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Here is a set of party-favor style dinosaurs I picked up at a local place called Party America. The company that makes them is called DesignWare. They make a wide array of party favors and supplies.


As you can see, these dino figures are far from "museum quality," but I found these interesting because most of them look like tiny copies of Marx dinos, particularly the guy in the upper right corner (looks like the Marx Allosaurus). The Stegosaurus looks pretty "Marx-y" as well. This seems to be a very widely used Stego-mold.
Party favor stores can be great places to find dinosaurs. Some of them aren't worth your while to purchase (sometimes they can be too cutesy or just downright goofy looking), but others I have found have been pretty good as far as cheaper dino-figures go.
I'm not quite sure I kept them in the package. I'm fairly certain these guys won't ever be sought-after collector's items. Like I said, though, there are worse ones out there.
Included in this set:
Triceratops (x2, different styles)
Brontosaurus (Apatosaurus)

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