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Directions to Jam
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The monthly jams are held at the Student Center at Alvernia College in suburban Reading, PA. 

Alvernia College is located south of Reading between Routes 222 and 10. Signs on routes 422, 222, 625, and 10 provide directions. An easy way : Follow route 10 south from 222 about one mile. Turn right at Upland Ave (Lincoln Plumbing is on the right). Drive about Ĺ mile (about three stop signs). Turn left immediately after crossing a bridge. Go one block and turn right. Go about 1/4 mile to the second entrance. Turn left and the student center is the building in front of you. Park in the lot. (610)-374-0820 or (610) 678-8697 for info.

You can also go to for detailed directions from all points as well as a campus map showing the Student Center.

Some Jam Guidance:

From the Lancaster County Folkmusic & Fiddlersí Society newsletter Iím reprinting "The Four Jam, Session Rules ".

1. Everybody in the circle gets a turn to play a tune, sing a song, tell a story, or explain in 25 words or less why they want to pass. Humorous explanations can expand to 50 words. Unless you specifically say you want to play solo, everyone may play along. If you want to sing a cappella, say so (sing it out!) - this means absolutely no playing of instruments allowed with no exceptions.

2. Listen to the person whose turn it is. If you canít hear them, you should play or sing more quietly. Play at their tempo, even if theyíre playing a reel at dirge speed or a dirge at reel speed. This is folk music; itís their turn; they get to determine the tempo.

3. Between tunes please sit on your hands and donít play. (It will keep them warmed up for the next song) If you play between tunes it can make it hard for the person whose turn it is to remember their tune and get started.

4. You may have been in tune last Thursday, but you may not be now. Please check your tuning. If you arenít sure youíre in tune, ask someone for help or ask to borrow a tuner, If you think someone else is out of tune, donít fume. Quietly and politely ask them to check their tuning. (Or yours)

4a. Have fun.

4 Ĺ The editor has added (some notes) which should not be attributed to the original author of these rules or any reprints made from same. While the rules are intended to provide a serious set of guidelines that everyone can use, we all need to maintain a sense of reason and humor. No rulers or hand slapping allowed.



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