125a  HOLLY WOOD  = Hollywood.
          def'n: Hollywood - The U.S. motion-picture industry.
          def'n: Wood - The tough fibrous material beneath the bark of trees and shrubs.
125b  WOODY ALAN  - Parody.
          A parody on the actor/screenwriter Woody Alan.
          def'n: Woody - Consisting of or containing wood.  Suggestive of wood.
125b  OAK KAY  = Okay (O.k.), Double meaning.
          def'n: Okay or O.k. - Approval; agreement.
          def'n: Oak - The hard, durable wood of the oak tree.

126a  ARMPIT BRITT  - Rhyme: The name Britt with the word armpit.
          def'n: Armpit - The hollow under the arm at the shoulder.
126b  SHAGGY AGGIE  - Rhyme: The name Aggie with the word shaggy.
          def'n: Shag - A tangle or mass of matted hair.
          def'n: Shaggy - Having long, rough hair.  Bushy.  Poorly groomed.  Shag rug.

127a  TRAVELLIN' TRAVIS  - Travis: same sounding name to go with the word travelin'/travel(ing).
          def'n: Travel - To go from one place to another.
127b  FLAT TYLER  = Flat tire.
          def'n: Flat - deflated, as a tire.

128a  SLOSHED JOSH  - Rhyme: The name Josh with the word slosh(ed).
          def'n: Slosh - To splash or flounder, as in water or another liquid.
128b  LOW CAL  = Low calorie.
          def'n: Low - Of small value or quantity.
          def'n: Calorie - The amount of heat required to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water.

129a  SECOND HAND ROSE  - Parody title of a Barbra Streisand song.
          def'n: Secondhand - Previously used; not new.
129b  TRASHED TRACY  - Tracy: similar sounding name to go with the word trash(ed).
          def'n: Trash - Worthless or discarded material or objects.

130a  NICKY HICKEY  - Rhyme: The name Nicky with the word hickey.
          def'n: Hickey - Informal.  A suction-like kiss that breaks the capillaries underneath the skin
          causing bruising.
130b  HANK E. PANKY  = Hanky panky.
          def'n: Hanky panky - Slang.  Devious or mischievous activity.

131a  STUFFED STEPHEN  - Stephen: same sounding name to go with the word stuff(ed).
          def'n: Stuff - The material out of which something is made or formed.  To pack tightly.
131b  RUTHERFORD B. HAY  = Rutherford B. Hayes.
          A parody of the name Rutherford Birchard Hayes, 1822 - 93, our 19th U.S. President.
          def'n: Hay - Grass or other forage plants cut and dried for fodder (feed for livestock).

132a  BONY TONY  - Rhyme: The name Tony with the word bony.
          def'n: Bony - Slang.  A thin person.
          def'n: Bone - The hard, dense, calcified tissue that forms the skeleton of most vertebrates.
132b  UNZIPPED ZACK  - Zack: Z name to go with the word unzipped/zip(ped).
          def'n: Zip - To fasten or unfasten with a zipper.
          def'n: Zipper - A fastening device consisting of parallel rows of metal teeth that are interlocked
          by a sliding tab.

133a  FURRY MURRAY  - Rhyme: The name Murray with the word fur(ry).
          def'n: Furry - Consisting of, covered with, or resembling fur or a fur-like coating.
          def'n: Fur - The pelts of fur-bearing animals used for clothing, trimming, etc.
133b  FOXY FRANCES  - Frances: F name to go with the word foxy.
          def'n: Foxy - Informal.  Sensually attractive; sexy.
          def'n: Fox - The fur of a fox (a mammal related to dogs or wolves).

134a  HIP KIP  - Rhyme: The name Kip with the word hip.
          def'n: Hip - Aware of the most recent developments or trends. Cognizant; wise. [def'n: Hipster - One who is hip].
          def'n: Kip - (in leather-making) the hide of a young or small animal. def'n: Beatnik - a young person in the 1950s/1960s belonging to a subculture of the beat generation.
134b  WALT WITLESS = Walt Whitman; a name parody of the American poet; 1819-1892, published work "Leaves of Grass".
          def'n: Wit - Understanding; intelligence.
          def'n: Witless - Lack of understanding; intelligence.

