JOEL TROLL - Rhyme: The name Joel with the word troll.
def'n: Troll - (in Scandinavian folklore) An ugly dwarf or giant with supernatural powers, living underground or in caves.

FALL-OUT PAUL - Rhyme: The name Paul with the word fall(-out).
def'n: Fall out - Turn out; happen. Debri during or after an explosion.
def'n: Fall - To drop or come down from a higher place.
RETCHIN' GRETCHEN - Rhyme: The name Gretchen with the word retch(+ing).
def'n: Retch - To make efforts to vomit; make movements like those of vomiting.
DREW SPEW - Rhyme: The name Drew with the word spew.
def'n: Spew - To throw out; cast forth; vomit. Something that is spewed; vomited.
AL A. CARTE = Àlacarte.
def'n: Àlacarte - Food with the stated price for each dish (instead of one price for the whole meal).
FREDDY SPAGHETTI - Rhyme: The name Freddy with the word spaghetti.
def'n: Spaghetti - Long, slender sticks made of the same mixture of flour and water as macaroni, but thinner, and cooked by boiling in water.
NEW WAVE DAVE - Rhyme: The name Dave with the words 'new wave'.
def'n: New - Never having existed before; now first made; thought out; know or heard of; etc. Beginning again.
def'n: Wave - A moving ridge or swell of water.
FLUSH GORDON = Flash Gordon.
Parody of the legendary comicstrip "Flash Gordon" orginated in 1934 by artist Alex Raymond, also portrayed in movies, novels, cartoons, etc.
def'n: Flush - Send a sudden flow of water over or through; toilet.
WEEPIN' WILLOW = Weeping Willow.
def'n: Weeping Willow - A large willow tree, ornamental, distinguished by its long and slender drooping branches.
def'n: Weep - To shed tears; cry: weep with rage, weep for joy.
STAINED BLAINE - Rhyme: The name Blaine with the word stain(ed).
def'n: Stain - To discolor (something) with spots or streaks of dirt, blood, etc.; soil; spot.
ANNE TENNA = Antenna.
def'n: Antenna - A long wire or rod used in television, radio, radar, etc., for sending out and receiving electromagnetic waves; aerial.
T.V. GUY = T.V. Guide (A magazine publication or newspaper insert).
def'n: TV; T.V. - slang. Television.
def'n: Television - The apparatus or appliance for transmitting and receiving of images and sound.
def'n: Guide - Guidebook. A book of information on a certain subject.
SODA RHODA - Rhyme: The name Rhoda with the word soda.
def'n: Soda - A beverage consisting of soda water flavored with fruit juice or syrup, and often containing ice cream.
FOUNTAIN JERK DIRK - Rhyme: The name Dirk with the words 'fountain jerk'.
def'n: Fountain - Pipes through which water is forced. A place to get a drink.
def'n: Soda fountain - Apparatus for holding soda water, syrups, ice, etc., and having faucets for drawing off the liquids.
def'n: Jerk - informal. To make (ice cream sodas, etc.) behind a soda fountain. slang. A stupid or simple-minded person.
HAIRY HARRY - Rhyme: The name Harry with the word hairy.
def'n: Hairy - Covered with hair; having much hair. Of or like hair.
ARMPIT BRITT - Rhyme: The name Britt with the word armpit.
def'n: Armpit - The hollow place under the arm at the shoulder.
SLAM DUNCAN = Slam dunk (basketball term).
def'n: Slam - To throw, push, or move hard with force.
def'n: Dunk shot - (in basketball) A shot made by leaping so that the hands are above the rim of the basket, and throwing the ball down through the netting.
STUFFIN' STEPHEN - Semi-rhyme: The name Stephen with the word stuff(ing).
def'n: Stuff - To pack full; fill. To block up.
GINA CLEANER - Semi-rhyme: The name Gina with the word cleaner.
def'n: Cleaner - A person whose work is keeping buildings, windows, or other objects clean. A tool or machine for cleaning. Anything that removes dirt, grease, or stains.
10b DUSTIN' JUSTIN - Rhyme: The name Justin with the word dust(ing).
def'n: Dust - To brush or wipe the dust from; get dust off. Fine, dry earth.
CASEY AT-THE-BAT = Casey at the Bat.
A baseball poem written in 1888 by Ernest Thayer titled "Casey at the Bat".
def'n: Bat - A stout wooden stick or club, used to hit the ball in baseball.
GRANT SLAM = Grand slam.
def'n: Grand slam - A winning of all the tricks in a hand of the card game bridge, or a home run with a player on all of the bases in baseball.
EDWARD SCISSORHAIR = Edward Scissorhands.
