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Gamma Kappa Membership

Joining Gamma Sigma Sigma

In order to become a Gamma Sig Prospective Member, you are asked to attend informal and/or formal rush. This event will be held in the fall of each year after school starts, and the dates and locations will be announced in the Daily Beacon and through other forms of media. After attending rush, you have the option of becoming a prospective member. One of the unique things about Gamma Sigma Sigma is that you you pick Gamma Sig rather than Gamma Sig picking you. As a prospective member, you are required to complete ten (10) service hours. This may sound difficult, but it's ten hours is easy to do. You will be able to do service with many organizations including the March of Dimes, our national philanthropy. During the service projects, you will meet many of your fellow Gamma Sigs and make lifelong friendships.

Service opportunities are the main way of socializing and getting to know our sisters. However, we do have fun social events such as Homecoming, Spring Formal, Retreats, Winter Formal, parties, and so on. During your pledging period, you will have a Big Sister/Brother to answer any questions you may have.

Gamma Sigma Sigma has a strict anti-hazing policy. Prospective members WILL NOT be hazed or required to participate in any activities that will be degrading to the person. Gamma Sigma Sigma is founded on the principles of service, friendship, and equality and those ideals will be applied to anyone who desires membership with Gamma Sigma Sigma.

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