Describe a dream you've had about Vin...

OK... This was the WEIRDEST, SCARIEST but SEXIEST (hence Vin) dream I've had in a LONG time... I'm lying in bed and suddenly one of them big black bugs from Pitch Black jumps from outta nowhere. I'm, like, stuck under it and then suddenly Vin pops into my room and fights with the thing. He wins, of course. So then we go around the house, saving my family and killing those beasts with Vin as our guide... *sigh*...and then he brings me back to my room and he cuddles me to sleep....awww...that was such a nice dream...then my alarm clock rung.. JUST BEFORE HE KISSED ME! Dang that alarm.

In my dream I'd been abducted by aliens [not the Greys!] and they'd also abducted this guy [who I couldn't see from where I was standing], and he couldn't understand one word the aliens were saying, so I had to translate for him. Then the aliens decided to fit a translator thing in his ear, and there was a lot of yelling ... anyhow, when I went over to see what they were doing I thought "oh I know this guy", but I couldn't place him for the life of me. I explained what the translator was and he calmed down, then something else happened [can't remember what] and I got this big electric shock, then I had a brief sleep paralysis episode before waking up [I started singing away to myself and when I turned the radio on the song I was singing was playing - which totally freaked me out]. Couple of nights ago I rented Pitch Black, and nearly passed out ... OK so he didn't have silvered eyes in the dream but it was Vin! Swear to God!!
~Siobhan Ellen McKendrick

I think I'll make up a lie...
No, I'm not good at making things up, so I'll just read everyone else's and think up one later.

I'm not sure why, but I keep having this recurring dream of Vin when he was a child. I've never seen a picture of him when he was younger, so my mind must have decided for itself what he must have looked like. He looks about 10-12 years old, and he's always accompanied by a beautiful little blonde girl the same age. Every night this dream continues itself, like a T.V. show. It's very entertaining, and very specific. I'm not going to tell, though, because it's mine and not yours!!

I had a dream that I and a group of insane folk were running around an abandoned building. We were all just living it up in there, playing loud music, and eating barbecue! Then Vin pulls me off to the side into this room with only a small office chair in it. We start touching one another and kissing. Vin strips down to his pants and I'm basically crawling all over him, just savoring his taste. He sits me down on his lap in the chair and we pretty much screw until the chair breaks and we sprawl on the floor. Of course our little spill does not stop us, because we continue to screw until the both of us can't screw no more! Just got too tired and worn out from the effort! (oooohhhhhhohhhhh! that was a good dream there) We were about to do something else when an alarm went off. We got dressed and from out of nowhere, everyone found these guns, semi-autos and were shooting and rushing around the building. I was standing off to the side cowering because I didn't know what was going on. Vin pulls me to him and tells me that he's gonna get me out of there. As we go tearing down the staircase together, me clenching for dear life onto Vin's muscular arm, the alarms start blaring and then...regretfully, I wake up. Damn

This is a true story or dream....
I was back in high school and my boyfriend was him, the one and only Vin Diesel. I was going to my locker in between classes and he was with some girl and she kissed him on the cheek. I saw it and I got so mad. He followed me and then we ended up in his house where - are you guys ready?????? - we made out and I loved it.:-)
The End!!!!
~Claudia Ortega

I had a dream me and Vin had a one-night fling and then I found out 2 weeks later I was pregnant!

I would love to meet Vin Diesel. That is my dream . And maybe just hang out with him and talk about things.
~nia scott

Well the best dream I had about Vin was that we were married and he had promised to take me out for a romantic night on the town after he got off of work. So I got all dressed up and ready to go but then the phone rang. It was my sweetie Vin and he said that he was stuck in a meeting and wouldn't be able to take me out. I was very disappointed but all the while Vin was trying to apologize and tell me how sorry he was and how he would definitely make it up to me. So I said OK and he told me that he loved me and then we hung up. Later on in the evening I fell asleep on the couch waiting for my Vinny to get home. All of the sudden I felt something soft brush my lips. It was Vin giving me a kiss. In his hand he had 2 dozen white roses (my favorite) and a beautifully hand written note telling me how sorry he was about missing our romantic evening. Then he told me that he was going to take me to the lake for a midnight picnic, so we went. We ate a delicious meal, drank champagne, and then made sweet love under the stars. P.S. Gracie your site is BANGIN'! Keep up the great work girl!! :)
~Brittany Wright

