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June 99 news


Sunday June the 27th:

Hi.... i've fixed the problem with the counter because somehow it was set back to 6000 when it should be 7000 so somehow it lost 1000 visiters but were in the 8000 now so thanks for your visits and keep voting :-)

GTA Get That Azzhole

Azz has update GTA Get That Azzhole with some very neat news about the delta's in GTA2....this is what he has heard from a very reliable source:

I think the format's a bit different, so the delta's won't really work the same way. But that was true of GTA London with the flipped doors. Cars have doors on either side, no side deltas that I'm aware of. It looks like the corners smash. I think there are some headlight deltas, brakelight deltas, smashed windows. I think that's about it.

The actual car bitmap sizes are similar to GTA. The average car is no bigger or smaller than an average GTA car. I haven't seen any editing tools so I don't know what's going on with palettes.

This all sounds very very neat...i like it if there will be brake lights and smashed windows...i like it a lot!!! Aww i just can't wait :-))

GTA IRC channel by Mugwum

I got this from Jeh over at Xtreme Getaway:

"In my attempt to get a jump start, I've gotten the GamesLink IRC people to allow me to have an IRC channel (at #gta on Drop by and enjoy the fun sometime and give it a news mention :)"

You will need a IRC client to use this channel, you can get it at mIRC


I've updated the GTA NASCAR Racing page again...yeah i know its been a while so check it out.

Hmm i thought there was more news to post but hehe this is it....oh well maybe tommorow

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Saturday June the 26th:

Yihaaaaa thank you so much for all the votes!!!!! I'm NUMBER 1 just like the old days when GTA Extreme was #1 at the GTA SideSwipe site ratings. THANKS AGAIN!!

GTA Toronto+Vancouver?

I saw over at Xtreme Getaway that there's a rumour that GTA Toronto and GTA Vancouver and going to join eachother's projects and make it GTA Canada. This is not official but there will be more on this later.

Rally Car Pack

Also got this from Jeh, Gunther of the new site Team Alpha II is going to release a rally car pack wich will include 5 cars. You can view the cars at the Team Alpha site wich will be updating regular soon.

Grand Theft-X-Wing (closed)

Xtreme Getaway's first hosted site has been closed, YooEE is still staying the community but will be working for another TC that's currently under development.

GTA City Newsletter

Aonghus has released another GTA City Newsletter wich has got news about the site ratings and the new site GTAutomatic. Aunghus is also working on a cars newsletter edition. For now you can sign up for this newsletter by entering GTA City

You can also see a preview of the new design for GTA City, its almost finished and will have the same style as the current one, you can view the preview design by clicking here

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Friday June the 25th:

I have made a GIF animation file of my favorite part in the GTA2 preview movie, its only a few seconds but i love it. Click here to download it and watch it with IE explorer or with your GIF animater

Grand Theft Auto Plus

The new site cald GTAPLUS will be opened sometime next week after June 29th. Now what i have heard this site is going to be something GREAT! I got an e-mail from Jordon that it will be the biggest GTA site ever with up to the hour news and a whole lot of new sections. GTAPLUS will have its own domain ( soon)

Also Jordan told me that he has started a GTA Site Rating TOP 100, so hundred sites will be listed and where you can vote on. The GTA Top 100 Count Down. The Top 100 will be a list of GTA sites rated in order from 1 to 100 (1 being the best). This will decide who has the ULTIMATE GTA site and who doesn't :-) You can visit the TOP 100 Count Down by clicking here or clicking on the TOP 100 VOTE button on the left so you can pull out a vote for me too, Thanks!!

GTA Toronto

A demo version of the GTA TC: GTA Toronto has been released. It includes Downtown Toronto, Skydome, Air Canada Centre, Union Station, Maple Leaf Gardens, Mississauga.  The full version, is comming this August, wich will go all the way to Highway 401 because the demo version stops at Carlton Street. You can download it from the GTA Toronto site or download it by clicking here

Top 50 GTA Cars

I saw over at Xtreme Getaway that Olle of GTA Traffic Jam has started a new POLL to look what the top 50 best cars are. The poll is going to be closed in August.

Yes, it's here the Summer '99 Gta top 50 vote for all cars. Go take a look at the RULES before you vote. You can vote for the best ten cars you know, you may pick two cars from one cardesigners but no more. Take a look at SACI and Get That Azzhole for a good overview of the cars. There are many other sites with cars but these two sites got the largest amounts of cars.

So head over and choose your best car ever

Insane Games GTA2

I saw this posted on Insane its a really really short article but i thought i'd post it because its GTA2 related.

GTA 2 ?
The sequel to controversial racer Grand Theft Auto could kick off Take Two Interactive's newly annouced consol label, Rockstar Games.

Currently being developed by DMA design, the chaps behind the enourmously popular original, GTA 2 fits the bill perfectly because the new brand will only house the US company's flagship console releases.

You can also send me news through ICQ i don't mind, every little GTA news is apreciated thanks. Also please vote for this site at the 2 site ratings, GTA SS Site ratings and GTA Top100 Count Down wich just started, lets make it a good start shall we? Just click on the 2 vote buttons on the left

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Thursday June the 24th:

GTA Driving School (Help wanted)

Marc has been working on the TC GTA Driving School, and is ready to release an Alpha version of the tc sometime next week but he still needs help with mission.ini editers. The official site is going to be opened soon so if you want to help Marc out you can e-mail him at:

GTA Ransom (Help wanted)

Nick needs help with his GTA project here's what he said:

GTA Ransom has been going for about three months, but for the next release (1.0) I am doing a style file. I have replaced most of the cars but, I need some new textures. Because I can't draw to save my life, I need the help of someone who can make textures to what I need. My email address is

Intelligamer Review GTA DC

Jeh over at Xtreme Getaway has noticed a review of GTA Directors Cut, also known as GTA DC. You can check out the full article at Intelligamer.

Planet GTA closed

Planet GTA has been closed, seems like more and more sites are closing but a bit shame on this one because i liked the design.

