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I followed Gary for more than a year. His track record is honest. The problem is that some of his trades were impossible to reproduce by me. His website has a live chat box in witch he guides his audience live in real time. This is tricky off cause. When he initiates a trade he kind of warms you up for it. And when he wants you to buy a stock he recommends he shouts GO WITH: INTC (ex) After that he shows in a separate box at what price he got in. At some times that price was impossibly good and I could not even close to it. I jumped in with a market order and he had obviously a more sophisticated way to get in.
And then this: When I checked the volume at a given moment that he shouts GO! I saw a volume of … a few 100 shares. So I asked myself, nice webpage, but does Gary has clients? And obviously he does not execute his own advises.
In general I could achieve a result that was roughly 2/3 of his track record. If you subtract the commission and trade with 20.000$ per stock is the profit per month not more than a few 1000$. Trading for income was a slogan he applied but removed.

Nice webpage, nice guy, honest, not 100% reproducible, 2/3 was closer. Stop loss is applied. Exit is guided real time by Gary.
Am I doing it ? No, because the way of initiating the trades was to stressful for me.

Lately Gar changed his picks, with more emphasis on slower trades. Now he is better reproducible, but the profit is still not more than a few thousand $ / month. Or dare you to buy more than 1000 shares of some low volume stock, if you have to reproduce a trade that last from 10 minutes to a few hours ?


and free trial week

I was really interested in this page and even thought about letting him trade for me… until he published end last year a track record from an actual traded account based on his recommendations and that was no success! While his picks on the simulated record were very profitable, around 30 %/month, his real trade track record based on his picks where losing money. Incredibly honest of the guy, but not tempting me to go with him. Later he removed that "real track record" and live went on. Nice and honest, but the side itself proved (during a period) that their picks do not reproduce so good.
http://www.tapsep.com/ Price: $295.00 / monthly
Setup: $995 (includes first month service)


but it's nonsense

At first glance: super! but...
The entry strategies and guidance are very nice! Announced in stages to prepare you for a trade, with entry limit order, stop loss and target exit : BRAVO ! A dream? Not quit, because, to my opinion, Taps has no real exit strategy and to mask that, they provide you about 10 different exit strategies. So the exit target that they provide you at the beginning of the trade is only about 30 pips away from the entry. At 20 pips profit they already announce: "profitable trade". But let's assume we jump out at 30 pips and with our next (in that case we need to start with 2 contracts) contract at there next target of 60 pips from entry … How many contracts do I need to buy than in the beginning to exit at + 170 pips ???
And now comes the tricky part. If I buy, lets say 4 contracts, and sell at every target one contract … what happens than when I lose? Than I lose not 30 pips, mister TAPS, but 30 x with 4=120 … ouch! That hurts.
So if somebody can explain me there track record: they pretend to win 170 pips at certain moments but when they lose it's never more than 30 pips! This is pure bulls… to my opinion, because we all know that knowing when to exit is as (or even more) difficult as knowing when to enter. So there super track record is … rubbish… to my opinion. And if somebody can enlighten me … please explain.

Strongly exaggerated track record, but very good entry signals. We tried to make some profit with there picks... Our result was negative.

Steve Matrix's




In the morning you get trade entry points with stop levels. This is very clear.
During the day small changes are made, entry points are deleted and added.
It is very intensive and it is not always clear what the current status of their signals are.
On simple request in their chat-box you get answers.
They are always prepared to explain what they are doing and there is an educational side to it.
Once an entry point reached they try to scalp and try to get small winners.
This position closing procedure is very intense and stressful. It is a matter of seconds.
I was not able to reproduce their results.

Use the webpage to learn Steves system. Trying to reproduce its signals, in order to reproduce the track record is very difficult.

Fails in my criteria for a good picker advisory webpage.

Were not so profitable in last period. Relaxed atmosphere in the chat room.
After trying to subscribe we got the message that they stop with service until further notice.

But not up to date

I tried to subscribe, but their subscribe web-page didn't work. They didn't reply to my e-mail.
Their performance record is outdated.
Their idea of combining different stock-pickers looks attractive to me.
It looks as if they are not active anymore.
VECTOR 2000 http://www.vss2000.com
Only half of the stocks to short could be shorted by Ameritrade
In their track record Vector mentions prices at market open and close. I was not able to reproduce those prices due to fill issues.
They mention only that the stop-loss was triggered if the delta between open and close succeeds the stop-loss value. Stop-loss triggers between open and close are not mentioned in their track record.
Their signals came in time and were clear.
Their track record was not reliable and theoretical.
I stopped because I didn't thrust them anymore. The stop-loss issue closed the door.
http://www.fiasco.ca/ .
But not up to date
We are testing this site. Because of the swingtrades this takes more time.
In the track record Thierry writes sometimes: "Target not hit". We asked in an Email: what happened with these trades? Was it a losing trade? and how much did you lost. We received now answer... We also don't like that the track record is from last year, so not verifiable during the trial period.

Does not answers Emails.

In these days they are strong in the red. We gave up!

I come always back to this site. A dynamic bunch! Look in the middle of the front page for there AI2 trading system on the QQQ.

What should be there track record?
Not vary fat, I am afraid.