135a  ROCK E. HORROR  = Rocky Horror.
          A parody of the Rocky Horror character from the motion picture "The Rocky Horror Picture Show".
135b  MARTY GRAS  = Mardi Gras.
          def'n; Mardi Gras - Shrine Tuesday, often celebrated by parades.
          Celebrated in New Orleans, Loisianna.

136a  SWOLLEN SUE ELLEN  - Semi-rhyme: The name Sue Ellen with the word swollen.
          def'n: Swollen - Distended; bulging.
136b  BLOATED BLAIR  - Blair: B name to go with the word bloat(ed).
          def'n: Bloat - To make or become swollen or inflated.

137a  MAX AXE  - Rhyme: The name Max with the word axe.
          def'n: Axe - A chopping tool with a bladed head mounted on a handle.
137b  DEADLY DUDLEY  - Dudley: Same sounding name to go with the word deadly.
          def'n: Deadly - Causing or capable of causing death.

138a  ALIEN IAN  - Ian: Same sounding name to go with the word alien.
          def'n: Alien - Science fiction.  A creature from outer space.
138b  OUTERSPACE CHASE  - Rhyme: The name Chase with the words outer space.
          def'n: Outer space - Space beyond the limits of a celestial body or system.

139a  DOUBLE IRIS  - Double meaning.
          def'n: Double - Twice as much in number.  Composed of two parts.  Twofold.
          def'n: Iris - the pigmented, round, contracting membrane of the eye.
139b  4-EYED IDA  - Rhyme: The name Ida with the words four-eyed.
          def'n: Four-eyed - Slang.  For individuals wearing eyeglasses, spectacles.
          def'n: Eye - An organ of vision or of light sensitivity.

140a  MOUTH PHIL  = Mouthful.
          def'n: Mouthful - To have your mouth full of something (usually food).
140b  TOOTH LES  = Toothless.
          def'n: Toothless - Lack of teeth.
          def'n: Tooth - One of a set of hard, bone-like structures rooted in the sockets of the jaws.

141a  ASHLEY CAN  = Trashcan.
          def'n: Trash - Worthless or discarded material or objects.  Junk.
          def'n: Can - A metal container.
141b  GRETA GARBAGE  - Greta: G name to with the word garbage. Sounds like the 30's/40's actress Greta Garbo.
          def'n: Garbage - Waste material.  Worthless matter; trash.

142a  BRUCE MOOSE  - Rhyme: The name Bruce with the word.
          def'n: Moose - A very large deer of northern N. America having broad, flattened antlers.
142b  HUNTED HUNTER - Hunter: Same sounding name to go with the word hunt(ed).
          def'n: Hunt - To pursue (game) for food or sport.  The act or sport of hunting.
          def'n: Hunter - One who hunts.  Huntsman.

143a  MELBA TOAST  - Named after Dame Nellie Melba (1861 - 1931).
          def'n: Melba toast - Very thinly sliced crisp toast.
143b  HY RYE  - Rhyme: The name Hy with the word rye.
          def'n: Rye - A widely cultivated cereal grass.

144a  HORNY HAL  - Hal: H name to go with the word horn(y).
          def'n: Horn - A wind instrument made of brass.  A trumpet.
144b  RUDY TOOT  = Roody toot. A musical expression.
          def'n: Toot - To sound (a horn or whistle) in short blasts.  The act or sound of tooting.

145a  DALE SNAIL  - Rhyme: The name Dale with the word snail.
          def'n: Snail - An aquatic or terrestrial mollusk with a spirally coiled shell and a distinct head.
145b  CRUSHED SHELLY  = Crushed shell.
          def'n: Crush - To break, pound, or grind into small fragments or powder.
          def'n: Shell - The usually hard outer covering that encases certain organisms.

