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Thursday, October 19, 2000

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Digital Dish Diva (chat hostess) says: Welcome to MSN Live, brought to you tonight by Oxygen and Girls On. The Final Word in Entertainment. Yours. See for yourself at Tonight we are pleased to present a very special chat event with Vin Diesel who stars in the film, "Pitch Black" which releases on DVD on October 24.

DDD says: A spaceship crashes on a hot planet with three suns. Among the survivors are a cop, the Captain and a prisoner (Vin Diesel.) What will happen when the eclipse begins? Who will survive? Get "Pitch Black" and find out!

DDD says: Vin, welcome back. It's great to see you again!

Vin says: It's great to be back here! Thank you all for joining!

DDD says: Naturegirl says: Hi Vin. I haven't seen "Pitch Black" but my boyfriend has. Can you tell me about the film? I'm getting it for him for his birthday.

Vin says: I don't want to spoil it for you. I can just tell you that it's a sci-fi film that we tried to incorporate as much character that hopefully is entertaining and has subliminal messages, if you dig deep enough.

DDD says: krisb81 Asks: What's up Vin! You've made a positive influence on my life, and I thank you. How is your character the same (or different) in your upcoming film, "Redline," compared to your character in "Pitch Black"?

Vin says: There's an interesting theme that goes along with all the characters I play, that my mother pointed out, it's this guy that actually protects, the idea that you have to be strong to protect your sensitivity. You should cherish and celebrate that. You should cherish and protect that, and in both films I play strong, formidable guys. They have a heart and a soul.

DDD says: Calliste1 says: Where was the film filmed?

Vin says: It was filmed in Australia in the outback, in an opal-mining town with a strong Aboriginal influence.

DDD says: AsunderPeach Asks: How long did you have to wear those contacts?

Vin says: I had to wear them for the duration of the shoot, but only while I was shooting. For the first month I could only wear them for about 10 minutes at a time because they were a prototype and they were hard to wear. We were shooting in a very dusty climate so it was crazy. I wore them too long, I have a new appreciation for those people that wear contacts.

DDD says: VIN_RULES says: Are the contacts available to buy?

Vin says: I don't know, that's a good question.

DDD says: Tracy110 says: After shooting a session, did you ever leave the set still feeling like Riddick?

Vin says: Of course I did! You know, as an actor you want to try to stay in character as much as possible. I think you go to a darker place when you play a darker character. We stayed at this one hotel which was partly underground and the walls were excavated and painted red, so the walls looked like someone was trapped in there and clawed their way out. That helps your character too.

DDD says: null Asks: Did you really dislocate your shoulders in "Pitch Black"?

Vin says: No, I didn't do it all the way, I was about 3 inches away from pulling the stunt off myself. Which caused the producers a lot of anxiety because they had already spent so much already for the shot.

DDD says: Greddy5808 Asks: Are you going to be in any upcoming movies? I thought you did a wonderful performance in "Pitch Black."

Vin says: Thank you! On January 15th a film comes out called "Knockaround Guys" with John Malkovich, Dennis Hopper, Seth Green--a bunch of great guys directed by Bryan Koppelman. It's a New York flavored film. I'm filming a movie right now called "Redline" that should come out March 23rd. And I'm SUPER excited about the next film I'm shooting called "Diablo" November 27. Lorenz Tate is co-staring in the film.

DDD says: Can you tell us what this film is about?

Vin says: It's about the drug traffic world. It's about life. I play a DEA agent whose wife is assassinated in front of him. It's a huge action film.

DDD says: Where are you shooting this film?

Vin says: We're shooting in Mexico and L.A.

DDD says: So, you are close to home.

Vin says: I actually prefer to shoot away from home. Most actors prefer to shoot in L.A. if they live there. I have a better time if I don't have to deal with my life at the end of the day. I like shooting abroad because it makes it easier to stay in the role.

DDD says: raega says: Vin, you are in excellent shape. Did you have to work out a lot for this movie?

