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Ron Michel Dec. 1999

Welcome to my site.


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Ron Michel

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A bit about me might be that I have been programming since the days of Apple II's. That is preMacintosh days (about 18 years and a long time before A+ certification was even thought about!), when we had only monochrome screens and 48k of RAM. I have used many of the languages along the way, on many machines including the Amiga 500, and old 8080 and duel processor 8080 8086 systems, with the huge 10 inch floppies, yes they were very large. I am currently running two 166 mghz. Intel systems on a linksys hub, one of the machines with Windows 95 and one with Windows 98.

This project has been in the making for a little over two years (holy smoke), and is my main program that I use to protect my data while I am online playing at the various gaming networks. I am not sure if you realize the need for such a program or that such a drastic need to be aware data security is prevailing ever so much more these days so I might just offer you an aid by giving you a link to a site that I visited that helped me to understand a little more about the internet and what may be done there. when you get here look at what shields up has to tell you!!

I would also make note that if emails where encrypted the Malissa Virus would not have had such an awful impact on those who suffered from it! (Malissa was a virus that actually emailed all email on an infected computer to all people on that computers address list, a nasty trick with many reproductions.)

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Mouse Passwording

Libmode for running with kids, in a library or a cyber cafe

Safety Concerns

Encryption Methods

Please note that Windows Logo, Windows95, Windows98, DOS, and Intel Business Machines, IBM, are all registered trademarks of their own respective companies, and are not to be associated with this system of programs.

I have made every effort, and continue to make every effort to maintain the rules of the Windows Logo program and will be attempting to gain Logo Acceptance for this program.

Download The Shareware

Ron Michel Dec. 1999