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What We're About
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   "Ellen and Joe", copyright Don Potteiger

The love of music and fellowship was the foundation for the Full Circle Music Society in 1985 when friends began to bring their guitars to the former Blue Marsh Inn to share music. When the inn closed, the group began meeting in homes and established a not-for-profit organization to promote acoustic music. As membership grew, the group began to hold monthly open jams. The Full Circle Music Society comprises musicians of various ages, abilities and talents, storytellers, and folks that just enjoy music.  Our common goal is to share, learn, promote, and play acoustic music (and eat), and in general, have a good time doing it.  Click here to learn more about us.  And check out our Photos page to see us in action!

We play music

FCMS is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the preservation, playing and promotion of all types of acoustic music. We meet to play music at 7:30 p.m. on the second Tuesday of the month, sharing traditional and contemporary folk songs, bluegrass, celtic music, ragtime and other styles. Our members range in ability from beginner to professional.

 Everyone--non-members included--is welcome to participate. Our monthly jams are held near Reading at the Alvernia College. Click here or at left for Directions.

In addition to our regular jam sessions, we frequently perform at a variety of Berks, Bucks and Montgomery County events. Take a look at our schedule.  Some of us also play out individually or in groups, as you can see on our Members page.

We encourage kids to make music 

Photo: Kids sing along with Full Circle member Randy Brendle. Copyright Scott Canouse

One of our most important missions is to introduce kids to music--and encourage them to take up a musical instrument. We are currently working with the Reading School District to become part of their Elm Street Project, an alternative education pilot program. During the school year, we also host a program called The Half Circle, a musical jam session for kids of all levels and abilities. For more about these programs, contact us.

And anyone can join us

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