The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn transcript

<Craig> You know our first guest from "Saving Private Ryan" and "Pitch Black." His new film "The Fast and the Furious" is currently the Number One movie in America.

<Craig> This is Vin Diesel! (cheering and applauding)

<Vin> This is something. Thank you!

<Craig> Alright. Have a seat. Number One movie. What did it clear the first weekend?

<Vin> $41 million. (audience applause)

<Craig> What did you predict?

<Vin> 18.

<Craig> Wow, that's amazing.

<Vin> I try not to make the predictions because so much, you work so hard to make the film and you want people to see your work and then when everybody likes you, great people come out to see the film. (applause)

<Craig> Let me try to put it in perspective. You're bigger now than Russell Crow. You're bigger than Traftia right now, right?

<Vin> I could bench press more than a boat of them.

<Craig> yah. (cheers from audience)

<Craig> You do have some guns, don't you? You do have some guns.

<Vin> yah, I guess.

<Craig> And Russell Crowe is, what, 5'8, 5'9?

<Vin> I don't know.

<Craig> I'm surprised. He's 5'9. He has a bunch of bodyguards. He's all uptight. The reporters now are bombarding you with questions?

<Vin> A lot of questions.

<Craig> Do you like what they're asking you?

<Vin> A lot of goofy questions.

<Craig> Such as?

<Vin> Somebody asked me after doing the film, do I feel inclined to drive faster. (audience laughs) And somebody asked me if I had a lot of speeding tickets, like on national TV, like I was supposed to say, "Yah, I've got, like, 10 outstanding speeding tickets."

<Craig> Those were the questions you didn't like that were so silly?

<Vin> They were pointless and incriminating.

<Craig> I'll rip these questions up. (audience rips it up laughing)

<Craig> We're, we won't talk about the kind of car you drive or any of that stuff, right?

<Vin> Yah, good.

<Craig> We're not going to do that.

<Vin> The fact that I drive a truck can't be that important, right?

<Craig> Is that what you drive?

<Vin> Yah.

<Craig> Are you doing curls in the truck?

<Vin> Yah. (audience laughs) That's good. I've gota little workout station in the back of my S.U.V.

<Craig> We had one of the ladies on, Jordana Brewster.

<Vin> Great actress.

<Craig> Yah, very pretty.

<Vin> Very, very pretty.

<Craig> Very sharp.

<Vin> Very sharp. Very cerebral. Very good actor. Michelle Rodriguez is in the movie, too. Stunning. (audience cheers and applauds)

<Craig> I guess there's going to be a sequel now. You have no choice, right? Once it makes that much money, don't you got to start talking about it?

<Vin> They already started writing the sequel.

<Craig> How soon? Like, Monday morning?

<Vin> After the first test screening. They had a test screening and they started writing the sequel immediately.

<Craig> That's great. Normally, I'm the kind of guy that I don't like to hear about dog stories because every actress wants to bring their dog on the show. (laughs)

<Craig> However, Vin...
<Vin> Here.

<Craig> You recently got a dog?

<Vin> I just got a dog. I got a Condy Corso.

<Craig> I don't know what that is?

<Vin> It's an Italian Mastiff.

<Craig> Very cool.

<Vin> It is.

<Craig> Is he a big part of your life?

<Vin> He is now because he's a puppy.

<Craig> I only had one dog growing up and he was a golden retriever. When he was a puppy, he could sleep underneath our little coffee table and we took pictures of him and he grew up and he wasn't as cute as when he was he was a puppy. The puppies are gret. Enjoy it now, is what I'm saying.

<Vin> Obviously, you're picking up after the dog every...

<Craig> That's true. Is Vin patient with that?

<Vin> Vin goes and gets paper towels doesn't matter how much you make in the box office.

<Craig> He doesn't care. He doesn't care.

<Vin> He does'nt care. I just know that you can ,ake all the movies in the world. If you have a puppy, you're still going to have to pick up. (audience cheering and applause)

<Craig> I think that's got a life lesson for all of us to remember, right?

<Vin> Yes.

<Craig> I need to ask you. "Pitch Black" last year was a huge hit. Is there going to be a sequel to that?

<Vin> They are writing. The writer who wrote "X-Men," David Hayter is writing the sequel and it's called "The Chronicles of Riddick," and they plan to go into production in about a month.

<Craig> Is this common knowledge?

<Vin> It's semi-common knowledge. You're ahead of the crew.

<Craig> I like to break stories. "Pitch Black." You'll be in the sequel?

<Vin> Yah.

<Craig> I heard something about your name with "Terminator III." You hear 'Vin Diesel anticipates cute dog and he can beat the crap out of Russell Crowe.' Those are the two. (audience laughter)

<Vin> You know, it's so funny. You bounce for nine years, you're a bouncer for nine years. I guess you can never leave it.

