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UPDATE:  2003  Breed Standings 01/01/03 thru 8/15/03

(as listed in AKC Top Dog Reports on 8/27/03)




Great Dane Club of America 

Results of Puppy Dog Judging

Judge:  Ms. Lynette A. Pizzino

6 to 9 month black

1st  Armband # 619, was not listed in the catalog

2nd  Sunrise's Cut Xtra Sharp.  Breeders:  Melissa Dreyer, Barbara Waldkirch.  BY:  Haltmeiers Xtra Sharp X Sunrise's Schoolhouse Rock.  Owners:  Robin A Mohrmahn, Melissa Dreyer, Pat Haltmeier.

Puppy Dogs, 6 to 9 Months Blue

1st  Ladoguerie Imax.  Breeders:  Owner.  BY:  CH WYSIWYG's Lothario V Longo X Ladoguerie The X Files.    Owner:  Michele Valois-Desjardins.

2nd Magic's Ferdinand Knopf.  Breeder:  Linda Fredrick Altomare, Michael Altomare.  BY:  Magic's Outlaw Blues Paradox X Magic's All That Glitters.  Owners:  Margo Baur Knopf, Julia Baur Knopf.

Puppy Dogs, 6 to 9 Month Brindle:

1st  My-Jon's Major Leaguer.  Breeder:  John & Myra Stusek.  BY:  CH My-Jon's Licensed To Thrill X CH Akorn's Spirit My-Jon Lst Crk.  Owners:  Ann H Bowen, Joan Hurrelbrink.

2nd.  Avant-Weaver's Le Capitaine.  Breeders:  Owners.  BY:  CH Sarmac's I've Arrived X Weaver's Allouette De Avant.  Owners:  Katherine & Randy Weaver.

3rd  K'N Island Rizer V Paquestone.  Breeders:  Carol Stegavig, Raymond Goldstone.  BY  CH Pena-Zarlin Sharp Dressed Man X CH Paquestone K'N Island Gillian.  Owner: Carol Stegavig.

Puppy Dogs, 6 to 9 Month Fawn:

1st  Maitau's Never Better.  Breeders:  Patricia Ciampa, Helen Cross, Virginia Frieberg.  BY:  CH Windy Hill's Kodak Moment X CH Maitau's Never Say NEver.  Owners:  Patricia Ciampa, Helen Cross, Tiffany Cross.

2nd  Sunrise Sharp'r Image.  Breeders:  Melissa Dryer.  BY:  CH Pena-Zarlin Sharp Dressed Man X Sunrise After Your Heart.  Owners:  Melissa Dryer, Tammy Samples, Sean Smith.

3rd  Harley D Hard's Marley.  Breeders:  Judith Rothstein, Stephanie Gallups, Tonie Gerhardt,.  BY CH Harley D's Vincent Black Shadow X CH Harley D's Hildegarde So Right.  Owners:  Stephanie Gallups, Tonie Gerhardt.

4th  Mica Meja's Flash From the Past.  Breeders:  Carmella Jichetti, Michael Depompo.  BY:  Mica's Black Tie Affair X CH Mica's A Look To Discover.  Owners:  Toni Bagnato, Gregory & Carmella Jichetti.

Puppy Dogs 6 to 9 Month Harlequin:

1st  BMW LR No Boundries  Breeders:  Hugo Gamboa, William La Rosa, MD.  BY:  CH Michldn JB Dgn MT Pockets NTL X BMW LR Maid Of Sugar Daneboa.  Owners:  WIlliam R La Rosa, MD.

2nd  Michaeldane JB On The Spot  Breeders:  Owners.  BY:  CH JB Michaeldane Spot Remover X CH MIchaeldane JB Save Me A Spot.  Owners:  Jodie Keim, Michael Chiles.

3rd  Riverbirch's Angelus.  Breeders:  Owners.  BY:  CH Riverwood's Nitro X Riverwood's Lacey L'Amour.  Owners:  Jennifer A Tritschler-Jacobs, Stephen W Jacobs.

4th  BMW LR Like A Rock.  Breeders:  Hugo Gamboa, William R La Rosa, MD.  BY CH Michldn JB Dgn MT Pockets NTL X BMW LR Maid Of Sugar Daneboa.  Owners:  WIlliam R La Rosa, MD.  

Puppy Dogs, 6 to 9 Month Mantle

1st  BMW LR Tonka Stuff.  Breeders:  William R La Rosa, MD, Hugo Gamboa.  BY CH Michldn JB Dgon MT Pockets NTL X BMW's LR Maid Of Sugar.  Owners:  WIlliam R La Rosa, MD.

