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Geofront  is  a  group of  dedicated  people
who subtitle Japanese animation. We subtitle
anime because we enjoy it and want to make
it available to fans without Japanese language
skills.  We  subtitle those  anime that  interest
us,  and we  release  anime titles  that are not
commercially  available  here.   Our goal is to
make the best available fansubs with accurate
translations and clean subtitles.

April 28th, 2001 If you haven't noticed already, we have been pretty much inactive for close to a year now. The reason for the inactivity is because some core members have been working professionally for a major commercial anime company. So we won't be active again at least for the immediate future. Hope you all enjoyed our work.
August 15th, 1999 Child's Toy 21-24 has been released. Please get them from our distributors. Also, we now have a FAQ to answer common questions we've received.
March 27th, 1999 We're getting back to trading again! If you're interested in trading with us, just email. Please, SVHS or Master trades only.
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