Name parody of the 1990 motion picture "Edward Scissorhands" directed by Tim Burton and starring Johnny Depp.
def'n: Scissors - A tool for cutting that has two sharp blades.
12b LANCE SCAPE = Landscape.
def'n: Landscape - View of scenery on land. To make (land) more pleasant to look at by arranging trees, shrubs, flowers, etc.
BOOGER BOBBY - Bobby; B name to go with the word booger.
def'n: Booger - slang. snot. Hardened mucus.
def'n: Mucus - A viscid, slimy substance, secreted by the mucous membranes in the nose and throat.
SCOTT SNOT - Rhyme: The name Scott with the word snot.
def'n: Snot - slang. Mucus.
def'n: Mucus - A viscid, slimy substance, secreted by the mucous membranes in the nose and throat.
LARRY LUMP - Larry; L name to go with the word lump.
def'n: Lump - A small, solid mass of no particular shape. A protuberance or swelling; bump: a lump on the head.
GROWIN' OWEN - Rhyme: The name Owen with the word grow(ing).
def'n: Grow - To become bigger; increase in size.
TEX WRECKS - Semi-rhyme: The name Tex with the word wreck(s).
def'n: Wreck - A partial or total destruction. A serious injury. slang. A nervous wreck.
SHOCKED SHERRY - Sherry; SH name to go with the word shock(ed).
def'n: Shock - A cause to feel surprise, horror, or disgust. A thick, bushy mass: a shock of red hair.
PERFORMIN' NORMAN - Rhyme: The name Norman with the word perform(ing).
Parody of the Elvis impersonators in Las Vegas.
def'n: Perform - To act, play, sing, etc., in public.
BOB SLOB - Rhyme: The name Bob with the word slob.
def'n: Slob - informal. A dirty, untidy, or clumsy person.
UNSEPARATED AT BETH = (un)Separated at birth.
def'n: Separate - To take apart; part; disjoin: separated conjoined twins.
def'n: Birth - The bearing of young; childbirth: twins are born at one birth.
SIAMESE LOUISE - Rhyme: The name Louise with the word siamese.
def'n: Siamese twins - Twins who are born jointed together.
HANNA BANANA - Rhyme: The name Hanna with the word banana.
def'n: Banana - An oblong, slightly curved, yellow or red fruit growing in dense clusters from a tropical plant.
JUNGLE JIM = Jungle gym.
def'n: Jungle gym - Framework of steel bars for children to climb or swing on as a pastime.
def'n: Jungle - A hot and humid region of land thickly overgrown.
BORIS LINE = A Chorus Line.
Parody of the Broadway musical "A Chorus Line" written by Michael Bennett that dominated the Tony Awards in 1975.
def'n: Chorus - A group of singers who sing together, such as a choir. The repeated part of a song.
REPEATING PETE - Rhyme: The name Pete with the word repeat(ing).
def'n: Repeat - To do, make, or perform again. To say over; recite: repeat a poem. A thing repeated.
GERTIE LAUNDRY = Dirty laundry.
def'n: Dirty - Soiled by dirt; unclean: dirty hands.
def'n: Laundry - Clothes, etc., washed or to be washed.
20b HY N. DRY = High and dry.
def'n: High and dry - Up and out of water. All alone; without help; stranded.
def'n: Dry - Not wet; not moist: dry clothes.
CRÉPE SUZETTE = Crêpe suzette (crêpes suzette; crêpe suzettes).
def'n: Crêpe suzette - A thin pancake, usually rolled in fruit juice and brandy, adn set ablaze when served.
BARBIE Q. = Barbeque (BBQ).
def'n: Barbeque - Barbecue.
def'n: Barbecu - An outdoor meal in which meat is roasted over an open fire. A grill or open fireplace for cooking meat, etc.
SWIRLY SHIRLEY - Rhyme: The name Shirley with the word swirl(y).
def'n: Swirl - To twist or curl: the sundae had a swirl of whipped cream on top. A swirling movement; whirl; eddy.
HERBERT SHERBET - Rhyme: The name Herbert with the word sherbet.
def'n: Sherbet - A frozen dessert made of fruit juice, sugar, and water, milk, or whites of eggs.
BURNING KENDALL = Burning candle.
def'n: Burning - Glowing; hot.
def'n: Candle - A stick of wax or tallow with a wick in it, burned to give light. Anything shaped or used like a candle.
MELTIN' MEL - Rhyme: The name Mel with the word Melt(ing).
def'n: Melt - To change from solid to liquid by the application of heat. To disappear gradually; disperse.
BUSTER OPEN = Bust her open.
def'n: Bust - To burst; to break. To punch; hit.
def'n: Her - A possessive form of she. A possession.
def'n: Open up - To come apart; show the contents: the wound opened.
