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Sunday, 7 September 2008
The first Norland apples ripen
Topic: apples
Today I picked three Norland apples.  The tree is "resting" this year so we'll get fewer than a dozen apples.  The Rescue is resting too.  Luckily the faithful Dolgo crab has a good amount, so that's where the applesauce will come from.  Interestingly, I have both a Norland and Rescue graft on the Dolgo, and there are apples on both those grafts.  So that tells me my Norland and Rescue need pruning, food, or something!

Posted by gail_heineman at 9:31 PM YDT
Updated: Wednesday, 10 September 2008 9:34 PM YDT
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Monday, 17 September 2007
Rescue apples sauced, first frost
Topic: apples

We've been making applesauce from the Rescues and the Dolgos. The Rescues are a very small but sweet apple. It's a dwarf tree that needs pruning and is shaded by two other trees, yet it yielded 12 quarts of applesauce and still has more apples on it that I'm letting ripen a bit more. The Dolgo is 20 or more feet tall, completely unpruned and going wild, but covered with apples. We're barely started harvesting its oval, deep red, extremely tart fruit. A batch of Rescue sauce needs 2 to 3 cups sugar, a batch of Dolgo maybe twice that. The Dolgo sauce is a pretty deep pink, pinker than the Rescue, and more acid. Ideally I'd mix them 50/50 in a batch but the Rescue was in a hurry this year.

There was a very light frost last night. It may have nipped the tomatoes on the deck. Last night we picked all the remaining Norlands, some as large as a red delicious. Ads by

Posted by gail_heineman at 9:22 AM YDT
Updated: Monday, 17 September 2007 2:03 PM YDT
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Friday, 7 September 2007
Norland apples harvested and canned
Topic: apples

Tonight we finished canning 19 quarts of Norlands.  The apples are the size of a very small Red Delicious, or smaller, just big enough to quarter and core.  The other two apple trees, Rescue and Dolgo, have fruit too small to bother with coring, so I'll just make applesauce from them. 

The Evans (Bali) cherries continue to ripen, so I pick a few each day.  They are tart enough that some people won't eat them plain, but I like them as they are.

It looks like freezing will hold off for awhile.  I have some zuchinnis forming, finally!  Hurry, hurry, hurry.  The sugar snap peas are about done, possibly from drought.  I haven't been good about watering.  I'm lazy, plus I don't want to encourage the slugs.

The Olympiad rose has sent up two more blooms.  Three blooms this year!   Last year (it's first) only one.  No frangrance but such perfection in a deep red many-petaled bloom.  

The President clematis is blooming as well.  The blue bloom is as big as my hand.  I really hope it overwinters.  I bought it in Seattle this spring as a tiny start.


Posted by gail_heineman at 7:42 PM YDT
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Sunday, 26 August 2007
Riotous profusion of apples, sunflowers, more
Topic: apples

The Norland apples are beginning to ripen.  They never get entirely red, so it's easy to wait too long.  The ones we've picked, although blushed, were still a mite green-tasting.

The Rescue apples are not far behind.  The Dolgo crabapples are all still green.

The Evans (Bali) cherries have been ripening, and we pick and eat them immediately when they turn red.  There's not enough to preserve.  We'll probably get a quart in total from the two trees, a 12-foot and an 8-foot.  But they're only a few years old.

Some Red Sun sunflower blooms, the white flowers from my Galego Greens (grown from seed we bought in Spain in 2000 and hope to produce seeds) and the laden branches of the Norland are juxtaposed in a riotous profusion of end-of-season fertility.  It's both gratifying to see such abundance and energy, but a bit sad to know it will be over soon. 

Posted by gail_heineman at 12:53 PM YDT
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Saturday, 9 June 2007
First warm sunny day in June
Topic: apples

There was just one warm sunny day in May, then it clouded over and has been cool since, and often windy.  Today the sun came out.  The neighbor cat  visited to instruct me on the proper use of my deck.

My apple trees have been in full bloom for three days.  Today it's warm enough for the bees to be flying, finally!  One year the trees had lots of blooms but no fruit because it was too cold for the pollinators.  This year I have hope of a good crop.  This photo is a few of the blossoms of my Norland apple tree.  The sultry sweet scent is intoxicating. 

Posted by gail_heineman at 12:01 AM YDT
Updated: Wednesday, 13 June 2007 4:41 PM YDT
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