E3 Showcase, GTA2

I saw an article posted on gaming with E3's showcase about a Gathering of game developers, GTA2 was shown too so you can check out the E3 showcase by clicking here

GTA Roadkill

I forgot to post this very neat Porsche 911 from Nick at GTA RoadKill, its his first car sinds about 2 months ago, he used the same shading as on his TVR

Didn't had much time tonight so i haven't been talking that much in the update :-) but its a pretty decent update. If you want anything posted on the news please e-mail me with ANYTHING GTA related, thanks!

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Wednesday June the 23th:

Well two days of NO news so i didn't felt like doing an update without any news. So enjoy today's big update and i hope to see you here tommorow

BBZilla famous message board

I got an e-mail from Mouse that Boardzilla the message board had been moved because this one's a little better and easyer than the other one. You can now check out BBZilla at:

This is what Mouse also had to say:

I'm tired of all the arguments and immaturity, this is just getting like old days again. Don't drop to their level. Please, for my sake, don't make it happen AGAIN.

GTA Get That Azzhole

Azz is thinking of redesigning GTA Get That Azzhole again because some other GTA sites are using the same colors, black with silver etc. He may be getting back the old design but with different colors.

Uncle Fu's

The new site of  SAJMAS has got a new name cald Uncle Fu's, i've read on G that it still needs a new banner so maybe you can help out.

GTA City

I've already seen a preview of this site when it wasn't opened to public and it looks pretty nice, i like the font type.

I'm working, at the moment, on a cars edition of the GTA City newsletter. It will be sent to everyone on the GTA City mailing list [sign up at GTA City]. It will include a lot of new cars [attached to the newsletter] and will mean that instead of having to trawl through all the sites looking for new cars, they get sent to you with your e-mail. The only problem is that I don't have many cars to send at the moment, so if you make cars and are interested in having your cars sent to loads of GTA Fans, please e-mail me []. Also, while I'm at it, I've just started up a new GTA site, called GTAutomatic and it's at It's not finished yet - but it will be soon. It's set up to run almost automatically and has a lot of features including Message Board, Free for all Links page, Search Engine [submit any Sites, TCs or projects!] and more

Mission Failed

Mission Failed has been redesigned and updated with heaps of stuff including a new server. They also need people to help with the new project Underground City


Schu's going on a short holiday soon so he can't update GOURANGA! from Thursday to next Sunday, but there will be a very early update in the morning sinds his plane is leaving later.

Xtreme Getaway

Jeh of Xtreme Getaway has sent an e-mail to Dan Houser at Rockstar Games a few days ago and he replyd that there aren't going to be any previews untill August/September

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Sunday June the 20th:

Xtreme Getaway

Jeh has posted a BIG thank you message on the news, he thanked everyone that has supported the new site and all the visiters. Xtreme Getaway is starting to get popular by the day and thats very nice. Preview Movie

If you didn't knew this, has been updated and you can now download the COMPLETE GTA2 preview movie in Real Audio wich makes it to a 17mb download. I'm almost ready downloading it, but i've seen the movie what i've downloaded and it was very neat.

Be sure to check out the GTA2 site on July the 1st for more very cool downloads

Acually its not worth doing todays news because well....there isn't much news, i've posted that about the GTA2 movie but that was already on yesterdays news, just thought i'd give it a shout. Well hope to have more tommorow and maybe when i run into some news tonight i'll post it.

But for now thanks for visiting.

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Saturday June the 19th: Preview Movie

I have noticed after looking at the site you can download the complete movie NOW in Real Audio and its a fairly small file for the full movie, its about 17mb and i'm downloading it now. If you want to download all the movies in Quicktime the movie will be much bigger, but does have a better quality than Real Audio. You can't view it online you first have to download it to see it.

Team AlphaII

Team Alpha II has been updated yesterday, nothing really special but you can check out they're new design wich looks very nice.

3D Action Planet GTA2 First Look

Jeh informed me to take a look at the 3D Action Planet First Look about GTA2, it has some new things but some things we already knew. You can check out the full article by going to 3DAP GTA2 First Look There has been some talk about the upcomming game Driver wich is like Grand Theft Auto but from the eye view, i've seen some shots and it looks very nice and detailed.

The following subjects are used in the First Look:


What's Happening?

Will it retain the GTA feel?

What is that with wich i may kill?

On the subject of the engine....

Any sort of plot, anywhere or anything?

The final word

Mugwum has done this First Look, so good job Mugwum.

Not much news today, but there was some very good GTA2 news like the Real Audio movie and the First Look by 3D Action Planet. I'm still pretty much waiting for because i can't wait to open my GTA2 site cald GTA2 More Extreme.

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Friday June the 18th:

Didn't had no time to update yesterday....hope you can live with it :-) just kidding, here's todays and yesterdays update.


I got an e-mail from Klamy... Klamy has AGAIN like in the early GTA days done some great work....this time a full VR TOUR of the great GOURANGA!! I've seen it and its great, you really should check out his work, i love it. You can check out the tour with FRAMES and NO FRAMES I recommend you view the NO FRAMES because the other one looks a bit different but its great too.

I also read this on the news: Its about EDGE73 with a collum by Brian Baglow (Ex DMA design PR) , this is what they posted:

"The original game quickly gained a huge underground following. A fiercely loyal, almost fanatical audience who created their own Websites (72 at the peak) (and about 200-300 in the webring queue! --Klamy) dedicated to the game and started GTA's very own newsgroup - This is kind of an unusual situation for a game. Games are often popular - characters from games can be extremely popular - but never before had we seen such a tightknit devoted group as the GTA fans.."

