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Open This Door To An Adventure in Reading - Poems and Songs With Meanings!

My awareness of things remembered started at about age three.
I knew and sang songs long before that but my recollections of those earlier events are very vague. At age three my mind collected and stored vivid images and I can remember wanting to know more and more, especially things having to do with music and writings.

From a curious three year old to a grizzled old timer I wrote and enjoyed songs and poetry. The songs and poems that follow were all written by me. Some of them are filled with emotion and were written as the result of some emotional situation that I experienced. Others were written just because I felt like writing something. Each piece says something that will be understood by some of you.


There is no better way to express oneself than with a poem or song. And just about anyone can write a song or poem if they really want to. Just remember a few basic rules.

1. Pick a subject or situation about which you want to write.

2. Write a short sentence about it. For example:

"I think about a time so long ago."

3. Record the last word of the sentence. In this case it will be,'ago.'

4. Write down a list of words that rhyme with 'ago.'

5. Write another sentence that says something about your story and ends with the word that rhymes with the word,'ago.'For example:

"A thought that fills my heart with such a glow,"

6. Proceed with your thought and write another sentence.

7. Remember the last word of this third sentence.

8. Write another sentence that rhymes with the last sentence. For example:

"To now recall the sweetest girl I 'knew'
And know the girl I think about is 'you.'"

So now we have a poem we just thought up.

"I think about a time so long ago,
A thought that fills my heart with such a glow
To now recall the sweetest girl I knew
And know the girl I think about is you."
Congratulations, Poet!

In the Beginning there was Jim at three...
Cute, ain't he?

The Grizzled Old Timer...

Hard to believe the cute little guy at the top and the grizzled old timer are the same! "chuckle"

Now that you know you can write, start writing! Do it while you are young and you will enjoy it when you are old.
I sometimes read a song or poem that I wrote long ago and it seems like I am reading it for the first time; almost as if someone else was the writer! Sometimes, as I read, the same emotions flood over me just as they did when I wrote the piece. It can be exciting. Try it! You'll like it!


Now go on in and enjoy yourself. There is something for everyone here. If you see a song or poem you really like, copy it and send it to someone you love.

If you want to publish it, be sure to credit me as writer. If you make money from it, pay me the writer's royalty.

You can reach me with your comments at: jcadla@sbcglobal.net

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