening; all this as sustainable ways to produce in short and long term. Cantalapiedra, the farm, also works as eco-tourism destination; offering bird spotting place, botanical reserve as a researching center for endemic bamboo, reproduction and reforestation. Our requirements:previous experience in organic farming, $70 USD registration fee (reimbursment), insurance. Note: we usually work 24 days and 8 days vacations and our food, we offer organic semi-vegetarian.
Paulo Santos
c/o Kerry Lowes The British School , Casilla 17-21-52 , Quito , ECUADOR
Tel : 2-371840
Email :
Country : ECUADOR
Host ID : ECU003
Legend : SfCfAdcKyPiWgawtb
LOCATION : Jama, State of Manabi.
TRAVEL : Buses from Quito
Hacienda in Manabi on tropical coast of Ecuador attempting to reforest. Help needed with horses, reforestation, seed collection and organic garden. Particular skills / knowledge sought- cheese, stable building, horse care, forestry. We are a small set up trying to plant trees against a growing tide of deforestation taking place all over Ecuador. We hope to be able to extend our work to improve the quality of life for the local community.Conditions can be hot and humid with a variety of insects including mosquitos. Mainly vegetarian food plus fresh fish. Accommodation in main traditional coastal farm house. We ask $50 per week from volunteers for food and board, for the maintainance of the forest, and to help us to set up a reserve. We currently recieve no funding from any organisation and the economic situation in the country at the moment has threatened the wild life of the forest through increased hunting activity and the forest through illegal logging. Please contact us via email to arrange placement. Help welcomed all year round.
Sebastian Moya
PO Box 18-02-1949 , ECUADOR
Tel : 00593-3-740-690 mobile 099928038
Email :
Country : ECUADOR
Host ID : ECU007
Legend : CcNa5ArcKyPhTtWawcb
LOCATION : Puyo -Pastaza-Santana
TRAVEL : by bus
Parque Tropical is 1750ha of virgin rain forest in the Amazon basin of Ecuador run by local indigenous people - a mix of Shuars and Quichuas. We aim to create a rehabilitation Centre for endangered wild animals. Currently we share the Park with monkeys, snakes, tapirs, toucans, macaws and many more. Volunteers are needed to help classify and conserve endemic species of medicinal plants, insects and animals. Also with daily life in the jungle - fishing, cooking, cultivation of yucca, banana and papaya. Learn to live and work in an indigenous culture. We ask $6 a day contribution to help keep the project going. Basic conditions - no electricity.
Jaime West or Mimi Foyle
Casilla 17-07-8712 , Quito , ECUADOR
Email :
Web :
Country : ECUADOR
Host ID : ECU006
Legend : CfNa2ArKyPhiWgawtb
LOCATION : half hour from road, nearest neighbours
TRAVEL : bus from Quito, then ranchera, then on foot
We are a family farm and nature reserve, located in an isolated rainforest area. The main farming activities involve caring for the more than 300 species of tropical fruits. We also grow subsistence crops, pasture for our horses, herbs and medicinals. Other activities include construction and crafts, using the varied local materials, and preparation of mostly vegetarian food. Accommodations are in individual rooms which have electricity and good water. It is a beautiful area with abundant plant and animal life, and a world class swimming hole at the river. See our webpage for additonal information. To be considered, you must fill out the application there for the agricultural apprenticeship program. Cost of the program is $250 per month.

International Dialing Code : 0020

Mr.Yousef Sadek
P.O.Box.181 , Assiut 71514 , EGYPT
Tel : +2088 323541
Fax : +2088 305175
Email :
Country : EGYPT
Host ID : EGY001
Legend : SfCfNa2c2ArKnTtWg
TRAVEL : by car
Organic Jojoba Demonstration Plot 15 acre of managed jojoba plantations intercropped with Date Palm. The farm is an initiative to create new industries based in renewable resources. The Farm accept Volunteers to share in R&D activities.
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WWOOF INDEPENDENTS also lists some hosts for this country

International Dialing Code : 00358

Luomuliiton talkoovalitys
Partala Information Services for Organic Agriculture,
Anne Konsti,
Huttulantie 1, FIN - 51900 JUVA, Finland.
40 host farms.
Membership : 2 x IRC plus addressed envelope OR US$10 OR 50 FIM.
Tel : (358) 15 321 2380 Fax : (358) 15 321 2350
Email :

Jane Rose and Hannu Huusko
Karhuntie 130 , 91500 Muhos , FINLAND
Tel : 8-533-3057
Email :
Country : FINLAND
Host ID : FIN001
Legend : SgCfcArKnDtGtbXsH6
LOCATION : 25 miles from Oulu (city in N.finland)
TRAVEL : Easy access by bus, trains, air. can pick up
1 hectare of organic vegetables, herbs and blackcurrants. Herbs are sold as plants and also dried. Speak English, Finnish and Swedish
Pjotr Houtbeckers & Cathy Rohlich
Vaiviontie 107 , 83450 Vaivio , FINLAND
Tel : 013 648155
Country : FINLAND
Host ID : FIN002
Legend : CfArKnPiDtGcb
LOCATION : 500 km NE of Helsinki
TRAVEL : Train and bus station and airport 20km from farm
4 hectares beside a small lake with 1 hectare of vegetables and the remainder grain or green manure. Aim to live in a peaceful environment, to grow healthy, organic food for sale and own consumption. Also pick berries and mushrooms in the forest and make a variety of sauerkraut products. Speak English, German, Dutch and Finnish


See separate France listing


International Dialing Code : +220

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International Dialing Code : 0049

WWOOF Germany, Postfach 210259, 01263 Dresden, Germany.
Membership : 18 euros (no other currency)
Email :
Web site

Thomas Ziegler
An der Mainleite 4 , D-97828 Marktheidenfeld , GERMANY
Tel : +49 9391 916105
Email :
Web : http://
Country : GERMANY
Host ID : GER003
Legend : SfCiNa1ArcKyPtTt
Small sustainable mushroom farm in Germany near by "The Spessart", (a famous Oak-Forest) about 100 km south of Frankfurt/Main that relies on its own pure-cultures, makes (and sells) spawn, substrates and grows mushrooms (like Shiitake...) in the woods and offers them as tasty dishes at feasts, markets and happenings in the region... From Winter to Spring there is work in the Woods where logs (max. 10-20 kg) are to be cut and innoculated with spawn, from Spring toFall mushrooms fruit, from Spring to Winter they are prepared as tasty dishes on the markets and throughout the year in the Lab the spawn is prepared... Languages: German, English, French. Vegetarian Food.
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International Dialing Code : 00233

WWOOF Ghana : Ebenezer Nortey-Mensah, PO Box 154, Trade Fair Centre, Accra, Ghana.
Tel / Fax : 23321 761091
Membership : 25 US dollars + 3 x IRC.

Ralphael Ali Yenbapono
PO Box 1 , Tuna , N/R , GHANA
Tel : 0756-22937
Country : GHANA
Host ID : GHA004
We work mainly with women's gropus in the field of agriculture, crop & animal production, compost making, tree planting & cottage industries of soap making, brewing & shea butter. WWOOFers must contribute a small fee for food, accom & medical care, etc.
Amy & Francis and Amelie langlois (Canada)
PO Box 4 , Mankessim , GHANA
Tel : Accra (021) 313832 Canada (450) 4333253
Email :
Country : GHANA
Host ID : GHA007
Legend : SfCcNa700ArKaPtTt
TRAVEL : bus/taxi
The Funkytown experience and the community of Atwia, a village in Ghana, would be happy to welcome anyone who's ready to give out the best of him/heself and join other volunteers in diverse projects. The work available goes from farming on organic pineapple and corn farms, starting new plantations and gardens, planting trees, teaching trades and various subjects at many levels, working on building sites to being involved in workshops with different community groups to help them understand environmental and health issues. Canadian contact: Amelie Langlois 3635 Beauchemin, Terrebonne, Quebec J6Y 1A3 Canada.
Kwadwo Nyinaku-Ampong & Edward Opare
PO Box 119 , Accra , GHANA
Tel : +233-21-669-025
Country : GHANA
Host ID : GHA005
Our farm is 35 acres with purely tropical crops & vegetables near the village of Kumikron, where local and international guests may help with the work for a few hours daily according to ability. Accommodation in thatched cottages, byo sleeping bags, with local Ghanaian food, potable well water, no electricty. Available all year round, ring first so we can arrange transport, Twi & English spoken. Help with housekeeping expenses while here would be appreciated, though these are very small. We use local tools and hard manual labour. Stays of at least 8 weeks. Children OK.
Ekow Baako
PO Box BR 34 , Breman-Asikuma , Central Region , GHANA
Tel : 233-24-3844066
Email :
Country : GHANA
Host ID : GHA001
Perm GHAMA has set up an alternative network for Wwoofers to work with village farms in Permaculture projects. P/c trained people especially welcome, but willingness to work and learn more important.

PO Box 1540 , Accra , GHANA
Tel : +233-663486
Fax : +233-665960
Email :
Country : GHANA
Host ID : GHA002
One of Africa's oldest and largest workcamp agencies, recruits volunteers from Europe, USA and other African countries to work on projects such as planting trees, building schools, AIDS campaign work. A participant pays US$200 for participating in one camp or US$300 for 2 or more camps. Fees paid are for feeding at camps, hostel facilites before & after the camp & picking up at the airport upon arrival. No children. Check website for further details:
Ebenezer Mensah
PO Box CT3635 , Cantonments , Accra , GHANA
Tel : int+233-(21)236-362
Fax : int+233-(21)231-485
Email :
Country : GHANA
Host ID : GHA003
Beautiful countryside location, walking distance to famous Botanical Gardens, 20 miles from Accra. Water & electricity on property. Friendly & peaceful people. A weekly fee of US$30 on a sliding scale to assist the host for food & accommodation in their homes. Work includes planting & harvesting cassava & paw paw crops, food preparation. Children OK.

International Dialing Code : 0030

George Papageorgiou
Eleousa , Arta 47 100 , GREECE
Tel : 0030 (0) 6810 74375 or 0030 (0) 6810 74924
Fax : +681 74924
Email :
Country : GREECE
Host ID : GRE005
Legend : SfCfiNa5AdrKaPthTf
LOCATION : Orange groves by river
TRAVEL : By coach
20 acre alternative organic farm growing fruit, nuts, vegetables, cereals and herbs. No farm animals. Vegan methods of cultivation used exclusively. Help needed throughout the year. We prefer volunteers to contact us several weeks in advance. Activities: Fruit picking, pruning, grass cutting, fruit processing, kitchen garden. We eat vegan food.
Jim Thomas
Box, 135 Parikia , Paros , Kyklades , GREECE
Tel : 0030284091524
Fax : 0030284091524
Email :
Country : GREECE
Host ID : GRE009
Legend : SfgCfNa2AdrKaPhWgtb
LOCATION : 4 km from village, 15 km from town.
TRAVEL : bus
Midway through building center for creative arts study and retreat on Agean Island. Help on five acre farm land according to principles of dryland reclamation Establishing; water systems, windbreaks,composting,organic gardens Building help also needed; stone laying, woodwork e.t.c Greek winter is generaly mild and good for outdoor work. Comfortable accommodation. Good food; veg or nonveg; Good walking country. Guitar playing not essential, but welcome. Collect from boat on arrival.

15 Omirou St , 14562 Kifissia , Athens , GREECE
Country : GREECE
Host ID : GRE007
Volunteer work in Greece centres on Architectural, rather than Environmental protection
, Plomari , Lesvos , GREECE
Tel : +30-932447517
Email :
Country : GREECE
Host ID : GRE008
Legend : SfCfNa2c3AdrKaPhTtf
LOCATION : small mountain village
TRAVEL : bus to Plomari, then foot or we will collect
Olive farm on island of Lesvos, Greece, needs help with the olive harvest this winter. The farm is in the mountains near Plomari and has about 1000 olive trees. The olives are collected the old-fashioned way: the fruits are knocked down with sticks and then fall onto stone terraces from where they are collected by hand and transported by donkey. The olives are then transported to a local press that produces organic oil. Also : renovation of paths is carried out by a team of volunteers in association with the Lesvos campus of the University of the Aegean, which is the headquarters for the environmental studies department. Accommodation is in traditional houses in a small village; vegetarians and vegans are catered for. Children welcome, but no child-minding facilities provided.
Jill Sleeman & Angelos Capetaneos
Mouressi-Tsangarada , 37012 Pelion , GREECE
Tel : 426-49086
Fax : 426-49565
Country : GREECE
Host ID : GRE006
New classical style building, 130 years old with substantial garden & orchard being run as a guest house. Work includes gardening, building of walls & courtyards, general maintenance, cleaning, maintenance of local footpaths in the area, jam making. Need people who are flexible and can work independently.Accom for 2 in house, carvan or studio, varied meals. No children. NSI.
Doris Schlepper
GR 370 12 Tsangarada , Ag. Taxiarchis , GREECE
Tel : 0030 4260 49060
Fax : 0030 4260 49060
Email :
Country : GREECE
Host ID : GRE002
Legend : SgCiArKaDtXs
LOCATION : 50 km from Volos
TRAVEL : Bus : Volos to Tsangarada
4000 sq. m land with 4 terraces, stone walls and staircases, 300 years old stone house 500 m over sea, running water. All kinds of fruit, herbs and flower garden with old roses and rare trees open to the public. member of MGS (Mediterannean garden society). Hens, geese, ducks, cats and 2 labrador dogs. Can speak English, German, French and Greek. Help needed April to June and September to November with stays of up to 2 weeks.
Ingrid Brink
370 01 Zagora , Pelion , GREECE
Tel : +30 426 23342
Fax : +30 426 23176
Email :
Web :
Country : GREECE
Host ID : GRE004
Legend : SgNa2ArKaPhTtfLegw
We have a cultural and educational center in central Greece. We organize courses and workshops and seminars. Our garden is 6500 sq.m and basically needs a lot of attention in March, April and May. We have a small vineyard. We mainly eat vegetarian food. Need help with gardening. Skills in crafts are good. In the summer need for help with "householding" the workshops .We are German and Swedish and have been living in Greece for the last 26 years and are well aquainted with the country. We both speak good Greek. We have a very good knowledge of Greece and its culture. We are not farmers but want to keep our garden a pleasant place for our guests at the workshops we are arranging. Email or call in advance.

International Dialing Code :

Colum Muccio
Section 717, PO Box 52-7270, Miami , Florida 33152-7270, USA , GUATEMALA
Tel : 0011-1-502-476-6001
Email : OR
Web :
Host ID : GUA002
Animal Rescue Centre in jungle near Lake Peten Itza. Feed & care for monkeys, parrots, ocelots jaguars, catimundis & kinkajous. Another centre on Pacific coast involving tracking, patroling sea turtles & eggs. Also participate in veterinary medical treatment, collection of wild food for animals, environmental activites. Wwoofers to live in 2-storey wooden building with shower / toilet. Solar power. Kitchen / dining facilties. Volunteers must pay $50-$80 per week to aid unfunded Rescue Centre. Long term volunteers given special arrangements.
Ricardo Lopez Aguirre & Bill Anechiarico
PO Box 268 , Antigua , GUATEMALA
Tel : 502-831-5799
Email :
Host ID : GUA001
Organic macadamia nut farm, 20 min by car south of Antigua. To help run our projects, we run tours from Antigua & other cities out to our farm. The money from the tours gets re-invested in our projects. Short term ( 1 month) work includes farm work, maintenance, office work, tour assistance. Long term work( 3 months): technical farming assistance, teaching English to the indigenous communities.Accom for the short term in quarters on the farm. Accom for the long term is with the Mayan families in the field.
santiago atitlan , contact us at moonfish cafe in pannajachel , GUATEMALA
Tel : 762 0224
Email :
Host ID : GUA003
Legend : SfgCciAdcKaPiTtWgtb
LOCATION : remote lakeshore
TRAVEL : boat, pre arranged
Work at the farm includes appropiate technology, sustainable comunity techniques, indiginous dwellings maya style, and sustainable agriculture using bio intensive and traditional mayan techniques. As we are just begining work includes more construction, water system development and soil building than actual agriculture. We are located right on the shore of lake atitlan at the most remote corner of the lake. Site accessible only by boat.

International Dialing Code : 001

Look under USA in the WWOOF Independents listing.
See also WWOOF Hawaii :


International Dialing Code : 0031

Rembrandt Modderkolk
Ambonstraat 2 , 7395MA Teuge , HOLLAND
Tel : 0613780539
Email :
Country : HOLLAND
Host ID : HOL006
Legend : CciNa12c2ArcvKyPth
We are young people setting up an eco villige on a 3.5ha property with 11 farms. We have an biological veggie garden and work on alternative energies We are looking for people to exchange alternative ideas and practical solutions. We also like to make music and have fun by the fire.
mia salomons
rendierweg 4 8251 p.d. dronten , HOLLAND
Tel : oo31 (0)321-336611
Fax : 0031(0)321-336625
Email :
Country : HOLLAND
Host ID : HOL004
Legend : SfgCfNa5AvKnaPhTtWg
LOCATION : half hour biking village
0rganic farm since 1988, agriculture - wheat,oats,grass, pumpkins,potatoes, herbs and some suckling cows.We are a family with 3 adult sons. The wwoofer can live in a caravan in the yard but can eat with family.
Piet van Sabben/Renee Hoekendyk
Jupiterweg 12 , 8211 AW Lelystad , HOLLAND
Tel : (0) 320(-)245561
Fax : (0) 320-245561
Email :
Country : HOLLAND
Host ID : HOL003
Legend : SfCiNa2ArvPhLefgd
LOCATION : 60km NE Amsterdam
TRAVEL : Direct train from Amsterdam Central Station and Schiphol - Lelystad. Then bus 154 stop Steenstraat or interliner coach 315
3.3 hectare organic farm in the process of becoming biodynamic. Summer vegetables. Also strawberries, red and black currants.60km NE of Amsterdam in new polderland surrounded by 10 other organic farms. We enjoy the variation of work due to 12 different crops on relatively small scale. We like working together( plus sharing cooking and meals) with people from different cultural backgrounds. There are often part-timers, trainees and friends who come to help and we were really happy with the first WWOOFers last year! Planting, weeding, hoeing and harvesting. Travel:- Amsterdam Central Station to Lelystad(50 mins) Bus 154. stop Steenstraat then 20 mins walk.
Paula Peters
't Molentje 1,4515 RE IJzendijke , HOLLAND
Tel : 0117 301418
Fax : 0117 301418
Email :
Country : HOLLAND
Host ID : HOL007
Legend : SfgCfNa3ArKyPhTtWgb
We have an 60 ha organic farm in Holland near the border with Belgium. (Brugge-Gent) We grow potatoes,wheat, peas, sugar beets, beans, onions etc. There are also some sheep and bulls.We need help during the months of may, june and july specially for weeding in all that crops.The work is quite heavy. We expect a volunteer to work at least 30 hours a week, during two weeks. We have all accommodation you will need including a bike to go to the beach in the evening. And of course you can eat with us (vegetarian if choosen). We speak Dutch,English,Portugues,and some German/French.
Andy Blackett
Deelensweg 25 , 7352 TA Hoenderloo , HOLLAND
Tel : 055-378-1035
Fax : 055-378-1570
Email :
Country : HOLLAND
Host ID : HOL005
Legend : SfCfNa4c2AcvKaPhTt
3.5 ha farm that is used as a meeting point for all groups with a social/Permaculture/creative goal.Work includes practical day-to-day chores, gardening both P/c & bush garden, painting, carpentry, child minding, aslo working with refugees. Food/transport/accom/ in return for your dedicated efforts.Accom in summer house/apartment, meals to suit. Sometimes self cooking/food provided.
Kerkebroekweg 46 , NL- 6071 GL Swalmen , HOLLAND
Tel : ++31 (0)475 600555
Email :
Country : HOLLAND
Host ID : HOL002
Legend : CfNa2c1AdcKyPhTt
Forest garden, experimental gardening, strawbale construction, low tec and low cost development.

International Dialing Code : 0036

Biokultura Egyesulet : Hungarian Association for Organic Farming. Biokultura Egyesulet, 1024 Budapest P. u. 4, Hungary.
Tel : (+36-1) 316-2138
Fax : : (+36-1) 316-2139
A list of a few organic farms is available from the WWOOF main office.

Tamas Lantos
Markoc, Fo U. 10 , H-7967 , HUNGARY
Tel : 36-73-352-505 and 36 73 352 333
Fax : 36-73-352-333
Email :
Country : HUNGARY
Host ID : HUN002
Legend : CfLeGbXsH6Y5M2
Situated near the Drava River with tiny villages. 5 ha farm, mostly old fruit trees & grasslands. Old farmhouse being rebuilt. Work includes establishing a collection of local fruit varieites: planting, maintaining the orchard, propagating, processing, creating habitats, working towards self-sufficiency, building, renovating, sharing the chores, rehabilitating the natural heritgae of the area. We take our volunteers to see the Danube-Drava Nat Park, cultural attraction, etc. We offer practical courses related to the work we do. Accom for 2-4 in our home with meals to suit. No children. Minimum 2 week stays. Can p/u from station. We speak Romanian, English and Hungarian.
Andrea Solymos / Istvan Fridrich
7683 Helesfa, Pf.: 3. , Ibafa, Gyurufu , HUNGARY
Tel : +36-1-3101762, +36-73-554410
Email :,
Country : HUNGARY
Host ID : HUN001
Legend : CfciNa10c10AdrcKyPh
LOCATION : 30 kms from Pecs, 200 kms from Budapest
TRAVEL : coach, railway
Gyurufu is situated in the southern part of Hungary about 200 kms far from Budapest in very nice wooded hilly country. Gyurufu foundation owns 170 hectares. Gyurufu is an eco-village in process of construction. There are 5 families living here permanently. Gyurufu is taking volunteers who can work at the house-buildings, road construction, live-stock farming, gardening, etc. Please, contact us before arriving.

International Dialing Code :

Eymundur Magnusson
Vallanes , 701 Eglisstadir , ICELAND
Tel : (mobile) 899-5569 or 471 1747
Fax : 471 17 47
Email :
Country : ICELAND
Host ID : ICE001
Legend : SfCfNa2c1ArKaPhTt
Organic farm (350 ha) since 1979 located in east Iceland, the most beautiful part. Main products are vegetables, grains & massage oils. We have now planted 1000's of trees for windbreaks. Work includes tree planting, weeding, hoeing, vegetable planting & harvesting, packing, prepare for markets, cleaning, kitchen help. Accom for 2 in my home or small apartment. Vegetarian meals. No children. NSI.

