Cureall Cemetery, Howell Co.
Located west of Pottersville, MO on K Hyw. until sign "Cureall Cemetery"
Sec 16 Twp 23 Range 10


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Surnames B

BELCHER, Annie19121967-
BELCHER, Allte A.18 Oct 19148 Nov 1914 Twin
BELCHER, Althe A.18 Oct 19146 Nov 1914 Twin
BELCHER, Inia M.1903Apr 1906-
BELCHER, Lee19051961-
BELCHER, Olie B.16 Feb 191023 Sep 1923 -
BELCHER, Samanthe18851906see # 1 below
BELCHER, Sophronia2 Dec 187627 Oct 1914 -
BELCHER, Thomas Wesley18731965-
BENNETT, Bessie6 Dec 18814 Jan 1931 wife of J. O. Bennett
BENNETT, J. O.13 Feb 188722 Dec 1951 husband of Bessie Benett
BENNETT, Lowell J.7 Jan 192419 Aug 1978 -
BENNETT, Sam Tarry14 Nov 189923 May 1957 husband of Elsie Bennett
BENNETT, Rev. T. J.18851911-
BRIGGS, John W.18751948-

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Surnames C

CARTER, Luther S.13 Geb 189428 Feb 1902 -
CHAPPEL, David---
CHAPPEL, Elizabeth---
CHAPPEL, Sarah18581952-
CHAPPELL, Bertha F.18931931wife of Walter J. Chappell
CHAPPELL, Harvey B.4 Abt 1928- husband of Lavonne E. Chappell
CHAPPELL, Lavonne E.23 Dec 1931-wife of Harvey B. Chappell
CHAPPELL, Melva J. Rubie27 Feb 19076 Jun 1976 wife of Sam H. Chappell
CHAPPELL, Sam H.29 Oct 188719 Oct 1927 husband of Melva J. Chappell
CHAPPELL, Sela Elvira18831939wife of Wm. Ellis Chappell
CHAPPELL, Walter J.18901965husband of Bertha F. Chappell
CHAPPELL, Wm. Ellis18851939husband of Sela Elvira Chappell
COCKRUM, Danny D.23 Nov 1955--
COLLINS, Ernest E.19181919-
COLLINS, Glenn R.19221924-
COLVIN, Charles Duncan3 May 19185 Feb 1977 -
COOK, Betty Sue30 Mar 1942--
COOK, Lee R.7 May 191822 Mar 1981 husband of Lorene Cook
COOK, Lorene2 May 1924-wife of Lee R. Cook

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Surnames D

DAYTON, Oscar19161922-
DECKER, Sarah E.23 Dec 183313 Nov 1913 -
DUNCAN, Carrie V.18801919wife of James A. Duncan
DUNCAN, James A.18791965husband of Carrie V. Duncan

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Surnames E

EDGMOND, Arnold19261926-
EHRART, J. H.3 Oct 18681 Apr 1874-
EHRART, M. P.15 Jul 18703 Aug 1874-
ENDICOTT, Arnie18 Oct 190727 Nov 1911 -
ENDICOTT, Charles G.20 Aug 188224 Jun 1947 Husband of Rhoda Lucinda Hudlow
ENDICOTT, Judy4 May 185725 Oct 1920 wife of Sam Endicott
ENDICOTT, M. E. E.30 Jan 187315 Dec 1874 dau of S. & S. J. Endicott
ENDICOTT, Rhoda L. Hudlow4 Sep 188529 Nov 1947 wife of Charles Gabriel Endicott
ENDICOTT, Ruth E. Sanders18 Sep 190910 Feb 1934wife of E. A. Endicott
ENDICOTT, Sam4 Oct 18607 Oct 1923 husband of Judy Endicott
ETHEREDGE, M. C.13 Apr 18427 Dec 1880 wife of B. J. Etheredge
ETHEREDGE, T. B.7 Oct 18739 Jan 1879 dau of B. J. & M. C. Etheredge

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Surnames F

FARE, Bessie G.-?? Dec 1982wife of Joe F. Fare
FARE, Joe F.--husband of Bessie G.
FORD, George W.25 Jan 192028 Feb 1972 husband of Matlida Walker Ford
FORD, Matlida Walker31 Mar 1918-wife of George W. Ford
FORD, Orva C.19441944-

