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Below are some useful resources for acoustic musicians available on the Internet. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list.  Try out some of the other Indexes provided at the bottom of this page if you want more! Non-internet information is also listed on the "Local Organizations" page. You can also click on the "Discussion" icon to share or seek information from other website visitors.

bulletFolk Societies
bulletPhiladelphia Folk Song Society
bulletBucks County Folk Song Society
bulletThe Baltimore Folk Music Society
bulletThe Brandywine Friends of Old Time Music (Wilmington)
bulletLehigh Valley Folk Music Society
bulletSusquehanna Folk Music Society
bulletEd's Music Page
bulletSing Out!
bulletSeven Mountains Bluegrass Association - - 19 Surrey Lane, Mechanicsburg PA 17055 - 
bulletCoffee Houses/Open Mikes/Acoustic Venues
bulletGodfrey Daniels , Bethlehem, PA
bulletThe Joyful Noise Cafe , Trappe PA
bulletSteel City Coffeehouse , Phoenixville, PA
bulletBOOKS: Here are a few resources for the songs that we frequently use. This is just a beginning. I hope you’ll add your resources. We’ll also be adding web sites that we use. Retailers can usually order using the ISBN number, but the publisher info helps.

Rise Up Singing (Spiral Bound) ISBN 0-9626704-7-2
Sing Out! 
Box 5253 
Bethlehem, PA 18015-0253

Bluegrass Songbook (The Red Book) ISBN 0-8256-0164-9
OAK Publications
225 Park Ave South
New York, NY 10003

The Fiddler’s Fakebook ISBN 0-8256-0238-6
OAK Publications
I have several others, but I just wanted a quick start to gauge your interest.


Banjo Newsletter

American Folk Songs

And don’t forget music teachers!

bulletMusic Genres/Educational
bulletFolk College is May 17-19, 2002, at Clarion University in Clarion PA. The emphasis of the weekend is on all folk instruments playing together. Most of the workshops are open to all instruments, plus there are jam sessions led by festival staff. Resident bands this year include Simple Gifts, Silk City, Flapjack, Cucanandy, and Raisin Cane. Please visit their website at
bullet Suggested by Uncle Jack. If you're looking for scales, chords, tablature and maybe a jam track or two to practice to then this is the place you need to be. So grab a guitar and get friendly with it for a couple hours. You will emerge from co-acoustic a better player. looking for
bullet Good set of links for advice on acoustic instrument amplification for live performance, and home recording

Dirty Linen (the magazine for folk music).  This site also has some good links. . This site has many links, including concert reviews and schedules for your favorite artist.

bulletFolk Music Directories
bulletFolk Music Home Page
bulletMudcat Matthew's favorite folk and acoustic blues site. History, lyrics, and reviews.
bulletContemplator's Child Ballad Directory (with the melodies played!)
bulletContemplator's Popular Songs in American History (again with melodies played! I love this site!) Thanks Don for updated link.
bulletContemplator's Folk Music of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and America site (The parent site to the two previous ones.  Truly amazing!)
bulletMusic jokes
bulletWeb sites for instrument worship
bulletmore banjo
bulletEven more banjo
bulletdmoz banjo index lots o' links!
bullethammered dulcimer Hey what's the difference between a hammered dulcimer and a mountain dulcimer?*
bulletmountain dulcimer  Hey how long does it take to tune a dulcimer?**
bulletmore fiddle
bulletmore guitar this has the best database of instrument reviews by the people that bought them.  
bulletstill more guitar

* One burns faster, the other burns hotter.
** No one knows.

bulletOther Web sites' Indexes
bulletContemplator's Folk Music links
bulletdmoz folk music directory
bulletdmoz bluegrass directory
's Folk/Blues Page (Commercial) Check this out for the latest releases, some news and interviews with folk and blues celebrities.



Folk Music on Radio and TV


Information in this section is provided by fans of these shows. Please forward additions and corrections to the editor. Thanks for the updates.

WCOJ 1420 AM, Saturday: 4:30 PM Country Corner with Bill Moffett

FROM: (Bill Moffett, WCOJ)

WCOJ 1420AM has just launched a new radio program called "Country Corner." I've included a show description below. As program host, I want to include in the show announcements of upcoming music, dance and storytelling public events. You'll hear announcements from the Brandywine Friends of Old Time Music, Godfrey Daniels, the Dog House Cafe, Musical Lairs, the Brandywine Dulcimer Fellowship, the Pinelands Cultural Society, Russellville Square Dance and numerous others. I'd like to include those of your group too.

Please email me at; Or you can fax to 610-466-7200 ATTN: Bill Moffett, Or you can send regular postal mail to Bill Moffett, WCOJ, 3721 East Lincoln Highway Thorndale, PA 19372

Let's work together on building the audience for local music and dance. Please tell the folks who attend your events about "Country Corner." Thanks. Below is the show description.

Program: Country Corner
Station: WCOJ 1420AM, The Voice of Chester County
Length: three hours/week: Sundays 1-4PM
Host: Bill Moffett

The program communicates closely with local musicians, performance locations, and organizations. I keep the audience informed of concerts, festivals, and dances in our area through public service announcements. The program also covers (through PSAs) storytelling, local jam sessions, and participatory singing. The program is somewhat educational: occasionally a special segment on a musician, a form of music, or a style, and perhaps a dash of history or interpretation. Area musicians, event organizers, storytellers, and musical historians are welcome on the program to chat. 

Bill Moffett, WCOJ, 3721 East Lincoln Highway, Thorndale, PA 19372. Fax: 610-466-7200, Email: 


Mountain Folk Show - The weekly radio and web show for people who enjoy bluegrass, folk and mountain music with host East Side Dave. Airs weekly on the worldwide web at

Airs weekly at various times on various stations. Locally it can be heard on:
WEEU: 850 AM Sunday 9-10 AM in Reading, PA
WWSM: 1510 AM Saturday 11 AM to Noon

Elsewhere it can be found on:
KUNQ-FM, Houston, Missouri
WKEK-AM, Blacksburg, Virginia
WSCP-FM, Pulaski, New York
WSDS-AM, Ypsilanti, Michigan

And the show is also offered to affiliates and listeners in the Marquette, Michigan market and beyond via satellite on the Skybird Satellite System. The show is syndicated and distributed by Mountain Laurel Productions. The show is sponsorship oriented and any interested sponsors can contact the show's producers via the e-mail, phone or snail-mail information given below. Stations seeking affiliation are encouraged to make contact. Since the show features international, national, regional and local artists, entertainers are encouraged to send material for airplay to the Mountain Folk post office box. Materials will not be returned. Preferred format is cd, but dats, reels, or cassettes could also be used in that order of preference.

Mountain Folk
P.O. Box 2266
Sinking Spring, Pa. 19608, (e-mail address)
1-888-MTN-FOLK, (toll free call from anywhere within the continental USA)

WITF 89.5 FM

Saturday: 8 - 9 PM Thistle & Shamrock with Fiona Ritchie

WXPN 88.5 FM

Saturday 6 to 8 PM Mountain Stage - live from West Virginia
Sunday: 4 to 8 PM Folk Music with Gene Shay

WXLV 90.3 FM

Sunday: 6 - 8 PM Sunday in the Mountains with Tom Druckenmiller 7 East Fourth Street Bethlehem, PA 18015 (610) 867-2390

Please email me to let me know if you find any dead links. 

The Full Circle Music Society, Post Office Box 6822, Wyomissing, PA 19610-6822
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