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See our new releases on Amazon Kindle SABRINA - The Autobiography of a Cat and Meet Lily - A Very Little Girl You may also purchase soft cover copies here.

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Judy Garland's family history from 1870 thru 1945.

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Original Edition Sabrina is the true story of a cat who lived nearly 20 years. She tells her own story!
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Original 2007 copy. Price includes postage.

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Judy Garland's family history from the pioneers thru the Civil War.

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Lily is a little girl growing up with just her mother. "Don't be cranky," Mama tells her but she thinks her grandmother "VuVu" is cranky a lot. Based on the author's early. Photos & illustrations.

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A children's book about a little girl and her beloved cat.

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"Musical Memories - The Gumm Family Souvenir Songbook" - This 8"x 10" book includes short bios and photos of each family member, and sheet music for some of the songs they sang. It also includes a rare copy of a song by Judy Garland's mother, Ethel Gumm. Available ONLY from JUDY GARLAND BIRTHPLACE in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. Visit: judygarlandmuseum.com

  SET FOR RELEASE in the near future 
Michelle Russell's family history book - This as yet to be named this book has been in the works over 20 years. It begins in Europe during the time of Napoleon and follows the family to Chicago (1860 - 1915). This book will be in the form of a novel, but include pictures.

"Theo Mio" - the story of a beloved cat. Raised on the bottle from two days old, Theo was not an ordinary cat, but much loved by everyone who met him. This is a story that will bring laughter and tears.

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