International Dialing Code : 0091

Navodit K Garg
333 - VSNL Colony , Nehru Colony , Dehradun , INDIA
Tel : 91-135-676801
Email :
Country : INDIA
Host ID : IND021
Legend : SfCfNa2c2AcKyPtTtLe
Farm is of approx area 1500 sq.meters And is widely spread in the foothills of Himalya Nearby is Rispana river in the range of 1 Km Picturesque place
Mrs Alice G Mony and Mr M G Mony
PO Box 18 , Rayagada - 765 001 , Orissa , INDIA
Tel : 0091 6856 22031/23084
Fax : 0091 6856 23681
Email : or
Country : INDIA
Host ID : IND006
Legend : SfCfNa2c3AdKyPiTtWg
LOCATION : Laxmipur. Rayagada 7kms
13 acres coffee and vegetables, cows
Solar Kitchen-Matrimandir Rd , Tamil Nadu , 605101 , INDIA
Tel : 0413-622107
Email :
Web :
Country : INDIA
Host ID : IND011
An international township of 1500 people near Pondicherry with an area of 2000 acres, 350 of which is being cultivated along organic/biodynamic diverse farming. One month minimum stay, paying $1.00 per day for 3 hours daily input (plenty of free time). Accom for 3 people in student house, vegetarian meals. Children OK. Should book with Isha by e-mail in advance.
Brian Jenkins
PO Box 57 , Kodaikanal-Tamil Nadu , 624 101 , INDIA
Tel : 91-4542-30297 or 30393
Email :
Web :
Country : INDIA
Host ID : IND012
Organic farm growing coffee, pepper, citrus, Jack & other fruits, dairy & horticultural crops. We need volunteers in particular with knowledge & experience to help us turn the corner from 10 years of investment & loss into breaking even. We request visitors to pay $5 per day to assist us in building up this unique & beautiful centre. Accom for 3 in guest rooms. Veg meals. No smoking on property. Min stay of 4 weeks.
Pushpa Surendra
Erappana Koppalu , Yelwal , Mysore-30 , INDIA
Tel : 91-0821-402558
Email :
Country : INDIA
Host ID : IND018
Legend : SfgCfArKnPtTtWgbLe
LOCATION : 16kms away from Mysore
7 acres organic fruit farm situated near Mysore city, Karnataka, India WWOOFers , interested in helping out in developing a flower garden and aquatic plants. Skills with low cost buildings, alternative renewable energy, knowledge of bee-keeping are welcome during monsoon months July- October 2002. Personal hygeine and cleanliness absolute must. Academically inclined / research oriented individuals preferred.
Sarandeep Singh Tandon
#104 , Sector-38/A , Chandigarh India , INDIA
Email :
Country : INDIA
Host ID : IND017
Legend : SfgCfNa2ArKyPtTtWgt
LOCATION : Punjab,Haryana,HP
Concern Zone, Deals in Organic Food, organic manure, Worms, cocoons, cash crops Very easy to travel, provide all sort fascilities so that person able to perform . We have different farms at punjab, haryana, himachal Pradesh. The persons interested may contact.
Harpal Singh Grewal
Theri Baba Sawan Singh, P.O. Moriwala , District Sirsa , HARYANA , INDIA
Tel : +91 011 6132783, +91 01666 250 629
Email :
Country : INDIA
Host ID : IND020
Legend : SfCfNa5ArKyPhTtWtLe
LOCATION : 15Km from Sirsa
TRAVEL : From Delhi to Rohtak to Hisar and to Sirsa
We are strictly a vgetarian family, our family shifted to this farm about 90 yrs ago. The farm is internaionally certified by IMO of Switzerland. We grow Basmati, sugarcane, cotton, pulses, wheat, vegetables etc. We welcome good company and love to share our experiences with the people interested in organic way of farming. We strongly believe that Mother of all agricultural sciences is Aurveda. WWoofers having spiritual and philsophical leanings are most welcome.
Suprabha Seshan and/or Wolfgang Theverkauf
Alattil PO , N Wynad , Kerala 670644 , INDIA
Country : INDIA
Host ID : IND002
Welcomes visitors to rainforest research centre and offers opportunity to become involved in conservation, education and plant biology. The sanctuary is run on a very tight budget and visitors must be willing to pay $10 a day towards keep. The Sanctuary is a forest garden on the Western Ghat mountains and is devoted to conservation, education and an inquiry into right living. The region supports a unique and fragile mountain ecosystem. A lush tropical garden - it is at the edge of a large rainforest reserve. An organic farm has been established to aid self-sufficiency and several acres of degraded land have been restored as well as cultivating large numbers of native plant species.Send one dollar and International Postal Reply Coupon for further information.
DrVivek Banthiy, Raju Saini
4, JA-5, Jawahar Nagar , Jaipur 302004 , Rajasthan , INDIA
Tel : 0091 141 650828
Email :
Web :
Country : INDIA
Host ID : IND008
Legend : SfCfNa5AdrcKyPiTt
LOCATION : Jaipur 50 kms
We are a registered society working to promote holistic health and organic farming. One of our members Raju Saini and his family own a large farm growing vegetables and cereals organically and also have some livestock.It is close to a seasonal riverbed in a picturesque setting adjoining an unspoilt village. We plan to develop a holistic health centre offering alternative therapies as means to perfect health. At prsenet we have facilities for naturopathy treatments, yoga and meditation. WWOOFers have an opportunity to learn the basics of drugless therapy. The farm is located in Badodiya village about 50 km from Jaipur and 10 km from Chaksu, a small town on the Jaipur Tonk highway. As one travels from Jaipur one has to turn left at Chaksu on the road going from Chandad and reach the village Badodiya on the right side.There are frequent buses from Jaipur (Narain Singh Circle Bus Stop) for Chaksu and from there one can travel in a jeep to reach Badodiya village. We would appreciate a contribution of $3 per day towards food and stay and in exchange reduce working hours to four per day.
Kunnuparambil Punnoose
Kunnuparambil Buildings , Kurichy-Kottayam , 686549 , INDIA
Tel : 91-481-434141
Fax : 91-481-430470
Email :
Country : INDIA
Host ID : IND013
Legend : SfCfArKnPhTtWgLeDn
Non-profit Christian organisation providing information & guidance on homestays, travel & study in India. Work includes natrual rice, coconut, tea, coffee farms. Accommodation in separate homes with family, meals to suit. Min stay 8 weeks.
Dr Jay and Mrs Chetna Sanghvi
, c/o Nature Cure Centre , 31/32 Jubilee Colony - Bhuj-Kutch-370001 , INDIA
Tel : 02832 50802/26088 Farm 02834 81301
Fax : 02832 50802
Email :
Country : INDIA
Host ID : IND005
Legend : SfCfNa2c3AdrKaPiWgt
LOCATION : 4 km from nearest town
100 ACRES, 20 ACRES FRUIT. 8 ANIMALS.Additional phone contact:- 0091 2834 81430/81431 web site:
Vijay & Kusum Shah
Rayan, Dist: Kutch-Mandivi , Gujarat , 370465 , INDIA
Tel : (+91) (0)2834 88361
Fax : +91 (0)2834 20811 or +91 22 413 2208
Email :
Country : INDIA
Host ID : IND003
Legend : SfCfNa8c3AcKaPhTt
LOCATION : 8.5 km from Mandvi
TRAVEL : Train to Gandhidham (can collect for Rs 100)
Family owned farm of 40 acres. Growing dates, Aloe Vera, grains, pulses and medicinal plants. Use farmyard manure, mulches, seaweeds, botanicals and drip irrigation. 6 cows. Aim to attain; real peace and harmony in life through organic farming and Vipassana meditation. Speak English and local languages. Following the earth quake everything is back to normal now. Help needed mainly July til Feb. Weather is hot during March to June but work always available.
Divakar D
Arvu Chetti Pudur, Kottai Palayam PO , Viayampalayam VIA, , Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu - 641110 , INDIA
Country : INDIA
Host ID : IND015
Legend : SfgCfNa4c1ArKaPhTt
LOCATION : Farm in a village 20kms from city and an hour from Hills
50 acre partly organic farm in Coimbatore, Southern India on hours drive from the Nilgri Hills. 20 kms from City centre. We grow sugarcane and tapioca and have cows, bullocks, cart, tractor. We are slowly converting the farm into organic methods. My father is very knowledgeable about age old sustainable practices and he speaks English well. You have a choice of staying either in a Bungalow on a farm at the end of a village or in a farmhouse at the centre of a 30 acre plot. Coimbatore is an ideal base to explore the South. We request that you join in the agricultural operations - times are flexible. You pay 10 $ per day. Food is veg and non-veg.
Mr.Shibesh Das.
VILL-Eklakhi Po-Rajadighi , Dist-Malda-732102 , State-WEST BENGAL , INDIA
Tel : 913512 31112 # 913512 31263
Email :
Country : INDIA
Host ID : IND014
Legend : SgCcNa12c4ArcKyPh
LOCATION : The location is nearby a tribal village
TRAVEL : Kolkata by air then train
RAJADIGHI COMMUNITY HEALTH SERVICE SOCIETY (RCHSS) have a small farm. RCHSS practically implementing O-farming tech through its 400 SHG. Volunteers and visitors need to be work with different tribal village farm. They have to restore the techniques / native seeds / bio-pests through intervention WOOFERS write months before for accommodation with skill data. Indian System of Medicine is one of the work of RCHSS with small herb-garden. Books and Expert available for a rapid study of ISM (Ayurveda). Permanent-Culture of tribes & protomongoloids is another amazing resource.
Jeevan Lal Verma
KSS Social Awareness Centre , PO Kanda, District Bageshwar 26363 , Uttarranchal 263631 , INDIA
Tel : 0091 5963 41081
Fax : 0091 5963 22131
Email :
Web :
Country : INDIA
Host ID : IND004
Legend : SfgCfcNa10c30AdvKa
LOCATION : Bangeshala 30 km
TRAVEL : need own transport
Rose is a small non-governmental voluntary organisation dedicated to uplifting the plight of the rural poor by means of Gandhian principles. The Indian Government forbids visitors to work or study in India so visitors must apply for a Tourist Visa which can take 2 months to obtain. A charge of £2 a day is made towards costs of accommodation, facilities and food. There is also a charge of £1 per day to cover administration. Special concessions for students, groups and long-term volunteers. Information sheets on this project available from Wwoof main office on receipt of a 9" by 4" stamped addressed envelope. Volunteers are integrated in the rural indian way of life by living with Mr Verma's Family. Depending on the time of the year, volunteers can be involved in construction work (repair house, path, toilet, etc) administration work, paper and card making and with children's teaching at Rose's School. Of course there are other opportunities: project work is continually being devised and is implemented when funds allow.
Email :
Country : INDIA
Host ID : IND019
Legend : SfCfNa10c6AdrKnPhTt
WgawtLeDtGcbXsaH6Y6M2Z4B1-4, 8-11E5-7
LOCATION : 15 km.from Sangaria rly.station & busstop
Family owned farm & farm house 125 acre we grow salad veg., pulses, cereals, oil seedsand grains. We have cows & buffalos .Working to promote holistic health and organic farming. Aim to attain real peace and harmony in life through organic farming. We are slowly converting the farm in to organic methods (since 2000). Our farm is semi desert but irrigated by canal, borewell & waterpond. We would appreciate a contribution of US$2 - 5 per day towards food and stay.
yohann chandy
murphy town , ulsoor , bangalore, karnataka , INDIA
Tel : 080 8478580
Email :
Country : INDIA
Host ID : IND001
Legend : SfCiNa3c2AdKyTtf
LOCATION : near Bangalore
10 acre farm bangalore india seeks wwoofers anytime. We grow salad vegetables also have cows buffaloes and geese. The address above is a postal address only. The farm is outside Bangalore
Koshy George
Sy. No. 43/3 to 43/6 , Koodanahalli Village, Varuna Hobli , Mysore Taluq & District, Karnataka , INDIA
Tel : +91-80-544-5416/544-2306
Email :
Country : INDIA
Host ID : IND016
Legend : SfgCfiNa4c2ArcKyaPi
LOCATION : Village on outskirts of Mysore City, 2-3 kms from the Airport & 14-15 kms from the Railway Station
TRAVEL : Via Bangalore by train or bus
4.8 acre organic farm, coconuts, arecanut, coffee, miscellaneous exotic & local fruit & spice trees/plants; simple western accommodation w/hot water, mosquito proof, telephone & internet access (from march 2002), m/cycle available for personal travel @ your cost; 2000-2100 broiler unit - to be expanded by additional 5,000 birds over 2002; WELCOME the year round !!! no hassles with smokers & drinkers within reason; minimum 2 (TWO) weeks notice ordinarily; required "green thumb", knowledge of poultry & livestock preferred, knowledge of other related areas also welcomed. On arrival, we will pick you up at Bangalore Airport & transfer you to the farm.
Swami Vinod
66/2 Pritam Road , Dehradun-248001 , UTTRANCHAL , INDIA
Email :
Country : INDIA
Host ID : IND007
Legend : SgCcNa20c5ArcKyPt
TRAVEL : 3 kms. from train/bus station.
We are situated at the foot hills of the beautiful Himalaya Mountains, known for its natural medicinal herbs. We encourage alternative medicine through organically grown vegetables, fruits, herbs and other healing techniques like Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Pranic Healing etc. The building is 10,000 sq. ft. housed in land of 100,000 sq. ft. with orchards and gardens. We welcome WWOOF workers/ Healers/ Alternative Technology Teachers all year round. We would appreciate a contribution of US$3 (Three Dollars) from workers/ students/ teachers and US$10 (Ten Dollars) from others per day towards food and stay and in exchange we would reduce the working time to 3 hours per day.
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International Dialing Code : 0044

For Northern Ireland, see UNITED KINGDOM
Otherwise see the REPUBLIC OF IRELAND


International Dialing Code : 00972

Gur Rotem
Nir moshe 20 , Negev MP, 85370 , ISRAEL
Tel : 08-9943364
Fax : 08-9943364
Email :
Country : ISRAEL
Host ID : ISR003
Legend : SgCfArcKyPhTtWgtbLe
LOCATION : village
We are a family with an 3.5 hectare in the south of israel. 3 adults, 4 children, 2 dogs, donkey, 6 chickens + greenhouse nursery. General aims: trying to establish an ecological community - that will be an educational center. self sustainable farm with organic garden. We invite volunteers to help us create the place : alternative building projects (mud, strawbale), develop the garden using permaculture principles. Have one small house for WWOOFers .
Stephen Fulder or Phillipe Zane
Doar Nah Oshrat , Western Galilee , 25233 , ISRAEL
Tel : 4 996 9414
Fax : 4 996 9837
Email :
Country : ISRAEL
Host ID : ISR001
Legend : SfCfNa2ArKnPhTtWgb
LOCATION : 10 miles SE of Nahariya
TRAVEL : Train/Bus to Nahariya (can collect)
30 families each with 6-8 acres smallholding growing wheat, fruit, herbs, lgrapes, salad and other vegetables for home use. Goats, chickens, bees. Holdings have been developed from uncultivated land over 10 years. Use mulches, green manure and experimental irrigation systems. Solar energy systems for all power needs. Very limited accommodation. Experienced gardeners or builders preferred.
Ammnor & Daliq
Chavat Har Hshbi , Yodfat-D.N. Misgav , 20180 , ISRAEL
Tel : +972 50 327387
Country : ISRAEL
Host ID : ISR005
We are an organic farm in the Galilee area of Israel. Work includes organic vegetables & cheese-making. We have horses & sheep.

18 Frishman St , Tel Aviv 61030 , PB 3167 , ISRAEL
Tel : 972-3-527-8874
Fax : 972-3-523-9966
Email :
Web :
Country : ISRAEL
Host ID : ISR004
Web: Our website explains what we offer. We offer work on plantations, fields, cows, dairy, poultry, fish, etc. Registration fee is $60 for one full year, in exchange for 3 meals per day, lodging, tours around the country, laundry service & pocket money. Meat & vegtarian meals. No children. More info on the website.
Mr. Avraham Bardugo
north Galilee , ISRAEL
Tel : 972-4-99-66-870
Fax : 972-4-99-66-870
Country : ISRAEL
Host ID : ISR007
Legend : CiNa1AvKnPiTtWgwbLe
73 DIM, private farm in development, North Galilee A beautiful wide open space surrunded with mountains. Work within a garden, organic vegetables, chicken coop major olive harvest we have a caravan with ambience of relexation that will provide the inner peace that the soul is looking for - just waiting for the WWOOFers
Kibbutz Lotan
Kibbutz Lotan , DN Eilot , 88855 , ISRAEL
Fax : 07 6356 827
Web :
Country : ISRAEL
Host ID : ISR002
Kibbutz actively taking volunteers and apprentices for specifically environmental or organic work. For more general volunteering to experience Kibbutz as a community, contact the Kibbutz volunteer agency : Stephanie, Workworld, 66, Ben Yehuda, Tel Aviv, 63432, Israel. Tel : 03 5247 973
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International Dialing Code : 0039

WWOOF Italy : Bridget Matthews, 109 via Casavecchia, 57022 Castagneto Carducci, LI, ITALY.
Email :
Internet :

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International Dialing Code : 00225

WWOOF Côte d'Ivoire : Mr. Ovidio de Souza Julien Venance, 12 BP 1235 Abidjan 12, Port-Bouêt/Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire.
Membership $40 US + 3 x IRC.

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WWOOF INDEPENDENTS also lists some hosts for this country

International Dialing Code : 0081

WWOOF Japan : Kita 16-jo, Higashi 16-chome, 3-22, Higashi-ku, Sapporo, 065-0016, JAPAN

The WWOOF Japan has about 30 hosts and we are working on expanding it. The list costs $50 Australian, or $40 American, or JPN4000 Japanese Yen and is available as a PDF file downloadable document to WWOOFers who have internet access.
CONTACT : Glenn Burns

Everett Kennedy Brown
1501-1 Kuwada , Misaki-machi, Isumi-gun , Chiba-ken 299-4504 , JAPAN
Tel : 81-470-87-4501
Fax : 81-470-87-4501
Email :
Country : JAPAN
Host ID : JAP006
Legend : SfCfNa2c3AdrKyPhTt
LOCATION : Agricultural land near ocean and two hours from Tokyo
TRAVEL : By train from Narita airport or Tokyo
We have a rice and vegetable farm two hours east of Tokyo and fifteen minutes from the Pacific ocean. We live in a traditional Japanese farm house and specialize in growing exotic heirloom rices such as black, red, green, bonzai, ancient Jomon rice and a sacred rice from Japan's Ise shrine. My wife, Deco is a macrobiotic cooking teacher and essayist and I am a photographer and writer specializing in traditional Japanese themes. We regularly offer weekend workshops, including fasting and sandbathing retreats and a variety of interesting Japanese people regularly visit us. We welcome anyone from abroad wishing to learn more about Japanese traditional farming methods and country living.
Sachiko Hattori
Heart and Tree 496-4 Nakaseturi Tsuruimura , Akan gun , HOKKAIDO 0851207 , JAPAN
Fax : 81 154 64 2542
Email :
Country : JAPAN
Host ID : JAP003
Legend : SfCfNa2c3ArKnPiTtWg
LOCATION : Hokkaido
TRAVEL : Kushiro 40 mins
We are a young Japanese family with 3 kids, 6 dogs, 13 sheep, 2 goats and a horse on 3 hectares. We have a herb garden, vegetable garden and cafe restaurant. Spectacular view of Akan national park.Can teach japanese cooking. Hot springs, mountain climbing, camping and canoeing. Interested in Za-Zen meditation. No short stays please.
Bruce Cambron
Hozoji 1955 Hongo , Ouda-cho, Uda-gun, Nara-ken 633-2156 , JAPAN
Fax : 0745-83-0861
Email :
Country : JAPAN
Host ID : JAP005
Legend : SfgCiNa1AdrKaPhTt
LOCATION : In a village just outside of town
TRAVEL : Kintetsu Train to Haibara station-and Bus to Ouda station
Small organic farm at a temple in the mountains of Nara. Growing many kinds of vegetables, some fruits and herbs at the farm. There is also a garden on the temple grounds. Building a composting toilet and small greenhouse. Using some permaculture ideas. The farm is new and many projects are just starting. There are some nice bike rides nearby, and mountain streams to swim in and some hot springs. I practice and teach yoga, cooking, beer making and English. Please come and help with the farm, and temple. You can learn, share, relax, and discover! Food is vegetarian (vegan). No smokers please.
Hiroshi Mine
Tsurui Mura , Alcan Gun , Hokkaido 085-12 , JAPAN
Tel : 154 64 2821
Country : JAPAN
Host ID : JAP001
Legend : SfgCcArKaPiTtWgLej
LOCATION : 40 min. drive from Kushiro City.
TRAVEL : to Kushiro, then BUS to Tsurui
Small international commune dedicated to promoting peace, the unity of mankind and mutual understanding of cultures.Organic vegetable plot growing 20 kinds of vegetables for own use. Minimum stay of 6 weeks for volunteers. Farm work only available April to September, work as an English teacher for local people may be available at other times. Write enclosing IRC for more information and confirmation allowing 1 month for reply. An international drivers licence is necessary. We need responsible and loving hearted people.
Yuka Ono
2218 sugaya, Sashima-machi , Sashima-gun , Ibaraki-ken, 306-0505 , JAPAN
Tel : 0280 (88) 7670
Fax : 0280 (88) 7670
Email :
Country : JAPAN
Host ID : JAP002
Legend : SfCfNa4ArKnPhWgawtb
LOCATION : Iwai-city (15 min by car)
0.5 ha as an organic poultry farm. Effective microorganisms methods. Environmental interest, can teach building cooking, bird watching. Supporters of UNICEF.
Kazutoshi Ujita
Ibaraki-ken, Niihari-gun, Yasato-mati , 1297 Kakioka , 315-0116 , JAPAN
Tel : 0299-43-6769
Email :
Country : JAPAN
Host ID : JAP004
We have 2 ha vegetable garden, 1300 hens, 50 pigs. We also grow rice for self-sufficiency. Community life but rooms are separate. Accom for 2 indoors, with meat-style meals. Children OK. NSI. 100km NE of Tokyo. Contact Kazutoshi Ujita.

International Dialing Code : 00254

Jane Achieng & Michael N Otenno
PO Box 135 , Mbita- Rushinga Island , KENYA
Tel : +254(0385)22189/22522
Country : KENYA
Host ID : KEN002
Food production & horticultural activities, forest P/c and organic farm techniques. Work includes digging, sowing, planting, harvesting, weeding, fencing, tree planting & soil conservation. Accom for 2 in our home as family. Mainly vegetarian meals. Children OK. Small fees applicable.
John Wanjau Njoroge
PO Box 34972 , Nairobi , KENYA
Tel : +254-2-583194 or 151 52466
Email :
Country : KENYA
Host ID : KEN001
Legend : SfArcKnPhWgatbLeDt
KIOF accepts WWOOFers worldwide anytime. 100 US$ fee plus work for room and board.
Micael A.N. Odula
PO Box 132 , Homa Bay , KENYA
Tel : +254-0385-22518
Email :
Country : KENYA
Host ID : KEN004
Legend : Dt
Permaculture & organic farms on Rusinga Island, Lake Victoria. Work includes clearing, digging, tree planting, seed collection, sowing, weeding, soil conservation, seed bank, computer work. Accom for 2 people in our home. Vegetarian meals.
Pius Aggrey Omondi
P.O. BOX 330, UGUNJA , 40606 , KENYA
Tel : 254 722 36 88 04
Email :
Web : http://
Country : KENYA
Host ID : KEN005
Legend : SfCcArcKaPhTtWgatLe
LOCATION : village in rural Western Kenya, 75 km from Kisumu
TRAVEL : From Nairobi by bus
We are a community based organisation working with over forty groups in organic farming.

International Dialing Code :

Thanonsi Solangkoun
GPO Box 7893 , Vientiane-Lao PDR , LAOS
Tel : 856-21-222-683 856-23-511-220
Country : LAOS
Host ID : LAO001
Vang Vieng Local contact: Khamla Vegetarian Restaurant across from Nana Guesthouse. This is a silk worm farm located 5 min outside tourist town of Vang Vien, ( 3 hours north of Vientiane) also producing organic mulberry tea. Owner has ideas to develop farm such as herbal steam baths, silk production for tourists, animals, etc. There is a vegetable garden to provide for local restaurants. Need Wwoofers for hoeing, digging, planting, kitchen, animal care, teach Englsh. Scientists & researchers welcome. Dormitory accom with food for US $1 per day. Min stay 2 weeks.

International Dialing Code :

Dr Glyvnys Chinkhuntha
Box 70 , Lumbadzi , MALAWI
Tel : 265-912-65515
Country : MALAWI
Host ID : MLW001
20 ha organic farm since 1982, 40 kms north of Lilongwe, Malawi's capital, 13 kms from international airport. We produce vegetables, grain, pulses, fruits, flowers, herbs, spices, fish & small livestock. Situated in a hill/valley setting with gravity irrigation. Work includes irrigating, cultivating, composting, harvesting & grading. Accom for 4 in guest house with meals to suit. No children. NSI. Min stay 2 weeks.

International Dialing Code : 0060

Lee Teck Cheong
39C Jalan Kenar 21 , Bandar Puchong Jaya , Selangor 47100 , MALAYSIA
Tel : +603 5708303
Fax : +603 5708304
Email : or
Country : MALAYSIA
Host ID : MAL002
Company setting up a network of organic farms to supply health food shops etc. Would appreciate assistance from people able & willing to teach organic methods. Accom for 3 with meals to suit. No children.
Gan & Kazumi
P.O. Box 49 , 43000 Kajang , Selangor , MALAYSIA
Web : http://
Country : MALAYSIA
Host ID : MAL003
Legend : SfCfNa2ArcKnPhTtWg
LOCATION : 1 km from a small village, near Bangi, Selangor.
TRAVEL : Railway from Kuala Lumpur
Organic vegetables & fruits farm at a suburb of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. More than 60 varieties of tropical vegetables, fruits & herbs are grown on 10 acres since 1994. Occasionally, upon booking, we operate farmstay & luncheon programs for consumers. Small food processing for sale, too. We are a vegetarian couple of Malaysian & Japanese. English, Japanese, Chinese and Malaysian languages are spoken. We only take serious WWOOFers who can stay minimum of 3 wks. Please contact us and arrange beforehand, as beds are limited.
B K Ong
116 Jalan Bunga Raya , Gelugor 11700 , Penang , MALAYSIA
Tel : 04-6575591 TRAIN: to Butterworth (can collect)
Country : MALAYSIA
Host ID : MAL001
Legend : Dt
LOCATION : 30 km W of Georgetown
TRAVEL : Train to Butterworth, Bus to Penang (can collect)
12 acres with 2 acres vegetables and the rest orchard, natural areas. Composting, mixed cropping etc.practiced along with promotion of sustainable lifestyles, appropriate technologies (solar energy, natural soap making etc.). From the initial farm we have succeeded to attract 4 other neighbouring farms to convert to organic, with about 10 farmers involved. The farm aslo run a consumer club in town to support farmers' produce apart from holding forums, publish books etc. Can teach basic tropical organic growing, herb and spice usage and bamboo craft and appropriate technologies eg solar box cooker, natural soap making, etc.

International Dialing Code : 0052

Guillermo Saavedra
A.P. 196 Tepoztlan , Morelos 62520 , MEXICO
Email :
Country : MEXICO
Host ID : MEX001
Legend : SfgCiNa2AdcKaPthTt
LOCATION : rural mountain dry or rainy
TRAVEL : bus
Permaculture practice and learn in MEXICO, we need help all year long. Share your own experiences and knowledge; we are a small rustic farm in the forest mountains south of Mexico City, 45 mins away from it, and close to important archaeological sites. Heavy rainy season and dry season offers diversity of experiences. Come not only for the work but for the fun too! We emphasize cultural interchange. Meet other people doing the same for our environment. We need long and short term volunteers. Due to the project, we prefer people with some permaculture basic knowledge, not a must, except for long term helpers, who would be in charge at the farm.We especially need at least one long term person to be in charge and to cover the spaces between short term WWOOF visits. It is better if you contact at least one month before your arrival, you must be able to give an email address at which you can be contacted.
Sylvia St.Clair
US mailing address : , 705 Martens Ct. #40-314 , Laredo, TX 78041, USA , MEXICO
Email :
Country : MEXICO
Host ID : MEX006
Legend : SfgCiNa1AdcKnPhTtf
LOCATION : 10 min. walk to town
Small 2 acre organic farm in the SW part of Baja Calif., MX owned and operated by an american. 5 min. walk to Pacific ocean. I grow gourmet veg., cut flowers and edible flowers. We also have a few chickens. Help with weeding, cultivating, planting, harvesting and composting. Also, living on the property are 2 dogs. I prefer female volunteers. It is a beautiful site. Weather is very pleasant 9 months (mid Oct. to mid July) a year and hot and humid mid July to mid Oct. Looking for volunteers all year.
Terresa Beck Clifton
, Apdo 1002 , San Miguel de Allende Gto. Mexico 37700 , MEXICO
Fax : 415 152 6191
Email :
Country : MEXICO
Host ID : MEX007
Legend : SfCfNa1AdrcKaPhTt
LOCATION : 13 ks. from town center
TRAVEL : taxi from the bus station
Helping hands needed to further the intensive herb, aroma and veggie patchs,carpentery skills helpful for constructing the needed dehydrator,water distillery, animal shelters and Tepascal. Our Tipi may be your shelter. Come in the fall and stay until Spring. Actually all times are blooming with delights and missons in co creating with nature diva beings. New moon ceremonies and music quest are held each month. There is a opportunity for a person of the right and like minedness to join us on my land creating your own home base and right livelihood. Only animal lovers need reply.
Javier Herroz Bernal
Listade Correos , Todos Santos , 23300 Baja California Sur , MEXICO
Tel : 52 114 5 03 73
Fax : 52 114 5 03 73
Email :
Country : MEXICO
Host ID : MEX003
Legend : SfCfiNa3c2AdcKaPhTt
LOCATION : Rancho 1.5 mile to village
TRAVEL : Bus to village of Pescadero or drive.
5 ha organic farm garden, growing fruits and vegetables for the markets of Cabo San Lucas in Baja Sur, Mexico. We need help with all aspects of growing including, ground preparation, planting, weeding, harvesting, packaging, and general farm maintenance. We operate year around. We offer vegetarian food. Please contact us at least 1 month in advance of desired start date. We have a very private setting only 3 miles from beautiful Pacific beaches.
Sean or Miles
Chichihuistan , Mun. Teopisca , Chiapas , MEXICO
Tel : None
Fax : None
Email :
Country : MEXICO
Host ID : MEX004
Legend : SfCcNa4AdcKyPhTt
TRAVEL : Collect from San Cristobal de Las Casas in Chiapas
We are located in the highlands of Chiapas, in a fairly remote area that is largely timber and pastureland with some agriculture. Our ranch grows various kinds of vegetables and has many fruit trees as well. The climate is sub-tropical with a heavy rainy season from June through October and a very dry season from December through April. Workers can help us out most times of the year but especially from March through October. Our neighbours are nearly all indigenous Indians of Mayan descent and very friendly. The area is very beautiful and offers lots of diversions such as hiking, horseback riding, caving, etc., after helping us out. Although we work hard, we have good fun as well so come join us in building a sustainable farm and ranch in the unique culture of Chiapas.
Mary Piotrowski
Tel : 52 333 693 4087, 52 333 171 6167, 52 349 77 505 11
Country : MEXICO
Host ID : MEX005
Legend : SgTt
We have a 120ha hair sheep ranch in the mountains about 2 hrs SW of Guadalajara. At an altitude of 1800 meters we have a great climate all year round. Our goal is to produce 100% grass fed meat through organic instensive grazing methods. To reach this goal we need lots of help cutting brush, applying our sheeps' natural fertilizer on our fields, fixing fences etc. We expect a reasonable day's work, but are flexible concerning work hours and goals. We expect one week minimum stay. English is spoken in our home but there is a lot of opportunity to interact with people in the nearby vllages where horseback is still the most common means of transportation. We have been ranching in Mexico for over 13 years so can provide you with a lot of insight into culture and customs concerning agriculture here.