9 to 12 Puppy Dogs

Puppy Dogs, 9 to 12 Months Black

1st  Rave Dane's Inspiration Indidane.  Breeders:  Wendy & Michael Jeske, Caron Honek.  BY  CH Dane Lane's Celebration X CH Bluestone's Ebony Angel.  Owners:  Yutuka Natori.

2nd  Warwick's Blackmail V Dmania.  Breeders:  Douglas & Anne Toomey.  BY CH WInfalls Bet Twice V Warwick X CH Warwicks Nightshade At Jecamo.  Owners:  Sallie Cummings, Nancy Bauch, Anne Toomey.  

3rd  Ramac's Stix'n Stones V Hauer.  Breeders:  Rachelle Duch.  BY  M.J.B. Hauerdanes Mr Coffee X Brana's Queen Of Spades.  Owners:  Diana Bartlett.

Puppy Dogs, 9 to 12 Month Brindle.

1st  Serenity's Sundance In The Sky  Breeders:  Melanie Van Tassel.  BY  CH Kativa's Infrared of Maitau X Dane Fields B and B's Autumn Sky.  Owners:  Marcia Roddy.

2nd  Larchwood's Moby In The City.  Breeders:  David B Lozenski, Sue Bauder, BY CH Jorivan's Golden Night Winds X Larchwoods Shanghai Lady V Loxley.  Owner:  David B Lozenski.

3rd  Lrwd's Major Event V Pinedne.  Breeders:  Dave Lozenski, Sue Bauder.  BY:  CH Jorivans Golden Nightwinds X Larchwood's Shanghai Lady Von Loxley.  Owners:  Joan & Fran Piehl.

Puppy Dogs, 9 to 12 Month Fawn

1st  Lost Creek's Joseph V Dane Lane.  Breeders:  Marsh Stoner, Sue Mahany.  BY:  CH Elan's Royhl Nash Bridges X CH Lost Creeks Candle N The Wind.  Owners:  Marsh Stoner, Sue Mahany.

2nd  Bach's Great Expectations:  Breeders:  Owners.  BY:  CH Tatum's The Right Stuff X CH Bach's Blithe Spirit.  Owners:  Jim, Mattalou & Skip Arbaugh.

3rd  Hladik's Captain Fantastic.  Breeders:  Nancy Simmons, Sharon Hladik.  BY:  CH Harley D Hardt's Traveling Man X Hladik's D Bich Is Back.  Owners:  Sharon Hladik, Robert Hladik.

4th  Warwick's Winfall Four Toncor.  Breeders:  Douglas M & Anne S Toomey.  BY:  CH Winfalls Bet Twice V Warwick X CH Warwick's Niteshade At Jecamo.  Owners:  William & Marsha Banks, Robert & Linda Tonna.

Puppy Dogs, 9 To 12 Month Harl

1st  Riverwood's Ferris.  Breeders:  Janet Deyoung.  BY:  CH Riverwood's Rondo Dundee X DeYoungs A COuntry Breeze.  Owners:  Linda Quick.

2nd  Alpine's Polar Express.  Breeders:  Michael T Arnold.   BY:  My-Jon's Sweet Bonus X Alpine's Saharbi Korschegen.  Owners:  Karen Toland, Michael T Arnold.

3rd.  JB  Michaeldane Spotless.  Breeders:  Jodie Keim, Micahel Chiles.  BY:  MIchaeldane JB My Renegade X Micaheldane JB Ices.   Owners:  Jodie Keim, Michael Chiles.

4th.  Patientdanes Masked Avenger.  Breeders:  Owner.  BY:  Michaeldanes JB Veto X HDanehill's Shone Patience.  Owners:  Lisa Bastow.

Puppy Dogs, 9 to 12 Mantle

1st  BMW Windrose What's The Buzz.  Breeders:  Nancy Parker, Greg Myhron.  BY:  CH BMW Ruffian Refrain X BMW Windrose Allure.  Owners:  Vince & Linda Cain.

2nd  G-Dieters Rau-Gem Cepas.  Breeders:  Kathleen O Sullivan, D Raudenbush.  BY:  CH Dansk Avenger X Raudane's Mercedes V Prinzel.  Owners:  Peggy A Dieter.

3rd  Liberty's A Kings Ransom  Breeders:  Joyce Guthrie.  BY:  Liberty's Braveheart X Liberty's Corinna of Alpine.  Owners:  Michelle Killian, Joyce Guthrie.

