Fine Art Course students :Loughborough Art College 1970-73.
These images were taken primarily as source material for my paintings , but I also felt the need to document what was going on in this rather weird and wacky world of the Art College . I suppose my need to document things was evident even then. These are by no means great photos technically, but they are the only record I have of that part of my life and I would dearly love to know what has happened to these folks , as they were a great bunch. Anyone with any idea of where they might live now , let me know, I'd like to know if they are still breathing and what directions their lives have taken .   email me
          Dave Gregory - ( r) and I, shot  in the grounds of an abandoned mansion one wild and wacky pm in Loughborough. 

I have no idea what happened to Dave , who was a fabulous character.Last heard of living in London.  

He was of Maltese origin ,his father had diplomatic connections and resided in Cheltenham

      Brian Smith the younger doing some very silly things with two bricks outside a carpark in Leicester. He used to appropriate garden gnomes when he lived in East Anglia , but he soon outgrew this practice in favour of rubbing bricks together in the vain hope of starting a campfire in a pile of sand .

Last heard of running a farm in West Wales. 

Have you seen this man ? 
  Paddy Smith acting very strangely in our palatial studio. 
Ex Mod from Kenilworth   .
His parents ran a pub in Morton on the Marsh, last heard of living in a cottage down that way . Paddy was one in a million. One in a million of WHAT I cannot say but definitely unique and a lovely fella .

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