Detective George Newhouse
(Rodger Corser)

George Newhouse, also known as "gorgeous George", was introduced to the viewers in the last four episodes of season six. He was going to replace Jack Christey (Steve Bisley) as the third detective in the 2002 season of the show (unfortunately the show was axed in July 2001).

George's dad was a drunk. His uncle, whom the young George looked up to, was a cop. When it came to a career, George decided to follow his uncle.
George is making waves with the women. The female staff at the Water police think whatever “it’ is, George Newhouse has got it in spades.

Season 6:
Episode 174 "Bureaucracy rules, ok?"
Episode 175 "The removalist"
Episode 176 "And the winner is..."
Episode 177 "Cats and pigeons"

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