International Dialing Code : 212

mounir SALEK
N° 20 , rue ibn koutaiba , quartier course-safi , 46000 , MOROCCO
Tel : +212-44-62-10-90
Fax : +212-44-62-10-90
Email :
Country : MOROCCO
Host ID : MOR001
Legend : SfCcAdrcKnPtWgwcb
LOCATION : SAFI; 250 km from casablanca, 150 km from Marrakesh
We are a family group, have the spirit of voluntary work in agronomy field.we build gardens, clean farms, repair fields.... You don’t need any particular qualifications, just the enthusiasm and motivation to meet the chalenge of expedition life. Our association which aims at promoting the voluntary service by working on project farorably benefiting to the local community especialy to poor district such as farms, gardens, fields. It’s also an educational, social and cultural movement based up on the international exchange of volunteers. You will be living and working with a small group of people from cultures and background often widely widely different from your own.

International Dialing Code :

Prasad & Ambika Chhetry
DPO Box 19 , Bhairahawa , NEPAL
Tel : 977-71-24008
Fax : 977-71-23961
Email :
Country : NEPAL
Host ID : NEP002
Mr.Babu Ram Dumre (Chairman)
PO Box 11969 , Kathmandu , NEPAL
Fax : 977-1-416144
Email :
Country : NEPAL
Host ID : NEP001
Legend : SgCfArKyPthTtWgcLe
VWOP provides voluntary jobs in remote & urban areas of Nepal, including farm work and teaching English in schools, all year round. Volunteers may implement their own ideas/programmes/activities which directly help the local community. We also help those who intend to invest in education, agriculture, livestock, health, environment, etc., in rural areas. Experience not essential. Interested volunteers are invited to have first hand experience of living & working with local village people & invited to participate in cultural activities, exploring parts of Nepal, engaging in trekking, white water rafting, sightseeing, etc. Volunteers stay with local family sharing their home, food & amenities. Volunteers must pay a registration fee of US $20 (one time fee) + organisation fee of US$100 ( one time fee) + US$50 per month payable to host family for accom & food.
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International Dialing Code : 0064

WWOOF New Zealand :WWOOF : Jane & Andrew Strange, PO Box 1172, Nelson, New
Telephone (or Fax) +64 3 5449890
Web Site:
Email: a&
Membership : NZ$35, AUS$30, US$20, £10.


International Dialing Code : 00505

Rodrigo I Bermudez
De la casa communal 1/2 cuadra al oeste , San Isidro , Matagalpa , NICARAGUA
Tel : 505 619 0259
Fax : 505619 0259
Email :
Host ID : NIC001
Legend : SfCfNa2c3AdrKnPhTt
LOCATION : km 116 c. norte
TRAVEL : bus
Organic vegetable farm in the Sebaco Valley of Nicaragua Need bilingual volunteers english/spanish to help out in various duties. We are the only organic vegetable farm in the country and the largest in central america. Also needed committed people to work with very small farmers to teach them how to grow organically as well. A great deal of hard work but very pioneering and fullfilling. The farm produces cucumbers, melons, squash, onions, eggplant herbs during the dry season, and grain crops during the rainy season. Able to work in hot weather and deal with many bugs. We are the first organic farm in Nicaragua that is exclusively dedicated to vegetable production. We are pioneers in many ways as no previous experience is available in divising organic sustainable practices. We export our onions and other crops to US and Canadian markets. We are a small family company that always needs a helping hand. We are trying to start a program to teach smaller farmers 1-4 acres average to farm organically aswell and to improve their incomes. We do not recommend it for those who want a light holiday, it is an exasperating amount of work, it would be best if a volunteer had previous experience in farm work.

International Dialing Code : 0047

Jan Martin Bang
Solborg , 3520 Jevnaker , NORWAY
Tel : 47-321-32480
Fax : 47-321-32020
Email :
Country : NORWAY
Host ID : NOR003
Village of 40 people living in 3 large households. Also seminar centre specialising in ecological & anthroposophical courses. B-d farm & gardens, bakery,weaving workshop, Steiner school & the Bridge Building school. Work includes farm chores, cooking, hous care, forestry, building & maintenance. Can choose to do courses for a fee of just volunteer. No drugs or alcohol. Vegetarians can be catered for. Dormitory accommodation.
Tove and Knut Johan Nerhus
N-5635 Hatlestrand , NORWAY
Country : NORWAY
Host ID : NOR004
Legend : SfgCfNa4c3ArKaTtf
LOCATION : fiordfarm
TRAVEL : bus from Bergen
Farm with 10 small viking cows producing organic milk, 5 highland cows in the forest. We need help with milking, grass harvest, woodcuting, painting, fencemaking, weeding and some kitchen work. Experience not necessary. What counts is willingness to learn, an open and clever mind, a smiling face and a warm heart that cares for plants and living creatures. A heart that have got the power to feel the spirit of Nature. We want your picture. We prefere: female, spiritual pagan mind, nonsmoker, healthy Interest for doing sport, music, history, art and handcraft no drawback.
Ingunn Grepperud & Gerald Altena
, 1940 Bjorkelangen , NORWAY
Tel : 476-385-6987
Fax : 476-385-6723
Country : NORWAY
Host ID : NOR002
Small B-d farm with animals, vegetable & herb gardens. Help with whatever needs to be done on the farm. Accom for 2-3 in our home with meals to suit. Children b.a. NSI.
Ingvald Erga & Grete Gaard
Erga Gard , 4343 Orre , NORWAY
Tel : +47 (0) 5142-8122
Fax : +47 (0) 5152-8815
Email :
Country : NORWAY
Host ID : NOR001
P/c course farm: 7 ha carrots, potato, meat (Aberdeen Angus cattle) production. Sustainable living in practice. Strawbale house, renewable energy. Work includes weeding, harvesting, planting in vegetable garden, attending animals. Help prepare P/c courses, summer camp. Accept visitors in growing season from April-October. Contact via e-mail.

International Dialing Code :


International Dialing Code :

Stelvio Ravasio
Correo Guaramare- , Manuel Dominguez 592 , Guarambar PY-2670 , PARAGUAY
Tel : +595 971-992-455
Email :
Country : PARAGUAY
Host ID : PAR001
We are trying to set up a P/c site on 48ha, mostly pastures, bushland & forest, 5 kms from village, 60 kms from Asuncion. Work includes planting & pruning trees, harvesting, feeding animals, building projects of adobe, child minding. Accom for 1-4 people in separate guest room or caravan. Meals to suit. Children OK. NSI. We speak Spanish, English, German, Italian & some French.

International Dialing Code :

Annick Pallard
Apartado Postal 65 , Tarapoto-San Martin , PERU
Tel : 51 94 520310
Country : PERU
Host ID : PER001
Intercultural community guided by Mayan & Incan cosmology & Huna principles. We live in a Peruvian village, 8 ha of land & a spritual centre with bamboo huts for accommodation. Activities include cooking, gardening, cabin building, investigation of medicinal plants in the area, working with local shamans. We also explore the law of time with respect to the Mayan calendar. Holotropic breathing, Reiki, massage, Huna Shamanism, moon rituals. We receive individuals or groups for healing body, mind & spirit. Wwoofers must work 6 hours per day.
Manuel Ahuanari
San Martin de Tipishca , PERU
Email :
Country : PERU
Host ID : PER002
Legend : SfCcAdrcKyPhWgwtcb
TRAVEL : 20 hrs by ferry from Iquitos, will collect from ferry
A 600 strong Cocamas community situated in the Amazon rainforest. Community life is simple and is based on fishing, hunting and agriculture (yucca, tomatos, onions, fruits, all organic). Volunteers needed mainly for development projects, particularly educating children in languages and cultural exchange whilst enabling us to preserve our traditional way of life. Opportunites to learn about rainforest and medicinal plants and participate in Ayahuasca ceremonies. Reasonable level of Spanish essential. A contribution of $5 a day is requested.

International Dialing Code : 0063

Mike Greenwood, CEO
c/o rf3000 Outpost One , Pk 4 Pantalan, MSD , Mangagoy 8311 Bislig, Surigao del Sur , PHILIPPINES
Email :
Web :
Host ID : PHI001
Legend : CcNa50c200ArKa
LOCATION : remote upland forest
TRAVEL : by air to Davao
Tribal community agro-forestry cooperative in safe East Mindanao, Philippines rainforest urgently needs self-reliant and resourceful volunteers with some knowledge of organic vegetable growing to assist in establishing livelihoods. You will need $10 per week for your keep and and as much again for your personal needs. When not working, help wildlife conservation including the smallest bird and smallest monkey in the world, visit island mangrove forests or pan for gold in the creek. Membership of rf3000 organisation required. Western Mingdano is a war zone (at July 2000); by comparison this area is remote but secure and safe. Starting from scratch in a degraded dipterocarp forest, they have no capital and few tools. They need your help. You will have an experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life.
Lee Ann Cruz
C/O El Nido Post Office , Palawan , 5313 , PHILIPPINES
Tel : 0918-909-5573/0919-555-3176
Email : or
Host ID : PHI002
Malapacao Island farm converted to an Eco-Tourism venture which includes Yoga, Qi Gong, exercise regimes for those seeking a non-smoking nature loving exotic paradise. A 200 m long white sand beachfront with 10 cottages. Snorkelling available in the beautiful reef right by our doorstep. Closest town is Puerto Princesa which is 300 difficult miles away, taking 9-16 hours over dirt roads. SeaAir flights now operate 3 times per week. I need people to help with massage, Reiki, refelxology, other healing modalities, plus computer work, admin, helping me to link up to the correct organizations to promote my Wellness Workshops. Accommodation in my home with seafood/vegetarian meals. No smoking. No children.

International Dialing Code :

Didi Ananda Muktiprana
GIZE 40 , 19-411 Swietajno , Woj Warminsko Mazurskie , POLAND
Tel : +48 87 5230112
Email :
Country : POLAND
Host ID : POL001
Legend : SfCiNa2AdcvKnPhTt
LOCATION : 250m to bus stop; 10km from town
Organic Farm / Yoga mediation retreat site in North-East Poland. Beautiful rolling meadows, 50 acres surrounded by forest - rural and scenic. Vegetables, fruit trees, cows horses and dogs. Wide range of tasks all year round. Seasonal work includes vegetable garden, milking and feeding, general maintenance, horse training, building work on house and outbuildings. Creation of a wetland area, landscape and design building structures, footpath creation. Accommodation in house or tents. Help in exchange for excellent lifestyle learning opportunity. Vegetarian, non-smoking.
Dada Vanditananda
Gtebock 37 , Mitkow , 58-535 , POLAND
Tel : 0048-75-7610716
Email :
Country : POLAND
Host ID : POL002
Legend : SfCcNa8AdrcKyaPiTt
LOCATION : Polish-Czech border
TRAVEL : see listing
Situated in the foothills of the Karkonosce Mountains on the Polish-Czech border, this is one of the largest organic farms in Poland. The farm is overlooked by Mt Sneczka & is surrounded by beautiful meadows & forests. Nearby are restaurants, shops, hiking trails, horse riding & ancient ruins. The city of Jelenia Gora is 15 kms away. The farm is managed by Ananda Putta Bhumi, a centre for rural development, wide variety of social service, cultural, spiritual & economic activities designed to bring about a renaissance in the life of the surrounding region. Work in the garden with plants & trees, also with dairy cows, house renovation, making jam, juices, composting, wood gathering, bread making. Accommodation for 8-10 people indoors or camping. Vegetarian meals. Children OK. Non-smoking/no alcohol lifestyle where visitors can join in our meditation & yoga practice. Train to Jelenia, then bus going to Karpacz via Cieplice, then get off at Glebock (pronounced Gwembotsk) & follow sign for 20 minutes. Contact Dada Vanditananda

International Dialing Code : 00351

Tito Lopes
Granja de Belgais , 6005-150 Escalos de Baixo , PORTUGAL
Tel : 272 467655
Fax : 272 467649
Email :
Country : PORTUGAL
Host ID : POR042
Legend : SfNa15AdrKaPiTt
LOCATION : 23 km from Castelo Branco
TRAVEL : We transport the people
Belgais is a center for the study of the arts in Castelo Branco, Portugal.The farm is deep in the fields. In the center happens many activities. Concerts, seminars, courses of arts, activities to bring children to the relation beetween art and Nature.This project have been created by the international pianist, Maria João Pires. We have a big vegetable garden, sheeps, olive trees, black pigs, a fruit tree plantation, and medicine and aromatic plants. We also make courses of pottery and weaving. Currently we intent to receive volunteers, for help in all the activities we talk before, and the interested people can chose what they like, or they feel more able.
Hans & Kate Gronendyk
Bica da Matinha , 7555 Cercal do Alentejo , PORTUGAL
Tel : 269904881
Email :
Country : PORTUGAL
Host ID : POR009
Legend : SfNa2c4AdcKaPiTf
New holding of 51 hectares of which 30 are re-forested with cork-oak and maritime pine and a further 10 hectares of mixed woodland/forest garden are planned. Work includes planting and caring for trees, kitchen garden, and some involvment with horses if desired. Homoepathic doctor. Speak Dutch, English, German and Portuguese.
Manfred Marhl
Vale do Barco , 3270-157 Pedrogao Grande , PORTUGAL
Tel : 351-236-486371
Country : PORTUGAL
Host ID : POR034
Organic self-sufficient farm with 50 mother goats & cheese making. Work includes animal care, gardening, cheese making, general farm work. Accom for 1-3 in our home with mainly vegetarian meals. Children OK. Speak German, English & Portugese.
Richard and Veronica Balfour
Apdo. 2533 , Val Bejinha, Sao Luis , 7630 Odemira , PORTUGAL
Tel : 00 351283 975 162
Email :
Country : PORTUGAL
Host ID : POR014
Legend : SgCfiNa2c3ArcvKyPh
LOCATION : 3 hours from Lisbon
TRAVEL : coach to S. Luis
1 hectare of land, with vegetable plots, fruit trees and a large area for growing potatoes and beans. Creating a botanical garden. Building with natural materials. Give courses in massages and kinesiology. Interests: personal development and alternative treatments.
Joanne Mason
Quinta da Sapeira , Lourosa, 3400 Oliveira Do Hospital , PORTUGAL
Tel : 00351- 235-728967
Email :
Country : PORTUGAL
Host ID : POR006
Legend : SgCiNa1AvKaPhWgbLep
LOCATION : Oliveira Do Hospital 10km
1.5 acre smallholding. Olive grove, fruit trees, vines and kitchen garden. Interested in self-sufficiency, permaculture practices, raising young trees. Accommodation in caravan in garden, or in house. Prefer no young chlidren as land is terraced. Vegetarian food only. River at bottom of garden and eagles in sky above - great for walking. Longer stays preferred, possible house sits. Speak English, Portuguese and some Dutch.
Casa Vida Nova , Tojo 3305-240 , PORTUGAL
Tel : 235-732-736
Country : PORTUGAL
Host ID : POR024
Legend : SgCiNa1ArKaPthTtWgb
LOCATION : High in the mountains near Sierra Estrellas
Learn what is like to work and live in a small, traditional Portugese village. Nestled high in mountains with stunning views near the Sierra Estrellas. I need help with a small garden, planting fruit trees, and making organic wine. Work can be demanding but I only require 4 hrs/day , 6 days/week. Can cook vegetarian or vegan. Short and long-term stays. Couples or Singles. Separate, comfortable accommodation with own bath. Can arrange pickup in Coja or Arganil. Myself an experienced traveller. I speak German, English, Portugese, Romainian and a little French.
Lesley Martin
APT 67 , 8550-909 Monchique , PORTUGAL
Tel : 964 159 659 (difficult reception from time to time) better reception on 919 135 423
Email :
Country : PORTUGAL
Host ID : POR020
Legend : SfCiNa2AdrcKaPhTt
Old Portuguese terraced farm in a fairly remote forested spot in the mountains near monchique. An opportunity here to observe and partake of another culture. Vegetables and all manner of fruit grown on a terraced hillside in the sun.
Geraldine Zwanikken
7750 Mertola , PORTUGAL
Tel : 351 286612119
Fax : 351 286612541
Country : PORTUGAL
Host ID : POR029
Legend : SfgCfNa2AdcvKnPh
LOCATION : Mertola, South East Portugal
TRAVEL : 5 minutes to nearest town
A small, old monastry in the hills of Alentejo. This was a Franciscan Order from 1612 until 1834. The Zwanikken family have continued the work of the monks since 1980 and transformed the ruin into a home and a retreat for visitors interested in Art, Meditation and Nature. It is situated in the centre of a nature reserve. There are horses, donkeys, geese, ducks, cats and dogs.
Xana & Eric Balans
Estrada da Baia , Maria Vinagre , 8670-412 ROGIL , PORTUGAL
Tel : ++351 282 995 124
Fax : ++351 282 995 124
Email :
Country : PORTUGAL
Host ID : POR043
Legend : SfCfNa2ArcKnPhTt
LOCATION : Algarve
S.W.Portugal (Algarve) 2 km from the ocean in natural park. Farming here for 12 years. Help wanted with organic garden, aquatic plants for organic pools and waster water stations + others. Anytime less Jan/Feb. 1 or 2 wwoofers at a time. Vegetarian food + own accommodation.
Frederico Miguel Leal Correia Cabral
C.C.I. 754 Maia , 7050-021 Montemor - O - Novo , PORTUGAL
Tel : 919934065
Email :
Country : PORTUGAL
Host ID : POR044
Legend : SfCfNa4ArKyPtTtWab
LOCATION : 4km from city
TRAVEL : From Lisbon, bus to Montemor - o - Novo and I collect
6 ha of livestock organic farming, goats sheeps, chickens, turkeys and pigs. Help with accommodation of animal and persons. We need help all year round. We eat just organic products, animal or vegetable. Call or write in advance.
Tel : 351 269 949247
Fax : 351 269 949247
Email :
Country : PORTUGAL
Host ID : POR003
Legend : SgCfNa2c3AcKnPiTt
ARTIST HOUSE, CORKTREE PLANTATION, vegetable GARDEN, bed and breakfast.. winter time or low tourist season we can provide roomssummer time only with tents. We can teach vegetarian cooking, we want to learn organic gardening, need help with kids, need help in bb, need help for cleaning forrest, property with 47 ha.
Wolfram Schunter
Horta da Parreira , 7920 - 201 Alvito , PORTUGAL
Tel : 00351 - 284 485114
Email :
Country : PORTUGAL
Host ID : POR038
Legend : SfCfNa2ArKnPhTtWgaw
LefgspDtGcbH6Y5M2B10 - 05E7, 8
LOCATION : Village of 3000 people
TRAVEL : train or bus
Our farm is situated in the Alentejo region between Beja and Évora. On 10 ha we grow oranges, olives, pasture and cereals. We also have an organic garden and the following animals: 2 horses, chickens, 2 dogs and 2 cats. We need the help of WWOOFers for the harvest of olives, oranges, hay and all kind of other work with the trees, animals and in house and garden. Please don´t bring any dogs! Minimum stay 2 weeks. We speak german, portuguese, english, spanish, french.
P. O. BOX 113 , 9000 Funchal , Madeira Island , PORTUGAL
Tel : 00351 965076687
Email :
Web :
Country : PORTUGAL
Host ID : POR017
Legend : SfgCiNa2AdcKyPiTtf
30 hectares set in the central mountains of Madeira Island. The land is on southern slope of the island and is at an altitude of 1, 300 metres. Orchard area and vegetables are certified by the Portuguese Organic Association. Animals include horses cows and many bird species. Help needed in fencing, garden, reforestation and with the animals. An old barn has been restaured into a dormitory to accommodate visitors. It is set amongst many mountain tracks and is ideal for anyone that likes wild, dramatic landscapes. A native tree nursery is being set up to reforest the area. It has been devastated by a forest fire in 1997. Planting trees and local shrubs occurs in the Autumm and early Spring. Cows and a horse provide manure for the compost heaps. Peacoks, pheasants, bantams and ducks are free range together with 3 dogs.
Sigrid Suder and Eduardo Trindade
Alegrete , 7300/311 Portalegre , PORTUGAL
Tel : 245 965133
Country : PORTUGAL
Host ID : POR030
Legend : SfNa2c1AcKyPhWgwtb
LOCATION : Portalegre, Portugal
We are a permaculture project which is just beginning. Our land (3.5ha) is divided between 3 arable crops in which we try self-sufficiency, some terraces with fruit trees treated on permaculture principles and growing a surrounding and protecting mixed forest which offers a place for wild life. Since 3 years a small 'home-made' nursery is growing. As well as working on the land we are also occupied with rebuilding our old cottage.
Sue Fletcher
Apartado 30 , 7670 Ourique , PORTUGAL
Tel : +351 286 518019
Fax : +351 286 518021
Email :
Country : PORTUGAL
Host ID : POR031
Legend : CfNa2ArcvKnPhTtWg
LOCATION : Rural. 10kms from Ourique
3ha. Grows vegetables, olives and more on organic / ecologically sound practices. Need help over winter clearing undergrowth to expose trees, shrubs, wild flowers Help needed in spring with vegetable plot and land management. Help needed mid November for olive picking and then olive tree pruning. 40 trees. A separate self catering, double bedded annexe with own bathroom available. No smokers please. Please contact at least 1 month in advance. Location S. Alentejo. Very rural. Traditional farming and cork producing area. We work full time i.e. 40 hours or so per week running an Internet business. All this is done on alternative energy (no utility power is available in the area). On the land we are trying to restore the 3 ha to more diversity after being grazed by sheep for years. We wish to plant almond, cork, sweet chestnut and willow trees and improve the harvest from the 40 olive trees. We grow as many of our vegetables as possible and use ecologically sound principles for doing so.
Susan Hensby Jarman
Apartado 32 , Maos Cheninhas, Aldeia De Palheiros , 7670 Ourique , PORTUGAL
Tel : +351 286 512814 Mobile: 91 8320251
Email :
Country : PORTUGAL
Host ID : POR041
Legend : CiNa1ArcKnPhTtWgb
LOCATION : Rural. Close to village and main autoroute.
TRAVEL : Bus to Ourique. Can collect
Expanding commercial market garden farm specialising in courgettes (zuchinni) raspberries, spring onions and other selected crops. This is a farm producing high quality fruit and vegetables for supermarkets/restaurants in the Algarve. Due to partners terminal illness and recent death assistance is required to bring the farm back to its full potential and expand the current range of produce. Subsidy has been applied for for 2 more large polytunnels. No pets unless camping. If you make an arrangement to come and then change your mind PLEASE let me know.
Manuel Espinho
Apartado 90 7801-901 , Beja - Alentejo , PORTUGAL
Tel : 967 001 545
Fax : 284 331 322
Email :
Country : PORTUGAL
Host ID : POR048
Legend : SfCfNa2ArKnPiTtWg
LOCATION : 5km from town
120 ha cereals, 3.5 ha vegetables to sow cereals and plant vegetables and weed. Open all year. Prefer WWOOFers to write at least 15 days in advance. We eat all kind of organic food.
Mr & Mrs Arnold Ter Horst
Barril De Alva , 3305-020 Coja , PORTUGAL
Tel : 00 351 235 721 193 OR 00 351 226 177 040 (home in Porto) moblie 00351 917 543 562 (Mr) or 00351 917 850 235(Mrs)
Fax : 00351 235 721 193
Email :
Country : PORTUGAL
Host ID : POR007
Legend : SfgCfNa4c2ArcKaPh
LOCATION : nearest 15km Moita Da Serra
TRAVEL : Moita Da Serra or Santa Comba Dao or Coimbra or Porto
Ca 18 hectares made up of olive orchards, 2 fields for crop rotation, hedgerows, vines, raspberries, vegetables, herbs, flowers, fruit & nut trees, mixed woodland, watersources and drip system. Restoring and improving old house, terrace walls and sheds. Have 4 dogs, a cat and chickens.
Pedro Manuel Diniz Fazendeiro
Escola Profissional Agrícola , Quinta da Lageosa , 6250 BELMONTE , PORTUGAL
Tel : 919187365
Email :
Country : PORTUGAL
Host ID : POR016
Legend : SfgCfNa1c2ArcvKyPh
TRAVEL : Near a village called Terlamonte.
Pedro teaches agriculture in a scool near by, so he can not spend all his time at the farm. The main activity at the farm is the work with the horses and with the vegetable garden. Needs help also to make fences, and to repare buildings . You can use your free time riding, swimming.
Toivo Finn, Annie Johnston, Bee Denning
3420-201 Povoa De Midoes , PORTUGAL
Tel : 235465255
Country : PORTUGAL
Host ID : POR019
Legend : SgNa3c4AcvKyPhTt
LOCATION : Tabua 6km and Carregaldo Sal 5km
Developing community on a smallholding in beautiful terraced valley adjacent to rio mondego. Masses of fruit trees, nuts, vines and olives set in a rich variety of terrain and vegetation, irrigation tanks and pools. Animals for manure and pest control, solar energy and compost toilets. Seeking to live as self-sufficiently as possible in harmony with the earth and each other embracing spirit in our daily lives open to new members. Room to expand
Frank McClintock
, 7665 880 , Santa Clara a Velha , PORTUGAL
Tel : (+351) 283 933065
Fax : (+351) 283 933065
Email :
Web :
Country : PORTUGAL
Host ID : POR022
Legend : SfgCfNa2c3ArcvKaPi
LOCATION : Isolated lakeside lodge
We are a small 7 bed-roomed lakeside guest lodge with organic gardens in an isolated position in southern Portugal. Eco-friendly without being dogmatic about it, we run various nature-orientated courses throughout the year. Any applicants must be child and animal friendly as we have both. Depending upon the time of year we have vacancies including bar work, maintenance, building, gardening, child-care, watersports, driving, kitchen hand etc. Applicants must have a positive attitude, a friendly disposition and a willingness to work and mix with others.
Frits & Mirjam
Vila Soeiro 6300-270 Guarda , PORTUGAL
Tel : (+351) 271 224973, (+351) 91 4790702
Fax : (+351) 271 224900
Email :
Country : PORTUGAL
Host ID : POR023
Legend : SfCfNa2c2AcvKyPhTt
LOCATION : 12 kms from Guarda.
TRAVEL : By train or bus to Guarda; there we collect.
Half-a-hectare farm in the Serra-da-Estrela mountains of Northern Portugal. Farm is being built-up into an organic farm -and small-scale campside. Help is needed especially in buiding; also forest-cleaning and horticulture. People work for an organisation for sustainable development. Winters can be very cold and wet. Family lives during winter in the village, during summer at the farm.
Glyn Morgan
Largo da Capela, S.Pedro , Arganil , Apartado 22, 3304-909 Arganil (postal address) , PORTUGAL
Tel : 00351 235 205 260
Fax : 00351 235 205 260
Email :
Country : PORTUGAL
Host ID : POR025
Legend : SfCfNa2c2ArKnPhTtf
LOCATION : 2 miles outside citylimits, on river, flat land
TRAVEL : train to Coimbra, then bus, then picked up
We seek help all year round to assist us on our 4 ha organic farm in mid-Portugal. We keep animals (pigs, goats, chickens, ducks,birds, dogs and a cat) and grow crops, large vegetable fields, a greenhouse - all this on flat land along the River Alva. We also have trees to prune, plant, cut wood on mountain land. we prefer non-smokers, no small children, stay min 1 week. We offer accommodation with bathroom, all meals(healthy food) reasonable hours.
Pol and Greet Agriboa
Fiais da Beira , 3405-073 Ervedal OHP , PORTUGAL
Tel : +351 964053893 (only at night after 9pm)
Country : PORTUGAL
Host ID : POR028
Legend : SfCfNa2ArKnPiTtWgaw
LOCATION : Central Portugal
TRAVEL : Nearest town 15 km
At the foothills of Serra da Estrela in central Portugal a l bio dynamic farm of 30 ha in a quiet natural surrounding. Sheep, goats, horses, a pig, dogs, cats, chickens - garden, wood, cultivated land, olive trees. Accommodation for 2-4 people in a comfortable separate house. We are not vegetarians and cannot provide separate vegetarian meals. We only accept non-smokers and enthusiastic workers. We look for help all year round.
Karin Gieswetter
Barao sao Joao , 8600-013 Lagos , Algarve , PORTUGAL
Tel : 00351282 695882
Country : PORTUGAL
Host ID : POR032
Legend : SfCiNa1c3ArvKaPiTt
LOCATION : Algarve
TRAVEL : Bus from Lagos
8 acres of valley land adjoining wild walking/cycling country. Aloe vera plantation and home processed products. Vegetable and fruit gardens. Solar and wind power. Compost toilet. Local beautiful beaches and alternative network and events.
Roger & Karin Roberts
Colmeal , 3330 Gois , PORTUGAL
Tel : 235-761-474
Country : PORTUGAL
Host ID : POR035
Legend : SfCfNa2c1ArvKaPiTt
6 ha in isolated wooded mountain valley with a river, terraces & slopes covered in pine & cork oaks. Simple stone cottages, no electricity. Organic fruit & vegetables, flower beds, ducks, chickens, dogs & a cat. Rich in birds & wildlife, spring water & clean air. Work includes planting, pruning, weeding, coppicing, brush clearing, repairing dry stone walls, water courses & cottgaes. Working towards a venue for workshops, retreats & Reiki centre. Accom for 6 in caravan, other houses. Meals to suit. Children OK but not too young due to steep terraces with 20 ft drops. Stay - 3 days - 3 mths+.
Inge Keizer
Estrada do Palmares , Odiaxere , 8600-252 Lagos , PORTUGAL
Tel : +351 282 798424
Fax : +351 282 799630
Email :
Country : PORTUGAL
Host ID : POR040
Legend : CfNa2c3ArKyPhTtWgb
LOCATION : 2 km from little town, 2 km from sea
TRAVEL : by train to Lagos train station
Beautiful 18thC Quinta in SE portugal(Algarve) close to Lagos and 1.5km from the sea, active in rural tourism on a small scale. Described by some guests as 'Paradise, that is, paradise before Adam & Eve decided to eat from the wrong tree...' We need help with: pruning ( old almond, fig and olive trees), brush clearing, painting, carpentry, making dry stone walls and steps, building etc. While restoring our quinta we are gradually turning the 6 ha of land into an ecologically friendly estate. We wish to reshape and expand the orchard, to get a small live stock beside the horses and pets and to develop organic farming to provide for our family, guests and friends. Planning integrated workshops and art. Max. 4 persons. Children welcome. Guesthouse/tipi available.
Nick Hannant
Painel 4842 Reguengo , Portalegre , 7300-404 , PORTUGAL
Email :
Country : PORTUGAL
Host ID : POR045
Legend : SfCfNa2c1ArcKaPhTt
WgwLefgsDtH4Y5M1Z3B9-10, 1-3
LOCATION : overlooking village
TRAVEL : coach/train to Portalegre
Organic vineyard in process of being renovated needs help with harvest at end of September/start of October, forestry work through winter and pruning vines and fruit trees January to March, Laying vegetable gardens from start of spring. Some accommodation available (best for couples), have to be dog and child friendly, food and wine provided. Primarily looking for help with grape harvest but also lots of building, gardening & orchard development planned. Sense of humour essential to go with genuine interest in organic production - we certainly aren't fanatics but want to do grow quality grapes without chemicals and show interested neighbours that its a viable alternative.
Adelaide Almeida
Misarela , 6300 Guarda , PORTUGAL
Email :
Country : PORTUGAL
Host ID : POR047
Legend : SgCiNa1ArcKaPhTt
WgwbLesDtGtH6Y6M1Z4B3-6; 9-12E7-8; 1-2
LOCATION : 12 km W from Guarda. A 2 km from Misarela.
TRAVEL : Train or coach to Guarda (20 km from the farm). Bus from Guarda to Misarela
The farm is situated in the Mondego' s river Valley in the Serra da Estrela. A part of the house is let out to tourists and we plan to make a campsite. On the terrain olive-trees, fig-trees and blackberries are growing. During all year it's necessary to maintain the terrain of the farm (7ha). The farm is recently restored so a lot of work is necessary to be done. Part of the terrain needs to be turned into a garden. The host works for a sustainable rural development organization.
Mike & Rosie White
Cabeca de Aguia , C.C.I. 990 , 8550-227 Monchique, Algarve , PORTUGAL
Tel : 282 911027
Country : PORTUGAL
Host ID : POR013
Legend : Na2ArcKnPhTtWgabLep
LOCATION : Monchique 3 km
TRAVEL : bus to Monchique from Portimao
1 acre of terraces, farmed for self-sufficiency and production of raspberries. Poultry. Barn renovation. Starting permaculture methods. Carpentry, engineering, nursing.
Iris Schade
Troviscais , 7630-488 S.Luis , PORTUGAL
Tel : 00351 283 975207
Country : PORTUGAL
Host ID : POR046
Legend : SgCfNa2AdcKaPhTt
LOCATION : Southern Portugal
TRAVEL : nearest towns 8 or 14 km
Help needed immediately on a small horse farm in Southern Portugal. We have three horses, dogs and cats and lots of chickens. Traditional Portuguese gradening. We have a lot of little jobs to be done like making fences, cleaning the well, painting the house, building up the water system for the garden or a dry place for firewood. Outdoor work best before the rainy season. Bed offered in house. Couple welcome.
Manfred Markl
, Bracal , 3270 Pedrogao Grande , PORTUGAL
Tel : 236486371
Country : PORTUGAL
Host ID : POR011
Legend : SfCfNa2c1AdcKaPhTt
WgawLefgpDtGtbH6Y5Bspr, summ, Nov
LOCATION : middle portugal, pedrogao grande 3km
TRAVEL : by bus from Lisbon, Coimbra or Castelo Branco
2.5 ha maize, potato, vegetable, fruit - olive trees and hay. 60 goats, cheesemaking, hens and chickens. We live a simple life. Aim to preserve traditional Portuguese self sufficiency systems with protect the nature. Holding established since 1984. Speak German, English and Portuguese.
Niels and Marielle
PT-8600-027 Barao de Sao Joao , PORTUGAL
Fax : 351 282 688 065
Email :
Country : PORTUGAL
Host ID : POR018
Legend : SfCfNa2c1AvKyPhTt
Algarve, Portugal. In one of Europe's environmentally best preserved spot, 10 km from the beach, our family farm needs long term help (3-4 weeks or more). We grow organic veg in greenhouses all winter through (sep-Jun). General agriculture work or maintenance. Bring general handyman skills and reliability. Accommodation in a large caravan. couple with children also welcomed. Selfcatering.
Shyam Griffith
Valhelhas , 2350 Torres Novas , PORTUGAL
Tel : 00-351-249-823467
Fax : 00-351-249-823467
Email : OR
Country : PORTUGAL
Host ID : POR002
Legend : SfCfNa2c3ArKnPhTt
TRAVEL : Train to Entroncamento or bus to Torres Novas, can collect at either.
16 acre organic fig & olive farm in C Portugal with 400 trees plus vegetable garden & greenhouse . Residential centre for music & other courses. Flexible WOOFers needed at all times, both short & especially long term. Separate comfortable accomodation, swimming pool set in beautiful surroundings. I would also like someone to be here for at least 6 months in order to give the continuity of a season through from preparation to harvesting. train to Entrocamento, bus to Torres Novas.

