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Ever since that fateful day in 1980 when I viewed the Ray Harryhausen video, I have drawn dinosaurs, written stories about dinosaurs, and constructed dinosaurs from various media such as clay and plaster.
As I mentioned in my intro page, the second the Harryhausen film was over, I pulled my crayons and paper out of my desk and began to draw dinosaurs. My interest was sparked that day, and since then I have drawn and created dinosaurs in some form or another.
Below are links to different dinosaurs I've done through the years. They are in chronological order (well, I tried to keep them that way, anyhow), starting with the first dinosaur book I ever wrote, Mr. Borontosaurus.
Andy tells us about dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures--including "The Great Eorops."
A dino-rock n' roll band!
An actual realistic dinosaur drawing I did. Here he is again, after some playing in Photoshop to turn him all green-like.
A doodling I did at work. It was originally a pencil-drawing, so I used Photoshop to liven it up a bit. I don't know what made me think of this, other than the fact that I like dinosaurs and was probably craving a beer at the time...
Done in MS Paint one slow day at work. I often do drawings in Paint while bored at work (shhh! Don't tell my boss!).
I was inspired to do this guy after watching Before the Dinosaurs on the Discovery Channel.

A series of prehistoric mammals I've started to sculpt out of Sculpey clay. 
A favorite marine reptile of mine. I sketched this out at work one day, than inked it because I liked it. I even put it on a t-shirt.
More paleo-art can be seen on my DeviantArt Page!

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