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Wednesday, 20 August 2008
Black Prince tomatoes, saskatoons ripen
Topic: tomatoes

In the last week or so we've had our first Black Prince tomatoes from the bump windows, and our first outside tomatoes, Sun Gold. 

The Black Prince had a luscious meaty flavor, really rich.  The Sun Gold are sweet and light.  They turn an orangey color when ripe, they are  green, then golden yellow before then. 

I picked the first saskatoons of the year from the back yard, about a half quart.  There are a few raspberries ripe, but most are still green.

Posted by gail_heineman at 3:27 PM YDT
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Wednesday, 30 July 2008
First stupice tomato
Topic: tomatoes

Today I picked the first stupice in the bump windows.  There are several more turning red.  It took one sunny warm day and suddenly a bunch turned.  They were waiting.

The stupice had a typical tomato flavor, nothing to write home about.  But they are reliable and early for me.  Although not as early as the Sungold this year. 

Posted by gail_heineman at 7:24 PM YDT
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Thursday, 24 July 2008
First tomatoes, fresh herbs
Topic: tomatoes

Today we hard our first two Sungold tomatoes from the bump windows.  There are lots of green tomatoes out there.  I expected the Stupice to ripen first, since I've been selecting the earliest sweetest Stupice for seed for the next year for over a decade, but no.  The Sungold were delicious, but I miss the sun-warm flavor. It was a cool day, as usual this summer.

For dinner I harvested fresh dill, sorrel, French tarragon and cilantro, and chopped them finely into Salmon patties along with egg, corn meal and minced onion.  One of my best versions yet.  I cooked the chopped sorrel with the chopped salmon in the microwave before making the patties.  This is salmon I scraped off the bones after cutting fillets.  Our dipnetted salmon is in the freezer already. It was a good season. 

Posted by gail_heineman at 9:15 AM YDT
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Monday, 2 June 2008
More planting
Topic: tomatoes

I'm back from out of town.  Today I planted carrots, lettuce and spinach.  My transplants that I put in on May 22nd have survived being outside, although the Black Jack zucchini are suffering.  But then zucchini never like transplanting anyway.

The plants inside still in pots inside are still ok, except that the tomatoes that I plan to put outside are really leggy.   It's still too cold for them so they'll have to wait.  The tomatoes in the greenhouse (bump windows) are in their permanent pots and look happy, from 1 to 3 feet tall.

There is no sign of aphids in the house yet.  Last year they came in on some plants I bought, and they really hurt my greenhouse tomato production.  So far, so good.

Posted by gail_heineman at 11:49 AM YDT
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Thursday, 27 September 2007
Brought in all he sungold tomatoes from the deck
Topic: tomatoes

Although we haven't had a hard frost yet, the nights are in the high 30's F and the days aren't warm enough to develop more tomatoes, so I picked all the remaining sungold tomatoes from the deck pots.  I left them on their stems in the hopes they'll develop a little more.  There are lots of green ones.  But I've found that these tomatoes in all stages of ripeness add a unique sweet flavor to homemade chicken soup, so they will not go to waste. 

Yesterday I drove north to Palmer and helped a friend build a couple of compost piles with the remains of her garden, and leaves from under alder bushes (alders fix nitrogen so those are rich for compost).  My garden is still mostly out there unmolested.  I'm letting the kale and potatoes continue to grow until there is a frost.  I'd better get the chard and lettuce, what's left of it after the slugs, pretty soon or it will be wasted.  The sugar snap peas have dried up although the sweet peas are still blooming mightily. 

Posted by gail_heineman at 8:05 PM YDT
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