Thanks for sending in the news Klamy (Linux man)

GTA Directors Cut review

Gamespot UK has done a review about GTA DC and give it a 8 out of 10, thats pretty good. There's just one little thing, they mentioned it as GTA Editers Cut...but i think its just a little misunderstanding. Anyway check out the article

Liberty City Police Department

The LCPD has moved to a new and better adres at

Turbo_King's GTA Rage

I saw this at Gouranga this is what Turbo King said:

I have added a group of files which are aimed at helping people edit the mission.ini file.  The files are intended for people who can already edit the mission.ini file and provide lists of numbers that can be used for reference.   The files contain:  

Download it from Turbo_King's GTA Rage Page at:

I've also sent this Birthday card to Turbo King

Happy Birthday Turbo_King thanks for all your help

GTA Montreal City

A new beta project has been released, its only one map but more will come in the full version, this has got no missions and the map is pretty small, you can download it here

Xtreme Getaway

Xtreme Getaway has posted a new vehicle from GTA X-Wing and this one looks very good. Also Xtreme Getaway has joined WebDog Tracking wich is pretty nice.

GTA Skate Interview @ Xtreme Getaway

Xtreme Getaway ( ) is proud to announce that it's
Features section is now alive, and what better way to "cut the red tape" as
it were than with a feature on one of the most unique GTA mods in
development right now, GTA Skate!

We conducted an interview with mouse over at Squish Developments about his
upcoming "Bumper Cars on Ice" mod, GTA Skate. As well as an awesome
interview, we were provided with never-before-seen content including cars
by Azz, Buzwa, Joyride & Mookie and a couple of shots of one of the arena's
mouse is working on!

Grab yourselves a coffee (or a soda) and head on over to the GTA Skate
Interview @ ( ) and enjoy!

First of all, HOW THE HELL DID IT HAPPEN I NOW HAVE ABOUT 6888 HITS AND A DAY  BEFORE I WAS ALREADY IN THE 7000!?!?!?! If someone is teasing me this is a VERY LAME thing to do, i mean i was really proud to have more than 7030 hits.
Just wanted to let you know this sucks big time!!!

I've played GTA London 1969 yesterday but i don't have the cd yet, but very soon i hope but it was great, i love the music and the sounds are much much better.

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Wednesday June the 16th:

Hehehe YES i have passed my exams and yihaaa no way i'm gonna put one step on this school when i got my diploma hehe...soooo ehhh a Yes you have passed greeting card would be nice *hint*

Turbo_King's Birthday

O schoot, i forgot to mention that it was Turbo_King's birthday on June 14th i already said Happy Birthday and my birthday card is comming soon but i just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TURBO KING again. Check out his page GTA Rage

Xtreme Getaway

Jeh asked me to post this in the news:

Xtreme Getaway Mailbag

We at Xtreme Getaway, your #1 Grand Theft Auto News Source, want your opinions,
your views and your comments. We're starting a Mailbag which will be updated
weekly, each with a question set the week before. The Mailbag will be launched
on Monday 28th June, so you've got approximately 12 days to get your opinions
in on the following topic:

What is your true opinion of the GTA TC/Mod scene?

You can comment on anything you want on this subject. Here are a few ideas:

Do you think the GTA Mod/TC scene is thriving or gasping for dear life? What do
you think could make the scene better? Is there a particular Mod/TC in
development right now that you're particularly waiting for? Is there a Mod/TC
idea you have that you think could be great? Are people really that interested
in addon Mod's/TC's? Can GTA2's release improve the quality of the Mod's/TC's?

This is your chance to air your views, let people know what you think. Don't
hold back! We're not asking for you to flame people, we just want to know your
opinion. Let us know what you think by sending your opinions, comments and
views to!

Seems like a fun idea, so head over to Xtreme Getaway and give your thought

GTA Easy Find

Seems like there's a new service out in the GTA Scene and i've seen it, and its very cool if your looking for something.

Finally GTA Easy Find is here for all your sites to use. All you need to do is add one of the two HTML codes to your web page and that's it. You will be able to give your visitors the latest news, downloads and every GTA link.

What Does GTA Easy Find have to offer?
Well firstly it has the latest news from all the GTA Sites!!!
If you have GTA Easy Find on your site you can advertise your site and news!!!
Its attractive and well designed!!!
It has every GTA link known of!!!
Easy installation instructions!!!
Most Downloads for GTA such as Demo's and GTA Cars, Map builders etc.!!!
Firstly chose which method you want to use to display GTA Easy Find:

Method 1) Add a small logo (2k) with the HTML to make a GTA Easy Find pop-up when clicked on.
Method 2) Add the HTML so that when your page is accessed the Pop-Up box automatically activates its self. 

When you have chosen which Method you want copy and paste the appropriate HTML onto your web page. For maximum on Method 1 put the logo in a frame or main page!!!

Check out the June 13th news update on the Vice City Docks for the HTML required for either method 1 or 2.

Got this from G! but i'm sure its posted on VCD too

GTA X-Wing

The project's site of GTA X-Wing has been hosted by Xtreme Getaway and have posted some ships of the TC that are ready to download.

GTA Car Makers Club

There's a new site out there for all the car makers, if you want to join a club specially made for Car makers you can visit the GTA Car Makers Club. I'm not a real car maker but i do make them when i have some time and feel like making them so maybe i will join if its something i dunno


This is pretty COOL news for the GTA people that are still in the scene including me, we all remember Klamy as one of the greatest people ever entered the GTA Scene. Unfortunatly he had to leave and left his great site at as it is. But it has been updated and thats very neat.

I do have some talks with him about Linux when i see him, and i've asked him about any current project he's working on. But i really hope he's comming back in the GTA Scene and do lots more for us...but somehow i don't think he'll be doing that...oh well :-))

I saw this news on Xtreme Getaway so Jeh has seen it first :-)

Thats it for today.....good and decent news as you have seen. See ya back tommorow.

