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Filter Frenzy 2

Week 4 - KPT 6

Another set of the fabulous Kai filters. This set is totally new to me, as we didn't cover it in FF1. Most of the interfaces are similar to the ones in KPT5, so getting used to them was a bit easier than starting from scratch. Lots of new effects, though.


With gel, you can paint on transparent gels, not so transparent gels, patterned gels, and then use different brushes to vary the effects.

Gel 1
Gel 2
Gel 3
I used the Zebra preset for this.. Here I used the Chrome environmental map. This was done using Becky's Hay Ride preset.
Gel 3
Here I've used the Zebra preset again and then added the pgm1 heightmap to create a nice texture.


Equalizer is a filter that can be used to enhance photos.

Equal 1
Equal 2
This is the original photo of Charlie with his teddy bear, getting ready for a nap. (Well, actually it's a monkey.) This has been resized, so it's a bit fuzzy now. Take a look at the fur on his leg that's thrown over his toy and see how much sharper it is now after I've applied the Equalizer filter. I used the Bounded Sharpener at Sharpen 143% and RGB Tolerance at 31%.


This is a really fun segment. You can make small movies with this. If you'd like to see my example, click here to download my .avi file, You'll need to unzip it and then play it with MS MediaPlayer.

Polly want a cracker? I've tried to get her to nod her head up and down. Maybe this is how the dastardly kidnappers got her - by tempting her with crackers?

Materializer and Reaction

These are really fun filters. I've played around with these the most of any of the KPT 6 stuff and have included some examples below.

Polly Reaction
This is Materializer added to a flower photo. I don't remember exactly what I did with this one, but I kept playing until I got an effect I liked. This is Reaction added to another flower graphic and then made into a transparent .gif. Aha! We have another Polly sighting here. Looks like she's tried to disguise herself using Reaction, so that the Parrot nappers won't recognize her. Go, Polly, go!! Fly back to FF2.

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