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Surnames G

GRIFFIN, George N.18931929-
GUILLIAMS, Eva18921967see # 2 below
GUILLIAMS, Mattie F.18941957see # 3 below
GUILLIAMS, Selvester18821965see # 4 below
GUILLIAMS, Virgil M.18971957see # 5 below

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Surnames H

HALL, Albert J.19111976husband of Louise M. Hall
HALL?, Beverly M. 19511952-
HALL, David Wayne20 Jun 1970--
HALL, Glenn9 Jun 194518 Sep 1962-
HALL, John T.18681927see # 6 below
HALL, Louise M. Fox19111976wife of Albert J. Hall
HALL, Lue Taylor18721954see # 6 below
HALSELL, E. C.18401882wife of J. E. Halsell
HALSELL, J. E.18231896husband of E. C. Halsell
HARDIN, Eva M. Endicott13 Oct 191221 Jun 1981 wife of R. Leo Hardin
HARDIN, R. Leo7 Oct 190915 Feb 1992 husband of Eva M. Hardin
HARRISON, Eva F.24 Nov 189621 Jun 1897 dau of J. F. & M. E. Harrison
HARRISON, Jamima E.9 Aug 187420 Dec 1874 dau of J. F. & M. E. Harrison
HARRISON, John F.1 Jun 18451 Feb 1919 husband of Mary E. Harrison
HARRISON, Margaret L.21 Feb 188230 Oct 1884 dau of J. F. & M. E. Harrison
HARRISON, Mary E.15 Feb 185718 Feb 1935 wife of John F. Harrison
HARRISON, Wm. E.26 Jul 189428 Apr 1896 son of J. F. & M. E. Harrison
HILL, Joyce Ann19611962-

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Surnames J

JOHNSTON, Sarah C.19 ??? 18897 Sep 1910 -

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Surnames L

LAWING, Alfred J.18771931husband of Emma P. Lawing
LAWING, Alford Jackson14 May 1850189? husband of Frankie Lawing
LAWING, Baby19111912-
LAWING, E. A.26 Sep 184521 Dec 1907 husband of Ruth Lawing
LAWING, Elbert A.15 ??? 188128 May 1965 husband of Gertha J. Lawing
LAWING, Elbert H.23 Jan 19017 Jul 1903 Hershel written on top of stone
LAWING, Emma P.18801953wife of Alfred J. Lawing
LAWING, Ervin19 May 190116 Jan 1980 -
LAWING, Fern26 Jun 190924 Jan 1911-
LAWING, Frankie16 May 1877????wife of Alford Jackson Lawing
LAWING, Gertha J.12 Apr 189116 Jul 1965 wife of Elbert A. Lawing
LAWING, Grover19141975-
LAWING, Howard24 Feb 19157 Jun 1916 -
LAWING, I. Dellar16 Oct 18784 Sep 1933 wife of Will F. Lawing
LAWING, Infants7 infantsof W. F.& I. Dellar Lawing
LAWING, James A.15 Sep 1904-husband of Pearl G. Lawing
LAWING, James Alfred27 Mar 193413 Apr 1934 son of Mr. & Mrs. Jim Lawing
LAWING, Minnie C.26 May 187121 Aug 1940 -
LAWING, Minnie Lee18801920wife of Wm. A. Lawing
LAWING, Pearl G.21 Dec 191228 Sep 1982 wife of James A. Lawing
LAWING, Richard19271973-
LAWING, Ruth14 Nov 18517 Nov 1882 wife of E. A. Lawing
LAWING, S. Arthur6 Nov 18922 May 1927 -
LAWING, Sarah19 Feb 1885--
LAWING, Will F.10 Dec 187222 Aug 1955 husband of I. Dellar Lawing
LAWING, Wm. A.18731948husband of Minnie Lee Lawing
LAWRENCE, Alfred Jessie18921955-
LAWRENCE, Johnie19181983-

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Surnames M

McGOLDRICK, Nancy 18961940-
MOSS, Charley E.(Sam)25 May 189220 Nov 1975 husband of Mattie Moss
MOSS, Margaret18541938-
MOSS Mattie7 Jun 189512 Feb 1953 wife of Charley E. Moss

