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Home (Index) page - the introduction page, with the current FCMS newsletter (The Resonator), a search engine for the whole site, and a link to the Folk Music Web Ring. 

    Contact Us - how to get in touch with the organization

    Membership - how to join the organization

        Membership Form - a form you can fill out, print and send to join FCMS

    What We're About - a brief history and description of FCMS

        Directions - how to get to our monthly jam, including a map

        Who We Are - a description of our membership

            Members - some links to Members' pages

            Photos - an album of photographs of FCMS in action

    News - News flashes, as they occur

    Schedule - the current schedule of FCMS events

    Resources - links to acoustic music web sites

        Other Groups - information about sister and cousin acoustic music organizations

    Feedback - a form to register suggestions, comments, complaints and praise about this Web site

    Discussion Board - an on-line bulletin board to share information, questions and answers with other visitors to the site

    Guest book - share you found us, what you think of the site, and any other thoughts with other visitors, or  read the comments of other visitors 


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