Thanks for visiting and don't forget to vote because were on the 13th spot and holding, No Fear     ICQ: 37055984

Tuesday June the 15th:

A lot of great news...thank god...there's news hehehe

GTA Gameboy

There wasn't much news about the GTA Gameboy Color but today i've been visiting and there was news about the GTA Gameboy Color and the addon for GTA London and GTA2 etc. Then i read Gouranga and a screenshot of the box that will be used on GTA Gameboy, i've posted it below. Low-Rider has read this on GTA Game Boy will be released tommorow (16th)

GTA Game Boy Color

I got a question, does Gameboy Color games work on a normal Gameboy???? Because i have one lying in the closet not used for ages and it would be great to play some GTA when i'm on vacation, so please let me know huh thanks

GTA2 news

I grabbed this straight from Gouranga.....sorry Schu hehe this was posted on too

"Six evil street gangs control your city streets. And you want a piece of the action. The city is there for the taking, only you've got to decide how to do it. Following on from the notorious Grand Theft Auto, GTA 2 brings you a new level of control and on the run decision making. Everyone is watching you. Anyone could get you. At any time. Gang members will fight you. Assassins will pursue you. Muggers will jump you. And, of course, the Police and the FBI and the Army will chase you. The city is alive. But how long will you last?"

Mission Failed?

There's a new proggy out for GTA: London1969 to make sure you can't fail the mission...hehe neat after you died you will restart on the same spot you died.  Gal has edited the mission file and you can download it here and its only a 57k so why wait?

Team Alpha

Team Alpha now has a great design, it looks really sharp and neat and its much easyer to update, so check the site out because its worth it :-)) So good work on Team Alpha II Gunther

GTA London Real Car Names

Michael Kay has released the Enguk.fxt file wich now contains all the real car names of all the cars in GTA: London 1969, you can get it by clicking here And its only 23K so get it now...

GTA SpringField TC (help)

A new project has started cald GTA Springfield, and Fingal's Cave needs help

I have just started work on GTA Springfield, and it is coming along nicely. I have a couple of problems though. First, I can't do cars, so I need people to send me good quality, simpsons-style cars (you will be given full credit), and I haven't a clue about mission ini coding, so I need help with that (as before, full credit will be given). Please visit my website @

Sounds like a pretty cool project, although i haven't got a clue how Springfield looks like :-)


Thought this was nice to post, Schu is going to do the Site Watch tommorow with more news on the projects like GTA Australia and other site updates, so go see Gouranga

Finaly a decent update....feels like its been ages...but ages ago this site didn't excist hehe o No Fear your so humerous NOT. Well thanksssss for visiting and hope you'll be here when the next update arives :-)

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Monday June the 14th:

Yohohooooo!!!! I've changed the FONT size, i hope it looks better IF NOT mail me viewed with IE4/5

GTA Get That Azzhole

I wanted to wish Azz of GTA Get That Azzhole the best with his exams, so GOOD LUCK AZZY

GTA Plus

A new site is going to come instead of Andrew's closed GTA SideSwipe, its cald GTA Plus and will have lots of new features that have never been shown and i think i already know some but i'm not gonna tell you those nanananaaaa!! :-) Here's what Jordan had to say:

Hey. This is Jordan here to tell you that a new site is coming. The biggest GTA site ever.  It is called GTA Plus. GTA Plus will have everything you can imagine (and some stuff you never though of). Andrew, from Side Swipe GTA, took down his site thanks to everyone who stole his ideas (thanks a lot people!). A LOT of that stuff is going on these days.  Well, oh, where was I, oh yeah, Andrew has decided to give everything on his site to GTA Plus.  So that means we'll have even more stuff in addition to what we've already had. That will include the GTA Top 25, GTA banner rotation, GTA Mail, and more. We will probably soon have our own domain name at, but for now our site is located at . It is scheduled to open June 18th so keep your eyes open! (and please guys, don't steal anyone else's ideas!!!)

Hey i totaly agree with Jordon here, about stealing idea's!!! So don't do it, don't be such a wanker and think of your own idea's.

San Andreas Car Impound

YES Valdez will be back with the SACI this thursday or next, yipeeee so now Azz will have it much easyer with the cars. Valdez still have to do some more GCSE's but he had 2 days off so i got some time to talk with him. He had 220 e-mails in his Inbox, even though he said not to send him e-mails while he was away so his inbox would be full....hmm so it did oh well i know people have missed him including me so i'm glad he's comming back soon.

Hmm not much news....maybe if i find anything else GTA related today i'll add it in todays or tommorow's update. But if you have any please send it to me and i'll post it as soon as possible on the news.

I've also been working on another Renault Mégane Coupe....hehehe i haven't finished the delta's on the other Mégane but this is almost finished and then i'm doing both delta's and i'll release them. But they both look good, the other Renault Mégane Coupe is a rally car and i've used a other way of the shape on the rally version.

Anyway you'll just have to wait n see huh? I hope to have some more news soon.

Greetings and best wishes o and thanks for visiting, No Fear     ICQ: 37055984

Sunday June the 13th:

Sorry i didn't update yesterday but i didn't had the time for it sorry...hope you like todays one :-)

Xtreme Getaway

Jeh has found a news updater for the new site Xtreme Getaway so i hope he's going to do it regular :-)

Southpark GTA

Southpark GTA has been canceled..but to be onest i didn't think it was going to be that great, but you can still visit Jimmy's site Redneqs GTA but Jimmy's now gonna focus on a new project cald Empire City, anyway good luck!!

GTA Get That Azzhole

If you didn't knew this and your a Quake fan just like me, head over to GTA Get That Azzhole and check out his Quake section, also e-mail Azz if you are a Quake fan so he can work on that section some more and people are interested.

Lara Weller

Sinds i didn't had many news i thought i'd post the just released photo's of the new Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) model....wich looks REALLY nice. I've posted some of them below so they may take a while to load sorry :-) but they're worth the wait!!

Greetings and best wishes, No Fear     ICQ: 37055984

Friday June the 11th: far so good lets keep it that way so i can make my visiters happy untill i've moved to

Star Wars GTA

Star Wars GTA is back and has brought out a Alpha version of the TC, you can download it from the Star Wars site. Asante has been working on it for 34 hours straight so please, a little respect for these people. I haven't downloaded it but i'm sure gonna do that soon. Also they would like you to give a feedback on what you think of it, also you can report any bugs so if you have any you can send it to this adres:

GTA: Myni Racer

The first map of the project GTA: Myni Racer has been released and ready to get downloaded on the GTA: Myni Racer site.

