MSN Chat with Vin Diesel June 18, 2001

DishDiva says: Hi everyone! We're pleased that you are able to join us for today's chat with Vin Diesel who stars in the new Universal Pictures release, "The Fast and the Furious" opening this Friday.

DishDiva says: Got a great question? Submit your question now! Make it creative or clever and it just may get asked!

DishDiva says: Wow, those questions are really coming in!

DishDiva says: Really great questions!

DishDiva says: Keep them coming!

DishDiva says: We will be asking Vin YOUR questions in just a few minutes so hang tight

DishDiva says: Vin stars in the Universal Pictures release, "The Fast and the Furious."

DishDiva says: Thanks for joining us today on MSN Live. In a few minutes we will be joined by Vin Diesel. For more on your favorite movies, check out MSN Entertainment at

DishDiva says: I'm seeing a lot of marriage proposals for Vin here in the questions

DishDiva says: Hmmmm. . .

DishDiva says: Hello hosts!

DishDiva says: We will be joined by Vin Diesel momentarily.

DishDiva says: Vin's new film is a great action movie, just what you want on a hot summer night-- fast cars and
beautiful women!

DishDiva says: Vin, it's great to see you again! Welcome back to MSN!

Vin_Diesel_Live says: Hello! I'm glad you could all join me again.

DishDiva says: Vin, your new film is chock full of fast cars and beautiful women. It doesn't get much better than that, does it?

DishDiva says: I know we'll be seeing your new film, "The Fast and the Furious" this summer. What are you doing this summer?

Vin_Diesel_Live says: It's up in the air. It could be one of many different projects.

Vin_Diesel_Live says: I'll probably be in pre-production with one film or another.

Vin_Diesel_Live says: OR, if I can, I'd like to escape to Europe, maybe go backpacking.

DishDiva says: Any place in Europe you'd like to venture to the most?

Vin_Diesel_Live says: I just want to totally be free.

Vin_Diesel_Live says: Just get that Eurail pass.

MTrinity76 in Onstage2 asks: Are you afraid of being typecast as an action hero?

Vin_Diesel_Live says: No. Not that it's the worst thing in the world, but I will do a role that is an independent role, that is grittier, like "Knockaround Guys," in addition to my current role. Something I have to be watchful for. I go after roles that are attractive and

Vin_Diesel_Live says: interesting, then look at the genre second.

DishDiva says: Vin, some pretty steamy love scenes in your new film. Let's see what the audience has to say about that.

Guest_venkit in Onstage2 asks: If you weren't nervous about the love scene, what made it easier for you.

Vin_Diesel_Live says: With Michelle, it's easier becuase we created a relationship, we didn't shoot that the first day we met. We created a relationship that would support that relationship on film. We got comfortable with each other before the big set up on that day.

Vin_Diesel_Live says: That scene wasn't even scripted, it came from the chemistry evidently interesting, I guess. That's how that whole scene happened.

Shooter_Girl_09 in Onstage3 asks: Do you do your own stunts?

Vin_Diesel_Live says: I try to do my own stunts. Every scene in the movie, I shot a take and then the stunt would take a few takes. However, even though we did do some of our own stunts, it probably wasn't the smartest thing. We thought they were dangerous, but at the end of

Vin_Diesel_Live says: the day, the stunt men were able to do the impossible. Like flipping a car, or a car going underneath a semi. They were all done by incredible drivers.

DishDiva says: Vin, we have lots of audience questions about your new film, "The Fast and the Furious."

layna_3 in Onstage3 asks: What was the most exciting thing about learning to do racing stunts?

Vin_Diesel_Live says: The racing school was fun, but the stunt rehersal was FUN. We did that in the parking lot at Dodger Stadium, doing donuts, 180's and skidding out, that was fun.

Diamond1380 in Onstage5 asks: Did you get hurt at all doing the stunts?

Vin_Diesel_Live says: No. Aside from a few scratches, I think I was pretty lucky. I walked away from the film injury-free. Those guys are pretty on the ball.

chrissyk33 in Onstage6 asks: Are you ever scared that you may lose touch with yourself with all the attention and fame you're receiving now?

Vin_Diesel_Live says: I think that I am fortunate that the people around me are very real. And my friends are friends I've had for many many years and that's one way to keep your feet on the ground. Ironically, the more fame, per se, I come into, the more introverted I become

Vin_Diesel_Live says: So I'm not really worried about that. I'm driven by the work, I like being an artist rather than a celebrity.

SugarBaby_867 in Onstage5 asks: Have you and Paul Walker become good friends after starring in this movie together?

Vin_Diesel_Live says: Yes.

Lovely_Nicky_2 in Onstage6 asks: What kind of films do you want to do now?

DishDiva says: Would you do romantic comedy? Comedy?

