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VAT 69 : Roles

Since its establishment, VAT 69 HQ are based at Northern Brigade, PGA Ulu Kinta in the state of Perak. Once under the direct order of Northern Brigade Commander, VAT 69 is now responsible to the Internal Security / Civil Security Director (KDN / KA).

The first troop of 69th Commando Battalion started its initial operations back in 1970s and successfully deployed against the communist terrorist. As a result, the Royal Malaysian Police decided to expand the unit and gave its own employment warrant. Compared to its young age, VAT 69 had achieved many success in hunting down CTs and pirates. A number of CTs were killed or and lots of weapons, equipment had been seized. VAT 69 expertise in combat intelligence is among the factors that also helps VAT 69 in every operations.

VAT 69 was established, structured, and trained to execute special security services such as :

  • Long range patrol for collecting enemy information, identifying target and  enemy in deep jungle or rural areas.

  • Executing offensive operations using special weapons / equipment and tactics against the enemy.

  • Conducting special operations to support the Royal Malaysian Police Special Branch in combating subversive organizations or terrorist activities.

  • Supporting other Malaysian Special Operations Forces, Infantry or RDF unit in any security measures.

  • Counter-terrorist, hostage rescue, close protection or direct action against criminal elements.

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