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Gene Gryniewicz, Storyteller

Gene Gryniewicz is a Storyteller

Talk to me.

Eugene R. Gryniewicz

7509 W. 161st PL

Tinley Park, IL  60477


Why do I tell? Where will I tell? Where have I told? To Whom have I told?

Rich Mao
at The Festival of the Wild Rose Moon in Indiana

Gene Gryniewicz

    Mine is a passion for the tale told. I embrace it as I do all things magical -- with reverence and relish. Storytelling is itself a magical art -- I understand that -- an act of becoming ... other. It seduces others (the audience and other tellers) into an ever-growing web of imagination. Storytelling opens new vistas within, both for the speaker and the listener, and without; it transforms our shared reality.

   That is why I tell. And what? Tales tuned to the moment. Stories suited to a situation. Ask Demand. I'll answer ... "but say thou first ..."  What would you like to hear?

   I come to storytelling from a theatrical background, and bring to it, I like to think, a strong sense of characterization and voice. I try to become the various 'actors' in my stories; to make them tell their own tales, narrate their own adventures.

   Where do I tell? Where ever I am.

   Who? ... ever listens.

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If you have any questions, feel free to email Gene Gryniewicz for answers; he might even have them.