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Harmony Korine Central

(for those of you who read)

LAST UPDATE : A new begining perhaps       
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And now a new update, where everything is different and written by people that have more of a an understanding of film asthetics.

Rumours, and gossip, I'll definately leave that oppening to the second paragraph. I do not resent Harmony, Nor is this the simple fan page I once designed, (and let control go of). The worse was the Julien Donkey-boy review. If Corky from "life goes on" ever did a review that would be it.I will Update the review to reflect my true thoughts on it. And I can tell you one thing,

the dvd is less than i expected. (a note to a returning visitor, you will not find those simple links, that adorn most pages. This will be a site with in-depth reviews of everything Harmony Korine has ever done.

There will be reviews of Kids, GUMMO, JULIEN DONKEY-BOY, A crack Up at the Race riots, THE BAD SON, and other notables. 


         DR> M


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More to Come soon, as Your faithful servant Dr. M get's ready.

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