International Dialing Code :


International Dialing Code : 00353

Jean-Yves and Eva Letanneur
Ankail, Tahilla , SNEEM , Co.Kerry , REPUBLIC OF IRELAND
Tel : 00 353 64 45 270
Fax : 00 353 64 45 270
Email :
Host ID : EIR032
Legend : SfCfNa2c2ArvKaPhTt
LOCATION : 3 miles from Sneem
TRAVEL : Bus or train to Killarney, bus to Kenmare and Sneem in the summer
We are a bio-dynamic farm in the beautiful South-West of Ireland, close to Kenmare Bay. We have 83 acres of Farmland with suckler cows, poultry, a garden with a polytunnel and some woodland. We also do fishing and mussel farming. Eva runs a craftshop in the summer and produces her own range of knitwear. We have two young boys. We need help all year round. Good accommodation and good food. Lots of work to do, but also time to discover. We speak English, French and German.
Eddie O'Neill
Ballymurphy , Tullow , County Carlow , REPUBLIC OF IRELAND
Tel : 0503 63019
Email :
Host ID : EIR034
Legend : SgCfNa2c4ArcKyPhTt
WgawtcbLeDtGcbXsH6Y5B1 -12
LOCATION : 3 kms to town of Tullow ( pop. 4000)
TRAVEL : 3 buses daily from Dublin, 5 daily trains to Carlow town (15 kms from here)
We are a home schooling family and we love to share ideas, good food, culture and the odd board game or two with happy optimistic people from all over the world. We have built a new house on 3 acres of land. We are looking for people of good cheer to help establish organic garden,will also include dry stone walling, and tending to some animals.
Jenny & Richard
Lackaroe , Youghal , Co. Cork , REPUBLIC OF IRELAND
Tel : 2497489
Email :
Web : ballyroe
Host ID : EIR008
Legend : SfCfNa2c4ArKyTtWgwb
LOCATION : 15 km from Youghal
TRAVEL : Train to Cork then bus to Youghal (can collect)
1.5 Hectares holding, vegan organic horticulture, also work with building projects. Long term help especially appreciated. you'll get out what you put in. Open to new members. Phone any time. web site:-
Anne Wilson and Dave Spathaky
Allimies Beara , Co Cork , REPUBLIC OF IRELAND
Host ID : EIR002
Legend : SgCfNa2c2ArKaPhTt
LOCATION : 12 miles
Help wanted in small garden near the sea. Also help with chickens, goat and ducks. Beautiful remote situation. Pick up from Castletownbere.
Dick and Geeskemaria Harnett
Staigue , Castlecove, Killarney , Co. Kerry , REPUBLIC OF IRELAND
Tel : 00.353.(0)66. 94.75. 006
Email :
Web :
Host ID : EIR019
Legend : SfCfNa2c1ArKaPhTtf
LOCATION : SW Ireland Co Kerry
Situated in the South West of Ireland overlooking the sea in County kerry, 38 acre hill farm which is being turned into a Llama breeding and trekking center with an organic garden. Currently need constant help in getting set up. Need people to help by repairing stone walls, help with training, exercising and grooming Llamas and also fencing, gardening, clearing bracken and gorse from the land.
Tel : 00 353 61 921781
Fax : 00 353 61 922111
Host ID : EIR044
Legend : SgCfNa2c3AcKaPhTt
Family in Southern Ireland with smallholding require help with gardening and building projects. We live in a beautiful thatched cottage, mostly built by ourselves in a scenic area. We have further plans for projects such as landscaping, barn building, outbuilding conversion, development of organic garden and structures for housing animals. This is a lively interesting area to visit.
Colum Stapleton
Riverstown , County Sligo , REPUBLIC OF IRELAND
Tel : 00 353 71 65994
Email :
Host ID : EIR017
Legend : CiNa1c1AcvKaPhTt
Ko Raw is a hectare of ground in megalithic south Sligo astounding 360 degree views -12 miles from sea. So far there is a caravan and a small house, building a big round straw bale one this summer. Immediately need to lime the land, mole plough it, fertilize permacultural ponds, plant hardwoods, erect poly- tunnel, plant veg and herbs and I am learning as I proceed. Seeking gsoh people - gay and lesbian welcome but not essential - you don't need to be super green. Accomodation in cozy clean caravan. In low season I make documentary films so I may be away some of the time and need caretaking done.
Nowell Treacy
Tyrrells Pass , Co Westmeath , REPUBLIC OF IRELAND
Tel : 04423311
Email :
Host ID : EIR048
Legend : SfCiNa3c1ArKyPthTt
LOCATION : Co Westmeath
We live in the middle of Ireland and have a 150 acre farm and a Georgian house and courtyard with walled garden (to be restored). Lots of ideas to develop our farm and potential recreation would be appreciated. Our cattle are friendly and theraputic to work with. We are a relaxed family of 3 adults. All workers will be given lots of free time and a warm welcome
Jo Newton & Dave Smith
Formoyle West , Inagh , Co.Clare , REPUBLIC OF IRELAND
Tel : 065 6836683
Host ID : EIR036
Legend : CfNa2c2ArcvKaPhTt
TRAVEL : Ennis 15km
We are Jo, Dave, Liam(14) and Jade(13) plus Sarah the cat, Clover the donkey and assorted chickens. We are trying to establish an off the grid environmentally friendly home within modern Ireland. We are building up a smallholding which combines traditional methods with contemporary ideas (permaculture). We are about 15 km from the Atlantic coast. Our 8 acres goes from hill top to riverbank. We welcome the exchange with others on life, the universe and everything at most times of the year. Work with Irish Seed Savers Association. Can teach spinning, basketry, home brewing.
Charlotte Colchester
The Islands , Urlingford , Co. Kilkenny , REPUBLIC OF IRELAND
Tel : 56 31 411
Host ID : EIR003
Legend : KnDt
LOCATION : 80 miles S.W. of Dublin
140 acre farm producing lamb, beef, honey and free range turkeys and chickens. Also young broad leaf forestry, large self-sufficient garden, chickens, pigs and cow. 4 adults, 2 children. Centre of rural Ireland. Easy access by bus, long established farm.Experienced organic farmers.
Ms Pat Sutcliffe and Mr Len Starling
, Caher , County Clare , REPUBLIC OF IRELAND
Tel : 00353 61 925134
Host ID : EIR042
Legend : SfNa2AdKnPiWgaLegXa
H5Y6M2Z10B10 - 4
We are a small farm in Clare - very isolated in wild countryside. (We are 3 miles from village shop and 8 from nearest pub.) We have an organic garden needing work all year round, 2 horses, 2 cows, 6 sheep, a pig and 2 cats and 2 dogs. All our animals are very friendly, but you need to be used to working with large animals. Len is an experienced boat man and is currently building one. You can learn a lot about woodwork from him. My main interest is horses and I can teach you a lot about them. We can NOT take vegetarians or children.
Susan Anthony
Tunnagh, Killavil , Ballymote, Co. Sligo , REPUBLIC OF IRELAND
Email :
Host ID : EIR035
Legend : SgCiNa1ArcKnPhTt
LOCATION : ½ mile up a dead end lane, in lovely countryside
The aim of Ferntree is to make it into the once viable small holding that it once was, with mixed livestock that benefit the land, growing organic vegetables, fruit, milk and honey. The smallholding will then offer assistance to others wishing to do the same or similar with courses, visits and mentoring. Volunteering to work or become involved in Ferntree is a unique and personal way to educate yourself and others. Its about protecting small, family owned farms and the environment, it's about respecting the animals that help make the farm, both domestic and wild, and about the cycle that enriches the land and our lives.
Val and Martyn Downs
Mine Road , Dunbeacon , Durrus, Co. Cork , REPUBLIC OF IRELAND
Tel : 00353 27 61611
Fax : 0033 27 61612
Email :
Host ID : EIR045
Legend : SgCfNa2ArcKnPhTt
TRAVEL : Bantry 7miles
Short and medium term help needed to create vegetable patch and develop woodland paths on 5 acre site.. Also buildingf and internal work. Have cats and dogs.
alan callender
The lodge , Glengarriff , County cork , REPUBLIC OF IRELAND
Tel : 00353 027 63011
Email :
Host ID : EIR025
Legend : SfgCiNa3AdrKnPiTt
LOCATION : woodland two miles from village
TRAVEL : will pick up
Glengarriff lodge is surrounded by the Glengarriff State Nature Reserve We have 12ha of woodland managed for conservation. 3ha of pasture with cows and sheep, also orchard and vegetable garden we have good accommodation. help is needed with woodland work, fencing, bridge building, gardening, animals.
Chris Marsh & Hilary Taylor
Kilmihil , Co Clare , REPUBLIC OF IRELAND
Tel : 00353 659050592
Host ID : EIR013
Legend : SfCfNa2ArvKnPhTt
Organic Holding, West ireland, vegetables and horticulture, weeding, harvesting, tree planting, building renovation.
Anne & Simon Wilson
Tully Geevagh , Co Sligo , REPUBLIC OF IRELAND
Tel : 071 65883 or 086 8433340
Email : simonjow@gofree.indigo.IE
Host ID : EIR021
Legend : SfCfNa2AvKaPhTtWgab
LOCATION : Ballymore 8 miles
Gort-Na-Tobair means field of wells in Gaelic and comprises 16 1/2 acres of mixed land and close tot he site of the ancient battle of moytura in the Brickueub Hills of beautiful Co'Sligo. We have the first fully organic, licensed flock of laying hens in the the republic, a small flock of sheep, 2 Jersey cows and cats and ducks, etc, etc. with help, we can increase our flock size and attempt other projects. Accommodation is caravan and shared facilities of our self built straw bale house. WWOOFers should bring suitable clothing and footwear.
Bob Barnes, Catherine Donogh
Tahilia , Killarney , Co Kerry , REPUBLIC OF IRELAND
Tel : 00353 (0)64 45563
Fax : 00353 (0)64 45563
Email :
Web :
Host ID : EIR001
Legend : SfCfcNa3c2AdrvKyPi
If you would like to stay on our 40 acre farm in the West of Ireland we offer accommodation and food in exchange for a fair days labour which could be anything from digging holes to weeding the beds to making wine. 'We' includes myself, Bob, Catherine my partner, our two children Connor and Rowan, our dog Aslan and any other animals that may be here at the time (currently goats, geese and pigs). We will try to provide food to your choice and by arrangement you can stay for as long as you like. Children by arrangement.
Pip Biagi / Alex Ugur
Ahakista , Durrus , Co. Cork , REPUBLIC OF IRELAND
Tel : 00 353 27 67263
Host ID : EIR009
Legend : SgAcvKaPhWgbLegDtXs
LOCATION : 18 km from Bantry
TRAVEL : can collect from bus or airport
We are building a house and an extensive garden, including water - bog - wooded rock - vegetable - orchard - polytunnel. Garden to be cultivated organically, rest using permaculture ideas including reed bed. Intend to keep chickens. Aim to clear the site of unwanted gorse and brambles, continue to plant trees and shrubs, build dry stone walls and paths and steps and create micro-climates, to achieve a pleasing, low maintenance landscape capable of sustaining us and the local wildlife. Speak English and German. Other interests - Alex is a joiner with a workshop. Traditional musicians welcome. Holding is main occupation.
Gerry Maguire
Convoy , Co. Donegal , REPUBLIC OF IRELAND
Fax : +353 74 47778
Host ID : EIR033
Legend : SfgCfNa3AdrcvKaPhTt
LOCATION : within small village
TRAVEL : car or bus
Donegal organic centre
Josephine & Vincent Taylor
Coolea , Macroom , co Cork , REPUBLIC OF IRELAND
Tel : 026 45674
Email :
Host ID : EIR014
Legend : CfNa2c1ArvKyPh
Farmhouse on two acres of land used for gardening, habitat creation and grazing, working towards a forest garden. High altitutude and exposure to wind and fairily harsh but beautiful environment. Hardier wwoofers welcome. Two dogs, cats and a highland pony. work on land and house. Vegan, mostly organic food only. Accommodation for short stays in house, longer stays in caravan with burner. curretnly family home but are hoping to become more a community. Long term visits welcome, other interests: craft, coop, medicinal herbs, performance arts
Charlie Daly
Currans , Farranfore , Co. Kerry , REPUBLIC OF IRELAND
Email :
Host ID : EIR040
Legend : SfgCfNa2c2ArKnPiTt
20 hectare, biodynamic farm in conversion. Beef. Needing help with the application of sprays and preparations. Also general maintenance of herb and vegetable garden. Preferably in May/ June.
Bob Allen
Church Cross , Skibbereen , Co Cork , REPUBLIC OF IRELAND
Tel : (0)28 38320
Host ID : EIR043
Legend : SfCiNa3ArvKnPhTt
LOCATION : Cc Cork SE Eire
TRAVEL : Skibbereen 8kms
8ha farm, worked for 14 years, growing vegetables and herbs for distillation. Organic Trust symbol. Work centres on wide variety of vegetables (polytunnels and field scale) and some fruit. Occasional help with clearing buildings etc. Coastal setting, area abounds in archaeological sites. Extensive interest in playing trad. and folk music. Prepared to share cooking please. Local town accessible by bike and buses. Interested in human and civil rights issues.
Jenny Jeffrey
Kilsallagh , Bawnboy , Co. Cavan , REPUBLIC OF IRELAND
Tel : 049 9523089
Email :
Host ID : EIR038
Legend : SgCiNa1ArKaPhWgbLe
DtnGbXsH6Y6M1B3 - 10E11 - 2
LOCATION : 1 mile plus to village
TRAVEL : Bus from Dublin
Garden at this property in planning stage- I need help in building raised beds any ideas will be welcome. Also some renovation work on cottage - painting - general tidying- plumbing skills needed.
Bridget Trethewey
, Bantry , Co. Cork , REPUBLIC OF IRELAND
Tel : 27 51370
Host ID : EIR004
Legend : KnDt
LOCATION : 4 miles E of Bantry Town
TRAVEL : Bus from cork City to Bantry. Can collect from Bantry
Couple with 3 children living 2.5 acres with an additional 3 acres roughwoodland, organic holding growing vegetables, flowers, fruit and trees. Keep ducks, chickens, bees, sheep, and 2 ponies on rented land. Spin and weave wool from own sheep - not on a commercial scale. Help needed carding wool, weeding, shifting dung, digging, mulching, etc. Some housework each day. Please bring wellies, waterproofs and torch. Speak English, French and some German
Roisin Mcdermott & Kate Murphy
Liscarbin , Co. Leitrim , REPUBLIC OF IRELAND
Tel : 07841302
Email :
Host ID : EIR022
Legend : SgCfNa2c1AvKnPhTt
LOCATION : rural
We are two organic growers currently in conversion. We grow vegetables and flowers for resale. We also own an old traditional music pub, where we promote and sell our flowers and vegetables. In 2001 we will open a small garden centre where we will sell both our own flowers and other rare plants/flowers. We are looking for someone from next January, interest in flowers a must. Accommodation and food provided, we are vegetarians, but meat eaters not a problem. Organic training centre nearby where they run very good courses at weekends.
Bert & Patricia Maertens - Pelgrims
Gowlanes East , Sneem - Killarney , Co Kerry , REPUBLIC OF IRELAND
Tel : 00353.(0)64.89604
Fax : dito
Email :
Host ID : EIR024
Legend : SgCfNa2AdrKaPhTt
LOCATION : Village is 2,5 miles
We, Patricia & Bert, run a guesthouse in Co Kerry. Our aim is to create a haven for ourselves, guests & most of all wildlife. A lot of work still has to be done Establishing the organic vegetable garden : sowing, planting, weeding, harvesting. Paths have to be made, building stone walls for terraces, filter- system for the water, etc. etc. We have 2 lovely dogs, 8 Cats & chickens. Your stay will be min.2 weeks . We cater for 'normal' (meat) diets & vegetarians.
Russell Barnett
Dunmanway , Co. Cork , REPUBLIC OF IRELAND
Tel : 353 (0)26 49134
Email :
Host ID : EIR039
Legend : CfNa2c1ArKnPhTtWgwb
LeDtGcH6Y5M2Z1B1 - 12
50 ha. private nature reserve requires help with woodland and general wildlife habitat management. Involves some household work. Couple or single person welcome.
William Hefferman
Rockstown , Rathdrum , Co. Wicklow , REPUBLIC OF IRELAND
Tel : 0868447183 MOBILE
Email :
Web :
Host ID : EIR006
Legend : SgCiAdvKnPthWgawbLe
LOCATION : 10 miles from Arklow
TRAVEL : Train/Bus to Rathdrum (can collect)
Monkey Sanctuary and Nature Reserve in rural Wicklow seeks animal lovers who don't mind hard, but rewarding work, mainly outdoors.Daily routine of preparing and sorting food for the animals and tasks necessarily involved in running a sanctuary. Animals include monkeys, ostrich, emu, peacock, geese, swans, horses, dogs, goat and pigs. Help is needed with on-going improvements, landscaping and maintenance. The wooded sanctuary is secluded and tranquil, about 2 miles from nearest shops etc. Vegetarian food and basic accommodation. Enthusiasm for animal welfare more important than experience. Warm clothes, wellies and sleeping bag essential.
Thomas & Annette Wiegandt
Ballybane-Ballydehob , Co Cork , REPUBLIC OF IRELAND
Tel : 353-028-37323
Fax : same
Email :
Host ID : EIR029
The Nature Art Centre is a workshop for drumming, art & healing as well as an environmental project on 12 acreIrish traditional farm with stone wall s & hedges. Exotic trees, orchards, wildlife sanctuary, a holy well, organic garden, domestic animals. The spirit of the land is beautiful & remote. Work includes planting, weeding, mowing, firewood, clearing drains, routine domestic work, building, painting, child care, computer (Mac), etc. Accom for 1-2 people in our home or caravan. Vegetarian & meat meals. No children. NSI.
Nick Clayson
KnockJames , Tulla , Co.Clare , REPUBLIC OF IRELAND
Tel : 00353 +65 6835860
Email :
Host ID : EIR046
Legend : SgCfNa2c1AcvKyaPhTt
LOCATION : 4 miles from village rural area.
TRAVEL : bus to Ennis and can pick up
5ha smallholding with vegetable garden, goats, chickens and peafowl areas of nature reserve, and willow for coppicing. would appreciate help at anytime of year but particularly in the spring. There are ongoing building renovations using traditional skills. Prefer applicants to give at least 1 months notice.
Nicole Blum and Jonathan Carr
Ringlestown , Kilmessan , County Meath , REPUBLIC OF IRELAND
Tel : 3534626270
Email :
Host ID : EIR027
Legend : SfCfNa2c1ArKaPhTt
LOCATION : rural, 1 mile from village with shops
TRAVEL : bus from dublin then we collect from nearby drop off
Nine Acre vegetable farm at the foot of the Hill of Tara. We specialize in growing greens for salad and cooking for Dublin restaurants and have extensive kitchen garden for personal use. Looking for enthusiastic person to join us in the wide variety of activities and chores on the farm, including playing with our little girl. We love food and cooking and our wwoofer should have a good appetite! Mostly vegetarian cuisine, though not limited to that. Private apartment accommodation. Must be a hard worker and know how to enjoy themselves. Couples and friends travelling together are very welcome and there is private space. Hours per week are negotiable and short breaks for touring are encouraged.
Kris and Birgit Van Daele
Gortdromagh , Sneem , co. Kerry , REPUBLIC OF IRELAND
Tel : 00353-(0)64-45593
Email :
Host ID : EIR049
Legend : SfCfNa2c2AcvKnPhTt
TRAVEL : bus or train to Killarney
We just bought a lovely old 13acre farm ,where people have not lived for over a hundred years, so we need to start from scratch! We want to rejuvenate the old field system and start a modern organic garden, so lots of clearing of bracken and brambles is necessary. Young trees will have to be trans- planted into a nursery, new species planted around and about, and an orchard to be established. Setting up polytunnels and farm buildings is part of the plan. As we want to get animals in the near future, we need to do quite some fencing and reestablish the native hedging.
John Mc Donnell
Slane , County Meath , REPUBLIC OF IRELAND
Tel : 00 353 41 9824220
Fax : 00 353 41 9824220
Email :
Host ID : EIR047
Legend : SfCfNa2c1ArKaPhTt
LOCATION : 48k north of Dublin
TRAVEL : Bus to Slane village
Shalvanstown organic farm is about 60 hectares with cattle,sheep, cereals and vegetables for local delivery. It is run by myself John and my partner Jana. We would like to hear from people who are interested in organic and biodynamic agriculture and who think they would enjoy the life on a busy farm.
Tony Webb
Glengarriff , Bantry, County Cork , REPUBLIC OF IRELAND
Tel : 027-63610
Host ID : EIR030
Legend : SfgCiNa2AvKnPiWgwb
Taming jungles and creating aa organic garden paradise in a temperate rain forest surrounded by mountains that fall to the sea. 40 ha of mountainside and woodlands. Work includes clearing undergrowth, gardening, timber and stone building and enjoying a back to nature lifestyle. We are 4km from Glengarriff, will pick up from there, accommodation in a caravan, no children.
Aidrian & Rachel Lacey
Inchigeelagh , Co. Cork , REPUBLIC OF IRELAND
Tel : 026 49254
Email :
Host ID : EIR037
Legend : SfCiNa2AcKaPhTtWgab
LOCATION : hilly countryside
TRAVEL : bus to Macroom
We have 25 acres of land, 12 of which is bog, the rest small fields. Wwoofers help with the vegetable garden, dry stone walling, building, digging and general maintainance. We have chickens, donkey, pony cats and dogs. Accommodation at present is a tent, we are building a small house on the land which can be used when completed. Aidrian has a recording studio and Rachel is a complementary therapist and teacher. We are 1mile from local shop & pub 1/2 hours drive from coast (Bantry) and 1 hour from Cork city.
Aine Kent
Terrerath , New Ross , Co. Wexford , REPUBLIC OF IRELAND
Tel : 051 428629
Email :
Host ID : EIR007
Legend : SfNa1ArKnPhTtfWgatb
LOCATION : 6 miles from New Ross
TRAVEL : Bus to New Ross (can collect)
94 acres of pasture and vegetable garden, 40 cattle, 11 goats, sometimes sheep and poultry. Involved in cheese making, building renovation, furniture renovation, patchwork, quilting, knitting, wine and preserve making from wild fruit. Run self-sufficiency courses and self catering holidays. Farm is main occupation.
Paddy Lennon or Jo Kimmins
Liosin , Kilrane , Co. Wexford , REPUBLIC OF IRELAND
Tel : 00 353 53 33962/086 6092809
Fax : as above
Email :
Host ID : EIR020
Legend : SfCfNa2c2AvKyPhTt
We live on a 7 acre small holding with pigs, chickens, ducks, dogs and horses. We are converting the out buildings into a riding school and artists' studios. We live 300 yds from the sea and beautiful sandy beaches. The Wwoofers will be accommodated in their own mobile homes. We need help with the horses, vegetables, garden and conversions. We have good access to a large Town, Wexford and the villages of Kilrane and Rosslare Harbour.
William & Lorna Tyther
Shanahill East , Castlemaine , Co. Kerry Ireland , REPUBLIC OF IRELAND
Tel : (066)9766284
Fax : (066)9766284
Host ID : EIR018
Legend : SgCfNa2c2AdKyPhTt
The Phoenix vegetarian farmhouse accommodation and organic garden seek wwoofers from all over the world to help out in the growing of organic vegetables and in running a vegetarian restaurant all year round.
Rupert & Bonnie Cracknell
Eyeries , Beara , Co.Cork , REPUBLIC OF IRELAND
Tel : 027 74440
Host ID : EIR031
Legend : SgCfNa2AdKaPhTtWgb
LeDtnXsH4Y5M1Z2E8, 12
LOCATION : Beara. Eire
TRAVEL : Nearest staion 5 miles
The Strand has an idyllic setting overlooking Coulagh bay and Kerry. 200 year old cottage, near West Cork village. I acre - vegetable garden, herbs, young trees, flower area. Help wanted with organic gardening and composting using local seaweed and manure.. Ability to use strimmer appreciated. Dry stone walling, art and weaving.
Paul Rafferty
Oyster Haven , County Cork , REPUBLIC OF IRELAND
Tel : (353) 21 4770878
Fax : 5770932
Email :
Web :
Host ID : EIR041
Legend : SgCfArKaTtWgawbLef
LOCATION : 3 miles to shops
Three acres organic vegetables, orchards and new 16 metre greenhouse producing herbs and produce for our restaurant and for market. Some coppicing work to re-establish neglected woodland area We run a small restaurant and guest accommodation, in a beautiful location by the sea. Non-smokers please. Help needed all year, but busiest in the summer.

