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As mentioned in my intro page, the first dinosaur toy I ever got was by Tootsietoy. Since about the 1970s, Tootsietoy has made plastic dinosaurs in two varieties (that I know of, anyway): 1) larger scale, hollow figures and 2) smaller scale, solid party-favor type figures.
First up we have the hollow figures. The Dinosaur Collector describes them as "hollow and toothy" and "a favorite sandbox toy to this day." Me, I personally never played with them in sandboxes (I hated sandboxes because I knew cats peed in them). But anyhow, back to the review...
According to the Dinosaur Collector, these guys are still being made (or at least as far as he knows they are). I long to complete my collection of them, so if you happen to stumble across this page and know where the heck to get a hold of them, drop me a line!
I still have mine, which were acquired in the very early 1980s at a local Ben Franklin (back when BF was a cool, funky dime store and carried stuff like this). They seem to have come in the following array of colors: Blue, white, red, yellow, and green. I thought I saw a light brown one in an auction on Ebay, but I could have been hallucinating.
Here is a shot of the Tootsietoy hollow dinos I have. Like a brightly colored row of parked cars, here they are in all their glory:


Once again, we have the "open-mouthed Godzilla-look" as I like to lovingly refer to this style as. In the 70s and 80s, I guess dinosaur-toy makers were obsessed with making these guys look like they are roaring. Or laughing...or make the call.
At any rate, it appears that TT gave realism a shot. I mean, these are, by no means, museum quality figures, but at least they represent actual species of dinosaurs and aren't some contrived creatures (like you'd see in a monster movie). These guys are actually labeled on their tails as to what they are.
Let's take a look at them one by one...
First up is Stegosaurus. He looks like one mean mamma-jamma, don't he? Not bad...until you get to the head. It is a might bit large. To me it looks like someone spliced a Mosasaurus head onto a Stegosaurus body. Way too carnivore-looking for me.
But hey--the kids playing with these bad boys aren't looking for realism, I'll wager. I wasn't.


Next in line, here is the faaaabulous Triceratops. He's a lovely shade of bright green, and yes, showing off his choppers too. Still, he isn't quite as far-out looking as Stego.


Here's T-Rex with an interesting hunkering-over posture...


Brontosaurus; a real old-school portrayal here. A green one would be the spittin' image of the Sinclair Logo Dino...


Fifth in line is Moschops (I just love that name!). An albino one, apparently. I really like this one because this species is rarely represented in dinosaur-toy-form. Moschops technically was not a dinosaur, by the way--he was a Therapsid (ancestor of mammals) that lived in the late Permian period.


Last but not least is the pelycosaur Dimetrodon. He's really upset about something. Or maybe really happy. It's anyone's guess.


And there they are...
If you'd like to see another review of these by the trusty Dinosaur Collector, you can go here.
According to the DC's site, there was a line of prehistoric mammals called Giant Mighty Monsters. Sadly, I missed these, and I have a feeling they are no longer available. I don't remember seeing these in stores anywhere back when I got the above dinos, either. Recently, I found some on Ebay, but they are evidently rare (the bidding got otrageous on these babies!). Yanno, this is a nice hobby and all, but I don't want to have to take out a second mortgage on my house to complete a collection, know what I mean?
Perhaps one day, I will get lucky and some flea market'll have them (and not realize what they are). Hope!!
Smaller Scale Dinos
Recently, I ran across these guys at a Hobby Lobby Store. I have seen them in various dimestores as well. The dinosaurs you get in a bag can vary; one bag I bought had Plateosaurs in it, but no T-Rexes. The second bag I bought was just the reverse. Another thing I noticed is that the Dimetrodon comes in two varieties: one has a base, and the other doesn't.
The bags come with 21 dinosaurs, all in very bright colors (not unlike their larger cousins, shown above). Maybe this is what they looked like after that meteor hit...
Click the thumbnails below to enlarge.