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Haven't gotten your fill of Dinomania? Well, go entertain yourself some more by visiting the following links.

Cool Dinosaur Figure Sites
This guy has a fantastic collection of prehistoric creatures. Not only is it fun to look at his collection; the site is educational as well. He uses his prehistoric figures to represent different time periods in the past and accompanies them with a lot of information.
Looks extensively at classic prehistoric figures.
A magazine devoted to dinosaurs and dinosaur collecting. This is one cool mag, to be sure.
Fantastic reviews on classic dino toys, such as Marx, MPC, Starlux, and more...
A very nice gallery containing several dino-models in various scales.
Places to Purchase Dinosaurs
(Not real ones, ya goof!)
They carry a wide range of dino-products.
The best place on the web (that I have found anyway) to collect vintage prehistoric figures, such as Marx, MPC, and Tim-Mee. There is also a wealth of info here about these figures.
A very nice museum located in Tucumcari, New Mexico. I have been there, and highly recommend it.
Another museum I have been to and recommend, if you are in the Black Hills area. The 29-foot Mosasaur skeleton is a must-see!
You Just Might Learn Something...
A really comprehensive list. Shows how to pronounce the names and how dinosaurs got their names.
Kid-oriented, but there is a lot of information here.
A Little Bit of Everything
Web links dedicated to paleontology.
Fer Fun
This site amused me. Make sure you read the cartoon strips.
And Last, But Not Least...
My personal website. Learn more about me and my other interests (besides dinosaurs). I draw and paint, I am a librarian, an amateur herpetologist, and I love Legos, among other things.


E-mail me at to report any broken links, or if you have questions. Oh--and if you have a dino-related site (or anything of a prehistoric nature) I'll add your link here if you'd like!