146a  BAKED JAKE  - Rhyme: The name Jake with the word bake(d)..
          def'n: Bake - To cook with continuous dry heat.  The act or process of baking.
          def'n: Bake - Slang.  The act of frying.  To bake, to fry (as in the sun).
146b  DRY GUY  - Rhyme: The name Guy with the word dry.
          def'n: Dry - Free from liquid or moisture.  Needing drink; thirsty.  To make or become dry.

147a  AMAZIN' GRACE  - A parody of the song "Amazing Grace".
          def'n: Amaze - To fill with wonder; astonish.
          def'n: Grace - A virtue or gift granted by God.
147b  MUSCULAR MOLLY - Molly: M name to go with the word muscular.
          def'n: Muscular - Having well developed muscles.

148a  TURNED-ON TARA  - Tara: T name to go with the phrase turned-on.
          def'n: Turn - To start the operation of: Turn on the light.
          def'n: Turn on - Slang.  Something that brings great pleasure or excitement.
148b  TIFFANY LAMP  = A certain type of bedside light with shade.
          def'n: Lamp - A device, equipped with an electric bulb, for providing light.

149a  REESE PIECES  = Reese's Pieces; A peanut butter candy in a hard candy shell.
          (The candy became very popular after featured in the movie "E.T." after M & M's turned it down)
          def'n: Piece - To mend by adding a piece to.  To join the pieces of.
149a  PUZZLED PAUL - Double meaning.  Paul: P name to go with the word puzzled (puzzle).
          def'n: Puzzle - A toy, game, or device that tests ingenuity.
          def'n: Puzzle - To cause uncertainty and indecision.
149b  INCOMPLETE PETE  - Rhyme: The name Pete with the word incomplete.
          def'n: Incomplete - Not complete or whole.  Not having all necessary or normal parts.

150a  HAIRY HARRIET  - Harriet: Similar sounding name as the word hair(y).
          def'n: Hair - A fine, threadlike outgrowth from the skin of a mammal.
150b  BUSHY BERNICE  - Bernice: B name to go with the word bush(y).
          def'n: Bush - A dense, tufted growth.

151a  LOSING FAITH   = A popular saying; Losing one's faith or religion; As in a trust or belief.
          def'n: Lose - To be unable to keep.  To result in the loss of.
          def'n: Faith - A religion.  Belief in God; religious conviction.
151b  DYIN' DINAH  - Dinah: Similar sounding name as the world dyin'/die(+ing).
          def'n: Dying - About to die.  Drawing to an end; declining.

152a  WHISPERIN' WOODY  - Double meaning; as in; talking trees.
          def'n: Woody - consisting of or containing wood.
          def'n: Whisper - To speak or utter softly; without full voice.  To make a soft rustling sound, as leaves.
152b  VAN TRILOQUIST  = Ventriloquist.
          def'n: Ventriloquism - The art of practice of producing vocal sounds so that they seem
           to come from a source other than the speaker.

153a  JACK O. LANTERN  = Jacko'lantern.
         def'n: Jacko'lantern - A lantern made from a hollowed pumpkin with a carved face.
153b  DUNCAN PUMPKIN  - Rhyme: The name Duncan with the word pumpkin.
          def'n: Pumpkin - A large, round fruit with a thick orange yellow rind and numerous seeds.

154a  BASKET CASEY  = Basket case; Double meaning.
          def'n: Basket case - Informal.  One who is in a completely hopeless or useless condition.
          def'n: Basket - A hoop with an open-ended net suspended from it, serving as a goal.
154b  DRIBBLIN' DEREK - Derek: D name to go with the word dribblin'/dribble(+ing).
          def'n: Dribble - The act of dribbling a ball.  Repeated light bounces.

155a  SPIKEY MIKEY  - Rhyme: The name Mikey with the word spikey.
          def'n: Spike - A large, heavy nail to impale, pierce, or injure with a spike.
155b  NAILED NEIL  - Neil: Similar sounding name as the word nail(ed).
          def'n: Nail - A pointed piece of metal.