4th  RSVP Maximillion.  Breeders:  Ronald & Sandra Peterson.  BY:  Delaneys Sir Fredrake RSVP CD X Delaney's Spc'l Addition RSVP.  Owners:  Ronald & Sandra Peterson, Ava Farrington.



Puppy Bitches 6 - 9 Month Black

1st -  Tinladhltmr Belle of the Ball  Breeders:  G Steven Feys  BY:  Haltmeier's Xtra Sharp X Reann's Belle Noire  Owners:  Melssa  Dreyer, Pat Haltmeier,  G Steven Feys.

2nd - WYSIWYG's Lady Mira Nova  Breeders:  Teresa Labrie.  BY:  Terminetor-Bdel Castello Gamenario X WYSIWYG's Blind Faith.  Owners:  Christina Dowden, Teresa Labrie.

3rd  Aristodane's Rise'n Shine Rose  Breeders:  Yelena Sheedy, Suzanne Halle', M V Desjardins  BY:  Reanns Flaming Spirit X CH Ladoguerie Ave Maria  Owners:  Yelena Sheedy, Suzanne Halle', Isabelle Messier.

4th  Sunrise's  X'sp'ly Unforgettable  Breeders:  Melissa Dreyer, Barbara Waldkrich  BY:  Haltmeier's Xtra Sharp X Sunrise's Schoolhouse Rock  Owners:  Melissa Dreyer

Puppy Bitches 6-9 Month Blue

1st  Sirblu Kapadn Warrior Princess  Breeders:  J A Murdock, Liz  Kapash  BY:  CH Sirblu Pinza Western Warrior X CH Kappadane's To Sirblu With  Owner:  Gina Clark

Puppy Bitches 6 to 9 Month Brindle

1st  VZTop Autumn V SeventhHeaven  Breeders:  Lorane Rainwater, Cindy Nisk  BY:  Lambs Creek Hunter of VZTop X VZTop Amber N Onyx  Owners:  Cindy & Glen Nisk

2nd  Braewynd Leap Of Faith  Breeders:  Philip Pullin, Anthony M Gerigitan  BY:  CH Primrose Top Shelf X CH Braewynd Blame It On Mistleto  Owners:  Susan Carlin

3rd  Moredane's Forget Me Not  Breeders:  Linda Morelli, Carol Kwiotek  BY:  Moredane's Nsync Of Notre Danes X Rojon's Two Pretty Four You  Owners:  Linda Morelli, Carol Kwiotek.

4th  Sasdania's Dancin Till' Dawn VRC  Breeders:  Steven A Stevens  BY:  CH Sasdania's Vitag's Icon X Sasdania's Let's Dance Nesindy  Owners:  Robert W Critelli, S A Stevens, D A Vitagliano.

Puppy Bitches 6 To 9 Month Fawn

1st  Armband # 660 - did not see the listing in the catalog

2nd Calypso Rio De Janeiro  Breeders:  Vicki S Monson, Leonard Jerue  BY:  CH Calypso's Disco By The Bay X CH Rockingdane's I Am Woman  Owners:  Barbara Chambers, Dr Hempel, T Henricks

3rd  Saratoga Sandale Scarlet  Breeders:  Kimberly M Thurler, Dale & Suzanne Tarbox.  BY:  CH Sandale's Duly Noted X CH Sandale-Wyne Saratoga Sizzle  Owners:  Taylor Baze, Trina Baze.  

4th  K-D Danes Southern Accent V Dixie  Breeders:  Renee L & John W Tiepelman  BY:  CH Sandale Wyne Talk The Talk X K-D Danes French Vanilla  Owners:  Lori Cornelius.

Puppy Bitches 6 To 9 Month Harlequin

1st  Overlook's Gabarielle  Breeders:  Karen & Robert Yoder  BY:  CH Buckland's Alchemy X Overlook's Miss Madison  Owners:  Karen & Robert Yoder.