International Dialing Code : 0040

Aurel Duta
Al. Obregia 5/R14/69 , RO-75571 Bucharest , ROMANIA
Tel : +40-92-349522
Fax : +40-1-6840844 (Tel/Fax)
Email :
Country : ROMANIA
Host ID : ROM001
Legend : SgCiNa5c5AdcKyPhTt
LOCATION : Village
TRAVEL : Train
The project is situated 50 km north-west of Bucharest (Capital of Romania). We are trying to establish an ecological community promoting sustainability in Romania and at the same time offering education and support to local children, poor families, etc. Organic gardening; ecological education; activities with children smallholding project near Bucharest looking for volunteers all year round, especially spring, summer free accommodation. We eat vegetarian food. Cannot reimburse travel costs or other expenses. Write in advance.

International Dialing Code :

Andrew Raka Claude & Esther Conteh
54 City Rd, Wellington-RMB 686 , Freetown , SIERRA LEONE
Tel : 232-22-263783
Email :
Host ID : SIE001
A NGO in rural areas to combat hunger, suffering & to improve community conditions. Because we deal with farmers, agriculture is the main activity involving: rice farming, vegetable growing, food crops, tree crops & livestock. Also community development projects such as construction, skill training, income generating programs for women, education & environment. US$20 for application & processing.S/c accom provided for further fee. Local food is free for volunteers, additional food for additional cost. Minimal fee paid to host family. Please note WWOOFers have reported difficulties with contacting this host. Conditions post war in Sierra Leone may make email/phone contact impossible. Allow plenty of time for writing.

International Dialing Code :

Lim Tian Soo
155 Neo Tiew Road , Singapore 710000 , SINGAPORE
Tel : (65) 86 192 86
Fax : (65) 86 192 56
Email :
Web :
Host ID : SIN001
Legend : SfCiNa2AcKnPhTfWgLe
Biodynamic vegetable farm. Size 5 acres. Within bus ride from the city. Also teaches and encourage environmental conservation to the public. Accommodation available for 2 WWOOFers. No smoking, alcohol or late nights. Work with Singaporean, Malaysians, Thai and Philippinas. Our farm is relatively new and my wife and I, together with 5 workers, live in the farm. For more information see our website.

International Dialing Code : 0027

Michael Wessels
PO Box 807 , Richmond 3780 , Kwazulu-Natal , SOUTH AFRICA
Tel : 033 212 3454
Email :
Host ID : SAF004
Legend : SfCcNa7c3AdrKyPhTt
LOCATION : Kwazulu-Natal Mistbelt Forest, 60 km nearest transport
TRAVEL : Hi-Ace Taxi
Absolute Elsewhere or Mhlathini ('in the forest') is an embryonic eco-village situated in the midst of pristine mist belt forest and grassland. We cultivate vegetables, herbs and indigenous plants; rehabilitate disturbed wildnerness and build with organic materials. We have an interest in home education. You are welcome to join in our celebration of nature and communal living. We speak English, Afrikaans, Zulu, French, Dutch, German and Spanish.
Michael Wessels
PO Box 807-Richmond , Kwazulu-Watal , 3780 , SOUTH AFRICA
Tel : 27-033-2123454 or033 2122383 or 031-2096006 or 082 8732289
Email : or
Host ID : SAF016
Legend : SfCcNa8c3ArKyPiTt
Absolute Elsewhere or 'Mhlathini" is an Eco-village in the making situated in the midst of unique & pristine mistbelt forest & grassland. We cultivate vegetables, herbs & indigenous plants, practicing a variety of organic techniques. We also rehabilitate wilderness & build with organic materials. We have an interest in home education, music & meditation. You are welcome to join in our celebration of nature & communal living. We speak English but also Afrikaans, Zulu, French, Dutch and German. Wwoofers stay in communal accommodation & eat vegetarian communal meals with other members of the community. Children most welcome.
Dorian Leslie
PO BOX 334 , Richmond , 3780 KwaZulu-Natal , SOUTH AFRICA
Tel : 031 2018448
Fax : 031 2015668
Email :
Host ID : SAF010
Legend : SfCcNa5c1AdrKyPhTt
LOCATION : head of valley
TRAVEL : car
30h organic farm situated at head of Byrne Valley, a beautiful mistbelt area in the KwaZulu-Natal midlands with large area of indigenous forest and much wildlife. Need help all the time with veg, herbs, fruit, earthworm/compost production, alien species eradication and small-scale husbandry. Other wwoof hosts nearby and only 1 hours drive from both the eastern coast and the magnificent Drakensberg mountains. No electricity.
Michael Wise
PO Box 217 , Wellington , 7655 , SOUTH AFRICA
Tel : 021-8733696
Host ID : SAF015
Apprenticeship in holistic farming for long term students. 38 ha farm built in 1836, organic for 40 years. Mixed farm using P/c & B-d methods. Jersey herd, Saanen milk goats, pigs, poultry, bees, vegie garden, bakery, dairy (yoghurt & cheese making), most fruit & berries into jam & juice, large seed saving program. Educational outing for 11-12 year olds. Volunteers work in all aspects of the farm depending on weather & season. Apprentices specialise in their area of interest (fees apply for apprenctices). Accom for 12 in communal student house. Meals to suit. No children under 10. NSI.
Steven Clements
P.O box 305 , Nottingham Road , Kwa-Zulu Natal , SOUTH AFRICA
Tel : 033-2636312
Fax : 033-2636312
Email :
Host ID : SAF013
Legend : SfCiNa1ArKnPhTtWgat
Farm in the beautiful midlands area of Kwa-Zulu Natal with river running through it. We grow organic vegetables and also have goats and indigenous cattle.
Dominique, Georgina, Rory
PO Box 254 , Umlaas Rd , 3730 KZN , SOUTH AFRICA
Tel : (+27) 031785 1072
Fax : (+27) 031 785 1072
Email :
Host ID : SAF011
Legend : SgCcNa6AdcKaPhTt
LOCATION : peri urban small holding
TRAVEL : car or african taxi
Gardens for Africa is non-profit development organisation, situated 60km's from Durban, in SA's KwaZulu-Natal. GFA aims to act as a working example of how any person can use african permaculture and natural farming to empower >themselves. We have developed several different models of cropping and appropriate technology >systems, suited for urban and rural situations. Our demonstation gardens form the base for interacting and sharing knowledge, genetic resources and skills with surrounding Zulu communities. We also have incorporated a Zulu traditional healing (Sangoma)school that delivers primary health care to the surrounding community.Working in schools and youth programs are the primary target groups.
Len Evans
36 Mosterdhoek , Box 396 Lydenburg , 1120 , SOUTH AFRICA
Tel : 13235 2555
Host ID : SAF003
Legend : KaDn
LOCATION : 12 km from Lydenburg
100 acres of mountainside with wil flowers and bird sanctuary, 4 acres flower garden and 2 acres vegetables and herbs. Horses, dogs, geese, cattle, doves, chickens, cats and bantams. Use permaculture. Non-organic methods may be used during severe locust plague or attack by leopards and wild animals. Aim to be self sufficient, in nature and to have fun. Interested in Spanish, dancing, hiking wildflowers, orchid and mushroom hunting, homecrafts, birdwatching, rebirthing, aromatherapy, alternative healing and vegan cookery. Speak Afrikaans, English, Zulu, Tswana, Ndbele and Sotho.
Kim Clarkin
PO Box 107 , McGregor , 6708 , SOUTH AFRICA
Tel : 2723-6251-801
Fax : as above
Email :
Host ID : SAF014
Small farm & community in semi-arid region of Western Cape, practicing P/c with aims to create a harmonious, self-sustaining lifestyle. Work includes gardening, help with building, fruit & vegetable preserving/processing. Accom for 3 in BYO tent/van. Cottage for Wwoofers being built. Meals to suit. No children.
Aletta Venter
PO Box 175 , Wolseley , 6830 , SOUTH AFRICA
Tel : 023-2310513
Email :
Host ID : SAF019
Legend : SfCiNa4AdrKnPhTtf
LOCATION : 8km from small village Wolseley
TRAVEL : Train to Wolseley; Train/plane to Cape Town
38ha farm situated in the Western Cape region of South Africa. We run a a mixed farming venture aiming at self-suffiency. A wide variety of activities take place during the whole of the year. Peak work from August to April. Accommodation is separate with own toilet and shower, but meals are with us. We use Holistic Management principles and are in the process of converting the unit to organic / bio-dynamic methods. We welcome all who love animals, the soil and are prepared to work hard. We eat meat and smokers outside are OK. Any age and sex OK.
Jonathon and Jessica Wigley
P.O. Box 12095 , Amalinda 5252 , SOUTH AFRICA
Tel : +27 (0) 43 - 7452339
Fax : +27 (0) 43 - 7452339
Email :
Host ID : SAF018
Legend : SfCfNa3c1AdvKaPhTt
WgabLeDtsGcH8Y4B7 - 3
LOCATION : 15km from East London in Eastern Cape Prov
TRAVEL : Bus, train or fly to East London
Organic smallholding (22ha) producing a variety of fruit, vegetables, nuts and eggs (about 8ha under cultivation). Surrounding land indigenous forests, bushveld and grasslands 15km from coast. Farm certified organic. Need 1 -2 volunteers to assist with all aspects: mulching, weeding, planting, composting, nursery, plant health, etc. Need WWOOfers all year round. Also busy establishing International Backpackers on farm, building or general handy(wo)man skills useful. Off work attractions include rugged coast, wild, natural country, meet Xhosa culture, small city within 15km.
Evan Davies
Jakkalsfontein , PO Box 198 , Barrydale 6750 , SOUTH AFRICA
Tel : 27 28 5721825
Fax : 27 21 7942361
Email :
Host ID : SAF005
Legend : CfNa5c1AdrcKnPi
3700 ha game farm under development + horses, sheep, olives, jojoba. Very remote, no power, peaceful. Unromantic but sun tan guaranteed.
James & Vanessa Moffett
, P.O. Box 261 , Ficksburg , SOUTH AFRICA
Tel : +27 51 9333959
Fax : +27 51 9333959
Email :
Host ID : SAF006
Legend : SfCfNa50c100ArcKnPi
3000 ha extensive(cattle,sheep) & intensive(fruit,vegetables) organic farm in South Africa. Persons interested in commercial BD & Org production.
P.O. box 373 , Ficksburg , Free State 9730 , SOUTH AFRICA
Tel : + 27 82-409-0143
Fax : + 27 51-933-3286
Email :
Web :
Host ID : SAF009
Legend : SfCcNa10c4AdcKaPi
LOCATION : Lesotho/South African Border
TRAVEL : Car/Hike
Communal Living, completely organic, beautiful mountains. Music, sound healing, drumming sometimes, instrument making. Sweat lodges every full moon & often on Saturdays. completely vegetarian, no dogs, no car hi-fis please. No electricity, Spring water, silence & Peace. We have Festivals four times a year. Take a look at the web site for much more info.
Keryn Paul
PO Box 918 Ficksburg , Freestate South Africa , Nebo Farm Distric of Ficksburg , SOUTH AFRICA
Tel : 051 933 3947
Fax : 051 933 3281
Email :
Host ID : SAF007
Legend : SfCcNa9c2AdrKaPiTt
LOCATION : 4hrs from Johannesburg
1000 Acre Farm - veggies, sheep, orchards, gardens. Freethinking, responsible, mature folks please.
Gerard Graaf
Box 744. Richmond 3780 , SOUTH AFRICA
Host ID : SAF012
Legend : SfCiNa2ArKaPhTtWga
TRAVEL : Bus or Mini-bus taxi
Small holding arming for self-suffiency near the village of Byrne in the Kwa Zulu Natal Midlands. Sourrounded by timber plantations, indigenous forest and grasslands. Producing surplusses from cows, milkgoats, pigs, plants and bees, with other projects planned. Interrested in horse power. Longer visits encouraged to enable WWOOFERS to get to know the animals and routines.
Marie Roux
P.O. Box 714 , Ceres 6835 , SOUTH AFRICA
Tel : 023-313-3244
Fax : o23-313-3244
Host ID : SAF001
Legend : SgCfArcvKnPhTtWgawb
We believe an ecologically sound farming unit needs to be a community with great biodiversity working in harmony with nature, as self-sufficient as possible to become an orgnaic "life house" using available resources in the best possible way.
Lydia Dinkelmann
P.O. Box 10005 , Linton Grange, 6015 , SOUTH AFRICA
Email :
Host ID : SAF008
Legend : SfCiNa2ArKnPthTtWgb
I have a 15 hectare farm in the beautiful Eastern cape (South Africa) Organic farming methods have been practiced for several years. Help is needed to maintain and expand.
Mark & Jenny von Senger
PO Box 30 , Annerley , 4230 Natal , SOUTH AFRICA
Tel : 27-039-6846751
Fax : 039-6846800
Email : or
Host ID : SAF017
40 acres with 30 acres of virgin forest, river frontage & sea views, small game, monkeys & birds. Vegetable garden & starting small palm nursery. Work includes weed clearing in forest to allow indigenous plants to grow, organic gardening, nursery work. Accom for 1 in a separate s/c flat, meals are vegetarian, raw & meat. Prefer non-smokers. Must have drivers licence.

