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Tharna:   Ruled by a matriarchy (Tatrix), Tharna is Gors silver city. A city in the northern hemisphere, far northeast of Corcyrus. Located among the mountains, Tharna accorded women great opportunities and priviliges until the rebellion of 10,117 Contassa Ar (Outlaw of Gor). Its towers are broader and shorter than other cities. Once drab and grey, they now are as colorful as all other cities, sporting proudly the colors of every caste there. It is East of Ko-ro-ba. Tarl Cabot mentioned that it is far from the Sardar Mountains. Similar in some ways to the ancient Earth city of Carthage.


The male portion of the population has long since regained control over the city, and with the exception of the Tatrix, Tharna is ruled almost entirely by men. There are few freewomen in the city of Tharna, the entire female population consisting almost completely of female slaves. Tharna, and its sister-city of Argentum to the south, are known for their silver mines and production of that metal. Tharnan Warriors can be distinguished by their blue helmets. Tharnan males are recognized by the two yellow cords they wear tucked in their belts, to bind slaves.


Tharna owns many valuable silver mines and is sometimes called the City of Silver. This city was once ruled by a Tatrix and women dominated. A revolution came about though and changed everything, now, there are very few free women in Tharna.

All Tharnan men have 2 yellow cords about 18 inches long, commonly worn in their belt. These cords are presented to them as youth's as part of the Home Stone ceremony. They represent the mastery of men, and are suitable for binding a female hand and foot. In the same ceremony, young women are brought into the presence of the Home Stone, though they are not allowed to kiss it as do the men. They are stripped, collared, and bound by the young men. By virture of this ceremony, the females are now counted as slave.

Kron, once a metal worker, is currently the Administrator.


"There were many things supposedly strange about Tharna, among them that she was reportedly ruled by a queen, or Tatrix, and, reasonably enough in the circumstances, that the position of women in that city, in contrast with common Gorean custom, was one of privilege and opportunity."

---Outlaw of Gor, page 49



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