Team Alpha

I would like to give a shout to CaMDoG1999 for always posting some news about GTA Extreme, thanks man keep up the good work, and be sure to visit the Team Alpha site.

GTA X-Wing

Another Star Wars TC for Grand Theft Auto has been started, and this time by Josh, it will have everything like changed textures cars etc, like i said, a real TC. You can check out his website for more info.

Yeah yeah yeah....hmmm don't know what to say here, mostly i just blablablab about anything that comes up my mind but this time is doesn't. But talking about not knowing anything is a pretty interesting subject to write a little. Well i would like to thank all you people who come to this site and vote for it, i know i always thank you for this and that and you must think i'm sucking up real bad.....well i do but i mean everything i say and have said so thanks again :-)

Greetings and best wishes, No Fear     ICQ: 37055984

Thursday June the 10th:

10th?? Few time does fly when your having fun....NOT i was pretty bored today..hehe ask Mouse :-) And not only bored but very irritating too....ask Mouse. Ok serious now....update time!!

Xtreme Getaway

Shortly after the launch of GTAXtreme.Net, we received an email from No
Fear who has run a popular GTA news site called "GTA Extreme" for some time
now. However, due to ISP/hosting problems, the site has been out of the
loop and for some reason was missed by us.

Out of courtesy to No Fear who has been in the community a lot longer than
we have, and to avoid confusion and bad feelings within the GTA community,
we decided to rename the site to "Xtreme Getaway".

We hope no ill feelings were caused as a result of our original name.

Our current domain, , will remain our URL and
will not be changed.

I'm glad this thing is over now and were both happy, well at least i am :-) Thanks Jeh and good luck on your new site.

GTA: London 1961

Good news about the addon for GTA: London 1969 that will be released on July 1st, here are more details:

The missions are set before GTA: London 1969," informed Dan Houser, minister of information for Rockstar. "We'll have two, possibly three maps, at least one of which will be multiplayer only. One of them will be a more Western view of London, the other will be loosely based on Manchester in the North of England - the Manchester map will have a Moss Side angle." For those of you that don't know, Moss Side is notorious gangland in the Northern UK city. Can't think why Rockstar picked that location then...

"There'll be 30 new cars on the site," Houser continued, "all of them in the 60s European style. The focus for the missions will be based on the exploits of Harold Cartwright, one of the bosses from GTA: London. He's in his younger days, living as a Mod."

The inspiration for the set of downloads seems, in part, to stem from a lack of space on PlayStation. "There were things we wanted to do but couldn't because of the PlayStation version. We've got powerups like skates to make you move faster on foot, the AI's been tweaked, things like that," he said.

The official GTA2 site will be opened also on July 1st with some GTA2 wallpapers, features and a GTA2 movie plus lots lots more so don't miss it!!. You will have lots of downloads on that day :-)

GTA Mission Helper

Another person, this time Darren has opened a GTA Mission Helper website where you can learn more things about editing the mission.ini file. There will be more added to the FXT support

GTA Get That Azzhole

Azz has posted a new car for GTA: London 1969 made by the original car maker of GTA London, its a Citroen SM wich was brought to public because i couldn't be used in GTA: London 1961, the cars from 73 if i remember it well. Anyway enaugh chit chat head over at GTA Get That Azzhole if i made you curious.

Made up my mind now, gonna open GTA2 More Extreme when i'm moving to, so that will be very soon i hope. It depends on when they completed the HTML uploading section for me. Well have fun GTAing!!

Greetings, No Fear     ICQ: 37055984

Wednesday June the 9th:

Sorry i was late with yesterdays update but like usual Tripod was a pain in the arse again. But it was a good update, hope you like todays one :-)

GTA and GTA: London 1969

Grand Theft Auto is becomming popular in Holland, it now stands on the 2nd place of the PSX version. GTA London 1969 holds its place on the 4th place.

Mission ini programming site

The Grand Theft Autobahn has made a new section about Mission.ini programming, sinds i don't know a clue about mission.ini programming i have taken a look and its a visit worth. They have described it from the beginning to the end of programming and it makes everything a lot more easyer.

The Autobahncrew has done it again!  From the authors of Burger City.  A GTA site about mission.ini programming!  GTA Mission.ini Guru has all commands you can use in the mission.ini file. Every command has an explanation and there's also one example for each command, so you can see how it can be used.  The site also has a page about .fxt editing and a "questions & answers" page where I will answer some of the questions I get.  Summary: a dream page for everyone who wants to make missions for GTA, but don't know how.

So just come on over and learn how to program missions for your GTA map!  The address to the page is:

And i think this says enaugh, lets hope more people will learn this because there seems to be a lack of mission.ini programmers. mail now has a brand new service called mail. yes, that's right i'm offering free, personal, lifetime web based e-mail addresses to everyone!!!! you can read and send e-mails from every computer with an internet connection, anywhere, anytime! so go to and sign up now!

GTA Get That Azzhole

Azz has updated GTA Get That Azzhole again and is almost through all of his e-mails.....hehe but he keeps getting e-mails from me so i don't think he'll ever come to an end hehehe just kidding. Take a look at the new posted cars too while your there.

Azz also made a new Car section about scanning cars sinds a lot of people try to do an attempt, looks very cool and described how things are done to edit a scanned car.


GTA@NET has been redesigned and it looks pretty cool to me.

I got an e-mail back from Jeh of GTAXtreme (the other GTAExtreme site) and he explained that it wasn't possible to change the domain because it was bought and registred. And he also gave me an offer of joining his site to do the news......hmmm what do you think? I do get hosted for free for other sites i make, but i'm real proud at GTA Extreme and damn proud of the visiters that come here every day.

Anyway i've sent him an e-mail back that we there are a few options to fix the problem, we can leave it as it is right now and make a difference between the sites or i could demand that he should change his site's name but keep the URL where it is located now.