International Dialing Code : 0034

John & Simona Bevan
Cabanes , 12180 Castellon , SPAIN
Tel : 00.34.609.310816
Fax : none
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA154
Legend : SfCfNa4ArvKnPhTt
LOCATION : 4 kms outside rural farming village
TRAVEL : train or bus
10 acre terraced hillside farm on Mediterranean coast Spain, south facing, good soil-can grow anything even bananas. we are working towards a self-sufficient homestead growing all our food-rearing animals fror meat and fertilizer-we are non - smokers and enjoy wholefoods, chemical free, and natural wines. we have a tractor & implements and also have access to another 30 acres to be cleared and farmed. Looking for short and long stay volunteers year round. Musicians appreciated. We are staring out on our project to create a self-supporting home and farm-have been there one year.we are building our own wood fired oven and bakery room,have dry composting toilet,fully equipped workshop for both wood and metal work-we do all our own building and fabricating-there is a main house,guest cottage, power and diesel generator. farm is on a mountainside with views to the sea and super trails for hiking and birdwatching the hawks and eagles that abound.I collect guitars and love to have guitarists stay-we are drug and chemical free.
Tel : 00-34-981672573
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA158
Legend : SfgCiNa2AdcKnPhTtf
Small farm with organic vegetable garden, animals, tunnels and fruit trees. We have work the whole year around. We can provide accommodation in a small house for one person and camping outside. This farm is located in northwest spain, 45 km. from Santiago de Compostela, 15 km. From the beaches and the city of a Coruña. There is public transport. The nearest village is cambre 3 km far away. The farm is a part of a little valley, surrounded by forest with plenty paths to walk. We speak galician, spanish, english and portugues
Fiona Durban
Aptdo 38 , Lanjaron 18420 , Granada , SPAIN
Tel : 0034 646444116 or 00447941084688 (answering service)
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA040
Legend : SfCfNa1c1AcvKaPhiTt
LOCATION : by mountain path, Lanjaron 2k Orgiva 8K
Organic olive farm on 10 hectrares of terraced mountainside above Lanjaron and Orgiva, bordering the Sierra Nevada National Park. Close to Granada, Sierra Nevada snowline + sports, mediterranean coast. Our interests include Tai Chi, music, dance,parties, massage and bodywork, gardening, cooking, ceramics. Work involves tending vegetable garden and trees - watering, weeding, harvesting, making compost and mulching, land clearance, helping with building projects and caring for the animals - dogs, cats, horses, mules and chickens. Acccommodation is self-contained. Work exchanges are for food and accommodation OR accommodation only. Please write or ring.
Amanda Ehrlich
Apt 50 Gaucin , 29480 , Prov. Malaga , SPAIN
Tel : 0034 678 354 251
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA144
Legend : SgCiNa2ArKnPhTtWgb
One hectare small holding, almond grove, olives, vegetables. 10 mins walk to village.Help needed garden and building maintenance. Self contained accommodation. Self-catering with main midday meal provided when possible. We eat vegetarian food.
Verastegui Mergelina Diego
Barrio Larrinaga, 6 , Ispaster 48288 , Bizkaia , SPAIN
Tel : +34 94 6841261
Fax : +34 94 6841261
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA072
Legend : SfCiNa1AdKnPtTtWgb
LOCATION : Ispaster& Lekeitio/ Basque
TRAVEL : 6km to nearest town
A 2 ha small farm by the sea in Basque country. Cider apples, vegeatble garden, wild woods, grassland. WWOOFers with experience in hedge-laying, planting, picking and pruning of trees preferred. Building skills vauable as well as domestic/decorating abilities. A centre for meditation and dance arts being created. Help needed all the year especially in house rebuilding. Can teach species identification of herbs and medicinal plants, propogation. Prefer Spanish to be spoken because my ability to understand French and English is limited ( but I can speak a bit).
Nuria Solans Robert
Partida de Grenyana, 20 , 25001 LLEIDA , SPAIN
Tel : 34+973 202364
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA057
Legend : SfgCfNa4c2AdKyaPhTt
LOCATION : North-east Spain
TRAVEL : 3Km Leida
The farm is located next to a river in a beautiful natural park. Woodland, vegetable garden and medicinal herbs. Hens & ducks. We organise activities for school children - nature and producing bread and marmalades. Traditional Catalan gardening methods used.
Maestro Barbieri nº2 , 29140 Churriana , Malaga , SPAIN
Tel : (0034) home 952622502 / mobile 658954009
Fax : 0034 - 952622502
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA147
Legend : SfgCfNa4c5AdcKaPhTt
LOCATION : 4 km from Alhaurin Grande village
TRAVEL : Bus from Malaga bus station
20km north of Malaga southern Spain, 7 ha organic farm, vegetarian owner growing fruit vegetables and herbs , 4km from the village, camping space and more permanent housing facilites for people staying a long time, please write to us or phone for more information and to arrange a come and help. We plan to build a traditional indian style mud house this summer, we also grow many Indian vegetables we are a vegetarian familey so we ask that you eat only vegetarian food while you are with us.
Susanne Balleisen & Lucas Garrit
Apartado 170 , 43550 Ulldecona , SPAIN
Tel : 34-977-261164
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA098
Legend : SfCfNa2ArKaPiTtWg
Organic farming of citrus, olives, fruit trees, vegetables, almonds, carob, traditional olive oil mill. Work is harvesting, weeding, cleaning tree trunks, variety of outdoor jobs. Solar power, organic food. Languages: Spanish, English, German. Accom for 4 in s/c cottage. All food provided. Some shared meals with host. Children b.a.
martina scheelen
Sober, Vilela 8 , Monforte de Lemos, Lugo , SPAIN
Tel : 0049-241-446.59.84
Fax : 0049-241-446.59.84
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA163
Legend : SgCiNa2ArKaPhWg
I have a 3000 m2 garden, with fruit trees and vegetables, to produce marmelades and other vegetarian spreads, that I sell at markets. The help needed is essentially for sowing, weeding, maintaining the garden and possibly some easy decorating work such as painting.
Mary Mead & Brian Barnes
Aptdo de Correos 87 , ORGIVA , Granada 18400 , SPAIN
Tel : 58 347042
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA055
Legend : SfCfNa2c2ArKnPhTt
TRAVEL : 12 mins walk nearest town
3 acres looking 850m over valley to the sea. Densely planted terraced orchard garden of fruit and nut trees - olives, chestnuts, almonds & cherries. Work includes harvesting, composting, leaf mould, dry stone walling, clearing, pruning and veg garden tending. We live simply and organically trying to 'walk our talk' with a sense of values and respect for others.
Tel : 6363172417
Fax : 962222086
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA137
Legend : SfCiArKaPhTtLefsDt
TRAVEL : Valencia-Moixent
Cellar working on organic farming (60 has domaine) white and red winemakers south of valencia (600 mts above sea level) help needed during all seasons spanish, valenciano, french and english spoken field work and tastings. I also work on organic olive and oil producing. Small village (800 people). Beach at 1 hour drive. Different possilbilities on weekends.
Barbara Taanman
25595 Farrera De Pallars , Pallars Sobira (Lleidadist) , Catalunya , SPAIN
Tel : 0034 666 61 38 61
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA011
Legend : SfCfNa1c4KyWgawbDt
LOCATION : 35 km from Andorra
TRAVEL : Train : Can collect from station
1.5 hectares of grass and garden in; a small valley at 1800 metres. Horses (for meat), stallion, cows, sheep, goats, chickens, geese, rabbits. Make cheese (March to June), preserves and bread. Rebuilding using clay and other natural materials. Aim to live in harmony with nature and to show others that it is possible tolive a different lifestyle. Barbara is in;terested in Reiki (healing). Between the end of December and end of March access is only possible by a 4 hour walk because of snow. Speak German, Dutch, English and Catalan. Minimum stay 2 weeks. We are a bio-dynamic farm. Post can take up to 14 days to reach us.
Christina Sobey
Monda 29110 , MALAGA , SPAIN
Tel : 0034 952457124
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA078
Legend : SfCfiNa3c2ArcKaPth
LOCATION : Malaga, Spain
TRAVEL : Public transport on site
Recently purchased abandoned farmland is slowly being converted into an organic farm. The project is concerned with a chemically unspoilt valley. 7,000sq.m of orange groves, almonds, olives. The land is 1.5km from a village of 2000 inhabitants. All the individuals involved have lived and worked in the area for over 15 years. Accommodation in village house or camping on the land. A very interesting and varied environment. Please read legend details carefully .
Sarah Chaparra
Caja 17-Lista de Correos , 18420 Lanjaron-Granada , SPAIN
Tel : 958-347175
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA099
Legend : SfCfNa2AdrvKnPiTt
Small holding including trekking centre. Fruit & arable crops farmed organically. Help with horses, from grooming, mucking out, fence repairs, stone walling, construction, sowing & harvesting, pruning & grafting. Opportunities to ride in the mountains. Accom for 2-4 in 2 BR stone built studio. Meals to suit. No children.
Rick Page
Cortijo El Sabuco , 18416 Busquistar, Las Alpujarras , Granada , SPAIN
Fax : (+34) 958 766235
Email :
Web :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA068
Legend : SfCiNa2ArKnPhTtWa
LOCATION : A mountain farm (1500m) 3kms from Busquistar
TRAVEL : Fly to Malaga, bus to Orgiva - will collect
12 hectare farm in Las Alpujarras, Southern Spain. Help needed clearing the land, fencing and growing alfalfa, oats and pasture for horses. Wwoofers welcome all year round. Particular skills sought: farm work, a little Spanish and interest in horses. We eat vegetarian food and fish. We are starting up a business running horse riding trips in the Sierra Nevada National Park, southern Spain. We have recently bought the farm (unused for 30 years) and are clearing the land and growing food for the horses. Alhough an interest in horses is an advantage, experience with them is not necessary as most of the work will be farm work. Visit our web site:
Santiago Zapirain
Apdo 495 07300 Inc , Balfares , SPAIN
Tel : 971 182180
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA044
Legend : SgCfNa3c1AdcKaPiTt
LOCATION : Inca 5km
2 hectares of land ; 1 hectare in vegetable production. Main work to be done at a regular basis: making compost from the brush which has been pruned within the farm, general works from the garden: weeding, sowing, maintenance of the watering system, cutting cane to use it as a support for some vegetables, mulching the soil, collecting fruit and vegetables, making clay-balls with seeds ( Fukuoka style ). September/ October - wine production. November/ December - olive oil production.
Marie-Luise Eicke & Ursula Wachendorff
Lista de Correus , 07430 Llubi , Balears , SPAIN
Tel : 0034 971 88 07 63
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA145
Legend : CcNa2ArKnPhTtWga
LOCATION : Balears
TRAVEL : 4km Llubi (bus) 8km Ince(train)
5ha smallholding - garden, fruit trees, vegetables, pastures and fields. 4 cows, 1 bull, 3 shetland ponies for pulling barrows of manure/compost, 3 camargue ponies ( just looking nice at the moment) 18 chickens, 2 dogs. Bio dynamic freestyle methods - humus and humanities. Interested in research in Ki-Aikido, some music, gamalan and singing. Can teach cheese making, composting, treating animals in a fair manner and understanding the complex relatrionships between mineral-plant-animal-human. For people who stay longer opportunity to learn how to milk cows and drive with the ponies. Been here for 8 years.
Sergio Collado
Caneto , 22336 Huesca , SPAIN
Tel : 34 974 34 10 47
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA143
Legend : H5Y5M1Z12
We are a group of people that we live in a village under reconstruction. We want to develop an ecovillage. Located in the Pirineo province. We need aid for domestic and reconstruction tasks. We offer accommodation in a tent and food in exchange for help.
Chantal Muyle
Lista De Correos , 23311 Santo Tome-Jaen , SPAIN
Tel : 953 128016/606 203602
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA031
Legend : SgCiNa2c1AdcKaPhTt
LOCATION : Villacarillo 33 km
Andalucia - Spain, Macrobiotic holiday house offers opportunity to fit into a summer working programme. Would like people who are self motivated and who will stay from 3-6 mths.. Work in organic garden, maintenance of the house, cooking, serving, bread making. People with special skills like Chi-kung, horseriding, yoga etc very welcome.
Jose Antonio Tamayo
Lista de Correos , 29787 Maro , Nerja, Malaga , SPAIN
Tel : 689209825
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA160
Legend : SfCiNa1AdKaPhTtfWg
LsDtGtbH3Y6M2Z5B10- 5E7- 9
LOCATION : 1 km. from Maro, 3 km. from Nerja
TRAVEL : By bus to Maro the 1 km. walking
Half hectare growing subtropicall trees and vegetable garden. beside the sea, isolated house, no buildings around the house and the small beach beside the farm. We ask a small financial contribution. Vegetarian food, canoe and bicycles avalaible. Host only speaks spanish and he is very interested in language exchange. Welcome wwoofers who play music - musical instruments at home.
Joanna Crowson
Avda. José Antonio, 56 , 11160 Barbate , Cádiz , SPAIN
Tel : 956-232419/639-142314
Fax : 956-447637
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA122
Legend : SgCfNa2c2ArcvKyTt
Casa Gaia is a family property in a beautiful part of Spain. We are Jo, Chris, Merry (16) and Daisy (12). We have built an ecological house on 6500 sq.m, which we are reforesting. We have sea views, are 4km from Vejer, 6km from the beach. We need help with our garden (flower and vegetable) and with planting and caring for trees, as well as light building work, etc., even office help for our latest project, School of Life, which is a charitable foundation for sustainable development! We have space for more than one person and friends in the area are registered if you are a group or want to stay for longer...
Carol Stuart
1.27Cala Esmerald, Cala d'or , Santanyi, 07600 , Mallorca , SPAIN
Tel : 0034 629 881354
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA159
Legend : SgCfNa3ArKaPhTtWgb
LeDtsGbH5Y6M2Z4B1.-.3.E4 - 12
LOCATION : 6min from village
Guest House by the sea with organic garden. Help needed during early spring in the garden. Closed during the winter. Particular skills sought - gardening / landscaping.
Marianne, Tom or Elli Barbe
E38750 El Paso , (Isla de la Palma) , Tenerife , SPAIN
Tel : 922 486 386
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA073
Legend : SgAcvKaWgwLesXs
Isla de la Bonita is a natural beautiful volcanic island. Fresh new permaculture project with a budding forest garden amidst wild mountainous landscape.Abundant with sweet chestnuts, almonds, mulberries and citrus intermingled with natural pine forest & eucalyptus trees. 20 mins drive from the ocean. Other interests include meditation, personal recovery -music - walking in the mountains or visiting the ocean. No drugs or cigarettes.
Ian or Katy
OLDALE-COX , Apdo 151, Orgiva , 18400, Granada , SPAIN
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA081
Legend : SfCiNa2ArcKnPhTtf
LOCATION : River valley within walking distance of town
TRAVEL : Foot, car, bus, bike
Traditional Alpujarran farm, in beautiful Sierra Nevada National Park. Situated in secluded river valley, with 500 fruiting trees on 6 acres. Half an hour walk to town, an hour from both the coast and Granada. Incredible walking in the SNNP within 1km. Help is needed for the renovation of this original working farm, including building, vegetable gardens for market and fruiting trees.
crtra Malaga-comares , Partido Santo Pitar , Comares, Malaga, 29195 , SPAIN
Tel : 0034686602239
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA164
Legend : SfCiNa2AdcKnPhTtWgb
LeDsH6Y5M3B12-3E7, 8
LOCATION : Moutains of Malaga
TRAVEL : Malaga airport
Old farmhouse and 60 acres of mainly rough terrain to be developed into with garden areas into a park of natural beauty and tranquility, retaining organic olive & almond groves. The farmhouse to be a centre for meditation & yoga etc. Situated in the mountains behind Malaga. Prefer people interested in spiritual development. Yoga & meditaion available. eg. harvesting, pruning trees, building garden areas, dry stone walls, terracing, etc. English & some spanish spoken
Paul Morrissey
Covelo 1 , San Crisobal de Mourentan , ARBO 36437 Pontevedra , SPAIN
Tel : 986 665917
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA093
Re-built small granite farmhouse with main part of house rented out in summer. 11/2 acres of garden terraces, grape vines & fruit trees. Plan to have horses when finished repairing stable. Work includes planting, weeding, watering, mulching, collecting mulch, re-wiring vines, improving terraces, tree planting. Accom for 2 in my home or BYO. Vegetarian meals. No children. No smoking.
La Tamaya, children-school
Camino La Montaneta, 173 , 38730 Villa de Mazo , LA PALMA, CANARIAN ISLAND , SPAIN
Tel : Spain-922-428637(school) / Spain-922-428619
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA148
Legend : SgNa3c16AdcKaPhTt
LOCATION : on a island, in nature, near a village
TRAVEL : by air
New alternative school-project on the beautiful island La Palma Playing, painting, reading, writing, singing, dancing, learning lenguages, making theater, bread and so much more with children from 2-6 years old workshops for children,teenager and adults.Other places on the islands for Woof 1,5 ha - garden, fields to plant, stabels. Help needed during the summer (2002) in the garden, for wood-work and activities with children.
Kay Newland
C/o Bar Ortega , Las Cuevas De Comares , 29195 Malaga , SPAIN
Tel : 00 34 626679018
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA054
Legend : SfCfNa2c2AcvKaPi
LOCATION : Rural spain
TRAVEL : off road vehicle from Malaga airport - can collect
Mark, Kay, Josh and Ben are a British family who have settled in southern Spain in a remote hillside 45 mins from Malaga near Riogordo and are rebuilding an old farm using permaculture techniques. Animals at present are I pig, 2 goats, chickens and turkeys, 3 dogs, 2 cats and loads of geccos. Well water, no mains electricity. Help is needed with building work all year round. harvest times:- olives Nov - Feb, almonds Aug - Oct, wild asparagus Jan - Apr, chumbo (prickly pear) Aug. Please telephone.
Emma Williams
Apt 128 , Orgiva 18400 , Granada , SPAIN
Tel : 0034-958785291
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA161
Legend : CfNa2c2ArcvKaPhTt
LOCATION : Just outside village
Small farm in Tablones, Orgiva, Granada, South Spain. Growing organic Olive, Orange, Almond trees and vegetables Accommodation: Small Casita fully furnished and equipped. Caravan on land, Camping on land or room in family house. Self-catering or vegetarian food available. English, Dutch and Spanish spoken. Help with construction, clearing, planting, maintaining land.
Carol Trotman or Andy Wallace
Lista De Correos , Orgiva 18400 , Granada , SPAIN
Tel : 0034 610 956 398
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA005
Legend : SfCfNa2c2ArcKyPh
LOCATION : 5 miles from Orgiva
TRAVEL : Train to Orgiva (can collect)
Small organic farm with olive grove, producing fruit and vegetables for local box system. We have goats, chickens, ducks, rabbits and cats. Also interested in music, dowsing, astrology and crafts.
Jenny Wood and Trevor Taylor
Apartado 77 , 18400 Orgiva , Granada , SPAIN
Tel : 958 347096
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA041
Legend : SfCfNa2c1AdvKnPh
LOCATION : Southern Spain
TRAVEL : Bus Stop 5kms Orgiva
Cortijo Almagreras, Las Alpujarras, S.Spain has 4 hectars of terraced mountainside planted with mature olive and almond trees. We have extensive fruit, flower and veg gardens. Solar power water-heating, compost loo, coy carp, dog and cat. Variety of land work depending on season.
Peter and Yael Whitcombe
Apartado de Correos 49 , Orgiva 18400 , Granada , SPAIN
Tel : 0034 958347089
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA051
Legend : SfCfNa2c1AdrcKaPhTt
LOCATION : Orgiva 9km
12 acre olive farm in the Alpujarra mountains in a valley of spectacular beauty overlooking junction of 3 rivers. Work with olive trees - watering, pruning clearing and harvesting. Also orange, vines and other fruit and nut trees. garden work and some construction(log cabins). We have fresh spring water, a swimming pool, solar water heating and a compost loo. Other interests include Chi kung, astrology, tarot and dreamwork.
Kate Fairtlough
APARTADO DE CORREOS 196 , Orgiva , Granada 18400 , SPAIN
Tel : Spanish Mobile : 676819536
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA058
Legend : SfCiNa1ArKnPhTfWgtb
LOCATION : 30 mins from Orgiva
TRAVEL : To Malaga and then 2 buses
Large olive grove/semi wild valley 5 mins walk from nearest village and 35 mins from nearest town. Accommodation is basic in strawbale house or stone hut (compost toilet, hot running water, solar power). Help is specially needed with the olive harvest (late Dec till March or April). Also with creating organic vegetable garden, working with the donkey, land clearing & building work. Work is ongoing and flexible WWOOFers must be fairly independent and able to work/socialize by themselves. This finca is quite isolated and won't suit WWOOFers who need a lot of company. Spanish speakers preferred. Self-catering if preferred (Moderate!) smokers and drinkers not excluded but no homophobes please!
Rachel Ashcroft
Aptdo 193 , Correos de Orgiva 18400 , Granada , SPAIN
Tel : 0034 619662008 / 658961403
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA063
Legend : SfCfNa2c1ArcvKaPhTf
LOCATION : 2km to nearest village / 4 km to town
TRAVEL : bus to Tablones or collect from Orgiva
4km Orgiva, near Tablones village, in the beautiful Alpujarras. 1ha olive, almond and citrus terraces-help with harvesting Dec-March. Also watering, irrigation channel repairs, land maintenance, planting variety of fruit trees creating gardens and vegetable plots, on-going building, dry stone walling and all-round loving attention to our tranquil space. 1 fun toddler! soft dog, chunky chickens, walks in fresh Alpujarran air, wild sierra surroundings and nearby river, solar power, food to write home about. Accommodation: v.comfortable self-contained house or caravan.
Rhiannon Wilde
Restaurante Los llannos , 18410 Carataunus , Granada , SPAIN
Tel : (0034) 958 34 33 11
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA082
Legend : SfCfNa1c2ArvKnPiTt
LOCATION : remote
TRAVEL : Orgiva local town
20 Acre permaculture based farm growing cherries and walnuts. Aiming to be self sufficient. Need help with horses, building work, tree planting, growing vegetables. Vegetarian, friendly, fluffy family with two children. 6,000 feet up mountain in Sierra Nevada National Park, Andalucia, Spain Help needed immediately, long or short stay welcome. Want to gradually set up planet saving type stuff, Eventually setting up alternative technology and rural retreat centre. Reforest local area and counteract threatening desertification. Working hours are flexible.
Chris &Sarah White
Aptdo 161 , Orgiva 18400 , Granada , SPAIN
Tel : (0034) 958 785712
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA088
Legend : SgCfNa2c2ArcKaPhWgb
LefsDtGtXsH4Y5M1Z3B10-12, 1-5E7-8
LOCATION : Southern Spain Las Apujarras between Granada and coast
TRAVEL : Orgiva 20 mins walk Nearest train 35 iles. Can pick up from bus station.
A small olive grove and personal development centre requires help. Tasks include building/decorating work as well as on the land.
Theo Van Peene
, 29493 Benadalid , Provincia Malaga , SPAIN
Fax : +32486810046
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA113
Legend : SfgCfiNa3c4ArcvKaPh
LOCATION : In the mountains from Ronda's serrania
500 ha of land with 1134m mountain top, pine forest, spectacular views. Nearest village 3km. At 450m, we have small valleys comprising fields of cereals, vegetables, gardens and fruit. We are currently herding goats, sheep, horses, pigs and other farm animals. We aid reforestation. Our objectives are to build bungalows in nature. There are several houses and a big workshop. Particular skills : farming, gardeing, building, mechanics and arts & crafts. We are specially interested in people who love natural habitats. Prefer WWOOFers to write at least 3 weeks in advance.
Daphne Mullins, Argon Nixon
Apto 78 , Orgiva 18400 , Granada , SPAIN
Tel : (0034) 958347013
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA115
Legend : SfgCiNa2ArcvKnPi
LOCATION : hill farm
TRAVEL : pick up from Orgiva
Hill farm in Las Alpujarras Spain. Help needed for land clearing, digging , gathering and chopping wood, simple building work and harvesting of fruit and nut crops. Accommodation provided in caravan.
Manuel Valenzuela Garcia & Rosa Mas Capdevila
18440 Cadiar , Granada , SPAIN
Tel : 958-343-066
Fax : 958-343-066
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA121
Irrigated dryland vines, figs & almonds. One person for the collection & selling of harvest, 15 Sept - end Oct.
Lista de Correos , 18690 Almuñécar , GRANADA , SPAIN
Tel : 958349284 - 619788570
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA127
Legend : SfCciNa1c1AdcKyPhTt
TRAVEL : Bus to Almunecar from Malaga or Granada airport
1 ha growing vegetables, subtropical trees. This farm is a community (especially busy in summertime) with people from all over the world which are interested in crudiveganist (raw-vegan) lifestyle. There is no place to cook. We want to construct more houses around, so that people can come and join me. I need help the whole year with the vegetable garden (people come here to buy organic vegetables and fruits), construction work,... Also traduction work from Spanish to English and visa versa for the magazine "Boletin Crudo" that appears every 3 months. My house is in the mountainssurrounded by nature. It´s very quiet and nice (no traffic, no big roads). Here it is always warm and sunny, no less then 8 degrees in wintertime.
APTDO 346 , 18690 Almunecar , Costa Tropical, Granada , SPAIN
Tel : 958 34 92 84/ 619 78 85 70
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA128
Legend : SfgCfciAdcKyPhTt
LOCATION : Costa Tropical
TRAVEL : 10km to nearest town Almunecar
I hectare of tropical organic garden - avocados, olives, oranges and other fruits. Help needed in the garden, with building, with translating Eng - Spa, Spa - Eng. This is a crudi-vegan community ( no cooked meals and no animal basis). People come from all over the world. It is also a health centre. Good climate all year round. There is no kitchen for cooking meals. Tipi, camping or dormitory for sleeping. I publish a magazine on diet, raw food, communities. Interested in meeting people who are interested in community living.
Teresa and Rafa
, 18565 Campotéjar , Granada , SPAIN
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA136
Legend : SfgCfNa2AdrKyPhTt
LOCATION : 8 Km from village
15ha of cereal, legumes & forest to feed the goats & for human use.There are also some Iberian pigs and hens.Help needed for general farm work.The main activity are taking care of the animals & cheese making, vegetable garden and a bioconstruction project. Nice Mediterranean forest & olive tree sceneries. Half an hour drive from Granada.
Hugh Attwooll & Melissa Kojan
Apartado 41 , 29480 Gaucin , MALAGA , SPAIN
Tel : 00 34 952 11 71 48
Fax : 00 34 952 11 71 48
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA146
Legend : SfgNa2ArcKnPhTtf
WgwbLefsDtsGtbH8Y5M4Z12B4 - 10E11 - 2
LOCATION : mountains
7ha farm growing fruit, vegetables, nuts. We also have 4 holiday apartments and 20 metre pool. Help needed with plum picking, growing vegetables, gardens and woodland. Village: 6km. Accommodation: studio apartment with two single beds, shower & WC, cooking facilities. Beautiful views, fertile ground, plenty of irrigation. Write in advance or call when in area.
Nikki and Gavin
Apartado 77 , Orgiva 18400 , GRANADA , SPAIN
Tel : 958347096
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA149
Legend : SfNa2AvKnPiTtWgwtb
LOCATION : 9km from town
TRAVEL : Bus to Orgiva
We are rejuvenating a 5 acre olive farm situated on a steeply terraced mountainside. We require help with preparation, harvesting and pruning our mature olive trees, with establishing a diversity of fruit trees, and a vegetable garden. Other work includes terrace wall building, clearing, irrigation, farmhouse restoration and many other tasks involved in establishing a working organic olive farm. We have solar electricity and water heating and a compost toilet.
Maureen Jenkins
El Ventarique , LLANO del ESPINO ALBOX , 04812 ALMERIA , SPAIN
Tel : 0034 950 434157/ 0034 678392364(mobile)
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA071
Legend : SgCfNa2ArKnPhTt
LOCATION : Almeria
TRAVEL : 5km to Albox/Almeria
Busy family farm growing vegetables and fruit. - almonds, olives, and oranges. Help needed all year round. Renovation is also in progress. Good accommodation and food. Norwegian - Welsh couple. Good rural life in village.Town 10 mins by car. Varied international cooking. Must be willing to help all round.
c / Martinez de la Rosa, 88 , 29010 Malaga , SPAIN
Tel : (0034) 658954009 or 952622502 or 952112894
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA131
Legend : SfCfNa5c2AdcKyTtWg
TRAVEL : Bus to Malaga then bus to Coin then Phone
Organic farm vegetarian owner about 10 acres fruit trees and hortricultural veg gardens
eco forest
Apdo correos 29 , Coin 29100 , Malaga , SPAIN
Tel : (0034) - 661079950
Email :
Web :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA132
Legend : SfCcNa5AvKyaTtWgLe
LOCATION : 10 kilometers from town
TRAVEL : Bus from Malaga to Coin. Taxi from Coin
Eco forest is a permaculture forest garden fruit farm we live as close to nature as posible without electricity, eating natural vegan raw food, bathing in the river drinking spring watter living without drugs of any kind. We are happy please come and visit us we ask people to work 4 hours a day and pay for their food. We can provide camping space and communal facilites we also welcome non working visiters please check our web-site or write for details - a not for profit organisation.
Ute Seidel or Ian Gribler
C/Real 22 , 29492 Genalguacil , Malaga , SPAIN
Tel : 952 117 141 Mobile : 646 202 120
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA006
Legend : SfCfNa2c1AdrcKa
LOCATION : 37 km from Ronda
1 ha of irrigated land with a large variety of fruit trees and permaculture-organic garden. 4 ha of mountain land with cork oaks, olive and almond trees. 2 dogs, 2 cats, chickens, 1 donkey and 1 horse. Ute, Ian and young Eloy. Aim to live in a natural place and share it with others who have similar interests. We use alternative energy and build eco-friendly constructions. Work here includes bread baking, clearing land, feeding animals and ourselves, grafting and pruning trees, garden work and building. We appreciate people with initiative, who work hard and are organised, whilst having good vibes and a lot of fun. Prefer long term stay, min 1 month. Please write or phone - try often!
Clare Sasada
Rio chico , Camino de Bayacas , Orgiva, Granada 18400 , SPAIN
Tel : 0034958784315
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA155
Legend : SgCiNa2ArKnPhTfWg
1km from Orgiva, Alpujarra region of southern Spain. Professional vegetarian couple with organic garden needing help mainly with looking after the vegetable plot and finishing landscaping the garden using local materials. Accommodation in the house - enough room for a single person. Vegetarian food provided. Easy walk into the local town.
Amir Wolfgang
Lista E 23300 , Villacarrillo , Jaén , SPAIN
Tel : 953 128171
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA007
Legend : SfCfNa1c3AdcvKy
LOCATION : 130 km NE of Granada
TRAVEL : complex - SAE to Head Office for details.
Located in nature park beneath the peak ofa mountain. 27 hectares with 5 per cent vegetables and fruit trees, 10 per cent hay and mulching material, 20 per cent is being re-forested, 10 per cent untouched and 50 per cent pasture for2 horses, chickens, ducks, 10 goats and 2 dogs. Understand themselves as a place for learning about organic cultivation, alternative energies, holistic health and paths to internal growth. Speak fluent German, Spanish, English and some French. Wwoofers are welcome to phone in the evenings; arrangements at short notice are possible. There is little hope of finding the place without travel details from Wwoof Head Office. Prefer stays of more than one week, preferably months. Seek family or individuals interested in organic growing to stay permanently. No toilets, washroom or hot water.
Chris Jones
Tienda de Gavia , 29510 Alora , Malaga , SPAIN
Tel : 0034 952119751
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA066
Legend : SfCiNa2ArvKyPhTt
TRAVEL : 4miles nearest public transport
Four acres organic fruit and nut farm. 30 miles from Malaga between the mountains and the sea. Chickens, cats and one dog. Enjoy making music. Can teach music, gardening, building, cooking, life skills especially living up the tracks. good food guarunteed + bedding. Nearby wind surfing, rock climbing and UFO spotting(!)
Vicente Solana
Apartado 3 , 28816 Valdeavero , Madrid , SPAIN
Tel : 91 886 4489
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA020
Legend : KyDtXs
LOCATION : Valdeavero (40 km from Madrid)
TRAVEL : Train : to Alcala de Henares
5 Ha. growing grain and vegetables. Free range hens (for eggs only). Organic food served to visitors. The place is devoted to experimenting with community life, simple living and to learn how to work with others for a common good. Aiming to support all aspects of an ecological lifestyle. Interested in sacred dance, soya cookery, permaculture. Speak English and Spanish.
Ramon or Laura
Box 1171 , E-07800 Ibiza , Balearen , SPAIN
Tel : 34 - 971 32 52 21
Fax : 34 - 971 32 52 10 (to fax call first 971 32 52 21)
Email :
Web : http://
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA029
Legend : CcNa5ArKaPhTtWgawtb
FalconBlanco is an 'Intentional Community' with 6 - 12 people from all over the world living quietly and in contact with nature & ourselves on IBIZA. We are working with recycling. It's planned to grow organic vegetable and fruit. In our free time we like artistic work: Painting,sculpture, poetry, music, etc. We try to relate consciously in a responsible and creative way to daily life. Finding ourselves and being aware of our surrounding and relating to it. Going beyond personal limitations, enjoying... We are not bound to any specific philosophy or believe system. We are 'walking the talk' and see life as our 'master'. Receiving and sharing all what's offered. This is our intention. We believe that there are so many ways to enjoy life, that we don't need alcohol, tobacco and surely no drugs. More information and 'Info-Form' you find on our Web Site.
Carole & Simon Derfield
Canada Los Matatores , Tarifa 11380 , Cadiz , SPAIN
Tel : 696061589
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA119
Legend : SfCfcNa4AvKnPthTt
TRAVEL : Nearest town 18km Algecerias
Faulty Fincas is a family run farm recently acquired. We aim to grow fruit and vegetables all year. 10 acres of unspoilt Andalucian land is a welcoming challenge. We have no electricity but have a generator, all amenities, solar hot water etc. Lots of goats and chickens which require little looking after adorn our hillside. We also have horses. Grow olives and herbs. We have bedouin tents for birdwatchers and are only 10 mins from town. Only vegetarian food. Nearby town offers a lively atmosphere. We work hard and live well and have a 20ft caravan for 2 WWOOFers at a time to work the land with us.
Petra Mundy or Hans Muller
Vinatea S/N , PO Box 274, Icod de los Vinos , Los Silos, 38430, Tenerife , SPAIN
Tel : 922 841089
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA008
Legend : SfCfNa2c3ArcKaPhTt
LOCATION : 10 miles from Icod de los Vinos
1 ha with about 800 banana plants, mangoes, papayas, passion fruit, avocados, oranges, vines. Drip irrigation. Free range hens, dog, cats, a duck and a donkey. Using permaculture techniques. We live fom the production of our Finca, we live in a happy healthy family environment. Near beaches. Speak english, spanish, german and french. Winter rainy.
Rory Corcoran
Genalguacil , 29492 , Malaga , SPAIN
Tel : 9 52 11 71 21
Email :
Web :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA009
Legend : SfCfcNa2c1AdrKaPi
LOCATION : 60 km from Ronda 25 km Estepona
TRAVEL : Train/Bus : can collect from Estopona or Genalguacil (bus connection from Ronda)
7 hectares with 2 ha orchard producing mandarins, plums and many other fruits ranging from apples to persimmons. Vegetable plots under fruit trees, lusing raised beds with mulch and providing us with year-round food. 1 ha olive grovwe and 2.5 ha managaed forest of sweet chestnut and cork oak, pine forest all around. Permaculture used in overall design, biodynamic methods in garden and orchard. Chickens, geese and cats. Can teach bread making (in wood fired oven), fruit and vegetable conserving, tree care (pruning and grafting), permaculture, composting, etc. Work is seasonal - mostly forest and tree work in winter and garden work in spring and autumn.Also construction work (restoring old buildings).Please write to arrange visits in plenty of time. Stays of 1 month preferred, shorter working holidays possible.
Genoveva Tenthorey & Brian MacGowran
40173 Requijada , Segovia , SPAIN
Tel : 0034 609 936131, 0034 609 960353
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA023
Legend : CfNa2AcKaPhWgatbDt
LOCATION : 50 kms from Segovia
TRAVEL : 4 km La Velilla
Holding is 1 acre privately owned with use of hundreds of communal acres. We use local material available for fertilising (horse manure, nettles, humus from the wood and from the dry toilets etc) and no chemical pest control. General aim - self sufficiency for food and mixed economy for money, mixing with the local community showing our philosophy of respect for nature and animals by our example. Other interest - dog breeding, Can teach - everything about gardening and looking after hens, goats and dogs. Building with local material (mainly adobe and stone), carving stones, wine, beer, juices, cheese, preserves-making, bird-watching. Can speak English, Spanish, French, Irish
Brigitte Rothholz
Lomada Grande , E 38787 Garafia , La Palma, Canarias , SPAIN
Tel : 0034 606 606 244
Fax : 0034 922 49 34 70
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA042
Legend : SfCiNa3AcKaPiTtWgtb
LOCATION : 4 km from nearest town with public transport
TRAVEL : aeroplane, (ferry), bus Airport: Santa Cruz de la Palma (2000km from Spain/costs 200 euros)or via Tenerife and boat to la Palma.
Finca Tierra is a gorgeous place of 2000square m. land, surrounded by beautiful nature, with a great view to the ocean. Old pine trees on the hill, almond and fig trees in the garden terraces. In 2000 we started the ecological permaculture garden: vegetables, flowers and all kinds of fruit trees. We welcome people of all ages who want to grow and to share with us. We share work 30 hrs a week,vegetarian food, feelings (love, smiling and crying, old patterns we would like to let go), praying, singing, playing music, dancing and beauty. It is always special - depending on the people who are here. We are open to any religion as long as it sets the people free for their own beautiful path. In 2003 we start to construct a big coupula for a seminar house experimenting with clay and other natural materials. We have often good places in the neighbourhood to which you can go.
Sam or Jeannie Chesterton
Los Marines , 21293 Huelva , SPAIN
Fax : 00 34 959 50 10 29
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA060
Legend : SfgCfNa2c3ArcKnPi
LOCATION : Mountaintop forest
TRAVEL : Bus from Sevilla or Lisbon
