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Ganapati Mandir & Community Center Project
(formerly known as Maharashtra Niwas)

Minutes of Meeting on 7/30/00

  Meeting Notes by: Padmakar Kulkarni

Meeting Place: Padmakar Kulkarni’s residence

Attendees: Anil and Uma Rajguru, Rasika Dhekne, Smita and Bhaskar Kavthekar, Maruti and Lata More, Shridhar Akhave, Pramod Mehta, Dada Karkhanis, Girish Karkhanis, Anil Akolkar and Padmakar Kulkarni

Non-Attendees: Sanjay Sahasrabudhe, Arvind and Kranti Varavadekar. Ravi Marathe did not attend because he was on business trip to Columbia. Dr.Hade was invited at ISKON temple.

Summary of meeting discussion is noted below:

Last Meeting Notes: 6/24/00 Meeting notes as published were distributed – no comments by any member.

Natya-Mahotsav – NatyaMahotsav was a great success & was profitable. Thanks to all NatyaMahotsav volunteers. Highlights were discussed. Articles to be written in Sneh magazine detailing behind the scene involvement of volunteers who put together the NatyaMahotsav. Many building committee members worked shoulder to shoulder with HMM volunteers. This partnership should continue.

Website update – WebPage on Ashwini Mehta added – Discussed HMM’s contribution to BMM Website development effort. Anil Rajguru to give info to Bhaskar Kavthekar.

HMM’s database: Bhaskar Kavthekar will prepare one page database questionnaire that can be given to HMM for obtaining information from HMM members during Ganapati program.

HMM BOD appreciation – Building committee acknowledging and compliments the hard work done by HMM BOD.

Name & Address Directory Database Update – New Jersey will not give out list – due to their constitution. We can get from Atlanta & New York. Akhave felt there was too much risk and so this idea of getting directories was shelved.

HMM Directory: BOD to release HMM member directory at Ganesh Chaturthi function on 9/2/00.

Sneh Magazine: Last issue published two years back was profitable to HMM. Dada suggested that the building committee could take this work. HMM President has already okayed this during NatyaMahotsav. Building Committee will earn about $500-1000 by publishing this issue. Dada Karkhanis read some of the praises received for the last issue. Go ahead was given to Dada to start efforts for the Sneh magazine. Building Committee to sponsor Sneh magazine with building funds. Padmakar Kulkarni will showed write article. Bhaskar & Smita Kavthekar to develop marketing plan. Magazine to be released at Diwali function. Lata More to write on community resources. HMM directory will be included in this issue.

Newsletter: Newsletter comments received have been picked up and it is ready for distribution. We will request HMM to send via e-mail as an attachment. We may also send with HMM’s Ganpati program patrika (we missed this one). Also this newsletter will be distributed during Ganapati program. Some of the concerns expressed by HMM community have been addressed in the newsletter. Excerpts were read & comments and response noted.

Flyer status: – Flyer final draft is not ready yet. The sub-committee wants to focus on flyers for individuals and take flyer for corporations later. This is acceptable to the committee. Flyer should be ready or mass distribution at the time of Ganapati program.

Facility Name: Names for the community center and the temple were suggested. It was decided that everybody mail suggested names to Pramod who will compile and present to members at next meeting. We will device method to select names for presentation to HMM community at the time of Ganapati program to get community input.

Building Committee Organization Structure: The building committee work is growing and members recognize that it is time to form sub-committees. Following sub-committees and nominations were suggested and were approved by the committee.

Fund Raising Committee Rasika Dhekne

Treasurer Smita Kavthekar

Engineering Committee Anil Rajguru

Land Search committee Kranti Varavadekar

Public Relations Committee Pramod Mehta

Strategic Planning Committee Shridhar Akhave

HMM Liaison HMM President

In addition, Prasanna Gandhi’s name was suggested for Community Outreach Programs Committee. Padmakar Kulkarni to contact him to recruit him.

The sub-committees leads were requested to select members for their sub-committees. The leads were recommended that they should select at least some members from present BC.

Corporate Fund Raising: Lata More discussed several aspects and ideas of fund raising. Her emphasis was that we as an organization have to prove a track record of community service before we solicit funds from Trusts, corporations and Endowments. Members agreed and suggested various possibilities.

HMM booth at Calgary BMM: A booth at BMM may give us necessary exposure to Marathi people all over USA. Uma and Anil Rajguru will check the possibility.

Building Committee Financial Status: Financial status was discussed. Smita gave the final bank balance as of that day and CD and checking account status

Building Project Presentation: - A presentation to HMM community is desirable. Ganpati program gives excellent opportunity. Pramod will get time slot and arrange for such presentation. Shridhar and Rasika to decide details.

Next Meeting: August 26, 2000 at 2:45 PM. Place Collier Library?

Action Items:

  • Dada Karkhanis to start work on Sneh
  • Padmakar to forward Newsletter to HMM for email distribution & inclusion in patrika
  • Padmakar to contact Prasanna Gandhi to join the building committee
  • Padmakar to reserve Collier Library meeting hall for next meeting
  • Pramod to reserve time slot during Ganapati program
  • Pramod to seek HMM’s help for database update
  • Bhaskar to prepare database questionnaire
  • Shridhar and Rasika to finalize flyer
  • Lata More to prepare 10-min presentation on corporate fundraising
  • Anil and Uma Rajguru to check BMM Calgary for booth