2nd  Chroma Chemin Dr Fer  Breeders:  J P Yousha  BY:  CH Dreamspinner's Cash-N- Carrry X Chroma Trompe L'OIEL, NAJ OA  Owners:  Mat & Stacy Bruneaux

3rd  Davishire's Impetuous A'LA AJ  Breeders:  Kathleen S Davis  BY:  CH BMW Architect of Jericho X CH Express D'Shire's Lady In Wait'n  Owner  Kathleen S Davis

4th  Rockbridge Charli Angel AJ/Magnus  Breeders:  Leon Reimert, Dave Houtz  BY:  CH BMW Archetict of Jericho X La-Dane Valkyrie Of Asgard  Owners:  Paddy Magnuson

Puppy Bitches 6 to 9 Month Mantle

1st  Chroma Three Times Charmed  Breeders:  Jolene Perry-Yousha  BY:  CH Dreamspinner's Cash-N-Carry X CH Chroma Trompe L'OEIL  Owners:  Terri Mathias, Cathy Consla, Sharyl Mayhew

2nd  Liberty's Keeper Of My Heart  Breeders:  Joyce Guthrie  BY:  CH Harlwood Briggadane Ricochet X Liberty's Talia Von Heart  Owners:  Joyce Guthrie

Puppy Bitches 9 to 12 Month Black

1st  Warwick's Truely Scruptious  Breeders:  Owners  BY:  CH Winfall's Bet Twice V Warwick X CH Warwick's Niteshade at Jecamio  

2nd  Jerdan's Jesse James  Breeders:  Jose Ribo  BY:  Jerdan's Executive Decission X Jerdans The Forbiden Fruit  Owners:  Heather Sturdivant, Jose Ribo

3rd  Ramac's Stella Di Mezzanotte  Breeders:  Roachelle Dutch  BY:  CH MJB Hauerdane Mr Coffee X Brana's Queen Of Spades  Owners:  Sean Smith

Puppy Bitches 9 to 12 Month Brindle

1st  Brinlann's Get This Party Started  Breeders:  Brian J Witmier, Susan Hoke  BY:  Brinlann's Chumba Wumba X Brinlann's Desiree V Jamara  Owners:  Brian J Witmier

2nd  Danetona's Alano Classy Chassis  Breeders:  Jennie Ferbey  BY:  CH Rockingdane's Lees Kobijake X CH Sunglos I'm Danetonas Destiny  Owner:  Sandy Tombari

Puppy Bitches 9 - 12 Month Fawn

1st - Mor-Gan's Simply Irresistible  Breeders:  Mark & Wendy Stier  BY:  CH My-Jon's Licensed To Thrill X CH Regal's Star Sapphire  Owners:  James & Sarah Gandrey

2nd  Dnkn Dnld NewYearsKiss SVF  Breeders:  Edith & Bruce Lind, Georgia Hymmen, Jack Henderson  BY:  CH Lagarada's Timberline Gold X CH Daynakin's You're So Vain  Owners:  Lileen Dunn, Edith Lind, Georgia Hymmen

3rd  Elan's New Year's Resolution  Breeders:  J & J Gerszewski, K Fontana, S Yotive  BY:  CH Avanti's All For One Elan X CH Elan's Royal Enchantment  Owners:  Jessica & John Gerszewski, Kathy Fontana

4th  Danebridge's Bottylicious  Breeders:  Karen & Dale Desjardins, R & E Streeter  BY:  Danebrog Chardonay Shamrock X Reanns A Dane Called Desire  Owners:  Karen C & Dale Desjardins

Puppy Bitches  9 to 12 Month Harlequin

1st  RSVP Magnificent Girl   Breeders:  Ronald & Sandra Peterson  BY:  Delaneys Sir Fredrake RSVP CD X Delaney's Spc'l Addition  Owners:  Ronald & Sandra Peterson, Ava Farrington

2nd  Michaeldane JB Costalot  Breeders:  Owners.  BY:  Michaeldane JB Renegade X Micaheldane JB Ices.  Owners:  Micheal Chiles, Jodie Keim.

3rd  Liberty's As You Like It  Breeders:  Joyce Guthrie  BY:  Liberty's Braveheart X Liberty's Corinna of Alpine  Owners:  Deborah Zeman, Joyce Guthrie

Puppy Bitches 9 to 12 Month Mantle

1st  Chanoz Le Coeur De La Mer V Dakota  Breeders:  Lori Bielke  BY CH Chanoz Chosen One X Riverwood's Eva  Owners:  Chris Mehrer

2nd  Alpines Reservation Gabriella  Breeders:  Micahel T Arnold.  BY:  My-Jon's White Dove X Alpines Sarahbi Korschegeo  (I know this has to be incorrect, CH My-Jon's White Dove is a bitch)  Owners:  Patricia & Anthony Meloni, M Arnold

3rd  Chanoz Amanda's No More Drama  Breeders:  Lori Bielke  BY:  CH Chanoz Chosen One X Riverwood's Eva  Owners:  Pete & Cornelia Todd


This concludes Wednesday's Judging








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