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The Autobiography of A Cat

The Autobiography of a Cat"
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"Sabrina," as told to Michelle Russell, recalls the amazing life of a cat who lived nearly twenty years. From her early memories on Capitol Hill to her life in New York and the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, Sabrina's tales are funny, wise and completely entertaining.
Included in the book are:
- Comic stories of her Capitol Hill
- the tragic loss of her daughter,
  Elizabeth, to pet thieves
- Meet her companions
  Blossom, Theo and Pennsy
- travels across the United States 
- health secrets of a cat who
   lived nearly twenty years
- receipe for Sabrina's Jewish
  Chicken Soup
Throughout the book, Sabrina shares her views on prejudice, health, angels, old age and other matters. In the end, she tells us, "it is really a story about love."
"Sabrina" is a  book that is loved by everyone who reads it .

In Pennsylvania, Sabrina may be purchased from:
SABRINA: THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A CAT is on sale for half-price now!
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Catsong Publishing
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Grand Rapids, MN 55744

180 pages and 50 images. You won't forget Sabrina's story!


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"I was born in Washington, D.C. in May of 1987. Of course, I don't remember that, nor do I remember my cat mother or my brothers and sisters. They are only shadowy dreams to me.
My first memory is of being alone in a garden. There was a jungle of grass, and other plants towering over me. I was so tiny, all I could do was cry in my loudest voice, "Meooow! Help! Mother, where are you?"
For the first eight years of my life, I lived in Washington, D.C. in an old two-story brick townhouse on Capitol Hill. I know the house was old because sometimes a lady leading a group of tourists with an umbrella would stand outside and talk about Abraham Lincoln and such. I didn't know who that was, but my mother says it meant our house was very old (probably built before the Civil War, around 1860.)
Our house was a happy home, and it seemed as if it had always been happy, for there were no dark shadows or spirits lurking there, only sunny ones...
After dinner, it was time to play. I would run from room to room, and when my legs got longer, up and down the stairs like a maniac..."
I will never forget the day I woke up to my mother's scream. Theo had caught a little mouse, which had come through the hole in the floor and he was throwing it through the air. My mom didn't want him to kill it or eat it; so, she took it from him in a paper and tried to stuff the half-dead mouse back down through the hole.
Mom and I began a new kind of communication - a language beyond words. It went like this: I would tap her twice with my tail, and she would respond in kind with her fingers... Later we would go up to six or more taps. In time, when I felt better I would sometimes play with her and make her wait for my answer. Just when she though I had not gotten it, I would give her the exact number she had give me, back again."
copyright (c)2008  Michelle Russell

"Spellbinding, intriging, dangerous, exciting (are) just a few words that come to mind to describe "Sabrina." ...If it does not become a best seller, I will wonder why." MB from New York
"Sabrina reminded me of my own cat. I loved it! Mrs. A. from Bakersfield, CA
"I stayed up all night reading it!" AG from Texas

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Sabrina - The Autobiography of A Cat - released August 2008