A Detective Story

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The following is a story about Ann Barton, Detective Third Grade, of the Tulla City, Ohio, Police Department. It tells about her exploits as a police officer and it tells about her interaction with the other officers of the department.

It tells about Chad Rafton,the aging Mayor of Tulla City and about Marty Perkins, the Chief of Police/Sheriff of Tulla City, population 5300.

It tells about the other four officers of the force, their likes and dis-likes, their personalities and idiosyncrasies; the things that make them all tick.

Tom Shelton, the old timer and only other detective on the force, a solid officer and somewhat quiet man.

There are Charlie Ford and Mel Vernon, two men almost joined at the hip. They live in houses that are on the same street, side by side.

Mel is married to Lois and Charlie is single but they are close enough to sometimes make a person wonder.

Then there is Billy Thompson, the newest member of the Tulla City Police Department. He has the hots for the lady detective and it is obvious to everyone.

It tells about Gerald Prosser, reporter extraordinaire for the Philadelphia Enquirer and B J Lassiter, editor, publisher and owner of the Tulla City Crier, the local newspaper.

It tells about some other people, people who will make you wonder a bit yourself. A Detective Story is fun and exciting for me to write.(I'm still writing it) I hope it will be fun and exciting for you to read!

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Chapter One