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“An extraordinary amalgam of fascinating reading, both for the Judy Garland scholar and for any scholar or layman anywhere who revels in genealogy and American history. The back stories, anecdotes, and detail about the nineteenth century are endlessly captivating. And in many places, the Civil War material--drawn from legitimate letters, newsprint, and city, town, village, and county records of the time --reads like an elaboration and expansion of "Gone with

the Wind.” Great stuff!”   

                                       - John Fricke, Garland and Oz historian


“Here is an excursion into the past of the Gum family that takes you to 18th century Tennessee, where Michelle Russell’s impeccable research allows you to feel you are there. Frontier America comes alive in this rich tale of the paternal side of the yet-to-be-born Frances Gumm (a.k.a. Judy Garland). No author has ever unearthed so much information about the origins of Frank Gumm (that’s how the family name had been written until this remarkable book), and no Garland authority has ever shown such tender loving care in describing the genealogy of one of the great talents of the 20th century. This is a book not just for admirers of Judy Garland, but for those interested in American history from the angle of one of its most seminal families.”                                                                                                                        - Lawrence Schulman, Producer

 Judy Garland: Child of Hollywood (RPCD/Nimbus); Judy Garland à Paris (Europe 1/RTE); Judy Garland: Classiques et inédits 1929-1956 (Frémeaux & Associés); and a forthcoming box-set to be released by JSP Records. 

“Ms. Russell has done an excellent job of bringing to life the people and events of the 18th and 19th centuries in Middle Tennessee. She really makes you feel a  personal and in-depth connection with those years. Reading "From Tennessee to Oz" was like stepping back in time and visiting with our ancestors, seeing them in their day-to-day activities as if I had actually been there. I was particularly interested in the Crosthwait family history, but I learned a tremendous amount about the other families that are connected to Judy Garland's family. I feel that I know them all personally now! Ms. Russell has done an unbelievable amount of research in putting this book together.  It will surely become one of the foremost references on the Gumm and other families.”                                           - Carolyn Whittenburg, Tennessee
“What a delightful and didactic book!  The author has done a tremendous job of researching the Gum(m) family and their neighbors!  It was especially sobering to view the Civil War from the southern perspective. Though, no matter which side your ancestors come from the Civil War is a dark time in our history...with that said, Ms. Russell gives warm and compassion to all the characters in her story.  The realism she pieced together after so many years was truly awesome!
I look forward to the sequel!”
                                                 - Polly Edington, Minnesota

“Received my book today!!!  Just can't put it down.  I only had to read a few

pages and found more information there...than in all my years of searching out

the Gum/Gumm families.  What a "JOY"....thank you so much for this. I plan

on sharing your hard work with every family member I know and hopefully will

"find'' due to your effort.  Oh, how I wished my grandfather, Elbert B. Gumm

were alive to read this. I can hear him and the memories he had of Tennessee

as I read your words. Thank you again.”

                                                        - Rebecca Howell, Texas


I was thrilled to get Russell's long awaited "From Tennessee to Oz," and could not put it down once started. Even though my primary attraction was the history of the Gumm family, I found rich details in her historical research that would engage anyone interested in the old South. For me, she brought to life both the hardships of the late 18th century settlers who came over the Cumberland Gap and ravages of the Civil War, as it affected the inhabitants of central Tennessee."
                                         - Richard Gumm

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