<Craig> You were a bouncer?

<Vin> Yah, I was a bouncer in New York City. I needed to have the days free to go on auditions that never paid off, obviously, and so, I mean, I'm serious.

<Craig> Well, it's paid off now.

<Vin> Paid off after I...I had to do some things. I had to kind of change the strategy a bit.

<Craig> Is this a 'yes' to "Terminator III." I didn't get the answer.

<Vin> This is a very cool audience. (audience applauds) Seriously.

<Craig> When we come back, "Five Questions" with Vin Diesel (audience cheers, applauds)

<Craig> Vin Diesel. Is it 'The Fast and the Furious' or 'Fast and Furious.' Ok. You got advice years ago. Was it from the Great Harrison Ford?

<Vin> Yes, I did.

<Craig> What was that? It might help some of the young actors here.

<Vin> Good advice. I was on a set in New York about 11 years ago and he was at the craft service table. If you want to be a successful actor, who do you talk to? If you want to be a successful lawyer or doctor, you intern. If you want to be one of the guys, it's hard to get to them. I was at this craft table and they were putting together a cold cut sandwich. He was putting together a salami sandwich or something. I said, "Harrison, can I ask you a question?" He kind of looks over at me. I said, "How did you do it? How did you get where you are?" He says, "Come over here, kid." We sit on these milk crates.

<Craig> That's cool.

<Vin> Very cool.

<Craig> I'm picturing. He's painting a picture.

<Vin> I'm sitting on a milk crate, eating a balogna sandwich with Harrison Ford, and he says something like 'Fifteen years ago, a bunch of my friends and I came out from a small town. We came out to Hollywood. Two years went by. two friends went back home. Three years went by and three more friends went back home. Another year went by and more friends went back home. I just never went back home.'

<Craig> He didn't quit.

<Vin> He never quit.

<Craig> He never quit. I don't know what lesson is more important, about making more money and cleaning up the dog poop or this one. You've taught us two things. This is Vin Diesel, Life Lessons. (cheering from audience)

<Craig> It's time for "Five Questions." Here we are. This is geography. You used to live in New York City. "Avenue of the Americas" is actually what avenue?

<Vin> Sixth Avenue.

<Craig> That's correct. Sixth Avenue. What tupe of internal combustion...

<Vin> By the way, it's Sixth Avenue below Capable is Church.

<Craig> See... (audience applauds) Vin has come to play. Information, life lessons, he's got it all. What type of internal combustion engine uses compression alone to create ignition?

<Vin> Deductive reasoning would say diesel. I don't know but I would say diesel because you wouldn't ask that question.

<Craig> That's correct.

<Vin> Hey!! (audience applauds)

<Craig> You weren't a bouncer, were you? You went to school.

<Vin> Yah.

<Craig> Where did you go?

<Vin> Hunter College.

<Craig> Hunter in New York. Is this a real word or a Kilbeyism, "Shocktane"?

<Vin> No clue. "Shocktane."

<Craig> Is it a real word or do I just like saying it? You've got a 50/50 chance.

<Vin> You're so committed.

<Craig> Yah, take this very seriously. (audience giggles)

<Craig> I came to L.A. 30 years ago.

<Vin> And you never left.

<Craig> I came by myself and I never left. I've been by myself. (audience cheers) Real word or a Kilbeyism?

<Vin> A Kilbeyism..

<Craig> That's correct! I need you to drag it out a little longer. Milk these a little more. Give or take 20, how many Bruce Springsteen songs involve a car? Give or take 20.

<Vin> Five?

<Craig> No, liste to this. Eighty nine and we're still counting! Everything he...Here we go.

<Vin> I'm from New York.

<Craig> So you love him? You love the Bruce?

<Vin> I like him, but I'm not from New Jersey. I'm from New York.

<Craig> Got you. Got you. (applause)

<Vin> I mean...

<Craig> By the way, your movie played well in Jersey. You like Jersey?

<Vin> I love Jersey. My manager's from New Jersey.

<Craig> Is this a long story?

<Vin> Yah, it is a long story.

<Craig> Here we go.

<Vin> This show feels like you're hanging out with a bunch of friends. (cheering and applause from the audience)

<Craig> That exactly! It starts with the host and filters out. Five seconds on the clock. Rapid fire. Not including yourself, I need three bald celebrities in five seconds. Not including yourself. Go.

<Vin> Yul Brynner, Shaq, Ja Rule.

<Craig> Gentleman Rule just shaved? That is correct. Very good. Ja Rule. You're on fire, man. Nice to meet you!

<Vin> Good to meet you too.

<Craig> Vin Diesel.

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