From 1999 till 2002 I had a Yamaha R1. A beast of a bike that was not really made for normal mortals like me. If you wak open the throttle to the max ... the thing goes ballistic ! It really shoots forward in such a way that you better put your brain also in Turbo mode or you will not survive. So after 3 years of willies, black lines on the tarmac and daily speeds of over 200 Km/h I stopped challenging my luck any farther and sold the beast. I hope that the buyer survived it to. Poor peoples in Europe who buy a rocket like this and have to drive than at ... 90 Km/h with it.
I live since end 2003 in Cairo Egypt. The Pyramids in Giza (a suburb of Cairo) are one of the wonders of the world and the will still impress any visitor who stands humble on there food.
Cairo is a city of 16 million peoples and that makes a hell of a daily chaos. Specially if it are 16 million Egyptians. For those who never visited Egypt: the Egyptians are very friendly and hospitably. Come to Egypt and visit Cairo a few days, the pyramids, Luxor and end the trip with a few days in Hurgada.
Constanta at the Black see in Romania is nice ... only in July and August. Than the city transforms from a dull cold Romanian town in a vibrant tourist attraction. The Romanian girls, the music, the cheap food and the sun on a wide sandy beach, the Constanta summer cocktail.
These are pictures of a party at the Kudos Beach Disco in the summer of 2004. I miss that house music!
El Amria is a state owned weaving mill in Egypt. It makes shit fabric full of stains and defects. Holé! And I had the honor to go there for an inspection. Pft !

Vietnam is fantastic !
It is one of the most typical countries on earth. Visit it and you will enjoy it. The food is great and the peoples are friendly. We were there in the rainy season, but that means only a daily shower around 4 a clock. And than the traffic ! Look at the pictures ! It was super!

Cambodia is bit the "far west" of Indochina. Cars are the cheapest in the regeon. The peoples speak some english. Tourism is not developed. Phnom Pen is like a provincial city and there is not a lot to do. It is nice to calm down and enjoi the exotic architecture. Although to be honest, downtown PP is a bit messy. Look at the pictures !
Hurgada on the Red Sea is like al the spanish castal cities but ... it is warm also in january (when it is only 14 to 16 degrees in Spaen. And than there is the price. Abouth 2/3 that of Spaen ...
A sunday in Cairo
Friday 20 february 2004.
Our apartement where we live since january 2004
My dear father Gaston Koekelbergh. He died on May 20 2004 at the age of 81. I still can not accept it. He was so much part of my identity.