Vin_Diesel_Live says: I'm open to any kind of film. I'm driven by the story and the character, those are the things that are important to me. So if the story is good and the role is good, that's where I start.

Vin_Diesel_Live says: But yeah, I would love to do a romantic comedy.

DishDiva says: I'd like to see you in a romnatic comedy.

Vin_Diesel_Live says: I'm dying to do a romantic comedy, so when that perfect script comes along, I'd be happy to do it.

DishDiva says: Vin, you seem like you are really enjoying this chat.

Vin_Diesel_Live says: There is something appealing to me about doing chats. It's not one journalist asking questions, it's the people that get it. These people that create amazing web pages and send in great letters, and send in questions that I can answer, rather than

Vin_Diesel_Live says: what a journalist deems worthy. Here I can answer questions that the public want to know.

Xenia179 in Onstage3 asks: The '69 Charger really fits you. Do you own any muscle cars?

DishDiva says: The producers didn't give it to you?

Vin_Diesel_Live says: I used to own a '67 Pontiac, but I'm looking into trying to get that Charger.

Lovely_Nicky_2 in Onstage6 asks: Are you married?

Vin_Diesel_Live says: No, not even close.

MTrinity76 in Onstage2 asks: Was there ever a time you were self conscious or unsure of your abilities as an actor?

Vin_Diesel_Live says: Oh yeah! Are you kidding me? Absolutely! I wouldn't be where I am today if I didn't second quess myself. When you're unemployed for 10 years, you have to wonder. You step back, and come up with a new strategey, and when that doesn't work, find a new

Vin_Diesel_Live says: strategy. There were times when there was no call back, even auditioning for a school and not getting it. Not getting that positive feedback, especially when someone doesn't get to see your work. When you're a musician, you can let people hear your songs,

Vin_Diesel_Live says: but when you're an actor, how do you show a movie you've made.

Vin_Diesel_Live says: You have to go with your gut feeling at the end of the day.

BeOne4 in Onstage5 asks: What would be doing right now if you weren't an actor?

Vin_Diesel_Live says: I don't know. I've been asked that question and I answer differently depending on what mode I'm in. I've always had great relationships with my principals in my schools and I always thought if I could be a principal

Vin_Diesel_Live says: I could whip those little kids in shape. Maybe something in the school system, or the legal system. I would just be content being on the rise and having my dreams. So it was never like "if this acting thing doesn't work out" even when I did say it, I

Vin_Diesel_Live says: would overrule it. This is the only thing I know how to do. The only thing I feel natural doing.

DishDiva says: It's obvious you have a great time in your films.

Vin_Diesel_Live says: Thank you. I do it because it feels right, like what I'm supposed to be doing. I remember being really young and my father would always be around other playwrites and actors and I remember thinking "if you have to act, don't do it" because they weren't...

DishDiva says: We are talking with actor, Vin Diesel, about his new film, "The Fast and the Furious."

Vin_Diesel_Live extravagant lives, I could have worked for the city and made more money, so they would say "If you don't have to do it, don't do it, but if you HAVE to do it..."

CherryMoon13 in Onstage2 asks: All us girls want to know. . .Are you dating anyone? Is there anyone in the business who calls your attention?

Vin_Diesel_Live says: No, I'm not dating anyone. I wish I was. I'm gonna have to find a way to not work as much and get my head out of the work mode, so I can open myself up and make myself more receptive. I've been a little bit of a workaholic. But now, I hate to dispel all the

Vin_Diesel_Live says: myths, but I'm not going out with anyone.

DishDiva says: So the Playboy playmate rumor isn't true?

Vin_Diesel_Live says: There is something very entertaining in hearing who I do go out with. (laughs) If I'm not writing, spitballing ideas, criticing a script, playing Playstation, then the guys can all get together and we can compare rumors and get a kick out of it.

Vin_Diesel_Live says: You have to be really cautious in what you believe. Sometimes they are talking about who someone is dating, but you might have only been seen with them in a club. Sometimes the internet will give you false information, and it's not just the internet, I

Vin_Diesel_Live says: will read in an industry magazine that I'm doing a script that I haven't even read yet. You have to be careful what you read. My mother even said there was an article in Time Out, New York, that just had a misprint that said I did "Saving Private Ryan"

Vin_Diesel_Live says: before I directed "Strays" and that's just not true. People in the industry say "take it with a grain of salt." So my warning for people is you'll probably find the most accurate things about a person in these chats because they are answering real questions

Vin_Diesel_Live says: Someone can ask if I'm doing a film like "Cowboys" and I like the comic book, but I've never read the script. It's just one of those things. For those people that are tapping into what I'm doing, be cautious about that stuff, ya know.