CRASH DANNY = Crash (test) dummy.
Parody of General Motors commercials 'Crash Test Dummies' invented in 1949 for testing plance ejection seats ( named "Sierra Sam") and in 1966 for the car manufacturing industry (named Hybrid I, II, and III)
def'n: Crash - A falling; hitting; or breaking with force and a loud noise; smash.
def'n: Dummy - A life-size figure of a person used to display clothes, shoot in rifle practice, tackle in football practice, use in crash tests. informal. A stupid person; blockhead.
PRICKLY PETE - Pete; P name to go with the word prickly.
def'n: Prickly - Having many sharp points or thorns: the prickly porcupine.
THORNY BARB = Thorny barb.
def'n: Thorny - Full of thorns or spines; spiny; prickly. Troublesome; annoying.
def'n: Barb - A point sticking out and curving backward.
CHIA PAT = Chia Pet.
Parody of the famous "Chia Pet", a registered trademark of Joseph Enterprises, Inc., the manufacturers and originators. The name was first used on Sept. 8, 1977. Live hurbs that simulate fur on animal figurines of clay bodies.
def'n: Pet - An animal or item kept as a favorite. Treated or kept as a pet. To stroke or pat; touch lovingly and gently with affection.
OVERGROWN JOAN - Rhyme: The name Joan with the word overgrown.
def'n: Overgrown - Grown too big. Grow too fast; become too big.
CASS BACKWARDS = Ass backwards.
def'n: Ass backward - (hyperdictionary) Messed up, mixed up, in reverse, all wrong.
def'n: Ass - A stupid, silly, or stubborn person; fool.
def'n: Backward - Opposite to the usual way, in the reverse order.
27b CROSSED CHRIS = Kris Kross.
Parody of the Columbia/Ruffhouse hip hop boy group of 1991 "Kris Kross" (Chris Kelly and Chris Smith) who wore backwards jeans.
def'n: Cross - In a bad temper; peevish.
def'n: Criss cross - A mark or cover with crossed lines. Come and go across.

GENERIC ERIC - Rhyme: The name Eric with the word generic.
def'n: Generic - Not sold under a trademark or brand name; generic drugs, generic canned goods.

28b NO FRILLS FRANK - Frank; F name to go with the word (no) frills.
def'n: No - Not any, not at all.
def'n: Frill - A thing added merely for show; useless ornament. Fringe of feathers, hair, ruffles, etc.
29a PYROTECH NICK = Pyrotechnic.
def'n: Pyrotechnic - Of or having to do with fireworks. A display of fireworks. A display of great wit, anger, etc.
def'n: Firework - A firecracker, skyrocket, etc. with a loud noise or fiery display.
29b INDEPENDENCE DAISY - Independence Day.
def'n: Independence Day - A holiday in honor of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence (from Great Britain) on July 4, 1776; Fourth of July.
30a OPEN HEART SERGE = Open heart surgery.
def'n: Open-heart - Referring to a stopped heart and opened by surgery to correct an injury or defect.
def'n: Open-hearted - Candid; frank; unreserved.
def'n: Surgery - The art and science of treating injuries, etc. by operations and instruments.

CHIP ENTRAILS = Chippendales.
Parody of the male strip show created in the 80's by Steve Banerjee who wanted a 'Disneyland' for women, now called the Vegas Chippendales.
def'n: Entrails - The inner parts of the body of a human or animal. The intestines; bowels.

31a CLIPPED TONY = Clipped toe.
def'n: Toe - One of the fine divisions that end the foot.
def'n: Toenail - The nail growing on a toe.
def'n: Clipper(s) - A tool for cutting. A person who clips or cuts.
def'n: Clip - To cut short or trim with clippers, scissors, etc.
31b FUN GUS = Fungus.
def'n: Fungus - Any organism resembling a plant but getting its nourishment from dead or living organic matter. Rust, molds, mildews, etc.
32a HY VOLTAGE = High voltage.
def'n: High - Rising to a specified extent; level.
def'n: Voltage - A current of high voltage (electromotive force) used in transmitting electric power over long distances.
32b ELECTRIC BILL = Electric bill.
def'n: Electric - Charged with electricity; run by electricity.
def'n: Bill - A statement of moeny owed for services rendered: the electric company sends us a bill monthly.
33a BUMBLING BEA = Bumble bee.
def'n: Bumble bee - any of various large bees with thick, hairy bodies usually banded with gold, that live in small colonies.
def'n: Bumble - An awkward mistake. Do (something) in a clumsy, foolish way; botch.