Well I don't have much to say but my dream with him was......
Me and him were happy together and we had no problems but here and there.
Well pretty much me and him were happy together. Well that's it, so BYE!!!
~Stephanie G.

Well, I was running through this crazy-looking Victorian house, and he was some crazed vampire-vagrant-hippie-delinquent, and I was running up and down these stairs and he's catching up to me...
...he tackles me and we make out for the last hour of the dream.
~Volvox Callisto

sex sex and more sex

OK well I had this really crazy dream of me and him. It was so real. Well, this is how it goes (and keep in mind this dream actually happened): I woke up, got up out of my bed, and brushed my teeth, and did all the stuff you do when you wake up. OK. Then I heard the door knock. I got half way to the door when all of a sudden I was in my party clothes, like I was going out with some girlfriends to a club. I got out the door and we were already there. We get to the door, they ID us and we got in and the bouncer turned around and said, "Your Danielle, right?" and I said "Yeah, what's it to ya?" He said, "Oh I was just wandering. Someone's been asking about you all night. " I was like shocked because I am not really a social person. I asked my girlfriends what that was all about. They had no clue. Well, I went and sat at a table and I looked at the bar and there he was, it was VIN! OK well, I was like spazzing out he started walking up and looked at me and said, "You're Danielle right?" I was so amazed and just kept looking at him like a mindless moron. Then I finally said, "Uh yeah." Oh yeah! What an Impression LOL He sat down and we had the longest convo. Then I gave him my number 'cause we were swapping digits. Before he gave me his we went into romantic mode and kissed each other. Then right when he was giving me his number my stupid alarm went off.
~Danielle Sukhanenya

My dream would be that one of my clients would write the ultimate romance screenplay and, upon submitting it directly to Vin, he enthusiastically wants to play the lead male.
~Germaine D. Stewart


OK, this was an actual dream. Really weird considering I had no idea who Vin Diesel was at the time. Well anyway,,
It started off with Vin standing in front of a shaded small stone structure talking to some men while he was in his nice Pitch Black outfit. The surroundings even looked a lot like the set of Pitch Black.  In a completely different part a woman and I were on this spinning carnival-like ride which was upside-down. After almost falling on my head like 2 or 3 times, Vin somehow stopped it, pulled us down and asked if we were alright. He started walking away muttering something about how someone said he had ugly hands. I think I wanted to stop him and tell him he had beautiful hands but for some stupid reason didn't.
~Jessy Warner

I had a dream that Vin knew my brother and I asked my brother to hook me up with him and he was all tripping on this "my friend's not dating my little sister crap." I woke up and that night after the club I really saw Vin walking down Washington Ave. I didn't have the heart to say anything though. I suck!!!

Well, there's the one where we're at home in our oversized bath tub taking a bubble bath (Vin naked and wet-I don't think I need to go any further). Then there's the one where we're making love in the pool ( again vin naked and wet):)
~Shan Howard

I was at a concert. I think it was Dmx. Anywayz, I thought I was by myself at the concert but when I looked to my side, Vin was standing right next smiling and singing along with the music. Then next thing I know we're at a nightclub and we're dirty dancing together and he looks at me and says 'I can't wait till we get married' and then I woke up. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarn!
~Melanie C.

I don't really know what to write, but if I were to have a dream about him it would probably be about the movie Pitch Black, that just the two of us were trapped on that planet and he would save my life from the creatures of the dark and he would gaze into me with those freaky eyes and just make love to me no questions asked.
~Gorete Fernandes

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