I haven't heard from him but i've sent him the e-mail today so i don't expect a quick reply. Well till tommorow then, seeya!!!

Greetings and thanks for your visits o and don't forget to vote huh :-)), No Fear     ICQ: 37055984

Tuesday June the 8th:

Ok so far so good with lets keep it that way. Here's todays update people...have fun :-)

GTA SideSwipe -Closed-

I've been talking to Andrew about GTA isn't exactly closed but for Andrew it is. Andrew told me that Jordon wanted to keep GTA SideSwipe in tradition so he too over GTA SideSwipe, so there may be a posibility it will stay but definitly without Andrew.

Squish Developments

Yipeee Mouse has opened BOARDZILLA again, so now the only thing we have to do is use it!! So head over to Squish Developments and use it.


GTA SVT has been redesigned and it looks very nice if i say so myself, so head over and take a peak if this has made you curious.

Vice City Docks

I am developing a GTA Pop Up box.  Any site that wished to join can.  All that you have to do is add the HTML for a Pop Up box for your site.  If you would prefer to add the button to make the box pop up you can.   The idea is called GTA Easy Find and it gives you all the latest news, links and downloads.  It will have a banner rotation for news and any site can add it as long as they have the Pop Up box on there site.  It also has a drop down box with every GTA site listed and many downloads as well. Instruction on how to install it will be on the Box and my site will be the first to have it.  In the mean time for more information and help about GTA Easy Find please email me at and check out my site ready for the update of GTA Easy Find.

My Garage2

My Garage2 has been updated again with lots of new cars and i've read that he was going to make a new website based on music when he reaches the 10000 hits, so go visit to get those hits on 10000 :-)


Yes whats this, there's a new site out there cald GTAXtreme somehow i don't feel comferetable with that site using my site's name. So i sent him an e-mail asking him if he's a nice person to change the site's name. I'm still waiting for a reply but first i didn't want to sent an e-mail but someone convinced me and made me realize that i should be pretty pissed, well i'm not that pissed but like i said i don't feel comferetable with this. So i hope he'll just change it and not make a problem out of this.

This site excists for a long time now and i'm damn proud of it, and i really want to keep it that way.

Well, read the above and you know how i feel. Please send me news if you have any because it would be very apreciated.

Greetings and thanks for your visits o and don't forget to vote huh :-)), No Fear     ICQ me: 37055984

Monday June the 7th:

They did it again.....yes the people at Tripod were messing around AGAIN! This is no service for you because i want to give you people daily updates and now the Tripod wont let me. Well it works again but i do hope will be ready for me soon. Oh well here's a big update to make it a little better.

Send me news if you have would be sooo apreciated....and posted on the news hehehe *doh* :-))

GTA SideSwipe -Closed-

Bad news people.....this time GTA SideSwipe has really been closed, but i guess we all could expect that because there were no updates, Andrew also has got a new e-mail adres: Andrew@Niteshade.Net Andrew is now in hand of GTA Dark Portal....a great site with the most usefull functions.

Team Alpha

I got an e-mail from LiTtLe ThUg and he asked me to post here it is peeps:

Are you tired of going to 20 different sites for all the news, you can go to
g but they all dont send him the news well forget that. I have probally 95%
gta sites that update bookmarked and everyday I go there if they update its
on my page. So all you have to do is stop at 2 site G and Team Alpha. I also
got a new poll and a messege board that needs to be used. I also got 6
really nice cars to download so go to

Thanks for the news LiTtLeThUg because i need more people to send me news....


EriX of EGP isn't going to update EGP anymore, in fact he has left the scene but seems to be working on his Cartoons page.

GTA Road Kill

I got an e-mail from Nick asking if i could post this, SURE NICK ALWAYS!!

RoadkiLL   hi everyone, just to let you know that roadkill is back with a completely new look, as i promised, and will now be updated about every 2 days. You can find it at Go there now+ACE- Its got a whole load of new features, and Im sure it can be a success if you all start visiting.Thanks, Nick

So head over to RoadKill after you've read todays update....:-)

GTA Get That Azzhole

I've been over to GTA Get That Azzhole and have checked out the non-frames page to see how it looked but it doesn't work well, if you enter the only thing you see if the menu on the whole page and if you click on a link in the menu it opens a pop-up screen. So Azz if you read this...and my e-mail try to fix it for the people that haven't got a browser thats capable of seeing frames.

GTA Newsletter

Sven Latham asked me to post a link to their GREAT GTA News Letter, if you want to subrscribe to this great news leter just click HERE to send an e-mail, the only thing you have to do is send it :-0 duh :-)

I've been working on a new map for GTA NASCAR Racing and it looks pretty nice. Need to add some details and i can start with another one :-) But we would like to get in contact with someone that knows something about BOTS and can help us with our problem. The bots wont react on the SEND_TO or GO_TO commands they just ignore those and drive in a straight line.

I also kinda feel like opening GTA2 More Extreme.....but i think i'm gonna do that when i'm on

I'd like people to send me more news so i can post bigger updates, it can be anything GTA related. Do you want to have a shout at your site gimme a mail and i'll post it.

Greetings and best wishes, No Fear     ICQ me: 37055984

Thursday June the 3rd:

GTA London:1969

Yes yes yes......Rockstar will release a brand new FREE expension pack for GTA London. Here's a list of the features that will be included in the pack:

The pack will be released on Juli the 1st and will be titled as GTA: London 1961 and it will be free downloadeble at the GTA: London 1969 website.

GTA London also ranked 9th place here in Holland's TOP games, so thats a really good thing.

Illegal works

Illegal Works will be doing regular updates again, they were stopped for a while due exams. Also the site has been through a make-over and keep an eye on the new map cald Land of the Blind Ones that will be released in a few weeks. is now online since one month. during that time I had almost 3800 visitors, I had to close the guest book and message board due to some idiots, received lots of positive feedback, found some new friends etc.  I kind of joined forces with the vice city docks.  To celebrate this birthday, I just uploaded 17 brand new maps, which makes a total of 40 maps!!! more great news will come in the near future. keep on visiting me!

