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The construction of
Salem El Komsan
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On May 12 2005, after a conflict with unique shareholder Jan Byttebier, of the Company Byttebier en zonen, has left Guy Koekelbergh, founder of Salem El Komsan the company. He is replaced by Said Lozi. The production page will no longer be updated

Under the guidance of Guy Koekelbergh, Salem el Komsan reached a production of 1000 shirts a day in April 2005. Guy arrived in Cairo on 7 October 2003. The construction seen in the pictures and links on the left, started there after. This happened simultaneously with the legal establishment of the company. Than Guy imported the machines and started the personal selection. After that came the training of 90% of the unskilled workforce. From the first stone till 1000 shirts a day took. 1 year and 7 months. However due to external supply and order problems, the company was stopped for several months. The hole process could have been done also in 1 year and 4 months.

Guy Koekelbergh started his own company in Egypt.
Luxor Shirt Company makes 1000 shirts per day.

Said Lozi also left Salem El Komsan in 2006, to join Luxor .


Update of February 2008 by Guy Koekelbergh.
We are now 3 years later. In the more than 12 years I worked for the company Byttebier
en zonen, we have been very successful. With pain in my hart, I have to see that, after my
departure, the company has been in a steady decline. The factory Sofema in Romania has
declared bankrupt this month. This company Salem El Komsan has had at least 10
managers after I left. It has fired 50 % of its personnel and is in bad shape.
I have always believed that the shirt business is a team work. Teams can only thrive with
respect for all its members.
Never change a winning team !

Update of April 2008

The company Salem El Komsan closed for a period in March2008. After the restart some of the managers left.

3th update of 2008

More bad news, from the Byttebier company in Belgium this time. The shirt company "Byttebier en zonen" was sold to an other Textile confection and import company from Ternat Belgium. The once so profitable company in Beveren Leie that existed since 1929 ended here in 2008.

We are traditional SHIRT manufacturers. At the moment we employ 100 peoples. The factory is located in Badr City Egypt. Our production capacity is planned to be at 1000 shirts a day by end february 2005. You can follow the evolution on our PRODUCTION link. We produce shirts for major international brands. We do as well finished product as CM.