We have about 150 acres in the centre of the Aracena Nature Reserve in southwestern Spain (Andalucia). We run our house as a bed and breakfast Inn, and have three self-catering cottages on the property. We need help in expanding our existing vegetable and flower gardens and in creating new ones down in the valley. In the autumn, we harvest sweet chestnuts and then we need to do maintenance forestry work and fencing in order to be able to release our pigs and sheep under the trees. We grow and kill our own Iberian pigs and cure the meat for Jamon Serrano.
Tel : 922 255575
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA062
Legend : SfgCiNa2ArKnPhTtWga
TRAVEL : fly+bus
We are an small organic commercial garden (6000 sq meters) Our place is very close to the city La Laguna : Cultural life. We do also have some animals (sheep). WWOOFers should have some skills in gardening. Production the whole year round for the local market.
Paul Voight
El Castillo - El Fronton , E - 38787 GARAFIA , Isla de la Palma, Canary Islands , SPAIN
Tel : 0034 922 400056
Fax : 0034 922 400056
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA070
Legend : SfCiNa1AcvKnPhTt
WgwbLegDtnGtXsaH6Y5M3B4-6, 9-11
LOCATION : Los Llanos de Aridane
TRAVEL : 1 hour from bus station
The 40,000 sq m. finca is located in the wild and green north-west part of the island. It is very remote with dreamlike panoramic views over the sea, forest and almond groves.All around you can go wandering through a wonderful landscape. There is a big fruit garden. On more than 10 terraces are growing 35 different kinds of fruit trees, wine and many almond trees. Help is needed in cutting, mowing, composting, digging, planting trees, watering. harvesting almonds and figs and, if you can, in building and repairing stone walls. There is also a nursery with 300 ornamental plants and trees in pots and tubs from all around the world that need to be cared for. Can teach all in cultivating, grafting, making bread and marmalade. For contact best send a fax or an email for information and then ring up for more information best late in the evening. Please bring a copy of own accident insurance.
Jose Luis Villena
C/ Prado 22 , 29770 Torrox , Málaga , SPAIN
Tel : 649216659
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA075
Legend : SfCiNa1AdcKaPhTt
LOCATION : In Malaga ten kilometers from Nerja
TRAVEL : Bus to Torrox, will collect
2 ha. growing vegetables. Subtropical trees: avocados, mangoes, chirimoyos,... permaculture project in development House with solar energy. Recycling water and small recycled green house. Help need all the year. Write at least one week in advance. Farm situated on the mountains, nice view to sea in good weather. Fresh fruit and vegetables. Native farmer. Wwooffers must speak some Spanish.
Marie Consiglio
POBox Aptd No 84 , Aracena 21200 , Huelva , SPAIN
Tel : +34 959 50 12 75 or 608 544672
Fax : +34 959 126 396
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA084
Legend : SfgCfNa2c1ArcKnPi
LOCATION : Down 5 Km track
TRAVEL : Bus to Aracena then ring
Our farm is 250 hectares of evergreen Hom Oak and cork oak where we raise Iberian pigs and sheep. We have solar electricity, but we hope to shortly be on the mains. Our beatiful old farmhouse is isolated down a 5K track in the most fabulous scenery. My husband works as a town councillor in aracena and it is possible to go into town on days off. We mainly need help with fencing, putting in drip irrigation to the vegetables, animal care and small building projects. Although I am a vegetarian it is not obligatory in the house.
Asociacion Para El Desarrollo de La Agritectura(ADAF) , C/ Panaderia 21 , 28293 ZarZalejo Madrid , SPAIN
Tel : 91.899 2636 or 91 8982004
Fax : 91. 899 2636
Email : or
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA085
Legend : SfgNa3AdKaPhTtWgatb
LOCATION : Ihr from Madrid Spain
TRAVEL : 3km/800m to Bus Station. 3km to railway station. Buses/trains from Madrid 45mins/1 hr
ADAF is a non-profitable trust that develops a demonstrative project of a sustainable and biointensive use of the land in a beautiful place.( Began 2000) We think that the beauty around us should be respected in every human intervention like building, farming, energy supply etc. We research, experiment and teach in courses and workshops carried out in this place.3ha. Vegetable garden,fruit trees,vines. Can teach bread and cheese making. There is an opportunity for 'internship' for volunteers with experience who would like to stay for longer periods and take more responsibility. web site:
Enric Navarro i Valls
Ap.C. 1 (29540) Bobadilla , Andalucía , SPAIN
Tel : +34 952 111 619
Fax : +34 952 111 619
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA135
Legend : SfCiNa2ArKyPhTtWgaw
LOCATION : A 3 km. de Bobadilla (Antequera)
TRAVEL : By train (Bobadilla station)
Rapunzel Ibérica Productos Ecológicos S.L. Finca de olivar y ganado ecológico en Antequera (Andalucía) con molino propio. 385 Has.: 250 Has. de olivar + 15 Has. de cereal + 120 Has. de monte. Posibilidad de trabajar todo el año, cosecha de diciembre a enero. También hablamos catalán, inglés y alemán.
Penelope Boughen
Apartado de Correos 35 , 11160 Barbate , Cadiz , SPAIN
Tel : 0034 956437294
Fax : 0034 956437271
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA138
Legend : SgCciNa4AdrKnPhTt
TRAVEL : Barbate/vejer de la Frontera nearest town
Farm set on edge of national park. Main business horse-riding holidays. Help needed anytime of year: painting, fence & wall building & repair, tree & garden maintenance, domestic help. If skilled, help with horses & animals. facilities include good accommodation & food, mountain bikes, swimming pool (May-Oct) 1/2 hr walk from beach and village. Produce orange juice and organic home made marmalade.
Dorothy Church+ Winfried Grunst
Apartados de Correos 66 ( Postbox) , 29500 Alora (Malaga) , SPAIN
Tel : 95 2496737
Fax : 95 2496737
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA140
Legend : SgCfNa4c2ArcvKaPh
TtfWgtcbLegsDtnGcbH5Y6M1B1- 12
LOCATION : Outside Alora in Countryside in the middle of the Valle del Sol (Sunvalley)
TRAVEL : Train, Bus etc.
We are situated in the green Valley between the Mountains at the river Gualdalhorce ,just around the corner of `El CHORRO`, a chain of Lakes, one of the biggest National Parks famous to freehand climbers. We are converting an old organic Lemon and Orange Farm into a Vegetable and Herb Farm with Guesthouse for disabled in wheelchairs, with a little Recreation Park, Pool and gym for rehab.
Dermott McQuillan
Yunquera , Malaga , SPAIN
Tel : 00 34 677 807 849
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA150
Legend : SfCfNa2c2AcPhTtf
LOCATION : Village nearby
2.5 acre terraced fruit farm in Yunquera, Malaga provence, Spain. Growing vegetables also. Requiring various building work for someone interested in helping in finca renovation. Building experience preferred. Experience in making foods from numerous fruits would be a bonus. At the moment we are camping and can provide tents, or can organise accommodation at local campsite. Vegetarian and asian food available. Bicycle provided. Help required anytime of year. Prefer contact 2 weeks in advance via email or mobile phone.
Mary Beker and Dani Mattar
Cortes De la Frontera , Malaga , SPAIN
Tel : 952 151295
Fax : 952151281
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA157
Legend : SfCiNa2ArKaPhTtWgab
LOCATION : finca on edge of village
Hello we have a small farm that we are developing. there are 150 olive trees which need harvesting to produce extra virgin cold pressed oil we need help from the middle of november other help with planting trees, helping with horse would be appreciated. We are currently building so difficult to say what exactly the accommodation will be, but comfortable, self catering. We are in southern Spain.
john bills
c/o bar espana , estacion de gaucin , malaga prov , SPAIN
Tel : 00 34 686431040
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA162
Legend : SgCiArKaPhTtWgtLe
LOCATION : cork forest
TRAVEL : train
Help needed on small holding in andalucia recent forest fire means start from scratch project. no animals, sorry. meat eaters welcome.
Casanova Perez, Lluisa
Fontdellops , 17401 Arbucies , Girona , SPAIN
Fax : 972162004
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA083
Legend : SfCcNa3c1AdrcKaPi
LOCATION : Parc Natural of Montseny
TRAVEL : Train to Hostalric o Breda
A holistic approach to organic farming, cultural &self-realization on the Mount Montseny. Catalonia. Gurdjieff orientated site. The vegetable garden is fully operative but a garden of aromatic plants is still to be done. We welcome WWOOFers on a long-term basis (3 months). 7 Ha, natural pool, small sweatlodge and dancehall. Speak Catalan, Spanish, some French and English. WWOOFers with cooking skills especially welcome. Accommodation in tipi, room in the house, camping, or a seperate room 30 meters from the main house.
LLuisa Casanova Perez
Fontdellops,S-N , 17401 Arbucies , La Selva, Girona , SPAIN
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA153
Legend : SfCfciNa2c1AdcKaPi
LOCATION : 7 Km from town
TRAVEL : Train to Hostalric, or Bus from Bcn to Arbucies
An holistic approach on organic farming, cultural &self-realization activities on the mount Montseny, Catalonia Guests come to spend some time and groups join our courses, while we live here & work at this Gurdjieff orientated site. The vegetable garden is fully operative but an orchard of aromatic plants is still to be done. We welcome wwoofers on long-term basis(3 months) and have capacity for 3 or 5 at a time, in independent quarters. 7 Ha, pool, sweatlodge, Hall... Speak some french,spanish & catalan. WWOOFers with cooking skills welcome. Long term wwoofers are offered a holiday in or out of the farm with access to a flat in nearby Arbucies and use of a vehicle, to join in the courses and living quarters separate from the main house and fully equipped. payment in cash for specific skills.
Siegfrid Brandstatter
Garafia , E 38787 La Palma , Canary Islands , SPAIN
Tel : 922-400431
Fax : 922-400431
Email :
Web :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA036
Legend : SfgCfNa2c1ArKnPhWg
Finca Garafrut is an organic farm that occupies about 1 hectare of irrigated terraced land at an altitude of 580m in the north-west of La Palma near to the village of Sto. Domingo de Garafia. The Finca is surrounded by spectacular views of ocean, canyons, mountains, forest & with great hiking opportunities. We're about an hour walk from the beach. We have about 200 sub-tropical fruit trees such as avocado, citrus, plums, cherimoyas, papaya, apples, olives and mangos, as well as organic vegetable gardens. We are working with Biodynamic & Permaculture methods and EM (Effective Micro organism). We need help in the orchard and vegetable gardens all year round. We vegetarian raw food eaters and non-smokers. We are Austrian and German and speak german, English and Spanish. Accommodation is familiar and comfortable. We onlt take one person at a time with a minimum of two weeks.
Johanna Beattie Batista
Aptdo. de Correos, 25 , 41840 Pilas , Sevilla , SPAIN
Tel : 0034 95575 0562
Fax : 0034 95575 0562
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA035
Legend : SfCfcNa5c1ArcKaPhTt
LOCATION : 30 kms west of Sevilla
TRAVEL : Can collect from nearest bus station.
We are situated approx. 30km west of Sevilla near Donana National Park and combine 3 main activities: Country house accommodation, pure bred Spanish horses (we specialise in classical dressage) and an organic olive grove with 1100 trees. Our olives need maintaining throughout the year and fruits are harvested in September. We have also recently created an organic vegetable/herb garden. Apart from 7 horses , other mostly well-behaved animals include 8 dogs, 4 cats, 8 geese, 6 chickens and 1 donkey. Help is needed in all aspects of our organisation and we appreciate input of ideas from your own experience. In return we offer accom. in a very comfortable little house in the stables yard, shared at times with working equestrian students. All meals(mixed) are provided.
Richard Wade, Inés Sanchez
Lista de Correos , 43360 Cornudella de Montsant , Tarragona , SPAIN
Tel : (34) 977 262017 619 874429
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA067
Legend : SfCfNa2c2AdrKaPhTt
LOCATION : In costal mountains
TRAVEL : Train From Barcelona, then bus
We are a permaculture farm and training centre in Catalonia in Spain. We have organic grapes, olives, almonds, as well as fruit trees and lots of garden. There are usually bio construction going on as well. Help needed most from Oct to March, but check with us for other times as well.
Richard Wade & Ines Sanchez
Lista de Correos , 43360 Cornudella-Tarragona , SPAIN
Tel : 34-977-262017 or mobile 619 874 429
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA095
Legend : SfCfNa2c2AdrKyPhTt
Hort de la Costa is in the coastal mountains of southern Catalonia. We area P/c training community with a wide variety of cropping systems. Our buildings are made of stone, mud & straw. Work includes everything from mud buildings, general gardening, tree planting, pond building, etc. Accom for 4 in our home or separate housing. Mainly vegetarian meals. We eat & work together. Prefer non-smokers. Children b.a.
Stefan Lipka and Talib Syed
Apdo 62 , GAUCIN 29480 , Malaga , SPAIN
Tel : 00 34 952 11 70 31
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA030
Legend : SfCiNa2ArcKyaPhWgtb
LOCATION : 2 km to nearest town
Three acre terraced finca in national park 20km from the coast. One of a number of organic smallholdings in the region. We are growing a wide range of vegetables for the kitchen and many fruit trees; oranges, apples, pears, avocadoes, olives etc. We have two cats, keep chickens and are cultivating medicinal herbs and have a strong interest in alternative methods of healing. Accommodation in house, casita or camping. Potential for those interested to participate in yoga, meditation and creative activities. Perfect opportunity for energetic and self-motivated individuals who want to share ideas. Please note - radio phone not always connected. Replies by mail will only be made to those enclosing IRC/SAE
John & Gill Eichler
Estacion de Gaucin , Malaga 29490 , SPAIN
Tel : (34) 952117085
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA056
Legend : SgCfNa2ArvKnPhTt
TRAVEL : 3 km to nearest village.
2 hectars mixed European & semi-tropical fruit and nut trees on mountain inside national park. Veg garden. Turkeys, chickens, dogs & cats. Live with self sufficiency - solar electricity etc. Swimming in river or own pool. Trains to Ronda, Malaga and Gibraltarfrom village. Self motivated assistance required. Use of two ceramic kilns offered.
Johannes Klose & Corinne Schmorell
San Juan del Pas , 43559 Ulldecona , SPAIN
Tel : 34-977-573023
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA096
Legend : SfCfArKaTtWgaLegsGb
Our house & land lies 1 km outside the village on a small riverside. We grow almonds & carob beans, olives, vine, fruiots & vegetables & keep a variety of domestic animals & bees. Need help during Sept-Nov for harvesting almonds, beans & olives. During the rest of the year work will be cultivation of trees & garden. Accommodation in spare room, meals to suit.
E-29492 , Genalguacil , Malaga , SPAIN
Tel : 95 21 17142
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA019
Legend : ArKaPiWgwbLesDtGc
LOCATION : 48 km from Ronda
TRAVEL : Train to Ronda (can collect), Bus to Estepona (can collect)
40 hectares of cork oaks, olive trees, sweet chestnut, gardens and tree nursery which suffered a fire in 1995. Many trees survived and the project is re-forestry. Peacocks, cats, hens, dog and 1 goldfish. Interested in the concept of Permaculture. Produce bread and beer, distil essential oils and alcohol from fruit fermentation. Speak German, English, Spanish, Dari, French and Italian.
Aspen & David Edge
Apartado de Correos 19 , 18420 Lanjaron , Granada , SPAIN
Tel : 34-958-347053
Fax : 34-958-347053
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA032
Legend : SfCfNa2c1ArcvKaPiTt
8 hectares of maquis/garigue land at 1300m in Natural Park in the Sierra Nevada mountains. The land has been developed since 1999 using the principles of Holistic Management, Co-creative Science,Permaculture and Agroforestry. We offer the opportunity to be part of a family of three and experience our experiments in sustainable living. Extensive reference book and video library. We currently have 3 dogs and chickens. Accommodation is in a caravan or snug single room dwelling with open fire. Composting toilet and solar shower block. Hours and days worked are same as the family involving whatever activity requires attention. Children can be accommodated by arrangement, and vegetarians can be catered for. No smoking indoors, no drugs. English spoken,with basic Spanish and French.
Sarah & Anthony Wheatley
Genalguacil , 29492 Malaga , SPAIN
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA004
Legend : SfCfNa2c2KnPhTt
LOCATION : 50 kms from Ronda
TRAVEL : Train : can collect
25 acres - 2 acres newly planted walnuts, 2 acres sweet chestnuts, 2 acres olive grove 2 acres oranges, fruit and vegetables, 17 acres cork forest. Livestock - chickens, cats and dog. Cultivate using mulching, organic fertilisers, conservation tillage, cutting and burning etc. General aims - to be moderately self-sufficient; to restore the homestead and surrounding land to productivity and to protect the environment. Anthony is a professional translator and interpreter and biologist and we divide our time between business and the farm. Other activities - silviculture and forestry, woodland management. Can teach - grafting, soil conservation, general horticulture, woodland management. Speak Spanish and English
Francisco Pizarro Pastor
Calle Caballetes , 4- Zarzalejo , 28293- Madrid , SPAIN
Tel : 696018565
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA151
Legend : SfCfNa3c1AdKnPhTf
LOCATION : 3 km from Zarzalejo, 60 from Madrid
TRAVEL : Bus or train from Madrid
Near to Madrid´s Mountains Small permaculture farm starting. Project based on sustainable living, alternative energy and natural building. We live in 2 Ha with organic vegetable garden, ash trees and oaks, horse, fruit trees and hens. Varied work involved - digging, planting, building, designing, etc- depending on work plan and season. Housekeep and maintenance work required. Can practice Aikido. Food and accom in return for your help : 5 hours on day. Accom for 2 people in our home. Speak spanish, and some english.
Tim Davies
Tarbena 03518 , Alicante , SPAIN
Tel : 96 588 4305
Fax : 96 588 4305
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA130
Legend : SfCfAcPhTtWgwtbLes
Mountain organic olive and fruit farm (just starting up) one hour's drive inland from Costa Blanca. Beautiful area. Camping arranged for wwoofers. All skills needed but particularly fruit tree pruning, dry stone walling, veg growing, water conservation. solar power, plants etc. Very old typical spanish village nearby but transport provided to nearest town and coast. Best for late spring to late summer. As in mountains does not get unbearably hot.
Jordi Pedros Cortasa
C/ Urgell,83 1r. Balaguer 25600 Lleida , SPAIN
Tel : +( 34) 973 446072 after 22h.
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA074
Legend : SfCiNa4c2ArKyPthTt
LOCATION : near the town
Farm located in the very dry land, near the river Segre near to Barcelona (100km) in eastern Catalonia autonomy.. A lot of Trees (olives, almonds, fruits ) I make honey. I have some small animals.I have a big oven of stone for make bread. Building a site for the sheep. Repairing garden. A project using recycled materials in differents sites. Speak English, French, Spanish, Catalan and Esperanto. Accommodation in an apartment and work on three different farm sites (55 ha) I have another small farm near Girona.
Hara and Carlo Davis
Lista De Correos, Icod De Los Vinos , 38430 Tenerife , Canary Islands , SPAIN
Tel : 0034 676 438 936
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA047
Legend : SfCiNa2KnPiWgLeH3Y7
LOCATION : Tenerife, Canary Islands
TRAVEL : Can collect at airport. 15 minutes walk from village
N Tenerife: 6 acre organic farm. 1 acre cultivated with 50 types of sub-tropical fruit trees in permaculture forest-garden style. 5 acres of steep mountain wilderness leading into National Park. 100% vegetarians only. Work 3 hours a day in exchange for self-contained yurt accommodation. Must provide own food. Near sea/village/bus routes. Good hill walking. Two people sharing only.
Michael Doherty
LAS TRICIAS, GARAFÍA , Lista Correos Puntagorda , Isla La Palma (TENERIFE) , SPAIN
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA156
Legend : SgCiNa2ArcKaPhTfWgb
TRAVEL : easy Bus access
Project Starting up in La Palma, Canary Islands. Needs fun, mature, adventurous and self-sufficient people to help with building restoration, picking almonds and tunos through September. Beautiful very peaceful place that isn´t, however, in the middle of nowhere! Urgent. Very easy work, plenty of time off to see the stunningly beautiful island. Ceramics studio on site can be used by wwoofers also.
Eshana and Simon
Puerto Jubiley , 18430 Torviscon , Province of Granada , SPAIN
Tel : 0034 659 762 598
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA086
Legend : SfCfNa2AcKaPhTtWgtb
LOCATION : Near small village next to river in valley
TRAVEL : coach from Malaga to Orgiva
Spanish farm 4 hectares. Principally almond orchard. some olives, and med sized organic market garden. English/Australian couple also seeking help rebuilding eco farmhouse welcome hard grafters into adventure / vegetarian food / rustic location at present time camping only provided until house is built.
Martin Franklin
c/Desengano 5 , 18494 Mairena , Granada , SPAIN
Tel : 958 760093
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA134
Legend : CiNa1ArKnPtTtWbLes
LOCATION : Las Alpujarras of Granada
TRAVEL : Bus once a day to next town 12 km
Small dusty old wood workshop in southern Spain and run by small dusty old woodworker needs help painting, light building work on rebuilt haouse and in workshop. manual ability essential and if you are creative you can help in workshop and make a few things for yourself. Mairena, the village in which I live, is situated in Las Alpujarras of Granada, a completely rural village. The normal method of agriculture is almost completely organic. I can teach wood turning, fretwork, simple wood carving, encourage creativity. I have no land nor garden therefore there is no farming or garden work to be done.
John Gray
Apt de Correos #33 , Ugijar , Granada 18480 , SPAIN
Tel : +34 958 851903, 958 851633 or 696 346219 (mobile)
Fax : 34 958 851754
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA026
Legend : SfCfNa3c2ArKyPhWgwb
3ha of terraces with mature olive trees; need help ploughing, sickling, harvesting and pruning from November thru February. Located in the Alpujarras in SE Spain; Object is to produce organic oil with distinctive flavour to make enough money to maintain terraced land. WWOOFers should be prepared to climb trees and have accident insurance.
Kevin Simpson
Resturante Remedios , 29461 FARAJÁN, Ronda , Málaga , SPAIN
Tel : 687 66 88 12
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA080
Legend : SfCciNa2AdcvKaPiTt
TRAVEL : Málaga Airport > Ronda > Collection or Bus to Farajan
Organic Farm, mixed agriculture. Self reliance, permaculture set in the Geral Valley (Serrania de Ronda). River forest and abundant wildlife. Work with gardens, tree crops, forestry and animals as well as construction and A-tec projects. Can also teach dry stone walling, food preserving and self sufficiency skills. We ask for two weeks minimum stay if you have some experience if not please plan a month. Kitchen and house are run collectively so everyone is expected to help with cooking and cleaning. Waterproof boots are advisable in winter and a sense of humour at all times. Living conditions are basic for all but with the ethic that all are well fed and cared for.
Mrs. Elaine Gregson
Las Palomas, 9 El salto , E-38617 Granadilla de Abona , Tenerife Canary Islands , SPAIN
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA124
Legend : CfNa2AcKaPhTfWgLeg
TRAVEL : Local bus service
Smallholding growing flowers, fruit and vegetables organically on the side of a canyon (barranco) in Tenerife, Canary Islands. Help needed all year round. Also a centre for spiritual (hands-on) healing. Drugs, tobacco and alcohol strictly banned. Vegetarian and vegan friendly. Wwoofers should be self-motivated with a strong interest in organic growing and a strong desire to give of their best, good at planning and organising, extremely tolerant of other people, and good at working both independently and in a team. Please send an e-mail in first instance.
Barbara Liegsalz
38788 Las Tricias , La Palma , Islas Canarias , SPAIN
Tel : 922-400615
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA046
Legend : CfNa1c3AcKnPhTtWwb
I'm living in La Palma (Canary Islands) and at the end of July I would like to build a log cabin on my land overlooking the ocean. I need a helping hand in the construction and I prefer someone that has experience working with wood. I can offer a beautiful, quiet place to live in plain nature and wonderful good-hearted people to work with. It should take about one month to complete the house. I would like to work with people who are really serious about building the house. If during the time of construction, the worker doesn't have enough free time, something can be worked out afterwards, ie., can stay a while longer for vacation. You are welcome to call me. I speak Spanish, German and English.
Nick Davies
Please write to: 14 Celia Road , London N19 5ET, England, UK , SPAIN
Fax : +44 207 681 1683
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA118
Legend : SfCfNa2c2AdrKaPhTf
LOCATION : Terraced mountainside
TRAVEL : By bus to Valor then walk, (15mins)
15 ha olive farm 15 mins walk from village of Valor in beautiful La Alpujarra. Help needed from December to March for the olive harvest. Picking, cleaning and milling our olives within 4 hours for the best results. Also pruning, cleaning of irrigation channels and land clearing. Accommodation is very comfortable in a large, warm farmhouse. All house systems rely on renewable energy - photovoltaic, solar thermal etc. English and/or Spanish language is preferable.
Susan Lelliot & Terence Cooper
Apdo 80 , 18400 Orgiva-Granada , SPAIN
Tel : 34-958-784612
Web :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA089
Legend : SgCiNa2ArKnPhTtWgb
New garden with fruit trees, 15 min walk from small market town in the mountains south of Granada. Good walking country. Work includes general gardening, day-to-day chores and minor building work. permaculture methods used.. Accom for 2 people in our home or van with meals to suit.
Philip or Carina Townsend
Apdo De Correo 49 , 38900 Valverde, El Hierro , Islas Canarias , SPAIN
Tel : 0034 922 551511
Fax : 0034 922 551324
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA038
Legend : SfCfNa2PhWgawtbLegs
LOCATION : walking distance
Donkey refuge in canary islands. Help needed for work with donkeys and other rescued animals. Work to include animal maintenance, planting fields, basic building work. Fencing of land, and gardening.
Lisa Mills & Neil Power
Aptdo 148 , 18400 Orgiva , Granada, Andalucia , SPAIN
Tel : 0034 667934623
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA087
Legend : SfCfNa2c2ArKaPhTt
LOCATION : Andalucia
TRAVEL : Public transport 2km
Two acre family small holding in alternative pueblo. Organic veg. garden & fruit terraces, land clearing, woodland management, working with our mule, drystone walling, sustainable building and alternative technologies. We are looking for easy-going, child-friendly people. We provide good food and comfortable accommodation. fantastic surroundings. Established 7 years. We have no road access and bring up our building materials by mule. Compost toilet, solar electricity and water heater. We are self-sufficient in much of our fruit and veg, olive oil and eggs.
Francisco Boza Saez
Jubrique 29492 , Malaga , SPAIN
Tel : 952117061
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA050
Legend : SfCfNa3AdcKnPhTt
LOCATION : 8 km from Jubrique
TRAVEL : Collect from local village Jubrique
12 Hectares with 2 hectares Fruit trees, vegetable garden for house supply, 5 hectares sweet chestnuts and 5 hectares forest. Traditional organic methods with biodynamic influence. Surroundings of mountains and mediterranean forest, clean streams for swimming, clean air, peaceful. Varied hard work, including strimming undergrowth, ploughing with rotavator/mule, sowing, planting and weeding, pruning, rebuilding stone terraces. Building water tank and house extension, caring for chickens and mule. Must speak Spanish. Minimum stay 1 month. Please write in Spanish. July - October only.
Ron Boyd / Elaine McParland
Apt. correos 34 , 43460 Alcover , Tarragona , SPAIN
Tel : 00 34 977 846328
Fax : 00 34 977 846328
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA076
Legend : SfNa2ArKnPhTtWgawb
LOCATION : Farm 300m from urbanisation, 4 kl to village
TRAVEL : Airport - Barcelona. Reus March-Oct. Trains or bus service. Will pick up at Reus/Tarragona
15 hectares, ecological almond / olive farm in Tarragona, Catalunya, Spain. Owners have recently purchased an old Masia / Restaurant where they intend to serve organic food. Help needed 12 months of year on the farm and for setting-up of organic produce in grounds of the restaurant. Special interest in trees, gardening, particularly vegetables and natural pest control. Pruning and felling of fruiting trees and timber. Almond harvest August/Sept. and Olives, Nov. Strong, willing self-motivated people needed. Some projects from scratch and others on-going.Friendly, outgoing team ans excellent learning opportunities.Apart from the daily agricultural tasks, an opportunity for studying and applying local arcitectural / building techniques in keeping with the rural setting. Digging, building and dry stone wall building.Speak English, Spanish, Catalan
Deborah Tanswell
PO Box 34 , 44580 Valderrobres , TERUEL , SPAIN
Tel : Mobile 660752011
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA123
Legend : SfCfNa2c1ArcvKyPhTt
LOCATION : Teruel, Spain
TRAVEL : Nearest town 5km
Varied and interesting work from clearing, building and restoring a 300 yr old farm house to animal husbandry. Designing and planting a new organic vegetable plot of 1.5 acres. 50 acres incl. pine forest, 400 olive trees and 450 almonds. Horses, ducks, chickens, geese, dogs & cats. Sheep & pigs to come. We have been here 8 mths. Alternative energy. No mains water or electricity. 5 km from lovely old town. Over 2000' in mountain area. Good food, basic accommodation = hard work! Musicians, builders, animal lovers particularly welcome. Small pool, nearby river and lake and local swimming pool.
Ricard Guiu
25617 La Sentiu de Sió , SPAIN
Tel : 00 34 73 . 292012
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA079
Legend : SfgCfNa2AcKnPiTf
LOCATION : 10 km to Balaguer / 30 km to Lleida
TRAVEL : from Barcelona - lleida, by train or bus.
Building bioclimathic, renouvables energies. Must speak some spanish. Permaculture practiced. Austerity. Inward development. Craft music.
Melanie & Anthony Sharman-Coe
Lista de Correos , Facinas , Cadiz 11391 , SPAIN
Tel : (34) 615434307
Fax : (34) 956574092
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA133
Legend : SfCfNa2c2ArcvKyPhTt
LOCATION : Southern Spain
TRAVEL : Nearest town 10 mins
35,500 sq. meter farm in southern Spain in National Park full of wildlife galor! Organic and alternative we seek spiritual nature lovers to help with creating a self-sufficient, fun and relaxed home. We prefer non-smokers and animal lovers. Can teach horse-riding, bird-watching and vegetarian cooking.
Ana Maria Mugica
Caserio Sarasola-Zahar , 20749 Aizarnazabal-Gipuzkoa , SPAIN
Tel : 34-943-147774
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA111
300 year old house with views of the sea, land & forest. Work includes sowing, composting, planting, painting, wood cutting, building, child minding, etc. Accom for 4 in the house with vegetarian & macrobiotic meals. Children OK. Unavailable for Wwoofing from Sept 2001-June 2002.
Fran Hanlon
Los Hijanos 11 , Comares-Malaga , SPAIN
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA141
Legend : SfCiNa2c2AdcKyPt
Spanish fruit tree farm and veg, no animals yet. Need help in sept / oct / nov for picking and lopping trees based in the south of Spain. It is intended to form into a community set up in the future. We will be a women only farm / community with children. We also would like to encourage an artistic and creative environment and to link up with other similar communes.
Annie Gulbrandsen
Totalan , Malaga , Andalucia , SPAIN
Tel : 952 20 17 52
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA120
Legend : SfCfNa2c4AvKyPhTt
LOCATION : Malaga. Spain
TRAVEL : Village 2km away
Large family living in city but mum who commutes everyday to farm of 1.5 ha 10 miles from Malaga City (southern Spain) but very rural, beautiful loaction. Village close by with bus service. Ancient organic farm with olives, almonds, citrus trees. Own well, large ruin needs renovation/love! Caravan accommodation.
Paul & Fiona Primarolo
Apdo 28 , 18400 Orgiva-Granada , SPAIN
Tel : 958-347069
Fax : same
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA090
900 m above sea level. Mixed fruit trees, some olives, vegetable garden, woodland, irrigated & dry wild land, chickens & rabbits. Work includes clearing of weeds, land maintenance, gardening, be involved with our seasonal campng/bushwalking bsiness, camp maintenance, meal preparation, house sitting. Van/Tent accommodation. Mixed meals. No children.
Xurxo Lopez
Parada Do Sil , Ourense 32747 , Galiza , SPAIN
Tel : 34 988 208099
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA139
Legend : SgCfNa2c2AdKaPhTt
WgabLepDtGbH6Y5M1Z90B2-6, 9-11E12,8
We are a family with a son. We have a small herd of sheep, a donkey, hens, bees. We are arranging the building, an old stone house. Beautiful countryside. Woodland. River Canyon.
Alan & Pam Newman
Aptdo 78 , Orgiva , Granada 18400 , SPAIN
Tel : 958 78 43 62 or 696 77 37 58
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA129
Legend : SfCfNa2c1AvKnPhTt
Terraced, organic smallholding with oranges, lemons and many other fruit and nut trees. Beautiful quiet area within walking distance of town. Work includes irrigating, landclearing, weeding, cutting wood, dry stone walling, some building in traditional alpujarvenean style. There is a self contained caravan to sleep in.
David Leadbeater
, 032622 Laza, Ourense , Galicia , SPAIN
Tel : +34 677055269
Email : (not reliable)
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA021
Legend : KaLesDt
LOCATION : 20 miles from Verin
TRAVEL : To Orense then BUS to Verin
Family with plots growing fruit, vegetables, potatoes, chickpeas and maize. Use raised and hot beds. Chickens, rabbits, dogs and cats. Aim to enjoy an ecologically responsible lifestyle based on organic agriculture and alternative energy, returning productivity to a valley that once supported 5 families. To recover the local infrastructure (paths, streams, canals) and to live in peace with the beauty of the hills and the fruits of hard work. Can teach food conserving, wine making, bread making (in wood oven) and stone walling. Speak Spanish then English.
Hugh Coates, Nadya Coates
Ctra de Lles , 25726 LERIDA , Nr Andorra , SPAIN
Tel : +34 973 515 266
Fax : +34 973 515 410
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA002
Legend : SfCfcNa6c1ArcvKyPh
Project to renovate thermal spa in mountains near Andorra.Intensive & experimental organic gardens. SANILLES enjoys 300 days sun p.a. - solar panels providehot water and underfloor heating. Charity - The InternationalTherapeutic Institute aims to provide health care education for better quality of life especially for disadvantaged persons.Work includes veg & amenity gardening, building construction, decoration, woodland improvement and assistance with restaurant when busy.SANILLES is just south of Andorra 3500 ft (1090 mtrs) above sea level with spectauclar mountain views.We now have 2 horses for riding and riding therapy.We are nearer Andorra than Lerida.
Connie Mildner
Lista de Correos , 07430 Llubi , Mallorca , SPAIN
Tel : 34 971 504540
Fax : 34 971 504496
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA059
Legend : SfCfNa2c2AcvKaPhTt
LOCATION : 6 km from Inca
TRAVEL : Train to Inca
Mallorca, Spain - registered organic farm 7 ha Mainly citrus farm but also having a small amount of many other fruit trees and a large vegetable garden productive year round supplying a small farm shop on the premises. We also have chickens kept for eggs as well as cats and one dog. Mainly vegetarian diet.
Paul Baker or Emmely Fohring
27437 Deade, Ferreira de Panton , Lugo , Galicia , SPAIN
Tel : 9 82 16 2584
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA014
Legend : AcvKaDt
LOCATION : 14 km from Monforte de Lemos
TRAVEL : Train to Monforte de Lemos (can collect)
6 hectares with meadow, garden, vineyard, crops and wild area. 25 sheep, donkey, horse, pigs, ducks, geese and chickens. Aim to create a self sufficient organic farm with school and workshops. Also involved in music, jewellery, house reconstruction, water systems and yoga. Can speak English, Danish, Spanish and German. Farm is main occupation.
Ger Mosman
Paraje de las Chimeneas , 04878 Sierro Almeria , SPAIN
Tel : 00[31](0)20 6128994 or mobil 06 18872938
Email :
Web :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA142
Legend : SgCiNa2AcKnPiTt
Stichting StiltecentrumTerra Ananda (foundationTranquillity centre) In this "silence centre" people can stay for workshops or holidays. Now there is only bare land we want to start vegetable- fruit and flowergardens We have to build houses and create a "silence atmosphere" on our land We have 7,5 ha land and we will have enough space to plant all kinds of plants, trees and vegetables. we will work with waterfalls and ponds if you don't smoke, drink alcohol eat meat or use drugs you are welcome to work in Andalusia, near Sierro up in the mountains (2150 m) near Almeria (40 km away)
Richard Johnson
Lista De Correos , Orgiva 18400 , Granada , SPAIN
Tel : 0034 667 256 511
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA117
Legend : SfCfNa2c3AcKyPhTtf
LOCATION : near town
TRAVEL : fly to Malaga then bus
Small orange/olive grove, 10 mins walk from market town in foothills of Sierra Nevada mountains, S. Spain. URGENTLY need help to finish strawbale house annexe - oportunities to learn how to build in this eco-friendly and economical way! Also need help with land, pruning, harvesting (lots of delicious oranges), repairing drystone walls. Starting vegetable patch.
Jon Coates/ Josef Davies-Coates
c/o Jon Coates , C/Corta, 3 Bajo , Cuenca 16001 , SPAIN
Tel : +34969232732/ 020 7794 6045/ 07764 759970
Fax : 020 7794 6045
Email :
Web :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA126
Legend : CfciNa2AcKaPhTtWgtb
LOCATION : 2 hectares outside village
Help us build our straw bale guest huts, organic farm, bookshop and bar. Our south-facing 2 hectares of land, situated in Europe's 2nd least populated area, is perfect for an ecology centre. At over 1000ft above sea level we get hours of sun to harness. Both wood and straw are cheap and can easily be sourced locally. Buenache de la Sierra is just 18km from the spectacular city of Cuenca, and surrounded by beautiful scenery, strange rocks formations and forests with wild boar, deer, eagles & vultures. For more information and to see some pictures visit our website.
Kate McEvoy/ Ben Gabel
Buzon 6 , Los Molinos del Rio Aguas , Sorbas 04270 Almeria , SPAIN
Tel : 0034 950 525 619
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA064
Legend : CfNa2ArKaPhWgbLesDt
LOCATION : Almeria
TRAVEL : nearest bus 5km
Come and stay on our 1 acre smallholding growing unusual vegetables for seed.Set in a small village in Almeria province, Southern Spain. River for swimming, mountain walking etc Learn about seed saving. organic gardening, growing unusual vegetables, also renewable energy and solar cooking. web: Also olives, wine making. can collect from local bus -5km.
Wolfgang Rosenow
Mas Espinau , 17850 Beuda , SPAIN
Tel : 0034/972190024
Email :
Country : SPAIN
Host ID : SPA125
Legend : SfCfiNa3c4AdrcvKyPi
LOCATION : on a level of 800m in the mountains
TRAVEL : by cross-country car
Speak English, French, Spanish, German, Catalan, Russian.