Ok not much news but very good news about GTA London....i still haven't got GTA London but i should get it very soon now. Further we really need help with GTA Nascar Racing because we can't release it after we have fixed the problem. Go visit GTA NASCAR Racing for more details.

Thanks for your visit here and please come back and vote, Greetings, No Fear      ICQ: 37055984

Wednesday June the 2nd:

Yep well a new month has begon....only 4 months and 20 days to go and GTA2 will be released....mmm is there a way that i can wait that long? Nope don't think so....hehehehe well i'm going to get GTA London 1969 very soon....yeah i know i'm late sorry :-) Anyway todays update:

GTA Get That Azzhole

Azz has done a big update on GTA Get That Azzhole yesterday, the first real news update on his brand new site, take a look.

GTA Vancouver

Gareth is looking for a car editor for GTA Vancouver:

This is Gareth Williams aka Turbo_King author of San Diego and CarCrime County.

My car editor for my new project GTA Vancouver Robert Weerd aka Saig has had to pull out of the project.  I would like a new car editor for the city to make a new set of cars and maybe change some of the tiles.  If anyone is interested mail me at

So go help him if you want because i know there a lot of good car editers out there, and this is a good way to show people your cars.

3D Action Planet

There's a very cool Action Gaming Test on 3DAP and see if you can beat my and/or Schu his score. Mine was 61 and Schu's 73. Hehehe i lost from Schu...oh well its fun.


Very neat and very cool site ROUTE2 is going to close and Prometheus is leaving the GTA Scene for ever now:

I have been having lots of pressure in school lately, and I'm not doing the best I could possibly do.  I have enough trouble as it is keeping Route up, then to have to deal with school work, work, etc.  I don't feel that I really have the energy to keep it up any longer than it has been.  Therefore, (from here on) I would like to end Route.  I don't want any begs from people again about me not opening it, this is FINAL.  I just don't have the enjoyment from it any longer and so I don't want to continue it.  This is Prometheus signing off.  You will never hear of me again...  Goodbye

Too bad i always loved Route, but sinds it wasn't updating because of the lack of times it was nothing anymore.

I've joined a very neat Quake2 clan that you can visit at the name of the clan is CcC (CyberCommClan). So i'm playing Quake2 lots these days and its going better everyday. If your a Quake2 fan and you would like to see me play Quake2 sometimes....visit the dutch Quake2 server at:      maybe i see you there. I use the name [CcC] No Fear.

I also got a e-mail back from the staff and they are working hard on the HTML uploading section they are making for me. There are still a few bugs but they will all go away when they are fixed. So soon expect to see a moved text while visiting this page.

O people send me news about GTA and i will post it on the news for ya.

Thanks for your visit here and please come back and vote, Greetings, No Fear      ICQ: 37055984

Tuesday June the 1st:

You know, i'm glad to be back with the updates again because i was really pissed. I hope the problem will stay away from me and other tripod members. I don't know if they had the same problem. Anyway here's another update and remember i always update daily with very usefull news oke. :-)


C1 of GTANET is going away for two weeks on June the 2nd, also there's a message that he's going to redesign the page and its been up for a few days. So keep that in mind.

GTA SideSwipe

Andrew is going to do some serious updating on GTA-SideSwipe again because all the exams are over only some assignments so check it out.

GTA Get That Azzhole

Allright Azz of GTA Get That Azzhole has redesigned the site BIG TIME and it looks very very very sharp with a supurb looking logo. You gotta check this out, it looks really nice. Also o haven't posted that GTA Get That Azzhole excists for over 1 whole year now sinds May the 27th. here's the birthday card i sent him:

Happy Birthday GTA Get That Azzhole


MOUSE is back and is starting to do some updating again on Squish take a good look because its pretty big hehehe                                                              (sorry about the other thingy, mouse :-)

GTA NewsLetter

I just received a new GTA Newsletter from Sven Lathamwich looks very nice, there's a full interview with the maker of Sun Francisco and the news letter if now fully HTM. So subscribe to this newsletter because it looks nice and got some cool information.


Check out the update below for some very cool news about GTA2, GTA Gameboy and more. Also GTA2 will be released on the 22nd of October.....thats way too long for me man!!! I can't wait till it comes out because check this site out:

Or check out the key-points Schu of Gouranga has posted:

  • Release Date
 :  October 22nd 1999 - The release will be worldwide for both PC and Playstation.
  • Platforms
 : PC & Playstation
  • Setting
 : Futuristic Los Angeles with everything from gang controlled back streets to shopping malls with plenty of targets.  Watch your back because if your in the wrong area you can get mugged or dragged from your car.
  • Graphics
 : Accelerated Graphics (whatever that means - 3D I suppose), Real Time Lighting, and support for up to 200 peds on the screen at one time.
  • Cars
 : "'50s retro-style" vehicles that begin to smoke after they become damaged.  You can even drive a taxi and pick up peds or you can use an "articulated truck [to] move contraband around from area to area  [with a] trailer that is easily dispatched" if you get in over your head.
  • Destruction
 : 15 Weapons (no specifics announced) that can and will blow up everything (cars, peds, bridges, buildings, and whatever else you may or may not want to blow up)
  • On The Run
 : Four levels of police from the basic street cop, to SWAT teams, FBI agents, and finally, if you really pissed someone off the Army will come after your ass.
  • Gangs
 : From Krishna's to the the ultimate gang, Zaibatsu.
  • Gameplay
 : Sam Houser mentions in the article that GTA2 "has been focused on making sure you get a top-quality gaming experience."  He went on to say, "Gameplay is by far the most important thing."


