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Catsong Publishing


Authors seeking to be published
We will be opening our doors for additional works in the next few months. The following works will be considered -
- Non-fiction works with a inspirational story
- Non-fiction works which provide useful information
- Religious works, biographies, historical and more.
- With some exceptions we will accept fictional works
- We are interested in children's books, but as of yet are unable to provide illustrations...
Please see below for further guidelines

1. Your book must be close to being completed
2. Must be professionally written
3. Must meet our guidelines as works of inspiration and information

Send us a brief description of your book (one paragraph), and a short biography (one paragraph).
If we are interested in considering your work, we will ask for additional information and send you ours. You may email us and we will respond by email as well.

Email: catsong2@netzero.net

Catsong Publishing

33034 Crystal Springs Road * Grand Rapids, MN * 55744 * USA