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Bennie Martini



Through the years, Bennie Martini wrote hundreds of songs!  We will continue to list songs here as they are catalogued.

Comic Songs
Dan, The Delicatessen Man
Go Home to Your Mama
In My New Little Second Hand Car
My Little Nell (to a dog)
My Wife's Got Me Nuts
Rebecca From Tribecca
Teresa, Teresa
Ting Me A Tong (Sing Me A Song)
Walk Like An Elephant
Wear A Smile

Italian Songs (some in English)
Bella Ragazza
Mi Querida
Non So Perche (I Don't Know Why)

Romantic Ballads
Bless Our Love
Come Close to Me
Dream, My Michelle
Four Seasons, The (Your Love is Like)
I Was Touched By An Angel
You Are Everything That's Beautiful


Singing with Michelle Russell, the first singer to perform "I Was Touched By An Angel."

Romantic Up Tempos
Convince Me, Baby
Crazy In Love
Ladies (Gentlemen) In My Life
Love Is In the Making
Mi Querida
You Are (The ABC of My Life)

Heartbroken Songs
(these include uptempo & ballads)
How Could You?
I'm Gonna Mark My Heart Fragile
I'm Still In Love With You
I Should Have Known
Lonely Lover
Love In Your Heart
My Private Life
Please Say Hello For Me
There's So Little Time
Why Don't You Tell Me So
You Never Loved Me
You (Tu - You Went Away & Left Me Alone)

Specialty Songs
America (I'm Proud to Be An American)
Calendar Song for Tots
Happy New Year
Keep Off the Grass (marijuana!)
Judy (to Judy Garland)
Lots Of Love From You to Me (Christmas song)
New York's Finest (NY Police Dept)
Our Anniversary
Santa's Christmas Party
Spirit of Seventy-Six

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