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Surnames R

RABER, Gladys M.19101967-
ROBERSON, Anna18841957-
ROBERSON, Annie24 Mar 187924 Jun 1909 -
ROBERSON, Charles12 Feb 18244 Jun 1892 husband of Elizabeth Roberson
ROBERSON, Charley W.18811942-
ROBERSON, David B.18591932husband of Sophronie Roberson
ROBERSON, Eliza E.19251925-
ROBERSON, Elizabeth Proffitt26 May 183025 Jul 1897 wife of Charles Roberson
ROBERSON, Floyd W.7 Oct 192212 Dec 1964 -
ROBERSON, Infant--dau of Mr. & Mrs. Dave Roberson
ROBERSON, Infant--dau of Mr. & Mrs. Dave Roberson
ROBERSON, James D.27 Jun 18977 Jul 1969 husband of Turner Roberson
ROBERSON, Martha A.5 Oct 184931 Aug 1868 -
ROBERSON, Mary24 Oct 1864-wife of William Roberson
ROBERSON, Melvin A.16 Oct 191728 Apr 1944 -
ROBERSON, Myrtle May18961931-
ROBERSON, Sophronie18631940wife of David B. Roberson
ROBERSON, Walter A.19071924-
ROBERSON, William8 Aug 18478 Sep 1918 husband of Mary Roberson
ROBERSON, Turner24 Nov ????11 Aug 1955 wife of James D. Roberson
ROBERTS, Eldon H.19091972husband of Lorene Roberts
ROBERTS, Lorene1911-wife of Eldon H. Roberts
ROBERTS, Patsy Fern19351937-
ROMANS, Alfred W.19061969husband of Etna R. Romans
ROMANS, Etna R.1921-wife of Alfred W. Romans
ROMANS, John F.4 Sep 187129 May 1948 husband of Mary E. Romans
ROMANS, Mary E.30 Jan 186729 May 1948 wife of John F. Romans

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Surnames S

SANDERS, Artie M.19041969wife of David J. Sanders
SANDERS, David J.19021961husband of Artie M. Sanders
SPENCER, Alice M. Hall19141967see # 7 below
SPENCER, Barbara M.1936-see # 8 below
SPENCER, Edith M. Hall30 Oct 191726 May 1986 see # 9 below
SPENCER, J. Ernest19101989see # 10 below
SPENCER, L. Vernon19331980see # 11 below
SPENCER, Raymond E.27 Oct 18989 Nov 1977 see # 12 below

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Surnames T

TILSON, Alice17 Oct 189924 Feb 1980 wife of Allen Tilson
TILSON, Allen30 Oct 189911 Sep 1965 husband of Alice Tilson
TILSON, Anna15 Oct 18256 Mar 1899-
TILSON, D. Blaine5 Nov 19284 Oct 1973 husband of G. Louise Tilson
TILSON, G. Louise13 Sep 1928-wife of D. Blaine Tilson
TILSON, Martha Ann15 Oct 187611 Apr 1912 -
TILSON, Matilda---
TIPTON, John18501935-
TIPTON, Nittie18511931-

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Surnames W

WALKER, Cora A.19111947-
WALKER, Davie W.1 Sep 187514 Dec 1944 -
WALKER, Elbert Lee25 Apr 192929 Aug 1929 -
WALKER, Elizabeth14 Sep 1836-wife of Ison Walker
WALKER, Elizabeth---
WALKER, Geo. S.1 Sep 18816 Dec 1944 husband of R. A. Walker
WALKER, Ison28 May 184820 Nov 1925 husband of Elizabeth Walker
WALKER, J. E.7 Jun 188?23 Apr 1916-
WALKER, John18531903husband of Mariah Walker
WALKER, John E.18851952husband of Lulla Walker
WALKER, Lucinda A.15 Oct 187929 Dec 1940 -
WALKER, Lulla18851967wife of John E. Walker
WALKER, Mariah18511927wife of John Walker
WALKER, Mary10 Feb 188413 Oct 1906 -
WALKER, Mary C.18491909wife of J. D. Walker
WALKER, Orlie1 Jul 192026 Aug 1920-
WALKER, R. A.10 Jun 187624 Dec 1970 wife of Geo. S. Walker
WALKER, Russell19171978-
WALLACE, Emma I.4 May 19026 Apr 1979 wife of Walter W. Wallace
married 6 Apr 1930
WALLACE, Walter W.4 Mar 188229 Jul 1962 husband of Emma I. Wallace
WILLIAMS, Charley L.9 Feb 188224 Feb 1932 husband of Lucy A. Williams
WILLIAMS, David10 Apr 184111 Sep 1922 husband of Sarah A. Williams
WILLIAMS, David E.9 Oct 192515 Oct 1925 -
WILLIAMS, Ella J.18721943wife of Emmet Williams
WILLIAMS, Emmet18701956husband of Ella J. Williams
WILLIAMS, Lucy A.10 Nov 188310 Jun 1965 wife of Charley L. Williams
WILLIAMS, Sarah A.30 Aug 1863-wife of David Williams
WILSON, Della---
WILSON, Emma C.18741952wife of Isom Wilson
WILSON, Estella J.18871966wife of James T. Wilson
WILSON, Isom18761934husband of Emma C. Wilson
WILSON, J. E.1 Aug 185828 Jun 1922 spouse of M. J. Wilson
WILSON, James D.18801917-
WILSON, James T.18831957husband of Estella J. Wilson
WILSON, John W.11 Oct 186128 Jun 1921 husband of Sarah E. Wilson
WILSON, M. J.22 Feb 1969-spouse of J. E. Wilson
WILSON, Ollie May11 Dec 19058 Dec 1946 -
WILSON, Sam---
WILSON, Sarah Elizabeth21 Aut 186619 Aug 1937 wife of John W. Wilson
WILSON, Sudie18821940-
WINKLER, Michael James18 Jan 19808 Mar1980 -
WOODARD, Mary Francis18621941-

