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Why your birthday card is late ...

UPDATE: I have just recieved the 'Excellence Award' from, & will be featured in a 'making of' article on the frontpage soon!

after stretching over almost a year, this painting is finally done.

it has been chosen the 'Art of the week' at today, & will be featured on the frontpage of the site for a week.

here is the work-in-progress:

for my own tracking purposes: forum posting

CGtalk 2D gallery posting posting posting

3D Total gallery


The realistic flight shooter DS game our company is working on is announced for E3 ( Electronic Entertainment Expo ) by Nintendo. only the Demo Version for E3 is done right nw. the actual game is still in production. now that it is announced officially, i can blog abt it.

see video capture of the demo version here

Extract from Gamespot:

After being driven from his seat of power, a vicious dictator has fled to a remote, mountainous region to plan a military uprising. Mysteriously, the opposing army's forces have received reinforcements, leading to speculation that an unknown nation is lending military assistance to the uprising. An ace pilot in an elite strike-fighter wing has been tasked with crushing the opposition forces and returning peace to the troubled region.

Players take their elite strike fighters to the skies and hunt down a mad dictator before he takes over the world.


* As Nintendo's first realistic flight shooter on Nintendo DS, DS Air lets players customize their fighters with a state-of-the-art weapon loadout.
* Send wave after wave of enemy fighters to their doom in dogfights over land, sea and air.
* Meet a wingman for co-op play and soar to victory over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.


a belated birthday card drawing i did for a fren. text reads: 'It 's all their fault, that the birthday card is late ...'


If the video does not display properly
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turntable work-in-progress for Gatchaman Ken the Eagle.

for more recent updates, check out here


Hi Liew Wai Ming

I am writing from Brazil, where I am a Art Producer.

This year we are producing a HUGE digital art event for the New Year’s Eve party at Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro. We are talking about the bigger New Year’s Eve party in the world, joining 3 million people, all dressed in white, at the beach!

We will transform a 15 floor building in front of the beach in a computer screen. The screen will be interactive and everyone may send messages and animations to celebrate the New Year. Our project has total support from the city of Rio de Janeiro administration and has a HUGE attention of international and Brazilian press. The project is financially supported by one of the biggest Brazilian companies – Eletrobras as a cultural non-profit event. ( ).

We are inviting some of the bests Brazilian design artists to join us, sending their works. Some of they will use the screen to publish trailers of their lasts works. I would like to invite you to send some of your animations. You will be aside with many talented people, and all the Brazilian advertising, cinema and entrepreneurial community will be looking at the screen. Show you work for the entire world!

In fact i downloaded one of your films "daydreamer" at your webpage and i loved it, it´s simply amazing :) Can i show this movie on the screen? I am certanly that all the Brazilian People will love it too. I think it is a great way to show your talent to the world. Of course, i will give you full credits over your work.

If you want to take a look, these are some of ours partners in this project.




I have attached some files to this mail:

telamixogloborio.jpg - Our project at the most important Newspaper in Brazil.
reveillon 1 and 2.jpg - two pics of the Copacabana Reveillon, just for you to have an idea of the party
prediomod.jpg - A preview of the screen

Best regards,

Rubens Blajberg
Biruta Midias Mirabolantes
55 21 3233-0320 | 55 21 8133-5001

i recieved this invitation on Xmas eve.

i wonder how it feels like if i can be present at the event & see my works on that gigantic screen shown to millions of ppl. i never did attend the overseas festivals i participated in the past anyway. so as usual, i can only imagine.


click for hi res

click for hi res

2 screen captures of the area i ve worked on in a game scene. it is a training exercise. this game already existed & we are asked to build the same game scene. it is almost completed except for more details. the scene here is shown in vertex color for night time. i ll update image when my area is combined with those of my colleagues to form the whole town.


click for hi resclick for hi res

completed morph targets for korkor.


*Update: ikebukuro got plugged cgtalk frontpage 12th May. my 1st frontpage YAY!

click for hi res

ikebukuro -- the digital paint version.

super hi res version (426Kb) here.


click for hi res

did this drawing from a photo of ikebukuro, japan. pencil with photoshop adjustment layers/colorise/levels.


click for hi res

i didn't do an alex ross style, but follow the very old gatchaman design & gave him body tight spantex suit.
also, i try to lean towards the altheletic body type than that of a bodybuilder. yet to refine on his face.


click for hi res

gatchaman Ken Update 02


click for hi res

click for hi res

Ken the eagle of Gatchaman (or G-Force, or Battle of the Planets). now his facial features seem kinda soft for the hero leader. i will most probably give him a major face lift. besides, the jaw line connecting the neck needs to be fixed too.

i guess i also kinda torn between following to his original look, or just making a normal guy with more realistics features in a hero costume. it s obvious i m doing the latter now. maybe i should follow alex ross 's approach in his recent works on the Battle of the Planet comic.


low poly tank model. click above image to see texture map & more renders.


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