International Dialing Code : 0094

Mr Ranjith de Silva
Office Junction , Galaha , SRI LANKA
Tel : 94-8-467201
Fax : same
Country : SRI LANKA
Host ID : SRI002
The PDC is part of an ongoing development project managed by the Permaculture Global Assistance Network (PGAN) at the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF), and funded by AusAID, the Global Eco-Villages Network and donations from the Australian public. Donations to the ACF Sri Lanka Permaculture Project are tax deductible. Tel: PGAN at the ACF on (03)9416 1166. Email 16.5 acre demonstration farm using sustainable agriculture to improve soil and health, forming farmer groups, develp an educational program of sustainable agriculture. Work in all areas of organic farming, production systems, composting, soil conservation. Dormitory accommodation.
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WWOOF INDEPENDENTS also lists some hosts for this country

International Dialing Code : 0046

WWOOF Sweden : Andreas Hedren, Palstorp Hunna, 340 30 Vislanda, Sweden.
Phone : 0470 75 43 75

Magnus Drysén
Asko Vastergard , 643 93 VINGAKER , SWEDEN
Tel : 0151 - 30 007
Fax : 0151 - 76 23 06
Email :
Country : SWEDEN
Host ID : SWE006
Legend : SfCfNa2c3AdrcvKyPh
LOCATION : 170 km sw of Stockholm near a lake
TRAVEL : Train & bus or pick up at train station
Farm with 8 ha open land & 2 ha wood, garden with vegetables and fruit trees. Preparing for a fruit orchard, bees and making of honey. Work in garden, with fruit trees, harvest, refine harvest, wood, and buildnings or what ever needs doing. We eat organic vegetarian food. Kids are welcome. We are home schooling our children so sharing of different kinds of knowledge is apreciated.
Anders Nordin
945 92 Altersbruk Piteå , SWEDEN
Tel : (0046) (0)911 204054
Fax : (0046) (0)911 204054
Email :
Web : http://
Country : SWEDEN
Host ID : SWE007
Legend : SfgCfNa2c1ArKaPiTtf
LOCATION : In the country in a village 25-45 kilometers from other cities
TRAVEL : By bus to Piteå, by air to Luleå/Kallax, by train to Älvsbynå
An organic farm plus house garden.Help needed for gardens, animals, woods, alternative technologies and buildings.

Lindberg 10 , 79191 Falun , SWEDEN
Tel : +46-023-43030
Fax : +46-023-43084
Country : SWEDEN
Host ID : SWE008
Collective community of 6 people, small ecological houshold. Work includes agricultural chores, wood chopping, house repairs, painting & carving. Accommodation in the main house with vegetarian meals. Children OK. NSI. Stays of 2-4 weeks.
Mark and Ingrid Munro
340 15 Vittaryd , SWEDEN
Tel : 46 (0) 370 45080
Email :
Country : SWEDEN
Host ID : SWE003
Legend : SfCfNa2c2ArKnPhTtWg
We grow vegetables on our farm located by a lake in the South of Sweden. We have been growing organic veges commercialy since 1986.
Niklas Palmcrantz
s-610 14 Rejmyre , SWEDEN
Email :
Country : SWEDEN
Host ID : SWE001
Legend : SfCfiNa3c3AdrKyPiTt
Tiseno-island 125ha, 25ha farmland, animal husbandry (sheep, cows) vegetables. Gardening, forestry, clayhouse-building. Only access by boat.180 km southwest of Stockholm. Contact us at least one month in advance. WWOOFers are welcome all year round.
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International Dialing Code : 0041

WWOOF Switzerland : WWWOOF Postfach 59, 8124 Maur, Switzerland.
Membership : 20 Swiss Francs. Email :


International Dialing Code :

Peter Morehead
No.14-1, Lane 93, Ping-jing St , Shihlin- Taipei 111 , TAIWAN
Tel : 02-2862-1905
Fax : same
Email :
Country : TAIWAN
Host ID : TAI001
A terraced valley bordering a NP just outside of Taipei. Plenty of trails & clean streams to explore & organic farms nearby where you could be a pioneer Wwoofer. Guests stay in a small room & live as family. Work includes building windows in roof, engineering a microhydro power generator, P/c gardening, building stone/rock stairways. 4-6 hours per day. Sundays off. On other days, if you choose not to work, then pay US$6 per day. Vegetarian meals, some fish. Children OK. NSI. Can organise farmstays at other organic farms nearby.

International Dialing Code : 0066

Supijit Sriwises
Patiu District , Yasothon Province , 35150 , THAILAND
Tel : 01-2516112
Email :
Country : THAILAND
Host ID : THA006
Legend : SfCfNa4c2ArKyPiTtWg
LOCATION : Yasoton Province
I am a teacher at a secondary school Yasothon province of Thailand. There are 4 people in my family. I go to my paddy field of 7 acres after school. I also make triangle pillows so WWOOFers can learn how to do this too. I have 2 houses - one for my family and another for 5 wwoofers. My paddy field is 1 km away from the houses. WWOOFers can teach english at my school if they would like to. I use organic manure and have been here 20 years.
Panthita Sukongkaratanakul
500 Mu11 Tha Ma Fai Wan , Gangkraw, Chaiyaphum , 36150 , THAILAND
Tel : 0066 (0)7 5853373
Email :
Country : THAILAND
Host ID : THA003
Legend : SfCfNa2c2ArKyPiWgLe
Our family is in the mountains near the lake, fresh air, isolated from the village. Our activities are training for the positive Buddhist way of thinking for students , home schooling and doing organic farming.WWOOfers work with us 2hours a day every evening and two hours teaching English to our 3 year old son. We need only nattive english speaking woman who loves to play with children. Stay at least one week.
Francis Martorelli
Chaiyapruk Foundation/Organic Farm , PO Box 5 , Ongkharak 'Nakhon Nayok 26120 , THAILAND
Tel : 018239085
Email :
Web :
Country : THAILAND
Host ID : THA007
Legend : SfCcNa7c25AdrKa
LOCATION : I hrs drive from NE Bangkok
TRAVEL : 10km nearest small town/5kms to nearest small village
I hours drive from N E Bangkok help welcome on 2 week renewable basis. No experience necessary for 1st farm. Wide variety of work.Tropical experiences required for 2nd farm certified commercial organic. Ist farm is an orphanage therefore contribution of £10(+/-) per week required for food. Normal WWOOF exchange scheme for 2nd farm. Write/call or email. Free yoga lessons every day also Reiki and Reflexology. I can also provide free lectures on soil and organic farming. Work starts at 6am to 11.30 with breakfast at 7.30. Rest until 2pm then more work as needed. Rare opportunity to learn tropical methods which are very different from temperate ones. You can also help teach English to the orphans. Dry season Dec-May, rainy season July-Aug.
Jo Jandai
76 Moo 8 Sritan, A. Patiu , Yasothon , 35150 , THAILAND
Tel : (66) 01 470 1461
Email :
Country : THAILAND
Host ID : THA004
Legend : SfgCiNa3c1AdrcKaPi
4 acres of land 25 kms from Yasothon, including rice paddy, forest, fruit trees, fish pond & garden. 2 adobe houses, kitchen & bath, located 1/4 km outside rural rice farming village. I have electricity & simple technology. Work includes rice planting & harvesting, gardening, composting, tree planting, hut building, fencing, etc. A chance to work with villagers, teach English, play with kids. I welcome input & ideas & community sharing. Room for 4 people in my home to live as family with flexible meals. Children OK.
Mr. Prinya Pornsirichaivatana
15 Mou 1 Thumbonbungkumploy , Lumlukka , Pathumthani 12150 , THAILAND
Email :
Country : THAILAND
Host ID : THA008
Legend : SfgCfiNa15c2ArcKa
LOCATION : Near city
7.2 Ha certified organic farm near Bangkok and 16 Ha near rainforest. Help needed in the garden all season of rotation crop production. Post-harvest handling and retails Well known locally as leading organic farm. Prefer WWOOFers to write at least one month in advance. Who interest in bio-diversity and organic movement . With living in organic farmers life style and willing to help.
Supijit Sriwises
30 Moo 8 Ban Sritan , Patiu District , Yasoton Province 35150 , THAILAND
Tel : 66-045-712900; 66-01-2516112; 66-01-3933837
Email :
Country : THAILAND
Host ID : THA005
Legend : CfNa4c2ArKyPhWgcLe
LOCATION : House is in Bansritan and my farm is a km from my house
TRAVEL : Bus to Ubon Ratchathani, then bus to Yasothon, then motorcycle to Ban Sritan
I am a secondary school teacher in Yasoton province. I live at my peaceful village near to my farm. I have an organic farm 7 acres. There are 6 persons in my family. We grow our rice field by ourself. I have two houses . There is room for 5 WWOOFer in the second house. We make triangle pillows after the growing season. WWOOFers can learn to grow rice and Thai vegetables, teach English to the kids in school, learn to make the triangle pillow, make Thai food.
Soo & & Loong Bob
268 Thamafaiwan , Chaiyaphum 36150 , THAILAND
Tel : none
Fax : none
Email : none
Country : THAILAND
Host ID : THA001
Legend : SfKaDtM4
LOCATION : 2-hour drive from Chaiyadhum
TRAVEL : Truck / Bus : to Chaiyaphum,then 10min. walk (Joshua at Yin's guesthouse will guide)
Developing, permaculturally, small homestead in NE. Forest garden design. Slowly evolving tiny island of diversity - plants, creatures, humans. At high priority: peddle/wind/solar power. Skills, knowledge welcome - not essential. One month stay MINIMUM. Eager for homemade music. Tobacco strictly limited. Please include IRC with inquiry. Write for details. Limited to 3 people. . Please give preferred dates with enquiry - 1st choice/2nd choice ( 30 day minimum.) Also give age, relevant experience and skills. If travelling please give Poste Restante - GPO address to which we can send the details re WWOOFing at out farm. NO email. NO telephone. Any main Post Office around the world will receive and hold mail for you under Poste Restante. DO NOT COME WITHOUT WRITTEN INVITATION.

International Dialing Code : 00228

WWOOF Togo : Prosper Agbeko, B.P. 25 Agou-Gare, Togo. Membership : US$25 + 2 x IRC.
(Write with IRC before sending money)


International Dialing Code :

Godfrey Dembe Kasozi
PO Box 259 , Kasese , UGANDA
Tel : 256 77 466461
Email :
Country : UGANDA
Host ID : UGA001
Legend : SfCcNa5c3AdrcKyPiTt
WgatbLeDtnGbXsH6Y5M2Z8B3-6, 9-12
LOCATION : 25 km to public transport
Looking for volunteers to stay and work at our centre. Technical people who can heklp in training. Accommodation and food available, space for tents. 20 acres organic gardens, water harvesting. Goats, cows, rabbits, chickens. Wecarry out farmer to farmer research, hosting the community for harvest parties.
Benon Karugahe
PO Box 1032 , Kabale , UGANDA
Country : UGANDA
Host ID : UGA002
Legend : SfCfArcKyPhWaLeXsa
LOCATION : Kampala
TRAVEL : Cars from Kampala(cheap) from behind the centenary bank at Kigezi dairy Co-operative Soc).
This large (40 ha) pasture is basically organic in practice and has dairy cows, sheep & turkeys. Lack of water supply. Also growing tobacco, potatoes, peas, beans with a shop & hotel. The farm at 2000m altitude experiences a cool rainy climate (18-28 deg.cel.) and is very scenic with a deep clean lake 30mins walk away, safe for swimming. Three volcanoes can be seen in good weather and two mountain gorilla reserves are nearby. Please be patient with cultural and linguistic barriers, we want to get to know you. Accom in home, tents or BYO. Meals to suit. Stays of at least 4 weeks. I have built houses for wwoofers to use and camping is possible. When visiting you will be with the family. Work duration 8am-2pm. Six days a week. Welcome May & June.
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International Dialing Code : 0044

United Kingdom comprises Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
WWOOF UK : Write with IRC and addressed A5 envelope to WWOOF, PO Box 2675, Lewes BN7 1RB, England, U.K.
To WWOOF in the U.K., you must be a member of WWOOF UK.


International Dialing Code : 00598

Renate Meissner
Av. Soca 1356 , Montevideo 11300 , ROU , URUGUAY
Tel : 00598 390 2818
Email :
Country : URUGUAY
Host ID : URU001
Legend : SfCiNa2ArKnPhTtWga
Organic vegetable farm in Uruguay, 50 km from Montevideo.Woofers welcome in december, january, february


See separate USA listing


International Dialing Code : 00678


International Dialing Code :

Elisa Arraiz
Casa del Cable , Plaza de Santa Rosa , Carúpano , VENEZUELA
Tel : 0147830023
Fax : 094319724
Email :
Host ID : VEN001
Legend : CiNa5ArKaPhTtLesDt
LOCATION : 7 Kms. far from a town
TRAVEL : by car or motorike
80 ha farm in a deltaic zone need help to begin growing organic food in part of the farm. In the other part we have hot springs that we are developing as an ecotourism place. We have not experience in growing organic food, we only have the land and the good disposition, and there is little possibility of qualified help in the country. acienda Aguasana is in Península de Paria, at the far east of Venezuela. Is an untouched land with huge possibilities and little information about new ways of growing food. A very fertileland but deteriorated because of ignorance. We need help to grow food and also to educate local people. enínsula de Paria is an underdeveloped place where you do not find all the accomodations of developed countries but you can live with no polution and in contact with nature. The post office do not work very well so is best to comunicate by emai, phone.

International Dialing Code :

Jasmine Soleyn
Layou , St Vincent and the Grenadines , WEST INDES
Email :
Country : WEST INDES
Host ID : WES001
Legend : SfCiNa2ArcKnPhTt
LOCATION : mountainside
TRAVEL : car, foot, donkey
Currently establishing a 5 acre farm. We are interested to hear from those able to help us with organics. We already have bearing banana, breadfruit,sops,mangoes and others. Planting peppers, lettuce, tomatoes etc. We have a basic house with a fresh mountain stream but no electricity. In a safe, friendly, quiet and beautiful environment, semi rainforest. If you're interested to come help out, please let me know, not for the faint hearted.