Naughty__Chic in Onstage3 asks: Vin, you seem pretty hot now in Hollywood. Are you satisfied with your carrer now?

Vin_Diesel_Live says: I think I kind of don't look at it like that. I look at it like, I've always been grateful for what I've been doing, even when I had to put money together for a short film, that was gratifying. Satisfied, might not be the right word, there is gratification

Vin_Diesel_Live says: gratification in everything I do and if I can't find that gratification, it's not worth doing. Some people get hot in Hollywood, but it should be about the work, and if you give it up to someone else, then your happiness depends on whether someone else

Vin_Diesel_Live says: thinks you are hot. For me, I have to do my work, I have to be artistic. There were many gratifying points in my life, like being accepted to Sundance. And "Multifacial" seeing that in 1994. That was paramount in my career. You have to appreciate it all

Vin_Diesel_Live says: through the times, not just when it seems to be enjoyed by the public. You have to enjoy the adventure and the ride.

Guest_beatkay in Onstage1 asks: Do you prefer writing alone or having a co-writer to bounce things off of? (Excuse prepositional phrasing there please.)

Vin_Diesel_Live says: I used to write alone. It's hard for me to allot time for me to write now. I might be swaying to writing with a co-writer, if for nothing else, it allots time and you can make it a social experience. And you have someone to check your ideas and can check

Vin_Diesel_Live says: theirs. There's always cross-referencing. The writers will have to be compatible, and if they can come together on the story they are trying to tell, I think it becomes a very productive situation.

wil_d_s_c in Onstage3 asks: My mom wants to know if you are really Vin Diesel or just his secretary?

Vin_Diesel_Live says: That's a good question, but tell your mother if she reads any of my other interviews, she'll see how disjointed I am in my delivery and how 'all over the place' I am and how consistent my answers are in nature, and no one says "am I making sense" as much

Vin_Diesel_Live says: as I do. If this was a secretary, that she would be doing such a great job answering these questions, it wouldn't matter, because she'd be giving you all the right answers. The long way around it, the shorter answer is, tell your mom, rest assured, this is

Vin_Diesel_Live says: nothing but Vin

Meiwilli in Onstage5 asks: What, besides acting, has been your greatest joy in life?

Vin_Diesel_Live says: I enjoy being by myself and being around nature. I like being peaceful. I guess I get a lot of joy from the various kids in my life. I don't have kids, and I get a lot of joy from my nieces and nephews. I've always been a sucker for kids. I remember when

Vin_Diesel_Live says: my little sister was in Kindergarten and I would go put on puppet shows for her school, I was like 10 years old, that would always make me feel good.

rapperjimmy0 in Onstage2 asks: What is your favorite scene in "The Fast and the Furious."

Vin_Diesel_Live says: The Shrine scene.

weesh21 in Onstage4 asks: Do any of the characters you have played reflect on your personality or attitude?

Vin_Diesel_Live says: Absolutely! Every character I've had I've tried to make some relation, I've tried to bring out some similarities, or find similarities in my personality. In "Pitch Black" it was someone being picked on and comes shining through in the end. I identify

Vin_Diesel_Live says: with that. Also getting caught up in a capitalistic society that thinks we should just be making money, then there's more, and that little bit more is "Boiler Room."

Vin_Diesel_Live says: And "Saving Private Ryan" being expected to be a character and then perplexed that he couldn't save a little girl's life. So perplexed that his judgement is at stake. I indentify with the Dominic character in many ways. I think you have to, I don't think

Vin_Diesel_Live says: you have to find characters that are you, but maybe have one trait that you can find, or somewhat understand. Because if you don't understand the character, no one else will understand the character. It's like with writing, if you don't like what you're

Vin_Diesel_Live says: writing, then no one else will like it.

DishDiva says: Vin, we have a lot of questions about your sign. What sign are you?

Vin_Diesel_Live says: I'm a Cancer.

DishDiva says: Do you think you live up to the Cancer personality?

Vin_Diesel_Live says: I'm a Cancer, but there are other factors. If you ask an astrologist, they'll always ask you what your rising sign is. I believe that's what you show the world, the characteristics you show to the world and my rising sign in Scorpio. And my sun sign is

Vin_Diesel_Live says: Cancer, the more sensitive stuff that I keep protected by Scorpio. My mom will probably call me and tell me that I'm all wrong. (laughs) Now that I'm trying to talk about astrology, like I know something, now I'm going to have to hide this chat room from

Vin_Diesel_Live says: my mother. (laughs)

DishDiva says: Vin, I know you have the premiere tonight. Best of luck tonight and this weekend. Any final thoughts for your fans before you head out?

Vin_Diesel_Live says: I hope that you enjoy the movie. Thanks for chatting!

DishDiva says: For more on your favorite films, check out MSN Entertainment at

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