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Wednesday, 3 September 2008
Harvesting kale and saskatoons, slugs are lazy
Topic: slugs

I blanched three more sinkfuls of kale and harvested and froze more saskatoons (serviceberries).  The Evans (Bali) cherries and raspberries are ripening and I snitched a few and ate them.  The dinosaur kale and red russian are doing the best this year.  The winterbor and starbor and just sitting there.  But it's not a banner year for either. 

The swiss chard, on the other hand, is doing the best ever, as is my lettuce.  There are tons of slugs on the lettuce but they are not eating it!  I've never had lettuce this late anymore, it's usually devoured by slugs.  I have no explanation for the lazy slugs.  They don't look skinny, just inactive.

Posted by gail_heineman at 8:16 PM YDT
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Monday, 28 July 2008
Record size slug on the screen door
Topic: slugs

This morning I had an unpleasant surprise before my morning coffee.  What should I see a good 4 feet above the ground, gliding happily on my screen door?  A slug, a good 3 1/2 inches long, very large for this part of the world.   As he glided down leaving a trail of slime on my previously clean screen, I wondered what in the world he was doing up there.  Isn't he supposed to be hiding under leaves or something?  Of course it was raining, as it has been most of this sorry gray summer, and the humidity is so high I guess those slugs can go anywhere now.  He slimed back down onto the deck undisturbed as I read my newspaper and drank my coffee, drowning my sorrow in some dark caffeine rich steaming beverage.

I have beer out for the slugs to drown in.  I would put out Sluggo but it's too expensive for me right now, although the beer isn't much cheaper.  The slugs will just have their share of my greens I guess.  Live and let live. 

Posted by gail_heineman at 9:56 PM YDT
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Sunday, 1 July 2007
Hot slugs in the summertime
Topic: slugs

Yesterday the holes in some of the chard leaves were unmistakable.  I'd been in denial, but I peered closely at the leaves of a struggling zuchinni plant.  Slugs!  Tiny slugs, the size of long-grain rice, but lots and lots of slimy grey slugs!  Aaagh!  I poured Sluggo pellets around the raised bed, and tore off the infested leaf and threw it near the sluggo.

Today it's raining.  Please, Sluggo (non-toxic biodegradable slug bait), do your work.  I will not go out and pick up slugs and kill them.  

I've used Sluggo in years past.  In my experience it slows them way down but doesn't stop them.  Only picking up all of them stops them, and that's not going to happen here.

Posted by gail_heineman at 11:02 AM YDT
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