33b LOUISE BEES - Rhyme: The name Louise with the word bee(s).
def'n: Bee - Insect with four wings that produces wax to make honeycombs and gathers nectar and pollen to make honey.
34a LAWN JOHN SILVER = Long John Silver's.
Name parody of the seafood chain "Long John Silver's", the company was founded in 1969 inspired by Robert Louis Stevenson's classic book "Treasure Island".
def'n: Lawn - Land covered with grass kept closely cut, especially near or around a house.
34b BURIED BARRY - Rhyme: The name Barry with the word bury(+ed).
def'n: Bury - Put (a dead body) in the earth, in a tomb, or in the sea. Cover up; hide.
35a SHARKY MARKY - Rhyme: The name Marky with the word shark(y).
def'n: Shark - Any of a suborder of carnivorous cartilaginous fishes, mostly marine, which are large and ferocious and sometimes dangerous to humans. A dishonest person who preys on others.
35b MAX SNACKS - Rhyme: The name Max with the word snack(s).
def'n: Snack - A light meal, especially one eaten between regular meals.
36a LIVE BAIT KATE - Rhyme: The name Kate with the word (live) bait.
def'n: Live - To have life; be alive. Keep up life; maintain life.
def'n: Bait - Anything used to attract fish or other animals so that they may be caught. To put bait on (a hook) or in (a trap).
36b HOOK LINE & CINDY = Hook, line, and sinker.
def'n: Hook, line, and sinker - informal. Without question; completely.
def'n: Hook - A curved piece of wire, usually with a barb for catching fish; fishhook.
def'n: Line - A piece of cord, string, wire, etc.: an angler fishes with a hook and line.
def'n: Sinker - A lead weight for sinking a fish line or net. A person or thing that sinks.
37a BRUCE NOOSE - Rhyme: The name Bruce with the word noose.
def'n: Noose - Death by hanging. A loop with a slipknot that tightens as the rope is pulled.
37b DAVID LYNCHED = David Lynch.
A parody of the film director "David Lynch" of such movies as Eraserhead, Elephant Man, Dune, Twin Peaks, etc., who's trademark was wearing crisp collared shirts buttoned to the top
def'n: Lynch - To put (an accused person) to death, usually by hanging, without a lawful trial.
38a FURRY MURRAY - Rhyme: The name Murray with the word fur(ry).
def'n: Furry - Of fur; consisting of fur. Covered with fur.
def'n: Fur - The short, fine, soft hair covering the skin of many animals.
38b UNKEMPT KARLA - Karla; K name to go with the word unkempt.
def'n: Unkempt - Not combed: unkempt hair. Not properly cared for; neglected; untidy.
39a SY CLONE = Cyclone.
def'n: Cyclone - A storm moving around and twoard a calm center of low pressure, which also moves. A very violent wind storm; tornado.
39b TRICIA TWISTER - Semi-rhyme: The name Tricia with the word twister.
def'n: Twister - A person or thing that twists. informal. A whirling windstorm; whirlwind; tornado.
40a HEAVING HARRIET - Harriet; H name to go with the word heave(+ing).
def'n: Heave - To vomit or try to vomit; retch.
40b BARFIN' BARB - Semi-rhyme: The name Barb with the word barf(ing).
def'n: Barf - slang. Vomit.
def'n: Vomit - To expel the contents of the stomach through the mouth; throw up what has been eaten.
41a MUTILATE TED = Mutilated.
def'n: Mutilate - To cut, tear, or break off a limb or other important part of; injure seriously by cutting, tearing, or breaking off some part; maim. To destroy or ruin.
41b MONSTER KIT = Monster kit (kid).
def'n: Monster - An imaginary creature of strange and horrible appearance. A person too wicked to be considered human.
def'n: Kit - The parts of anything to be put together by the buyer: a model airplane kit.
42a DEE COMPOSING = Decomposing.
def'n: Decompose - To separate into parts. To rot; decay. To become rotten; decayed.
42b PHIL D. GRAVE = Fill the grave.
def'n: Fill - Earth and rock used to level uneven land. To put into until there is room for nothing more.
def'n: Grave - A hole dug in the ground where a dead body is to be buried. Any place of burial. Death.
43a ROY L. FLUSH = Royal flush.
def'n: Royal flush - A poker hand with the ace, king, queen, jack, and 10 all in the same suit.
def'n: Flush - (in cards) A hand all of one suit. To send a sudden flow of water over or through.
43b JOAN THRONE - Rhyme: The name Joan with the word throne.
def'n: Throne - A chair on which a king, queen, bishop, or other person of high rank sits during ceremonies. slang. Toilet.

Definitions taken from: The American Heritage Dictionary