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Picture Gallery
Section One
This is the gallery that started it all.  These images were taken 8/12/98.  Contents  include Old tennis shoes, white socks, and barefeet. 
Section Two
This gallery was added on 8/19/98, just after mowing the lawn.  Temps were 100+ that day.  Contents include grassy shoes, sweaty grass stained white socks, and sweaty barefeet.
Section Three
This gallery was added 8/28/98.  Contents include Birkenstock sandals, barefeet, and sole shots.  You asked for them, so here they are!
1.  gfeet1  6.   gfeet6
2.  gfeet2  7.   gfeet7
3.  gfeet3  8.   gfeet8
4.  gfeet4  9.   gfeet9
5.  gfeet5  10. gfeet10
1.  gfeet11  6.   gfeet16
2.  gfeet12  7.   gfeet17
3.  gfeet13  8.   gfeet18
4.  gfeet14  9.   gfeet19
5.  gfeet15  10. gfeet20
1.  gfeet21  6.   gfeet26
2.  gfeet22  7.   gfeet27
3.  gfeet23  8.   gfeet28
4.  gfeet24  9.   gfeet29
5.  gfeet25  10. gfeet30

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