Vin says: Yeah, but I work out in different ways for each film depending on the character and obviously I won't work out for a film like "Boiler Room." For "Diablo" I have to train in Jujitsu just to add authenticity to the character. So my joints are usually sore. (laughs)

DDD says: Tonight's MSN Live is brought to you tonight by Oxygen and Girls On. The Final Word in Entertainment. Yours. See for yourself at

DDD says: ¤Chë¥ënnë¤ Asks: Can you please ask him if there will ever be a "Pitch Black II" in the future?

Vin says: Yes there is! To the best of my knowledge David Hayter who wrote "X-Men" is finishing up the first part right now. They are trying to make the sequel kind of like they did the Terminator, how the first film was low budget but the sequel was explosive.

DDD says: plumlocks Asks: Are you worried about being typecast at all?

DDD says: Ever think of doing comedy?

Vin says: I would love to do comedy! I think a true actor has to always worry about being type- cast. I was acting before I ever matured into a man so my physical presence was something that came many years after I started acting. So, yes, I do have to worry about being type-cast and I try and take the necessary precautions, to constantly keep my options open.

DDD says: browneyedSELENA Asks: Vin, I have heard rumors that you were working on writing a script about a navy seal. Is there any truth to these rumors?

Vin says: I was working on a script about a Navy Seal and I know there are legalities in play, so I'm kind of waiting on all that. I'm working on a few different projects simultaneously.

DDD says: JLO27 Asks: How did you like doing the voice for the "Iron Giant"?

DDD says: Will you do more voiceovers?

Vin says: JLO, I would love to do more voiceovers. It will be hard to top "Iron Giant." I fell in love with the script and character. I wanted to do something for my niece and nephew that are 2 and 3 that couldn't see any of my other films. I also did it because some day I'm going to have a 5 yr. old and he's going to be asked on that first day of school "What does your daddy do?" and he'll be able to say "He's the Iron Giant!"

DDD says: Did your niece and nephew see the film and did they recognize your voice?

Vin says: Yes, they think it's the biggest thing in the world. They have all the posters and toys. I think I'm referred to more as the Iron Giant than Uncle Vin! (laughs)

DDD says:  papermoon says: Do you have an official website?

Vin says: No, but I've been flipping through the websites and were so damn flattering! The one that was so accurate and classy was the Definitive Vin Diesel site.

Vin says: The Definitive Vin Diesel site is really brilliant and classy. I have to say thank you for doing such a great job! Someone from the estrogen brigade sent me, I think her name is Arianna, sent me a Yoga mat that I actually use. Her letter was so amazing, it should be published, she talked about multiculturism and how someone came along and celebrated his cultural ambiguity. So I don't know if I need to do a website because these people are doing a much better job than I could come up with.

DDD says: Grimnirr Asks: I have heard that you have an interest in role-playing games. Do you still play, and if so, how does role-playing compare with acting?

Vin says: Well I've played Dungeons and Dragons since I was about 12 years old and for me we would get to a play, after about 2 hours, we'd all start to assume our roles and talk like the characters we were playing. It was great because it kept me out of drugs and being reckless like a kid can become. It was a great hobby that was thought provoking. If you play a pure sense of D&D you are playing strategies. That's the role playing game I've played the most and been a strong advocate, I don't know if it would relate to my acting, but if you play D&D right you really are assuming a character and demonstrating how you would stand when confronted by something.

DDD says: PANDJ says: Since you grew up in an artistic community what artistic talents besides acting did you take away from it?

Vin says: I was kind of engrossed in the whole 'acting' thing. I think what I took away from the community was that you could be artistic without being successful. Some of the greatest artists I've known are ones that the public will never see. These artists to art for the sake of art. I think I've taken that in my work, where art is behind my work.

DDD says: Switching gears a little. Moviegeek1 Asks: So how many fights would you say you were in as a bouncer?

Vin says: More than I care to remember. The jobs we do to support our art. . .(laughs)

DDD says: krisb81 Asks: If you could work with one actor (or actress) who would it be and why?

Vin says: I'd love to work with Morgan Freeman. There's a lot of actors and directors I'd like to work with.

