Vin Diesel.

A name inspiring sheer power and masculine strength.  

The world looks on as this multi-talented man rises to take his place among the brilliant stars of the heavens, to sit on the throne of our dreams and fantasies, to rule in our hearts as the extreme epitome of talent and beauty.

We are brought together here in flagrant adoration and  indulgent celebration of the Man with the voice to weaken a thousand knees and the creative entertain-ability to secure our devoted interest for many, many years to come.

This site is for fans, like myself, who seek to know and archive Vin Diesel - both inside and out.  In time, I hope this site will reflect, in quality and in extent, the calibre of this truly multi-facial, multi-talented man.

Finally, a personal message for Mr. Diesel (if he ever happens to stop by) from the Webmistress:

I will probably never meet you, so I will say here, with this website, what I would say to you if we met face to face. I do not have a "crush" on you, although I do get butterflies when I hear your voice (but what woman doesn't?). What is more important to know is that I respect you as a real person who is chasing his dream. I wish for you to make your mark upon the face of entertainment. I wish for you to realize personal greatness and personal success, aside from the stardom and the Hollywood hype. And most of all, I wish for you to find a true love and enduring happiness for the rest of your life. You deserve that much for shining as you do and for entertaining us, the world at your feet.