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UPDATE:  2003  Breed Standings 01/01/03 thru 8/15/03

(as listed in AKC Top Dog Reports on 8/27/03)






DOG JUDGING:  Mr Edward Lyons

BEST PUPPY DOG:  Maitau's Never Better

Breeders:  Pat Ciampa, Helen Cross & Virginia Friberg

Owners:  Pat Ciampa, Helen Cross & Tiffancy Cross

By:  Windyhill's Kodak Moment, CH Maitau's Never Say Never

RESERVE PUPPY DOG:  Warwick's Blackmail V Dmania

Breeders:  Douglas M & Anne S Toomey

Owners:  Ms Sallie P Cummings, Nancy Bauch & Anne S Toomey

By:  CH Winfalls Bet Twice V Warwick, CH Warwicks Niteshade at Jecamo

BEST JUNIOR DOG:   Lagarada's Genuine Gold of Lore

Breeder:  Francette J Lass

Owner:  Lorraine Matherly

By:  CH Lagarada's Strike N Gold V Hauer, CH Lagarada's Cover Girl

RESERVE JUNIOR DOG:  Grand View Custom Design

Breeder:  Craig & Sally Lynn

Owners:  Craig & Sally Lynn

By:  CH Sarmac's I've Arrived, Rojon's Ultra Chic

Class Placements  3- 5 Months:

1st  Lamar's No Case V Uglyz Here V Ragzdane  Breeders:  Larry & Margo Gaither.  BY CH Raintree-Erinwoods Dixie Legend X LaMar's SandZ of Time  Owners:  Janice & Bryan Finney and Larry & Margo Gaither.

2nd  Krisda's Cochise  Breeder:  Susan Yotive.  BY CH Helisain Monsieur X CH Krisda Dugan's Final Fantasy.  Owner:  Beverly Menghe

3rd  Ironcloud Flam'n Starz Ricochet  Breeders:  Doris L Ryan & Judith A Parr.  BY  CH Lagarada Reach for the Starz X CH Ironcloud's Flamingo V Redstar.  Owner:  Carole S Brakhage.

4th  Misty Valley's One Dynamic J.R.  Breeders:  Warren & Cyndy Simon.  BY:  CH Megaras Duncan of Gloucester X CH Lagarada's Gold Label.  Owners:  Kathy & Joe Megara & Warren Simon.

Class Placements:  5 - 7 Months:

1st  BMW LR No Boundaries  Breeders:  William B LaRosa MD & Hugo Gamboa.  BY:  CH Michldn JB DGN MT Pockets NTL X BMW LR Maid Of Sugar Daneboa.  Owners:  William B LaRosa

2nd  Divine Acres Zacche Aus Lil Man  Breeder:  Carolyn McNamara.  BY:  CH Wynterbrooks Sundancer X Divine Acres Sheba.  Owners:  Anthony & Amy Porder.

3rd  Braewynd Southern Gentlemen  Breeders:  Anthony Gerigiton & Phillip Pullin.  BY CH Primrose Top Shelf X CH Braewynd  Blame It On Mistletoe.  Owners:  Anna Kunze & David Small

4th  Raudane's Platinum Edition  Breeders:  J & D Raudenbush, D Deniston & K Cook.  BY:  CH Prin-Zel's Zero Gravity V Rau X RauDansk What Dreams R Made Of.  Owners:  Matt & Michelle Tessman.

Class Placements:  7 - 9 Months:

1st  Maitau's Never Better  Breeders:  Patricia Ciampa, Helen Cross & Virginia Friberg.  BY:  Windyhill's Kodak Moment X CH Maitua's Never Say Never.  Owners:  Patricia Ciampa, Helen Cross & Tiffany Cross.

2nd  Sunrise's Sharper Image  Breeder:  Melissa Dreyer.  BY  CH Pena-Zarlin Sharp Dressed Man X Sunrise's After Your Heart.  Owners:  Tammy Samples, Melissa Dreyer & Sean Smith.

3rd  Our Danes Molto Mario  Breeder:  Lynette Pizzino.  BY:  CH Jubellies General Patton X CH Our Danes Gown With The Wind.Owners:  Christine Raymond & Grant Mayer.

4th  My-Jon's Major Leaguer  Breeders:  John & Myra Stusek.  BY:  CH My-Jon's Licensed To Thrill X CH Akorn's Spirit My-Jon Lst Crk.  Owners:  Ann Bowen & Joan Harrelbrink.

Class Placements:  9 - 12 Months:

1st  Warwick's Blackmail V Dmania  Breeders:  Douglas M & Anne S Toomey.  BY:  CH Winfall's Bet Twice V Warwick X CH Warwick's Niteshade At Jecamo.  Owners:  Ms Sallie P Cummings, Nancy Bauch & Anne S Toomey

2nd  Larchwood's Major Event V Pinedane  Breeders:  David Lozenski & Sue Bauder.  BY CH Joivan's Golden Nightwind X Larchwoods Shanghai Lady V Loxley. Joan Piehl and Frank Piehl.

3rd  Avant-Weavers Marquis.  Breeders:  Kathy & Randy Weaver, Shirley Yarbro & Ginger Harstock.  BY:  CH Samrac's I've Arrived X CH Avant-Weavers C'est La View.  Owner:  Diane McClelland.

4th  Bach's Great Expectations  Breeders:  Owners.  BY:  Tatum's The Right Stuff X CH Bach's Blithe Spirit.  Owners:  Jim, Mattalou & Skip Arbaugh

Class Placements:  12- 15 Month Junior Dogs

1st  Lagarada's Genuine Gold Of Lore  Breeder:  Francette J Lass.  BY:  CH Lagarada's Strike N' Gold V Hauer X CH Lagarada's Cover Girl.  Owner:  Lorraine Matherly.

2nd  Diamond Danes American Patriot  Breeders:  Karen & Bernie Martin.  BY:  CH Lagarada's Wrapped In Gold X CH Diamond Danes Drive Away A Winner.  Owners:  Chandra Nilges & Karen Martin.

3rd  Erinwood Raintree Yuri  Breeders:  Sandra Fetters & Pamela Deloria.  BY:  CH Terragans Magic Show X CH Erinwood Raintree Maid Ya Look.  Owner:  Renne Greenburg-Gumbs

4th  Obsidian's Tuesday Celebration  Breeder:  Jerry Lynn Pease  BY:  CH Dane Lane's Celebration X CH Obsidian's Miss Ruby Tuesday.  Owner:  Melinda Rowe

Class Placements:  15 - 18 Month Junior Dogs

1st  Grand View Custom Design  Breeders:  Owners.  BY:  CH Sarmac's I've Arrived X Rojon's Ultra Chic  Owners:  Craig & Sally Lynn

2nd  Obsidian's Oskar Celebration  Breeders:  Jerry Lynn Pease  BY:  CH Dane Lane's Celebration X Rojon's Foremost Brie Obsidian  Owners:  Jerry Lynn Pease & Dawn Gottschalk

3rd  Meadowood's Academy Award  Breeders:  Gisela Wood  BY:  CH Meadowood's Ultimate Oliver X Meadowood's Second To None  Owners:  Barbara Grote & Gisela Wood

4th  Divine Acres The Search Is On  Breeder:  Carolyn McNamara  BY:  CH Meadowoods Nirvana V Termain X Divine Acres Sheba  Owner:  Cindy Capra







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