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Additional info

If you have any connections to these people, please contact me.

1. BELCHER, Samantha nee Guilliams Jan 1886 - 7 Dec 1906, dau of Henry Houston & Mary (COBLE) GUILLIAMS m 7 Feb 1904 Howell Co., MO James A. BELCHER

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2. GUILLIAMS, Eva nee CHAMBERS 6 Sep 1892 Monroe Co., IN - 22 Jan 1967 West Plains, Howell Co., MO dau of Chesley & Julia Ann (BAUGH) CHAMBERS, m 29 Aug 1950 Mt. Home, Baxter Co., AR to Sylvester GUILLIAMS. Eva was Sylvesters 2nd wife.
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3. GUILLAMS, Mattie Florence nee Hall, 31 Oct 1894 - 26 May 1986, dau of John Thomas & Sara Mary Lou (TAYLER) HALL, m Virgil Matthew GUILLIAMS
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4. GUILLIAMS, Sylvester, 18 Jun 1882, Ozark Co., MO - 5 Feb 1965 West Plains, Howell Co., MO, son of Henry Houston & Mary (COBLE) GUILLIAMS. Married 1) Feb 1901 Mary Beth McKINNEY, 2) Eva CHAMBERS
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5. GUILLIAMS, Virgil Matthew 5 Jul 1898 , Ozark Co., MO - 30 Mar 1957 Wichita, Butler Co., KS son of Henry Houston & Mary (COBLE) GUILLIAMS m Mattie Florence HALL
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6. HALL, John Thomas, husband of Sara Mary Lou Tishe TAYLOR. John and Lou were the parents of Mattie Florence GUILLIAMS, Alice Matilda SPENCER, and Edith Maye SPENCER.
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7. SPENCER, Alice Matilda nee Hall, 11 Feb 1914 Howell Co., MO - 6 May 1967 Pottersville, dau of John Thomas & Lou (TAYLOR) HALL, m 22 Dec 1931, Pottersville, Howell Co., MO to James Ernest SPENCER
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8. SPENCER, Barbara M. nee Neal m 22 Jul 1955 Niwot, Boulder Co., CO to Leonard Vernon SPENCER
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9. SPENCER, Edith Maye nee Hall, dau of John Thomas & Lou (TAYLOR) HALL, m 15 May 1935 West Plains, MO to Raymond Erwin SPENCER
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10. SPENCER, James Ernest 23 Jan 1910 Ozark Co., MO - 2 Feb 1989 West Plains, MO son of George Riley & Florence Charity (HUDLOW) SPENCER, m 22 Dec 1931 to Alice Matilda HALL
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11. SPENCER, Leonard Vernon 28 Oct 1932 Pottersville, MO - 8 Nov 1980 Pottersville, son of , James Ernest & Alice Matilda (HALL) SPENCER m 22 Jul 1955 to Barbara M. NEAL
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12. SPENCER, Raymond Erwin, b Pottersville, MO d Mt. Home, Baxter Co., MO son of George Riley & Florence Charity (HUDLOW) SPENCER, m 15 May 1935 to Edith Maye HALL
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