156a  WARRIN' WARREN  - Warren: Similar sounding name as the word warrin'/war(ring).
          def'n: Warring - To wage war, to fight.
156b  BRETT VET  - Rhyme: The name Brett with the word vet(eran).
          def'n: Veteran - A former member of the armed forces.

157a  LARRY LIPS  - Larry: L name to go with the word lip(s).
          def'n: Lip - The fleshy, muscular folds of tissue surrounding the mouth.
157b  DISTORTIN' MORTON  - Rhyme: The name Morton with the word distortin'/distort(ing).
          def'n: Distort - To twist out of a proper or natural shape.

158a  MELTIN' ELTON  - Rhyme: The name Elton with the word meltin'/mel(ting).
          def'n: Melt - To change from a solid to a liquid state.
158b  CRYSTAL GALE  = A parody on the famous country singer Crystal Gayle.
          def'n: Crystal - something similar to crystal, as in transparency.
158b  Ig LOU  = Igloo.
          def'n: Igloo - An Eskimo house, sometimes built of blocks of ice or hard snow.

159a  CATTY KATHY  - Kathy: Similar sounding name as the word cat(ty).
          def'n:  Catty - Subtly malicious.
          def'n:  Cat - A carnivorous mammal domesticated as a pet.
159b  KITTY LITTER  - A product used for the disposal of feline waste material in litter boxes.
          def'n: Kitty - A kitten or cat.
          def'n: Litter - Carelessly scattered scraps of waste material.

160a  DECAPITATED HEDY  = Decapitated head.
          def'n: Decapitate - To behead.
          def'n: Head - The anterior bodily extremity containing the brain.
160b  FORMALDE HEIDI  = Formaldehyde.
          def'n: Formaldehyde - A colorless gaseous compound (HCHO), used in an aqueous solution
          as a preservative and disinfectant.

161a  SHORNED SEAN  - Sean: SH sounding name to go with the word shorn(ed).
          def'n: Shorn - P.P. of shear.
          def'n: Shear - To remove by cutting with a sharp instrument.
161b  HY GENE  = Hygiene.
          def'n: Hygiene - Practices and conditions for the promotion of health and the prevention of disease.

162a  YICCHY MICKEY  - Rhyme: The name Mickey with the "word" yicchy.
          Yicchy - Derived from the word icky, meaning gross; disgusting.
162b  BARFING BART  - Bart: Similar sounding name as the word barf(ing).
          Barf - As in; throw-up, puke, upchuck, vomit.
          def'n: Vomit - To eject the contents of the stomach.

163a  TRISH SQUISH  - Rhyme: The name Trish with the word squish.
          def'n: Squash - To press, squeeze, or flatten to a pulp, crush.
163b  RUBY CUBE  = Rubix cube.  Popular 80's game toy.
          def'n: Cube - A solid having six congruent square faces.  Something shaped like a cube.

164a  TEDDY BEAR  - Teddy: nickname of Theodore Roosevelt; past U.S. President.
          def'n: Teddy bear - A child's toy bear.
          def'n: Bear - Any of various large mammals having a shaggy coat and a short tail.
164b  SALVATORE DOLLY  = Salvador Dali; 1904, a Spanish artist.
          def'n: Dolly - A doll.
164b  BATTERED BRAD  - Brad: B name to go with the word batter(ed). [Battered bad]
          def'n: Batter - To pound or damage with heavy blows.

165a  DANA DRUFF  = Dandruff.
          def'n: Dandruff - Small white scales of dead skin shed from the scalp.
165b  FLAKEY FAY - Fay: F name to go with the word flake(y).
          def'n: Flake - To come off in flakes (thin pieces).
          def'n: Flaky - Made of flakes, forming flakes.

166a  GORED GORDON  - Gordon: Similar sounding name to go with the word gore(d).
          def'n: Gore - To stab with a horn or tusk.
166b  NO WAY JOSE  - Rhyme: The name Josť (Joseph) with the phrase 'no way'. Slang term "No way Jose".
          def'n: No - Used to express refusal.  Not at all.
          def'n: No way (No-wise) - In no way, manner, or degree; not at all.


Definitions taken from: The American Heritage Dictionary.