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Name : Vin Diesel (real given name is reportedly Mark Vincent)

Place of Residence: Los Angeles, California

Birthdate: July 18, 1967 (34 yrs) ; grew up in The Village, NY

Eyes/Hair/Height: deep, beautiful brown/ditto (but he prefers being bald)/6'2ish

Ethnic Background: multicultural (that's good enough for me)

Marital Status: single (I don't think he's dating Michelle Rodriguez exclusively, or anyone else  for that matter)

Educational Background: attended Hunter College in New York for two years, majored in English in preparation for screenwriting; Vin used to be a bouncer at a club called "The Tunnel" (1018 Mars, New York, NY); was also a telemarketer at one point.

Family Stats: mom (an astrologist with a degree in psychology); step-father (a theatre teacher); biological father - unknown; twin brother Paul Vincent (sound editor for Multi-Facial) plus three other siblings

Pets: a Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Winston; recently acquired an Italian Mastiff named Roman

Wheels: Lincoln Navigator  (sweet ride, Vin!)

Interests: snow-boarding; Playstation; the world of Sci-Fi; Dungeons and Dragons; Heavy Metal magazine (Vin, you naughty naughty boy!); classic movies; Italian cooking; screenwriting, acting, directing and producing (of course!!!); HIS FANS, of course, cuz we're so devoted :)

Vin's Idol: Mel Gibson, both for his Mad Max character and for his ability to make a movie like Braveheart

Vin's Fave Actor: Morgan Freeman, veteran star of such memorable flicks as Driving Miss Daisy, The Shawshank Redemption, and Amistad.

Vin's Vices: Hey, nobody's perfect, right?!? Apparently, Vin is a social smoker but he says he doesn't drink...  Here's something interesting: during his stint as guest on The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart pressed Vin about whether he got his Iron Giant/bouncer/bedroom voice from a smoking habit; rumor has it that Vin evaded the questions because he didn't want to influence kids into thinking that it's cool to smoke; and the fans ring out "VIN, YOU'RE MY HERO"
 Career: began acting at age 7 for the "Theater of the New City," run by his adoptive father; worked as a bouncer for 9 years while acting in off-off-off Broadway theatre until his big break with Multi-Facial at Cannes (which he wrote, directed, produced and starred in); the rest, as they say, is history...and its pretty much recorded here  :)

Film Credits:           
               1994     Multi-Facial          writer/director/actor/producer
               1996     Strays               writer/director/actor/producer
               1998     Saving Private Ryan     actor
               1998     The Iron Giant         voice for Iron Giant
               1999     Pitch Black          actor  (star)
               1999     Boiler Room          actor
               2001     Knockaround Guys    actor
               2001     The Fast and the Furious     actor  (star)
               2002     El Diablo               actor  (star)
               ? ? ?       Terminator III        actor (bad guy)
               ? ? ?       Hellboy                 actor  (star)
               ? ? ?       Pitch Black II            actor, role reprisal (Riddick; star)
               ? ? ?       next Batman movie      actor, as young Victor Fries (Mr. Freeze)
               ? ? ?       A Thing of Beauty    writer/ ? ? ?
               ? ? ?       Doormen     writer/ ? ? ?
               ? ? ?       Triple X        actor
               ? ? ?       Ecks Vs. Sever          actor

Current Projects: I really don't know what he's doing at the moment. There are so many flipping rumours flying around and so many possibilities. I know El Diablo is pretty much finished and on it's way to theatres. Knockaround Guys has been finished for EONS and still hasn't made it into theatres (what's up with that? If anyone knows, let me know!).

GENERALLY known for: his artistic creativity and humbling talent; his sensitivity (people have said there's actually a sensitive guy 'neath that buff and gruff exterior); his incredibly sexy voice; his beautiful, healthy body; his commanding presence on and off-screen; his sexy lack of hair; his buff, bouncer arms (or, as he calls them, his "guns"); his ability to persuade (from years of telemarketing)

What to keep your eye on: his production company, One Race Productions (check out; his love life (of course...LOL)
 Where to reach him:

Vin Diesel
3940 Laurel Canyon Blvd.            
#839  Studio City, CA
91602 USA

Vin Diesel
9701 Wilshire Blvd #1000
Beverly Hills, CA
90212   USA

Vin Diesel
One Race Productions
2029 Century Park East ste 2720
Los Angeles, Ca 90067

One Race Productions

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