DDD says: JLO27 Asks: Is it hard to act in a movie as though there is something there that really isn't?

DDD says: Are special effects movies hard to act in?

Vin says: Yes! Yes it is. Very hard sometimes. One of the more challenging aspects of filming, filming green screens. It is very difficult.

DDD says: PurpleC0w Asks: if you had to choose between acting or writing/directing, which would you choose?

Vin says: I think they all serve different purposes for me, so I don't know if I can weigh them out, or challenge them to one another, or compare them to one another. It's like the difference between reading, seeing movies, and being athletic. They're all wonderful in their own right.

DDD says: wu_girl Asks: Hey Vin, if you could have any superpower what would it be? By the way the estrogen brigade says hi.

Vin says: Probably the power to heal.

DDD says: That is a generous superpower.

Vin says: I think I have the other superpowers covered. (laughs)

DDD says: novafry Asks: Vin, what is your production company One Race Productions up to right now?

Vin says: We just started to deal with New Line and we're going to start engaging in developing pictures. We're literally finding office space while we speak. We're also executive producing "Diablo" so there's all that stuff we're doing.

DDD says: amarillion Asks: Are you familiar with any of the current bunch of Sci-Fi series out and would be interested in playing a role on any of them?

Vin says: I don't watch a lot of TV. I think I just don't have the time to watch TV and I don't watch and I think if I did I would be uninformed and unable to follow it. I'm very engrossed in the film world and I don't know if I could juggle any more of that. I really want to improve the whole film-making thing and that's enough. I think films and TV are different and I put all my concentration in film. I may sound like a purist, but I just love films.

DDD says: yodaddy says: Hi Vin! Does the picture usually turn out like the script you first read?

Vin says: No. It probably never turns out to be like the first read. The objective is to make it better than the script you first read.

DDD says: Variable_Daisy Asks: Why has "Pitch Black" been held back so much in British cinemas. I have been waiting for months, and it still isn't out yet!

Vin says: I don't know, but I'm going to get on that! Thank you for bringing that to my attention! I can't believe it hasn't been released in the UK!

DDD says: DieselDiva Asks: Vin, would you consider acting in plays in the future? By the way everyone at #Pitch Black loves you!

Vin says: That's sweet, thank you! That kind of support and positive energy goes a long way and if you've ever wondered if it effects us.. it does! It's empowering to know that people appreciate what you're doing. I started doing theater at a very young age and I will always have a soft spot for theater and at some point in my career will probably feel I need to do that. Fear is the purest form of acting, I however enjoy thoroughly enjoy acting because you have much longer to create this two hour piece. One of the huge pros for theater is the immediate gratification. I don't know if I need that right now as much as I need to further master, or try to master, film and acting in film and ultimately directing and writing film. Films were what got me into acting in the first place.

DDD says: Audience member Dom has just alerted us that "Pitch Black" opens in the UK on November 10. Thanks, Dom!

DDD says: wbwatcher Asks: If you were offered the lead in a romantic comedy would you do it?

Vin says: Hands down! If you've seen the films that I've done. I'm drawn to romantic stories. I'd love to! I had a meeting today with my agent and that's what the meeting was about, finding those projects. Yes, I would love to.

DDD says: We'd love to see you in a romantic comedy, Vin. Please let us know when you are doing one!

DDD says: Vin, thank you for joining us to talk about "Pitch Black," "Knockaround Guys," Diablo," and "Redline."

DDD says: It's been great having you back on MSN Live!

Vin says: Thank you so much for supporting me. You don't realize how powerful you are. I hear things, at the agency where they wanted me to consider campaigning for Golden Globe awards, all the awards, Oscars, etc. for "Knockaround Guys" and maybe a supporting role in "Boiler Room." When I asked them what made them think about that and they said, look at the positive support on the Internet! You've really made a difference.

DDD says: Well, we're behind you, Vin. Check out Vin in the DVD release of "Pitch Black" available October 24. Tonight's event was brought to you tonight by Oxygen and Girls On. The Final Word in Entertainment. Yours. See for yourself at

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