I've read some stuff about GTA64 not being released here's the article:

"Its certainly taken long enough. In fact two years ago, when N64 first started, we actually saw and early version of N64 GTA, using the Silicon Valley engine, up and running at DMA. The problem then wasn't bring across to the N64 but rather Nintendo to give the go ahead to the game's reams of swearing, mowing down of innocent pedestrians and dodgy back alley dealings. Now, though, with Resident Evil on board, as well as the similarly blood thirsty Turok games and the not-exactly-kiddyish Perfect Dark the big N can hardly say no. And so a 50% complete version is to debut at E3 showing that 1999 isn't simply going to be a year of great N64 games, Its going to be a great year of adult games."

Yipeee i have isntalled Microsoft Internet Explorer5 and i must say, it looks amazing and its much much better than IE4. It does change a few things but everythings much better now. I haven't heard from and the HTML uploading section they are making for me. But i'll send them an e-mail on how things are going. I'm also addicted to Quake2 internet play.....mmm more reasons to get on the internet....that sucks.

Hope you liked todays BIG update and i'll try to do it more often off course. Greetings, No Fear    ICQ: 37055984

Monday May the 31th:

First of all.............F*CK YOU M*THERF&CKING TRIPOD PEOPLE!!!.......ehem..........i'm so sorry but if you read this i was finaly able to upload again....there are some big probs when i try to upload...and it sucks. Oh well it should work again now.....let hope it stays that way. There will be another update today or tommorow because i have missed lots of news and i want to catch up again..hehe thanks for all your visits though...over 6000 now YIHAAA

GTA2 Preview movie

Well you already knew this but for those who didn't, the preview movie of GTA2 has been cut into pieces for an easyer download. Check out for the movies. I started downloading the full movie (35mb) a few days ago and yesterday i wanted to continue the download with GetRight of course and well it couldn't find the URL so all the download time was for nothing!! I was sooo pissed i couldn't continue downloading and i'm still pissed at them. So now i'm downloading one of the previews cald cop chase (12Mb)

Top European Charts

I saw this article a while ago and i thought i'd post it, its pretty big but interesting:

According to a press release issued by Take-Two Interactive today, the company's Grand Theft Auto game series is continuing to dominate European Sales Charts. This includes the recently released mission pack GTA: London 1969, the GTA Director's Cut and the original Grand Theft Auto. The sales figures represent both the Playstation and PC versions of all the aforementioned titles. The data comes from ChartTrak, a weekly sales tracking chart administered by The European Leisure Software Publishers Association (ELSPA).

For the week ending May 16, 1999 Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 (PC/PlayStation) held the number one position in the United Kingdom's ChartTrack All Formats chart, while the original Grand Theft Auto (PC/Playstation), rose to number two in the same chart, 76 weeks after its initial release. The original Grand Theft Auto has been in the ChartTrack All Formats top 20 for 76 weeks since it was released. Take-Two also claims that Grand Theft Auto products currently hold a top ten position in sell-through charts in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, France, Austria, Germany, and Italy.

Sam Houser, President of Rockstar Games - a wholly owned subsidiary of Take Two - said, "The Grand Theft Auto franchise has proven to hold a longevity that is unusual to find in a video game series. We look forward to continuing this trend with the release of GTA 2, and subsequent theme based mission packs."

And more usefull i saw this, look at the list below!!!

Take-Two Interactive Software announced today that Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 has landed at the Number 1 position in the United Kingdom's ChartTrack All Formats chart. GTA: London 1969, which is available on PlayStation and PC, was the top selling game on any platform for the week ended May 9 (its first week in release) in the U.K. GTA: London 1969 is an expansion disk for owners of the original PlayStation or PC versions of Grand Theft Auto. It is the first expansion disk available for the Sony PlayStation.

The All Formats chart combines sales for all systems, including PC, Playstation, and Nintendo 64. The number one ranking was accomplished by combining both PC and Playstation sales in the UK for the week. Other chart listings such as the PC and Playstation Top Five do not list Grand Theft Auto, GTA: London 1969.

The company also announced that Grand Theft Auto games (including Grand Theft Auto, GTA: London 1969 and Grand Theft Auto: The Director's Cut) have now shipped more than 2.5 million units to retailers worldwide. The original Grand Theft Auto held the No. 4 position in ChartTrack's All Formats chart for the week ended May 9, its 75th consecutive week holding a top 20 position in that chart.

The Company's Rockstar Games division, which published GTA: London 1969, began showing GTA 2, the PlayStation and PC sequel to Grand Theft Auto, at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, which ended on Saturday. GTA 2 is expected to be released in October.

Grand Theft Auto GAMEBOY COLOR 09/99 $28.99
Grand Theft Auto IBM CD ROM 03/98 $27.99
Grand Theft Auto PLAYSTATION 07/98 $36.99
Grand Theft Auto NINTENDO 64 09/99 $64.99
Grand Theft Auto 2 W95 IBM CD ROM 10/99 $44.99
Grand Theft Auto 2 PLAYSTATION 09/99 $42.99
Grand Theft Auto D.C. PLAYSTATION 05/99 $44.99
Grand Theft Auto & Expansion Bundle W95 IBM CD ROM 04/99 $34.99
Grand Theft Auto London Add-On (1969) IBM CD ROM 04/99 $23.99
Grand Theft Auto London Add On PLAYSTATION 06/99 $32.99

Aha GTA2 released in Oktober.....ok thats interesting but more interesting is that Grand Theft Auto for the Gameboy Color will be released in September and they even have the prices.

GTA Get That Azzhole

Azz of GTA Get That Azzhole has done another update.....well you couldn't call it an update but he had to remove some sponsers of his site because gibbed wasn't pleased with them. So Azz is thinking of moving to another place...


Schu has taken some screenshots of the preview movie of GTA2 so take a look if you want to see some shots and not want to download the movie.

Sorry i missed a few updates for you...but thank you for the hits !!! And thanks to Schu for posting the news about GTA Nascar Racing and GTA Extreme, because that will give me lots of hits. Also i'd like to thank you all for voting for me and i would be very pleased if you could give me some more votes ;-)

Greetings and best wishes, No Fear     ICQ me: 37055984