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I am Gul Maket of the Seventh Order. The Ministry of Information has appointed me your host and tour guide to the greatest world in the Star Trek universe, Cardassia.

I'd really like to know who I pissed off to end up with this assignment. Anyway, they have given me a script to follow so here goes:

"Welcome to Cardassia Prime. This site is your prime source for Cardassian information." (Oh how clever)

"I hope you enjoy your visit and please take a moment to sign the guest book. " (Yeah, right. Like I'm really interested in your comments. That's why I put it near the bottom of the page!)

"Please feel free to E Mail me." (Assuming of course that you are capable of stringing several words together to form some sort of a coherent sentence.)

Now before we go any further, I want to point out that it is the duty of all loyal Cardassians to support your home world. So VOTE for my site at the link below! DO IT NOW AND DO IT OFTEN!! Thank you. You may continue.

This will ensure that Cardassia takes her rightful place in the world of Science Fiction!


Star Trek



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