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It's not hard to find dinosaur figures.
There are a plethora of them out there. There is no secret to finding these guys. They darn near reach out and bite you at the dollar shops. They peer over the side of a bin at you in the grocery store as you're picking out your cereal in the breakfast foods aisle. They are everywhere.
Wal-Mart stores are crawling with them (and they are reasonably priced, to boot). Party goods stores teem with the critters.
Get on the web, and you can't escape them either. There are dozens of websites where one can load up on dinos if he or she so desires. Check my Paleo-Linkage page for a list of folks who sell them online--from party-good-style mini-dinos to the "museum quality" figs such as Schleich and Bullyland.
My favorite dino-resource, I have to say however, is Ebay. This is the place to go searching for dinosaurs, especially if you're into vintage stuff like Marx and MPC. As mentioned in my figure review page, I have found a lot of the dinosaurs I either missed out on as a kid, or needed to complete a set with.
I pick up nearly any dinosaur figure (or set of figures) I see, unless they are just plain ugly and/or badly made. There are a ton of really raunchy-looking toy dinos out there, let me tellya. There are some strange ones, such as the set described in my "Who Writes This Stuff?" page. Oftentimes I will pick up odd-looking ones just for the sheer funkiness of them, however. But if they are so bad they are almost painful to look at, I pass. In addition, extreme cutesy-ness rules some out for me too. "Barney," of course, pops into my head first and foremost. Gaahh, what an insult to our prehistoric buddies, eh?
I don't completely rule out plush dinos, even though the cutesy-level can be dangerously high. I have found a few very cool ones; a couple that I have roar when you squeeze them. They were found at one of those toy outlet stores.
Ahhh--toy outlet stores. Kay-bee is one of the more well known ones (and this is the one I go to frequently). They are often a treasure trove for dinosaur toys. And, what's really cool about them is their inventory changes all the time, so you never know what you'll find if you let a little time pass between visits.
Bottom line here is--always keep a sharp eye out. Visit flea markets and antigue malls. Go to garage sales, swap meets, and have your Dinosaur Radar on.
I have even stumbled upon some decent dinos at truck stops and gas stations. The possibilities are endless.
Never stop searching. Scope out the toy areas in little grocery stores in tiny little hole-in-the-wall towns when you stop on road trips.
I always have dinosaurs in the back of my mind anywhere I am. The more you search, the more great stuff you'll end up with.
And what's really nice about this hobby is that it isn't one with big pricetag. You can run into some higher-priced dinosaurs, but generally they are not going to empty your pocketbook.
So, go forth now...and find dinosaurs!
Happy dino-hunting!