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Positive Effects of Globalization

Globalization has opened up broader communication lines and brought more companies as well as different worldwide organizations into India.  This provides opportunities for not only workingmen, but also women, who are becoming a larger part of the workforce.  With new jobs for women, there are opportunities for higher pay, which raises self-confidence and brings about independence.  This, in turn, can promote equality between the sexes, something that Indian women have been struggling with their entire lives.  Globalization has the power to uproot the traditional views towards women so they can take an equal stance in society (King).

The Self-Employed Women’s Association (SEWA) in India is a union of women laborers willing to work hard and seize any work opportunities they might get. Globalization has aided their opportunities in various ways.  SEWA has established a Women’s Cooperative Bank with 125,000 members, and through the aid of globalization, they have even reached the women in the rural areas of India.  Markets in different areas can now be reached by Indian women who have a part in businesses, or by craft-making women who have licenses to export their goods.  With more freedoms and opportunities, these women are raising their standard of living by generating more income (AKF-ISP News).

Technology that may seem out-dated to the United States is viewed as modern technology to India.  With the aid of satellites and computers, SEWA has been able to reach more women to share self-help knowledge.  Even the telephone is an advancement to many women in their business ventures.  After one of the SEWA women took out a loan of four dollars to buy a telephone, her income was increased because she could reach more people (AKF-ISP News).

One of the SEWA women, Mauna Dave, has made tremendous advancements and is sharing her knowledge of the global world and economy with other Indian women so they can establish a better life for themselves.  Dave attributes the skills she has obtained to SEWA since she had the opportunity to speak and listen to other women in this organization.  This UNIFEM Social Responsibility Award recipient is the director of Kutchcraft, which is an association of 110 craftswomen’s groups with over 6,000 employees.  She helped organize the craftswomen into an empowered group that have obtained bargaining power to compete in the international market. Dave said that some of the most difficult challenges are to keep current on the global economy and the fast-paced changes in India itself.  Globalization has helped her and other Indian women share ideas and network in the international markets (UNIFEM).

Different non-profit organizations have been brought to India from around the globe.  These organizations have given women the skills they need to advance, such as literacy and vocational skills.  One organization, Indiacorps, has brought in a range of programs to help women help themselves.  One program in Ahmedabad, India has taught poor women how to create different crafts to generate income.  With this program, women are able to earn their own personal money and enable the children to attend school instead of having to work to make more money. The women also gain business skills that inform them about career opportunities (Indiacorps).

Media can be viewed as a positive aspect of globalization.  Media has the opportunity to reach people, and convey a message to people all over the world.  A magazine called Femina is the top women’s magazine for Indian women.   It was created in 1959 and since it showcased its website in 1996, it has received much feedback from Indians all over the world.  Femina shows the accomplishments of different Indian women from all over and provides inspiration to the women who read it (TSS).

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